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  1. Sorry all, didn’t realise the link was only sent to those who specifically registered. Have not bought one.
  2. Just received notification that it’s available at Simply Games, but it’s a £680.00 bundle.
  3. I’m still after an X too. I do regret cancelling my launch pre-order from Bill.
  4. Just noticed that 365 Games have some Series S consoles.......for £330.00. Arseholes.
  5. Dead Man’s Shoes. Love Paddy Considine and he was excellent in this. However the film itself wasn’t that engaging and certainly wasn’t as violent as I expected it to be. 4/5, with much of the score going to Paddy.
  6. Thanks @Talvalin. I just fancied a quick go last night, but was only able to squeeze in half an hour before nodding off. Hopefully get a longer session later in the week.
  7. I’ve only played for about half an hour and I’m still in the first area. Bought a map from someone, have then gone down and to the right, metal gates have locked me into an area and I’m unable to avoid some yellow projectiles from two flying bee like things. I’m quite enjoying it, but as I mentioned in another thread, I’m not that patient and if I keep dying I will just give up as it will piss me off.
  8. Well I am terrible at this.
  9. Perhaps similar to @teddymeow, I am terrible at games that require patience, so Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro and for me Nioh. I loved the look of Bloodborne, but I kept dying before the very first boss. Can’t be bothered. Sekiro. I fell down off a bridge into the river fairly near the start and couldn’t see how to get back up, right, bugger that. Nioh was an odd one. Really enjoyed the prologue and didn’t understand the fuss, why were people saying it was so hard? I did the prologue without dying once. I then got into the game proper and couldn’t get out of the first village.
  10. Shed a couple of tears there. Really enjoyed it. I knew who had arrived, couldn’t really be anyone else, but I still sat there with my hand over my mouth muffling my cries of ‘omg, it’s xxxxxxxxx’. To echo @Jg15’s thoughts, my faith has been restored.
  11. Series S is available at John Lewis.
  12. I just discovered Hooverphonic. Good lord their orchestra live album is astonishingly good.
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