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  1. Arkham, 1922. Our cast of ne'er-do-wells are small-time crooks and hustlers working for the O’Bannion crime family in the city of Arkham. Their boss, Mordecai ‘The Hammer’ O’Leary, is one of O’Bannion’s lieutenants, a rapidly rising and much-feared star in the Irish mob known for his mean temper and trademark claw hammer, which never leaves his side. Following a botched job where they stole from the wrong people and got someone killed, he’s had them dragged to his office for a chat, which is where our adventure will start... Starring @Lying Cat as Marty 'Pug' O'Conner, a bruiser of a man with far more brawn than brains. @uglifruit as Wendy 'No Nonsense' Kelly, a smart, calculating woman who never leaves home without her trusty shotgun. @The Hierophant as Wesley 'Smooth' O'Grady, a smart-talking, smart-dressed and smart-assed hustler whose way with words gets him into as much trouble as it gets him out of. I'll be using this thread to write up the (mis)adventures of this motley crew of underworld underlings as they play through Call of Cthulhu - "Missed Dues".
  2. Orville > everything star trek since TNG.
  3. Bloody hell! I haven't even seen you on! (although I've not really been on either)
  4. Marvel's Avengers: A-Day. The A stands for Average.
  5. I get the World of Warcraft expansion special editions on occasion, but not for every expansion. Typically they'll come with a soundtrack CD (which are on Spotify), a mouse pad (which I don't use), an art book (which is what I'm really after) and some in game stuff, which is always nice to have. I bought the collector's edition of Assassin's Creed Origins and gave a statue of Bayek, which I really like, but otherwise I don't buy any of the big expensive statue versions of games.
  6. They should have gone with a comic book artsyle. This horrid faux realistic one is only ever going to come off as a cheap knock-off of the MCU, not helped by how utterly generic it all looks. Also lol @ Black Widow's legendary outfit being a hoody and jeans...
  7. I bought man of Medan last month when it was in the sale. I enjoyed it, but it's definitely not as good or polished as Until Dawn. I managed to save everyone without particularly trying.
  8. Yeah, the grab doesn't really do much to opponents if you catch them with it. If the grab plus a flick of the right stick shoved them in that direction, it'd be ace. Pushing people into fruit, off bridges, over cliffs...perfection.
  9. You can, I guess. The starter zone goes to level 10 and takes about an hour, so it’s hardly an issue.
  10. Maybe they'll finally find out who is on the Tal'dorei council...
  11. Lucky for you they're totally revamping the starter zone next expansion, then! The starter zones were redone with Cataclysm, which is now ten years old, so even the updated old world is now old. In the next expansion they're changing things: - If you're totally new, you'll do the brand new starter experience and then level from 10 - 50 in the Battle for Azeroth story content before getting to the new Shadowlands expansion content from 50-60. - If you've got a max level character already, and if you make a new character, you do the starter zone and then can pick which expansion story you use to level and it will scale and last all the way from 10 - 50.
  12. The Xbox Series X being able to use Xbox One controllers is a nice quality of life feature, especially for those of us who have custom controllers. The PlayStation 5 not doing this is normal practice and not, therefore, something to whine about. The end.
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