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  1. Yeah, it's always been a little crushed in the darker blacks but a lot of it is a stylistic choice. It's got much better since Beyond Light as they adjusted the lighting engine but its still a little severe. If you're on Xbox I believe the non-HDR brightness slider effects the HDR. Turn off HDR at system level, boot the game, push the brightness slider up one notch, close the game, turn HDR back on in the XB dash and then go back in to the game. You should see an improvement. This doesn't work on PS.
  2. I started an NG+ game of this on PS4 before Christmas after giving up on the DLC at the poisoned swamp area (I fucking HATE poisoned and/or swampy areas in games) but transferring my save over to PS5 the other day, seems that run didn't save to the cloud and I'm back in the swamp area on my first playthrough. I'm glad about this actually as I'm nearing the end of Demon's Souls and want to finish off the DLC for reals. Plus, having made it through an area called Swamp of Sorrows in DeS (yes, it was full of poison ) I feel like I can take on anything.
  3. Tracked bounties won't show on the map as most of them can be completed in lots of places. Only main quests are shown on the map. Also, you probably want to post questions in the main Destiny 2 thread as not many people come in here.
  4. I killed him as soon as I released him. Apparently (from Fextralife)
  5. Oh right, what a bugger. How come the same doesn't happen with Yurt in Latria? Killed him too or is he not classed the same as he isn't intially aggressive to you?
  6. Question - my PWWT has dropped down in World 1. 4-2 was giving me genuine anxiety last night, real put my pad down and wipe my brow style stress. Obviously, all souls games have their share of brown trouser moments but the combination of the hyperactive rolly skellys and then those ghostly shadowlurkers creeping around just messes with your rhythm so much. I actually feel a little underpowered here where I've felt pretty godly up to now. I've accidentally been farming this area though as I keep dying and getting back to my souls so I somehow ended up with 75k on me which d
  7. Maneater then, collosal mountain of bullshit or just me? Edit - don't worry, did the stupid twat(s)
  8. Up to episode 8 now of Servant and me and my wife are enjoying it but both said it felt a bit slow and dragged out but was keeping us intrigued by its flat out weirdness and the obviously deliberate comedy moments.
  9. Can't think of anything I hate more in any game, particularly Souls games, than poisoned swamp areas. Fuck 5-1.
  10. PSA - Hoop Dreams is back on iPlayer. If you have never seen it, please watch it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p08yrnhq/hoop-dreams
  11. https://www.mortimerandwhitehouse.co.uk/ New website with all the locations, accommodation, Bob's recipes and Spotify playlists from each episode.
  12. Pure unadulterated rage. Just had my first proper Demons Souls strop after getting murdered by a mind flayer on my way back to getting 10k dropped souls at that cunting phantom with the crossbow. It's always the rushing back that kills you. Fucking stupid game. Which I love.
  13. Hmm, they upped the frames to 60 on PS5 and SX and I am still total dogshit at this game so not sure your theory holds water. Seriously, this was just too damn punishing for me. I'm a Souls veteran but the parrying/stealth approach just left me floundering. Will give it another go one day.
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