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  1. KartoffelKopf

    Battlefield V

    Ah yeah, I seem to remember that name popping up too. Don’t know the names of the maps yet but it was the snowy one with the buildings and the one with the pretty meadow on the Frontlines playlist. So is the Tides of War officially broken then? I spent about an hour doing Grand operations and have no idea if I won or what was actually happening in any way. Seems like a nice idea for a game type but not properly implemented. Loving the game as a whole though. Back to work tomorrow so spent most of the day grinding out the Assault class. Really loving the Gewehr 95, seems like it was made just for me. Works as a high rate of fire sniper with the 3x scope and is quick enough to work up close too. It’s pretty nasty. Don’t really have any opinions on the maps yet, too early to tell but I had an epic game of breakthrough on the one with the bridge, just pushing pushing pushing the enemy back. Soon as the point is captured and everyone just streams over against the enemy, fantastic stuff.
  2. KartoffelKopf

    Battlefield V

    What are the chances, only my third game and I get pitched against a team containing @kerraig UK . A pleasure....apart from all the times you killed me. Got this on PS4 for Chrimbo after a passing comment to the wife that it looked pretty good. Got round to giving it a good go the last couple of nights. It is excellent. I put about 100 hours in to BF3 and BF4 but skipped BF1 completely. Only a couple of hours in and the memories are creeping back. I’m currently terrible but there is a lot going on. Pretty sure I played BF3 and 4 with some of you guys on X360 but I’ve added myself to the MUK clan anyway so feel free to chuck over an invite to squad up. PSN - Mooselizer
  3. KartoffelKopf


    Have been herring some good things about this, could be the eel deal and finally something good from the DC Finematic Tunaverse.
  4. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    Best feature is the weapon stats comparison tool and the ability to tag as trash, infusion fuel, favourite etc. Game would be literally unplayable without DIM and Ishtar Commander. Bungie's decision to let their API out to anyone who wants it was a stroke of genius. It was one of the things that threw me off The Division, mountains and mountains of loot and no way to sift through it all other than in the game which is only fun for a while when all I want to do it shoot baddies.
  5. KartoffelKopf

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Be careful you don’t watch some of the bonkers PC guys on YouTube. Looks like a completely different game to me. To mere mortals it’s a fun, not too taxing, watch-numbers-go up style dungeon crawler. It’s a lot of fun if you like optimising builds and killing hordes of hell demons.
  6. KartoffelKopf

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I dunno, I find Netflix’s presentation of HDR titles extremely underwhelming. Dare I say it, they are actually shitter than 4K or even HD in some instances. Something like Better Call Saul looks absolutely glorious in standard 4K where Haunting of Hill House, Maniac, Outkaw King, 22 July just look dull and washed out. HDR movies on Rakuten look significantly better to me.
  7. KartoffelKopf

    What’s the point? Pointless gaming features

    Press X to start
  8. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    Did you get your 2100 points then Ben? I’ve been hanging around the 1300 mark for a week now, we just cannot get a streak together. A couple of 5 streaks and the reset bumps for the next few weeks then I might get it but every game is so fucking sweaty! I’m also up to the final step of the Redrix quest too but need to reset my Valor twice more.
  9. KartoffelKopf


    Sampled from one of my favourite early electro bangers. Nothing reminds me more of staying up on a Friday night taping Mike Allen's hip hop show on Capital than this track. Alfonso is of course....
  10. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    Haha, I posted that before we teamed up! Always better in a fireteam and only ended up 40points less than I started with 3 hours ago which is a lot less than it was looking like earlier in the evening. Thanks for the games and apart from trying to get that bloody raid done I’m kind of concentrating on Luna’s Howl now so hit me up if you need an FT.
  11. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    Competitive is still an utterly fucking miserable experience. Why do I always get put in with the numpties?
  12. KartoffelKopf

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    Is there a definitive record of all the naughtiness Mercury got up to? A biography or something, or is it just legend built up over the years? Genuine question, I’d really like to read it.
  13. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    12 wheels? Looks like a pretty good roll.
  14. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2 - Mysterious Handcannon Quest 29 January

    Shards of Galanor are flipping amazing. The only Y2 exotic I’ve got so far and really the only one I wanted. Almost full blade barrage refill if you get a triple kill (and don’t die before it recharges). So satisfying

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