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  1. Annual Pass is £12.99 on battle.net at the moment. If you're exclusively PC now you could go with that and you'd have everything to date. Like you say, bit late to be blitzing through the whole lot but you'd have the Scourge of the Past and Crown of Sorrow raids, Black Armory and Menagerie content, all of which was excellent and wielded some nice weaponry, including exotics. Not sure if the likes of La Monarque and Jotunn are being added to the wider loot pool.
  2. Just about makes the cut and may the best song at any length to be fair. Complete joy.
  3. Just adored the new episode. Bob is probably my favourite human. He's been my comedy hero for decades and now as I'm getting older watching him pootle about in the countryside is perfect TV. Need to get myself down to South Wales too, just breathtaking scenery.
  4. Finally watched Ep1 last night. Great stuff but why have they made Butcher Australian?
  5. The monstery fighty bits look nicely put together and the setting seems to be on point but Cavill is just too damn pretty.
  6. @lewismistreated Yes, just wait until September. All of it will be moved to Steam and no doubt with a chunky discount.
  7. The differences are quite simple. Ishtar for when you are doing a poo, DIM for when you are pretending to take notes in a meeting.
  8. If you use DIM (and if you aren't, why the hell not?!) do a search for source:eververse and you can basically shard all of that.
  9. Interesting interview with Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy on the future of Destiny. Some pleasing comments about their resistance to big budget sequels and keep the game right for the current fanbase and if they can bring in new players along the way then great but they aren't worried about the GTA and Fifa crowd in the same way that Activision obviously were. https://kotaku.com/destiny-2s-next-year-will-depend-on-how-players-like-th-1835446250
  10. The Truth quest appears to be bugged. When you get the step to find the map fragments all across the galaxy just go back to Petra and she has them all in her abandoned quests tab. Oh Bungie....
  11. In case anyone didn't know. The chests at the back of the Nessus barge reset yesterday so you can go open them all again for 5k glimmer each.
  12. Nope, its not skipping content. It's just free gear.
  13. Yeah, and it's on ALL characters. It's only blue gear of course but it gets your power up to start getting powerful drops above 690. Go see Benedict in the tower and he'll sort you out.
  14. @Purin If you do the first short quest in the new season DLC you get 690 gear drop for all your characters in all slots. Max power last season was 700 so you're pretty much ready to go and jump in to the new stuff Bungie are aware people are dropping in and out of seasons particularly the last one so they are making it easy for people to power back up.
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