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  1. I’ve never played one of these and always assumed they were a bit like that hitman sniping mini game IO released, with you permanently fixed to a spot and just shooting folks. Interesting to see it’s more like a 3rd person stealth game.
  2. I hate inventory management, even more so when it comes with arbitrary encumbrance or space limits.
  3. It's a positive first step. I've been saying for years (as has everyone, really) that video game devs need to unionise. Good to see it start somewhere.
  4. That's fair - I was mostly trying to calm poor @Mr. Gerbik waily waily doom mongering
  5. It doesn’t look or sound anything like Monster Hunter. Literally nothing about it other than there are dinosaurs. Don’t panic.
  6. I’m not sure I could genuinely pick which of the prequel or sequel trilogy was worse. Prequels had Obi Wan and spawned Clone Wars, Bad Batch, Rebels so I guess it wins on that alone.
  7. S1-5 of Supernatural is legitimately great television. Everything after that is a series of diminishing returns.
  8. I was watching a Dinocrisis retrospective on YouTube the other day and they had the audacity to say 2 was a worse game than 1...well, I just stopped watching the video right there. 1 was good, 2 was superb. And 3? There was no Dinocrisis 3.
  9. I thought EDF was just soldiers shooting guns and rockets? Didn’t realise it had classes.
  10. Capcom Dinosaurs But not Dinocrisis
  11. https://www.ign.com/articles/new-daredevil-disney-plus-show-charlie-cox-vincent-donofrio It's coming back!
  12. Prequels had characters I actually cared about and was interested in seeing their storylines through despite the crap films. The new ones? Not so much.
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