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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.eurogamer.net/amp/2020-10-30-mobile-gears-of-war-spin-off-gears-pop-closes-down-april-2021
  2. Loved the first episode. Effects were a bit rough in parts, oddly when it was obvious they were in front of that fancy screen thing.
  3. It's great. Better than good, not quite amazing, I guess? Wouldn't say it was "a lot". On the other hand I thought it was great and well put together with lots of Lovecraftian stuff (because Lovecraft is more than just tentacles).
  4. Also, seeing as how a copy of this comes with thousands of nvidia 3080s which have been sold (mostly to bots), do you think Ubisoft will count those towards sales of this to announce it’s their most successful entry in the franchise ever? It’s the kind of shit they’d do
  5. Well it's a Ubisoft game so that'll be around Christmas time.
  6. Warrior hasn't been the defacto tank since 2006! Going into Shadowlands they're somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of tanks. They were top for mythic + in BFA but they've been nerfed and had a lot of changes that's booted them down the table. They haven't been very good in raids for a long time. Playable, certainly, but not optimal. Top two tanks for the last four years have been blood death Knight and brewmaster monk. Again, looking like it'll be the same in Shadowlands, with prot paladin a very, very close third.
  7. I do this. Was shocked to see people saying they drive on the left/right. Just drive down the middle and don't worry about pedestrians or other cars. I do it in games, too.
  8. That's a shame, monks are brilliant. Brewmaster (the tank spec) has been the strongest tank in the game for two expansions and is looking that way for Shadowlands, too. Windwalker (the DPS spec) isn't doing too well currently, not is mistweaver (the healing spec) as they head into Shadowlands, but mistweaver was very strong during BFA.
  9. Read the title as "when has the Megadrive delivered the goods?" and instantly remembered years of playground debates over whether the SNES or Megadrive was better (it was the SNES).
  10. I've not played Doom Eternal, but I've seen all the criticism of them crowbarring in story which is really ironic, because one of the core principles of the 2016 was to chuck the story out, as discussed in this brilliant video from noclip:
  11. I play a tank in world of Warcraft so I look forward to seeing ray tracing in action on the raid boss' crotch that fills the entire screen.
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