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  1. Can’t believe you’ve quoted something out of a different thread, out of context, to post in here because you’re worried you’ll get shit for posting again in the Liverpool thread.
  2. Sterling’s always been a pissy little prick. It’s awful some of the shit he’s had to put up with from the press and the racism he’s faced, but that doesn’t change the fact that the guy is a nob and always has been. I thought he was when he was at Liverpool, in the same way as with Suarez, you can appreciate the player but still know he’s a prick.
  3. He looks like if a Kevin De Bruyne was an accountant.
  4. They’re psychologically broken. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/nov/11/manchester-city-better-liverpool-luck-rodri
  5. Yeah, I’m not viciously against getting it on Origin but would go steam given the choice for convenience. I hate multiple launchers. I’d go as far as paying an extra pound or two but that’s about it.
  6. Anywhere selling steam keys? Cdkeys seem to only have Origin.
  7. Pep? Guardiola looked like he was close to having his Keegan moment today. The break will probably calm him down but if they struggle against Chelsea he might crack. His whole veneer of calm sophisticated manager is crumbling and the respect his players have for that might be open to a little doubt too. Turns out we were worried about the wrong City. It’s Leicester we need to keep an eye on.
  8. That’s a relief. I think Oliver is the best ref at the moment.
  9. If we’re great we’ll win, if we’re good we’ll draw and if we’re still not quite there we’ll lose. I think it’ll be a 1-1 draw but anything could happen. I don’t think we’ve had a big up for it game for a while and it’s shown recently. We’ve looked a bit off but still managed to get wins. The game against City could be exactly what the team needs to spark us off and remind us how good we can be. We might smash them.
  10. The VAR arguments tend to be against: Life is imperfect and unfair so why should football be any different? And for: Because technology means it can be. Except it’s proven it can’t. I’ve always been against it because football’s always been a subjective thing and that’s part of the fun. Hours of TV are spent discussing it and that will continue to happen even if all decisions were perfect because they can’t be. Someone will always say a foul wasn’t a foul or vice versa. It’s makes VAR pointless because you could have 3D Hawkeye tech or x-ray vision of bone movement to show contact and still have arguments about intent or if a ball was won. We went 100+ years without it and it was fine. It seems silly to fuck with just because some nerds like tech. Innovation is fine and the goal line decision thing works well (though I don’t love it as a Luddite purist). Anything that takes the pro game further away from a Sunday game at the park needs to really demonstrate its worth and even then I’m wary. I like that football is a simple game for all and that guys from the pub team can play the same game as the pros. The joy we felt at that ghost goal against Chelsea in 2005 or the anger at Ramos in 2018. These things are part of football and VAR is meant to take them away. All it does, though, is make them worse.
  11. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone got the ring fit thing? I ordered it as could do with some exercise. How effective is it?
  12. I’ve always been against VAR but as far as yesterday goes I think all the issues can be explained by the sentence in the tweet above “VAR official Martin Atkinson...”
  13. Disagree about the WCC. I know it’s a bit of a nothing tournament but you don’t get to play it every year and you get to wear that gold badge if you win it which would be nice to have on next season’s kits. I’d rather that than the league cup just for novelty value.
  14. I hope we play a similar squad regardless. This is just a side tournament to have fun with. Let the young players and those that don’t get many games enjoy it.
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