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  1. I'm concerned that Grealish's calves might fly off! Has he even got shin pads on?
  2. The Nintendo support team are just as in the dark as we are. The service was good though. I received a prompt reply telling me to try all the things I'd explained I'd tried already in my initial email.
  3. I need my regular fix of Rocket League so badly that I have had to email Nintendo support to explain that none of their fixes on support.nintendo.com/switch/error work. I reckon they will get a load of people with issues coming out of the woodwork if they drop an Animal Crossing update before finding or publishing a fix. Very annoying.
  4. I'm hoping Nintendo can squeak it in somehow. I don't even want to imagine the goings on in Nintendo's update department if they have broken the update delivery system on some Switches. Maybe they'll recall them and I'll get a shiny new switch.
  5. Mine is still borked. It's crazy they haven't pushed a new update before possible demos and new games drop this evening.
  6. Bit unfair for the commentators to say the Swede should have scored. He was surrounded!
  7. Is the casting known in this thread? Is casting considered spoiler? Here is a casting spoiler. Don't look if casting is considered spoilers.
  8. I'm sure I read that Hemsworth started with squats and the like from the age of 12. Would that have helped his body balloon when needed?
  9. That's a great tune in that trailer. The album it's on is well worth a listen whilst weeding the garden during this lovely weather. (Or drinking beer)
  10. If it starts out and then blooms in a similar way to Donkey Kong '94 - I'm fully onboard.
  11. Our little English wine company, The English Vine, is putting English wines under the sea for a year for scientific purposes!
  12. I'm digging the new album.Especially when his rock voice kicks in. There's one called 'Sheila Can Do It' that sounds very Travelling Wilbury's.
  13. The alternate alternate timeline.
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