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  1. Making the news the focus at the start made it a decent listen as well. Jeff seemed to be trying to keep up the shitty try-hard attempts at humour in Ben’s absence though I reckon GB West will need to do something based on all the negative feedback I see here and on the thread on Neogaf though they are a bit nasty there.
  2. It's free with Twitch Prime this month.
  3. timebomb

    vinyl lovers

    HMV have been doing a decent vinyl sale for a few months now. They had loads of Universal Black to Black and reissue releases but I’ve also picked up a few bargains including the half speed remastered Eno albums for £12.99! I’ve popped in again recently and they had newer albums out so they seem to be continuing with it for a bit longer. Does this mean they can no longer get away with charging over £20 for endless remastered classic albums?
  4. Yep, I was surprised to find the call in show has been going for over a year now. Ben is so bad at fielding questions and handling the callers. That episode with just Ben and Rory was a fucking car crash.
  5. They uploaded last year's podcast by mistake and they both had a question about half way through asking about game burn out
  6. I was initially quite impressed with Abby in that she can form coherent sentences and speak clearly compared to Ben’s rambles.. But I can’t stand the bizarre intonation (OAKey DOEkey..) she’s borrowed from the HQ hosts when reading out the emails.
  7. Grouvee does this, they use GBs database as well.
  8. I haven't listened to any of the GotY stuff yet but having caught up with the Beastcast I'm finding Abby really starts to grate when she's part of the discussion. She seems to have adopted Alex's ridiculous 'wowwwwwww's and could do with reining it in a bit in general and going back in the booth.
  9. I know GB got a lot of flak in here for talking about Destiny a lot but to expect them not to talk about it on release is ridiculous!
  10. In case we needed any more proof of GAMEs money grabbing desperation I can confirm that one their main stores in Glasgow is selling fidget spinners!
  11. Dang I thought an update to the thread might have been that it was finally out but no it looks like 23rd June is the release date. Been looking forward to seeing it for months now having missed its short stint in the cinema.
  12. As an addendum to this, this weeks Beastcast comes with an Austin Walker warning - HAH!
  13. I've only really been playing solo so far so I'm up for joining up with people here. My tag is souldoubt83
  14. I downloaded this on the PS4 and PC this weekend, I've played through the situations a bit on both and quite enjoyed it. What's the best platform to go for and will the £15 version be good enough?
  15. There's been so many times when listening to the Beastcast lately when I've been like "OH! These people can be so super tedious with their deep dives and discussions", yet I still find myself tuning in every week Vinnie needs to get better at steering the conversations on topic as their chemistry and banter just isn't engaging or enlightening when they veer off topic or into these random 'bits' with the funny voices. It's good for a roundup of news etc but I agree the analysis is often extremely dry and neither of them are particularly funny apart from maybe Jeff.
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