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  1. Do the skill point things always require the same amount of points or do they increase the more you get?
  2. It's B. You can just press it, no direction needed. As soon as you see the symbol you can mash B. I'm a natural at it, I can't not do it. I'm just shit at absolutely everything else.
  3. I hate difficulty options in games, I always think they should be designed with one optimal level. I get why they're there and why people use them, but if I struggle with a game, and it has an easy mode, it's hard to find a real reason not to drop it down. Who am I trying to impress? But then if you do the game becomes too easy and less enjoyable. I'm finding this hard now but it's partly due to getting overconfident and not concentrating at all times. I do need to improve but it will be rewarding if I do so. If it had an easier mode I'd have probably dropped it down and not got as much out of it. By refusing me the option it's forcing me to persevere and I can't think 'I'm wasting time, put it on easy' because I can't.
  4. Cool, that should be fun then. I spent some time last night 'grinding' a skill point for the pole parry move. It was fun to do, didn't take long, and was good practice, but I wouldn't want to have to do that in a second playthrough. Having your moves unlocked and knowing what to do a second time round sounds fun to me. First run is exploring and discovering and working out the systems, second would be effectively using them all in a fancy ninja way.
  5. Again, I've never played a Souls game so that may affect my opinions. I get the feeling those of you who are long time fans maybe went in expecting something different. I had no idea except that it was meant to be hard, and it is, but there's a lot of info given out that it's easy to miss. I think maybe not being determined to go in not knowing anything has helped me early on. I watched a few previews so knew some basics about needing certain things for certain enemies. It does seem like you always come across the enemies before you have the thing but so far it's been a clue that the thing is near by. Also, the loading screen tips are helpful at times. I haven't beaten any bosses or generals yet and I'm pretty shit but I'm still enjoying it so far. I haven't become frustrated yet, I'm just aware I need more practice. Do these games usually have a NG+ where you keep your stuff? Contrary to other opinions, I could see myself playing this again once I've got decent at it. I never replay any games but I like the idea of going through it with my ninja skills in place instead of fucking about a lot.
  6. Spear people. Note, I haven’t got to them but saw this on a preview:
  7. Oh, I'm finding that with everyone, maybe I am successfully parrying then. That would make sense, that it just takes a few before you get the dot. I'd be surprised if I was doing it right though. Any tips for the dodging? It feels very hit or miss at the moment to the extent that I'd be wary of using it. I haven't even thought of jumping in a fight yet. It does feel like I'm in the background of Ryu stage. They should have a distant silhouette of Ryu and Ken fighting somewhere.
  8. Pockets

    Sekiro Official PC Specs.

    I'm playing on max settings at 4K with a 1080ti and haven't noticed any drops so far. Steam frame counter showed a solid 60. The things is, my fans are spinning like mad throughout. I dropped down to high but it was still happening so I suspect it's just one of those games - I had the same with PES. Does anyone else get that?
  9. I'm liking it so far. Had a few rounds with the training guy and he seemed impressed with me. I can't quite get the hang of the dodge, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I suppose it depends what direction you dodge to but that didn't seem consistent either. Getting my head around the block and parry though. I find I usually block twice while I'm getting my timing in and then the third time I'll get it right and get my death blow chance. I do really like the 'realistic' nature of the combat and the fact that you don't have to violently slash a human 20 times with a katana to chip off health, one good strike does it. I'm also impressed with the graphics. Technically I've spotted some rough edges but the art style is excellent and at 4K with HDR at 60fps it can look quite stunning at times, and I'm not easily impressed. There's lots of fine detail.
  10. Just did the very first bit, will do more when I'm less tired. I'm relieved that it's not that hard, by which I mean I killed a few guys easily enough. I had the impression that every single fight was going to be a slog or massively dangerous. I mean, these are literally the first guys you see who you can kill so I'd expect them to be easy and I'm sure it gets much harder and the bosses are tough and all that, but I was a little worried everything would be tough. Having said that, I died shortly after but I'm still fucking about. It seems a bit like you're supposed to let them hit first and try to parry, going in for a first strike when faced up doesn't seem to work. I found I just stood there and waited for them to swing and then tried to parry it. I'm sure I'll learn. As someone who's never played any Souls games, I like the feeling of inertia on the main character - a subtle weight to him. Haven't done enough combat to comment on that and I'm definitely a bit too mashy at the moment, coming from DMC5. I do like the atmosphere and the overall feel of the world so that should be enough to make me persevere regardless. With games like this it's important that you want to be good at them, and the setting and story appeal enough to make me want to be the deadly cool ninja I'm supposed to be.
  11. Had a very quick look on the PC and it seems to run fine at 4K60 with everything on Max but really spins the fans up. Anyone else getting that? Doesn't seem like the GPU is really being taxed that much. HDR seems a bit odd at the moment too. Not auto switching and a fairly shit calibration option.
  12. I bought before everyone's impressions, which might have put me off a bit. I haven't played yet, very tired today after I had to get up early for a dentist appointment but will start later on maybe. I don't mind games being hard as long as I know what I'm meant to do. I play bullet hell shmups and am shit at them but I enjoy them because the task is clear. From what I've heard of this, the controls are fairly simple and the theory is straightforward - parry, attack etc, it's just the execution that can be hard. I don't mind that sort of thing as with practice you'll get better. It's when you don't know if you're practising the right thing or if you should even be doing something that I get pissed off.
  13. For PC people, I saw a partial PC gamer review (which says nothing about specs at all) and this reply in the comments, to someone asking about 1050 performance - "I've played around 40 minutes on the PC version (in Japan, so the game has unlocked for me). I have a more powerful system (6700k@stock/GTX 1080/16GB@3000). I am getting a locked 60fps maxed at 1440p (and around 50-60fps maxed at 4K). It should be noted the game has a 60fps lock (boo), queries arbitrary resolutions (yay)." I don't know what it all means or what he's yaying and naying about.
  14. Pockets

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    These are all films I saw with GFs, in fact all the same one I think. I don't really like the cinema but it's obviously a date kind of thing to do and she dragged me along to a few things that I would have avoided normally. There are, of course, much worse films but I have little patience for bad films and turn them off so it's rare I've sat through them. I had to suffer these due to the cinema/date scenario. I'm aware a couple are generally well liked, that's fine, they're just really not for me and it was the having to sit through them that made them worse. In order of my personal hatred of the experience: 1. Lord of the Rings, the first one. Fuck me that dragged. On and on and fucking on. There was a guy playing with his phone at one point and people quietly tutted at him. I wish they hadn't, it was my personal highlight. The worst film experience I've had (factoring in that I can usually turn off or walk away from anything I don't like). 2. Harry Potter, the first one. We took her niece to this. Fucking shit kid's bollocks. Sure it was fine for a kids movie and if you're into Harry Potter. I was about 23 or something and hated having to sit through it. 3. Serendipity. Just shit. The worst kind of cookie cutter bullshit. Fortunately even the GF thought this was shit and we managed to make fun of it so the experience was redeemed slightly.
  15. GB QL is up. Jeff and Brad and.... Ben, so you know. Disappointing. He opens his mouth after 2 seconds which is when I stopped.

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