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  1. Give it a rest, it really does not have the same meaning in the UK that you are attributing to it so it is literally only offending you. It was tedious in the last thread you brought it up in and completely off topic here. Anyway in other news the Series S is great and I feel no real loss by getting one over an X but my primary gaming system is a PC so it is mainly a living room system for the kids for me but it seems to be doing the job for next gen TV based thrills when I get the urge for me so far and at £250 notes it really is a bargain when combined with a Gamepass sub
  2. Why on Earth do we keep letting this nut job back in?
  3. Which Doom? The original or 2016? The main colour pallet of 2016 is shades of brown really (one huge thing Eternal has over it) I certainly wouldn’t describe it as black and red or hard to see where you are going….
  4. Whilst I would like to point out that I found the Falcon and the Winter Solider highly entertaining throughout (and certainly many magnitudes better than the tedious sit com references that dogged most of Wanda), this is clearly in a different league, to the extent that the totally Marvel disinterested Mrs Dream occasionally looked up from her phone during both episodes. Anyway this is magnificent so far and loving where it might be going
  5. Some of the side quests are really good (the mirror and the fridge spring to mind) but depends how invested you are partly. I also thought Foundation was excellent (the movie camera is a brilliant side quest too) and AWE was a decent slice of more Control, albeit with a really irritating boss. The two arcade machines with AWE (the second let’s you replay the games best sequence) are worth the cost of admission in my opinion. Depends how much you gelled with the base game really, I adored it and so ate up every last morsel of additional content but others were less impre
  6. I quite like the complete air of mystery around everything and the exploration factor but there were arrows pointing to various routes you could go down so looks like there will be some gentle guidance.
  7. Anyone tried the new demo? So far for me it’s kind of 2d Zelda only what if it was really hard and slightly dark soulsy. Perhaps not quite what I was expecting but it’s definitely charming and interesting. Somewhat lacking in puzzles so far and fuck knows how you kill that bone monster that swipes you in a single hit. Colour me continuing to be interested in the full game (but hope that the dungeon design steps up a bit as it moves on).
  8. New firmware borked downloads innit
  9. Yep still broken here too, spamming the continue download option managed to get the latest Fortnite update to download eventually on my youngest’s Lite but my eldest’s full Switch is still stubbornly refusing to download anything (thankfully we also have Fortnite on the Xbox, otherwise the screaming might still be going on!)
  10. Very pleased with Atomic Heart coming day one to Gamepass, been interested in that one since the first teasers!! The rest well it’s a decent lineup, my son is thrilled by Slime Rancher 2. I’m happy with the new Yakuza coming!!
  11. The original R&C and the remake (and indeed every game from the 3rd one onwards) had completely different control systems though? The original game was primarily a platformer with guns and therefore aiming stuff accurately was a real nightmare. All the games since 3 onwards have played like 3rd person shooters that are heavy on the jumping. I dunno I can’t say I found the remake or indeed Sunset Overdrive any less satisfying to control than Spider-man. But the controls in the original PS1 Ratchet were terrible and I imagine that will not be the
  12. The first one was the prototype for Doom (2016), kept more of the traditional maze type level design but was heavy on the always keep moving combat and the ultra violence. The second tried inspiration from Borderlands and lost a lot in the process as none of the levels were particularly distinctive. If this takes the essence of the first and sprinkles a little of Doom Eternal to the mix in terms of character movement I’m all over it!
  13. The way they’ve hidden the game pass quests is crazy...there used to be a nice easy button in the rewards app that took you there. Now you have to hit the menu/x box button , scroll over to achievements and navigate through another menu before you get there. I mean why?
  14. No there’s a 250 point one for getting an achievement in the game too. It’s currently hiding under the show more menu of the featured offers section of the rewards app (which incidentally is also where the Gear 5 offer has disappeared to if you were wondering). Alas as @Majora suggest it’s not working as hitting the first punch card does nothing
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