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  1. Telling your kids the thing they love is shit is not cool. My 8 year old loves Roblox and of course I watch him play it and wonder why on earth he would want to play it instead of BoTW but he’s 8 and he loves what he loves. You learn pretty quickly as a Dad that what you love is inherently uncool anyway. When I tried to get my eldest to listen to Eric B or Kool Keith instead of the unmitigated shit that passes for hip hop these days or when they both looked at me blankly when I tried to get them to watch Raiders instead of whatever shiny Godzilla movie is out this week. It’s still just stuff from 30 or 40 years ago that “Dad likes, the fucking loser” Just let them do their thing and support them, it’s such a minuscule section of their life. Their interactions with you and the fact that you are passionate about something, anything, will have way more impact on them than a videogame.
  2. Can't wait. Loved every second of all the previous series. Might I recommend giving all these a listen to get yourself in the mood before November. Really high production values and a focus on some insane characters that haven't appeared in the show. The episodes on Griselda Blanco are https://www.noiser.com/realnarcos
  3. Yep. For PvP, you can only play against PC players if you specifically invite, or are invited by, a PC player and then you only play in the PC pool of players. I don’t think there is a distinction between pad and K&M users on console but there never has been. I played some solo trials on Friday and won four games on the trot, thought we’ll, this is much more fun. Picked it up again Sunday afternoon and got absolutely annihilated game after game. So yeah, don’t play trials on a Sunday. I’m continually amazed at the speed at which the best PvP players can kill you. I even restarted my router as I assumed it was just down to lag. I mean, they appear on my screen and I’m dead in the time it takes me to half depress my right trigger.
  4. Camel gets it. This is a playlist I made a few years ago which is all hard funky soul. Enjoy. If you’re looking for the funkiest thing ever, this could well be it.
  5. European rollout starts in October. No date for UK but looks like back end of 2022 judging by the below plan. At least it should make it easier to find a torrent for The Batman in March. https://pressroom.warnermedia.com/us/media-release/hbo-max/hbo-max-launch-first-european-countries-october-26
  6. This has to be an IMAX Cambridge visit for me. Last thing I saw there was BR 2049 and it was truly breath taking. The fact this is going straight to streaming is a travesty.
  7. I tried it the other week (and yes, it was Venus I went to first!) and I honestly thought either my my PS5 or my eyes were broken. The ubiquity of 60fps game since I got the new consoles has ruined everything that came before. I'm sure I would get used to it but it was a real ooof, we've come a looooong way moment.
  8. It was and fingers crossed they bring it back reworked next year. As much as I love Crota's End, think it would be disappointing to have a new version of such a short raid. Would make more sense to rework that as a three-man dungeon maybe and give Kings Fall a proper lick of paint. Oh the joy of reliving the panic of it being you that gets torn between dimensions.
  9. Ah Weavus, good to see you back mate. Still most famous for dropping a completely unannounced titan bubble right in front of everyone (inc. my golden gun) at the end of our first ever Kings Fall completion. I'll never forget the swearing. The easiest way now is to send a Bungie friend request. With cross play live, they now show up in the Destiny roster menu in-game and you can invite them in. The man, the legend....
  10. I've been listening to the TCGS crew in various podcast forms since, what feels like, the late 19th Century and Blake has guested a couple of times as far as back as the JoyPod days. Pretty sure Dave mentioned a few times over the years that he went to stage school when he was younger so assuming he and Blake know each other from there. Jon Denton used to do a gaming podcast (before he chased those bizarre YouTuber 'reacts' dollarz!) and also guested on Joypod as far back as 2015/16?. He was also co-host of TCGS when Dave was on paternity leave.
  11. The Pants are barmy with Crimson and Last Word. I'm liking this season actually. I like the Alignment thingy, good mix of objectives and as long as they can sort the bugs out (had to leave about 3 times because of things bugging out), it should stay freshish. No idea if they are adding more locations (where's the roadmap?!). I've always liked the creepy feel of the Ascendant Realm too and the new areas look like they're full of secrets. Seasonal loot is fair to middling, that hand cannon is nice but the auto and fusion are a bit meh. Reprised Trials weapons from Prophecy look look to be a better bet. Can't believe I'm saying this either but I might even give Trials a go, the changes look to be very well thought out. Overall though, I'm back in, for a while at least.
  12. https://www.light.gg/db/new-items/season/15/new-mods/ New holster mod looks very interesting. Slowly reloads stowed weapons. Nice.
  13. I suspect there is a bit of a gap in their bottom line this year given there was no big expansion. Pre-orders of £90 a pop should fend off the accounts team for a bit.
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