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  1. Absolutely phenomenal post @Sprite Machine, articulates beautifully so many reasons as to why this show is awful.
  2. I'm not sure if that is correct, I think a lot of particulates and especially hot particulates are carcinogenic if inhaled, not sure it's quite the same if it is ingested. Of course red meat on its own does increases cancer risk so why not smoke that shit up.
  3. Plums

    Glastonbury 2019

    If I'm honest, my favourite performance of the festival was Reef. First time I've ever watched an oldies Sunday headliner! Ok The Cure are older, but they were on the main stage so they don't count. Also really enjoyed Morcheeba. Bit of a 90s fest and however much I fool myself that I'm into the more recent/less popular bands it's hard to beat a set where you know all of the songs. Kylie was also great, I nearly shit when she brought Nick Cave on.
  4. The recorded version is 1m 49s.
  5. I managed to finish the second one but it was pretty awful. So different in tone to the original that it's more like a spin off than a sequel.
  6. Plums

    Another Life

    I will not allow this to ruin Katee Sackhoff for me.
  7. I do all my book shopping second hand so I have no idea about buying new books! Having moved from Bristol to Oxford though I don't know where is good.
  8. Ah right so you can only get the hardback!
  9. I was actually thinking of Pushing Ice by Alistair Reynolds, which I read right before Children of Time.
  10. I came in to post Rama. Definitely Children of Time. Maybe Excession by Banks?
  11. I can't find it! I may have only looked on Amazon because I can't think of any other places. Does Amazon take national book tokens? I should just take a trip to a shop.
  12. Is it available in the UK @Strategos?
  13. What the hell haha. I think maybe that is the Shrike Palace?
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