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  1. Pockets


    By about a stone, yeah. Is Dangun Feveron worth the €30 the German Xbox shop want? It looks a bit ‘silly’, which seems like a stupid thing to say about a shmup but you know. Is it a bit gimmicky?
  2. The problem with Abby, and now Ben, leaving is that I’m noticing how annoying Alex can be again now. I think maybe I’m just too misanthropic to listen to podcasts.
  3. I’ve only played DQXI too but also thought it was brilliant. I’d like to give 8 a go but isn’t it Sony only?
  4. 3D World is deserving of the World title as, along with Mario World on the SNES, it’s the best game ever made. It’s far superior to all the ‘free-form’ Mario games that people fawn over, presumably because they want an adventure game rather than a platformer.
  5. I’m not trying to be a prick, I do sympathise, but this is what I was talking about when I said why I was going Xbox this gen. It’s exactly the sort of shit I had in 2015 that ended up on Watchdog and, while I’ve heard they’ve improved, they still don’t seem to care enough. (No idea how MS are, but I’ve had good service in other areas. I just know Sony are bad.)
  6. As is masturbation. Apparently.
  7. I saw somewhere that the next gen update is coming Feb 2nd by the way (or around then, I get the date mixed up with the super bowl). Didn’t see that mentioned in here.
  8. When/if that guy hits 40 his world’s gonna come tumbling down.
  9. Stupid person question - I have those Bose Q(is it Q?)IIs bluetooth headphones. They have a mic. If I plug them into the controller using the lead, will they work as a comms headset? I know, why not just try? Well I don't really play online or have anyone to test with. Just curious if it would work if I ventured on.
  10. Pockets


    I'm amazed there was a PES topic I hadn't posted in (until now) but then remembered that back in 2003 I was 24 and was at the height of going out chasing girlies. Anyway, if anyone fancies some games on the new one now it's on Gamepass I'm The Devil Rides on 'Blive.
  11. FTL is the space game right? If so, it’s a fun thing you could get the concept of and enjoy in one evening before it goes. It’s very good but is meant to be a 30 minute go now and again thing rather than anything more substantial. You’ll enjoy a few goes of that and then feel you’ve ‘done it’. It doesn’t mean you won’t want more, but you won’t feel like there’s loads more to see.
  12. I think if I’m allowed one criticism of Klopp over his time at Liverpool, it’s that he likes being the underdog. He doesn’t like the idea of being Bayern or City or Barcelona like Pep, he likes being the role of challenger who wins despite maybe only being second best on paper. (I’m not claiming we’re underdogs, but we’re not billy big bollocks Harlem Globetrotters either). I don’t think he has much interest in spending big on superstars to make us world-beaters, he’d rather continue to grow us organically. I think this is best for the long term and fits very nicely with FSG’s ideas
  13. I get the feeling Andre Mariner isn’t keen on us, and Tyler’s feelings have long been known.
  14. Nice to get some clarity regarding VAR and handballs. Diving one-handed saves by centre backs okay, balls smashed into arms across chest, not so much. (We’ve had a pen for the latter).
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