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  1. KartoffelKopf

    Rage Against The Machines first ever gig

    Only ever got to see them once in about 96 at Brixton. Insane experience and I still get chills thinking about it now. I lost both my wallet and my watch in the all the crowd surfing, had to walk all the way home to Lewisham. Totally worth it.
  2. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Nice summary of the control point supply system that was baffling me a fair bit as it's not explained anywhere in the game as far as I can see. I didn't even realise the supply rooms restocked. I really shouldn't be bothered with all this stuff seeing as its taken me nearly a week to get to lvl 9 but I tend to get sidetracked easily.
  3. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Oh really? I thought it was just cos the enemies shot them but then thought the cooldown was a bit generous. Good to know it's just broken. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  4. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Yeah, I was very close to spending my last skill point on a healing skill but I was breezing through it and finding it quite easy so spent it on Pulse, which is fucking shit, it has a range of about 8 inches. I'll do a main mission tonight and get myself a point.
  5. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    This game is not fucking about is it? Hard as nails and I'm not even out of the first zone. I love going solo in the early game as I really do like to dawdle about and not rush but man, I really need a res. The fuckers really like to flank don't they!? Also, if I investigate what I think is the last 'unknown activity' on the map, please don't just open another 3 nearby, I really need to get to bed at some point.
  6. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    2.5 hours on this last night and didn't do a single mission. Just farted about doing those checkpoint things, getting SHD tech, taking over those broadcast points, looting for mats and obviously an excessive amount of time going though my backpack dismantling loot. All the time with big shiny waypoints shouting 'do this next!'. Sign of a good RPG.
  7. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Had nothing like that on beta so am going to assume it's opening night nerves on the servers. Have to say LoD and texture pop-in issues were significantly better than the beta. Noticed a few bits here and there but wasn't nearly as distracting. All looked rather lovely in fact.
  8. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    Nah, I played a tiny bit last night, literally just the opening sequence, and it was very juddery in places. Like it was skipping frames or something.
  9. KartoffelKopf

    The Division 2

    What with having a broken TV in the game room, craziest few weeks ever at work and a family holiday at Easter I've decided to wait a few weeks to start this. I'll have more time, be less tired and hopefully have a nice new telly. Downloading now.
  10. KartoffelKopf

    Destiny 2

    Oathkeeper + Wishender = wallhacks for days
  11. Yeah, I only had seasons 1-4 on Blu-ray and was going to pick the others up until I saw they had them. Started season 5 last the other day and fuck me what a comedown. It doesn't help that the GoT blurays are among the best out there, beautiful transfers.
  12. KartoffelKopf

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    It really does, please keep at it. I fucking hated it for ages and it went down as my biggest disappointment in gaming. I was genuinely sad. But last night I was grinning ear to ear because I was playing a new Mass Effect game after all. @Thor is right, the loyalty missions are the most Mass Effecty content. Boarding a mysterious alien spaceship and fighting your way through for the good of the galaxy. Didn't someone on here actually end up tweeting a Bioware dev after finishing it to apologise for previously saying it was a shit or something? Did I imagine that? The point is, there is a ton of love gone in to the game and a ton of fun to be had, you just need to dig a little for it.
  13. KartoffelKopf

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Nobody is more Partridge than Madeley Morgan plays up to it because he's a self-obsessed waste of toxic human garbage. Madeley is just a bit of a wally.
  14. KartoffelKopf

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    Thinking about it, it was probably Anthem that made me revisit ME:A now. I didn't buy Anthem and it hasn't really interested me at all but watching the footage made me remember how good the combat is in this. Probably just put the seed of curiosity in my head and for some reason, this time it's just clicked.
  15. KartoffelKopf

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    Forgot to mention my one major disappointment. I started as a male Ryder and have been trying to bang Suvi for days, turns out she only goes for girls.

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