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  1. Tonight our brave investigators will venture forth into the city of Arkham, Massachusetts, taking on the role of petty criminals in the Irish mob, circa 1922! Everything is set up on roll20 so we are good to go! 8pm start and we'll see how we go. @The Hierophant are you still able to play? I'm going to need to send you another invite I think, if so.
  2. It’s on there for Xbox, I installed it earlier!
  3. I keep looking at it and thinking “should I?” But then not buying it. It’s on game pass? TO THE XBOX!
  4. I ran some forum folk through this campaign four years ago (holy crap how was it four years ago?!?) and it was fun, leading them to carry on playing in new campaigns. Our experience was captured here:
  5. Doesn't bode well for the series when the creators leave over creative differences. I'd trust those two to get this right more than some Netflix suits. Can't say I was excited for this anyway - the original is so perfect - and a remake seemed to pointless (why not tell other stories? Avatar Roku? Avatar Kyoshi?). Guess we'll see what it turns into with those guys at the helm.
  6. I want to see it, too, and Mulan (original) is one of my favourite Disney movies, but as good as the trailer looked, I'm not desperate to see it - certainly not £30 desperate, when I can wait a few months and watch it for free. It's much the same reason I didn't pay £15.99 to rent trolls world tour: I'd rather wait until it's out properly and then pay to buy it. The justification of it being the same as a trip to the cinema is such utter nonsense, as well. Yeah, maybe cost wise it's the same, but the experience, the excitement, the food and atmosphere...that's the difference you get at the cinema, not to mention the higher likelihood of your kid actually sitting still to watch the movie and not deciding that the major plot point is the best time to upend a tub full of megabloks onto the floor. We've had a couple of "cinema" days at home since lockdown where we'll put hotdogs on, get popcorn in as well as sweets etc and as nice as it is, it's not the same as going to the actual cinema.
  7. Gonna start this tonight, I think. Very much looking forward to it. I've been on a bit of a call of cthulhu kick recently so I'm super into anything 1920s-30s ish right now.
  8. Could understand if it was Frozen 2, or a new Star Wars or MCU film. But Mulan? Ain't nobody gonna wanna pay £30 for a shit live action version that removes all the best bits of the already awesome original.
  9. Agreed. Never understood the love for it. Also, Jared Leto. Do you remember when he was considered quite the actor, instead of the load of shite he turned out to be?
  10. Pointless? No. Easier and more convenient to access? Most definitely.
  11. Yeh isn’t black Adam a bad guy?
  12. Thanks man. I've read conflicting reports of Kai, but they mostly seem to be from people who've seen both and prefer the original for whatever reason. I think for me I won't know what I'm missing from the original and would probably therefore be fine with Kai.
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