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  1. @Count BuffalosI've gone to PM about this.
  2. @Count BuffalosIf it's one of the newer generation of XB One controllers then it should work over bluetooth. I've only got first gen Xbox One + Elite controllers that don't have bluetooth so I can only use them wired. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't work though. Initially, to pair a controller hit F12 twice on the keyboard, scroll down to scripts and you should see "bluetooth pair". Put your controller into pairing mode & then press enter on the "bluetooth pair" script. It may take a couple of attempts (my 8bitdo pads took a few attempts). Once you've paired the contro
  3. @Count BuffalosPressing F1 on a keyboard will allow you to cycle between the default wallpapers and change the static background. Addionally, if you create a folder called "Wallpapers" on the root of the SD card you put your own backgrounds in there & have any wallpaper you like. The script should have created a "Games" folder. Within that is where you put your games. Each folder that is contained within "Games" must be named the same as the core (pushing F12 or using your core menu button) will bring up the OSD, running down the left hand side of the OSD will be the core name - see t
  4. The day has finally arrived ..... DoDonPachi has finally had it's public release. I'm also pretty excited as Nullobject (Josh Bassett) has intentions of continuing to work on the core and bring Donpachi & Dangun Feveron to the core as well, with longer term plans to bring Toaplan arcade games to MiSTer. RUN YOUR UPDATERS! Edit - Dunfon ----- brain fart moment!
  5. For the newer MiSTer users (and those on the fence) here's a new basic overview of the MiSTer with a focus more on Arcade gaming. Short & concise.
  6. I like this idea! I'll refrain from posting my PC88/PC98/X68K for a while, I've still got a quite a few to post but I can start that up again anytime! One more contribution from me ..... Raiden II (Arcade) - Name Entry - Composer Go Sato
  7. Cosmic Pyscho (PC98) - Neptune - Composer Ryu Takami
  8. @Count BuffalosThis guide on the official MiSTer page will give you everything you need to get going. The are two methods of setting up the SD card. The first is a relatively new way of installing known as the "Mr Fusion Installation Method". Basically, it writes an image to an SD card, then putting said SD card into the DE10 to complete the setup. I've used this method once. The second method (and my preferred method - only because I've been using it longer) is the "Manual Installation Method" which you'll see further down the page. Before you put your SD card into the DE10 y
  9. As you'll know if you've followed this thread for a few weeks I did initially have problems with the wrestling games. From further reading Jotego thinks that's a different problem and is currently a low priority in terms of fixing. Then we had the release of the SFZero hack with QSound, I couldn't get into a match & instead would crash immediately before the fight started (memory address error). The next CPS1.5 rbf release fixed that for me. I never had issues with Cadillacs or Punisher. I haven't fully played Cadillacs yet but I did credit-feed Punisher to test for issues from start to fi
  10. Mime (PC98) - Shadow Inhabitant - Composer Hiroaki Sano
  11. @Count BuffalosYou shouldn't have to do anything special to the SD card. Mr. Fusion & the flashing programs will take care of everything. A bit of an update regarding these "SDram issues" that is the latest talking point. Jotego has released his own SDram checking utility. You can see his public Patreon post about this here. You can download his utlilty here and how your sdram performs. I guess the more people that give him feedback the better, so take the time to test & post back on his poll
  12. Xak: The Tower of Gazzel (PC98) - Floor Of Flames - Composer Yasufumi Fukuda
  13. The included PSU is multi-voltage (both 110V & 240V) so a simple adapter will be fine, no need to worry about stepdown converters. I would definitely go ahead and order a heat sink though. I consider the heatsink to be essential now as I we're pushing the hardware beyond Terasic's intended use as an educational device.
  14. @Count Buffalos Whether it's Digikey or Mouser, the two main sources for the DE10-Nano, it will ship from the USA. Nearly all of us here will have ordered prior to all the new Brexit red tape so can't say what current delivery times would be like. Both companies collect the VAT when placing the order so with a little luck it shouldn't get caught up in customs, but importing rules might have changed that somewhat. When I ordered mine (a long time ago now) I think it took about 4 days from placing the order to having the DE10-Nano in my hands. Welcome to the MiSTer club!
  15. Happy new year, everyone! Six days into 2021 & I can't quite believe I'm the first to post in here this year! I'll kick things off with the aural delights of Yuzo Koshiro. It's worth listening to whole OST if you have time. The Scheme (PC88) - I'll Save You All My Justice - Composer Yuzo Koshiro
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