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  1. Martin Keown’s just said Messi never fails to disappoint. The fucking lack of language skill from these broadcasters is shocking. They just give a job to anyone who’s kicked a ball. They should test their ability to communicate or at least give them some training. I don’t why it’s pissing me off now, it’s been going on for years. It seems to only get worse though. First it was the adverbs, they disappeared like Argentinians in the ‘70s, now it’s entire phrases being bastardised or inverted. Ally McCoist should do it all. He’s personable and can speak properly.
  2. Michael Owen being allowed to talk about things on TV is almost as bad and just as unfathomable as Farage’s constant appearances.
  3. What are the differences between the standard and ment ments £100+ version? I assume you could just upgrade if you felt the need later.
  4. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    Was sure it was earlier as my ex used to play it drunk at 3am and shout abuse at penguins. Then I remembered I had a US cube and got stuff from that Canadian place so that’ll be why. Must have had it around ‘02 or ‘03.
  5. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    A lot of those are wrong. Animal Crossing is more than 15 years old. Unless they’re just referring to specific titles rather than series, which seems odd and makes it much easier to hand pick to make things look like and anniversary. I mean, FIFA ‘95 is 25. Wow.
  6. Pockets

    Jack Charlton passes.

    I kept seeing this thread and knew he’d died and thought, that’s nice, someone’s made a compilation of all the passes he made. Bit weird, but nice. Only just realised it’s the thread that announced his death/passing.
  7. I am a little aggrieved that after winning the league, the European Cup and being world champions, combined with no transfers last year, it’s Man Utd who are making waves with the £90mn signing of Sancho and Chelsea said to be courting Havertz. I know they’ve been proven right with the transfer policy and who am I to criticise after all the achievement but, having lived through the ‘80s and ‘90s, not building when you’re on top and constantly evolving and grabbing the best is worrying. I don’t think we should just get anyone for the sake of it and Sancho’s wages sound crazy, I’d just like to see us in the mix a little more instead of hanging back while the big kids go first like we’re still finishing 8th.
  8. Should change the car sponsor to Seat.
  9. Yeah, it’s me, but I’ve got to have 6 pints before I come on.
  10. The shadows always make St. James’ Park look like the pitch is made of little undulating hills.
  11. I know I’ve become a proper Johnny Casual but I just care what the new FIFA / PES looks like. If that’s a good step up I’ll inevitably cave in like always. I suspect that’s the case for the masses in general. If they see a fancier FIFA at their mate’s they’ll get curious.
  12. So many attempted digs from Martin Tyler during a trophy presentation! He’s utterly classless and, at 74, should probably retire.
  13. TAA’s gotta be a £200mn+ player by now. Carragher claiming it wasn’t a foul was odd. Trying to placate Tyler I suppose.
  14. At least it’s not Muse. But that’s the only thing that could be worse.
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