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  1. I'm not sure who he thinks wants four sequels to Avatar. Does anyone want four sequels to Avatar? I don't.
  2. It's almost as if people have this weird things called opinions!
  3. Presumably blowing up that massive tree housing the giant smurfs in Avatar is ok by comparison. I mean, I kinda feel like he's in a rather unique position to fix this problem. "There are other stories to tell"...well, fucking tell one, then. And preferably not another four movies about those blue guys which were kinda like super heroes in their own movie.
  4. The Hobbit Trilogy

    I watched one of her other vids - I forget which - and she starts munching on crisps with her stupid gob open. I closed it and will never watch another of her vids again.
  5. So as good as two of the best looking games this generation, then.
  6. I wish I had time in my life to waste on watching movies I know would be shit. I mean, I still wouldn't watch them, I'm not mental, but I'd like to have that much disposable time.
  7. It's just too crazy and getting weirder by the day. I used to have such a crush on Allison Mack.
  8. Great films with terrible music

    Baby Driver. They went for Tarentino-esque with the soundtrack but fumbled it.
  9. That's not him, that's someone interviewing him. This is Keith Raniere:
  10. So this was odd news to wake up to. The 35-year-old was arrested for her role as a co-conspirator in a sex cult called Nxivm, which is being prosecuted for sex trafficking and forced labor. From the Guardian: She was always my favourite on the show. Allegedly Kristina Kruek may also have been involved in the sex cult but is currently denying any involvement.
  11. Well, shit. Ash Vs the Evil Dead has been shitcanned. The season 3 finale will be the last ever episode.
  12. Did you not see the bit about his son, who is having difficulties and ashamed of crying, and his dad doing this specifically to show his son it's okay to show emotion and cry as a man? Guess not.
  13. Read both issues of this. Intriguing stuff, but have to disagree on the art - I thought it was hideously ugly throughout.

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