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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Looks like a HD version of Pandemonium to me. Which given I love bit.trip.runner and have great nostalgia for Pandemonium is probably a good thing...
  2. Sonic Mania Plus - Summer 2018

    Its going to be DLC so yes kinda...
  3. Thirded - or whatever the word is. Picked it up for about a tenner a few months ago and its so clearly my type of game - need to push it higher up the backlog queue
  4. Kirby Star Allies - Out now!!

    Depends if you are still playing them really. I wouldn’t sell my copy of Arms as it’s endlesly replayable online and couch multiplayer bit I imagine once your done with Xenoblade you’re done
  5. Kirby Star Allies - Out now!!

    Both my boys (5 & 7) adore the Kirby games on the 3DS. They are a guilty pleasure for me too. Amazon let me down on my preorder. They didn’t get their stock in until this morning so not yet dispatched. Got a fiver voucher for complaining though and thankfully hadn’t told the kids it was due today so all good (providing it comes tomorrow of course).
  6. Xbox One Console Thread

    The remaster of GoW 1 is on gamepass and is pretty good. Although actually to be honest if you like cover shooters all 5 games are worth playing. GoW 4 is a graphical tour de force too so there is that.
  7. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    And Do you want to build a Snowman - and over played as it is Let it Go is a fantastic song. Of course soundtrack wise Moana is Disney's finest since the heyday of Menken/Ashman
  8. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Really? I'd say they have a lot in common - Frozen has better music but Tangled has a better script and villain but they owe a fair bit to the other. That Disney horse/reindeer is in a load of their films - its almost a stock character (c/f Pegasus in Hercules amongst many).
  9. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Mulan and Hercules are both great films - Hercules particularly holds up - watched it again this weekend as the boy is doing Greek mythology project at school and its still great Yeah that would be Disney. Surely if you love Tangled you like Frozen? - and The Emperor's New Groove has a similarly edgy comic feel Yes, yes it is. Disney did go off the boil a little (well quite a lot) in the 2000s - basically everything between Lilo & Stitch and The Princess and the Frog was a bit mediocre but other than that Disney animation was pretty consistently brilliant from Little Mermaid through to Lilo & Stitch and then again from Princess and the Frog onwards.
  10. If you could bring back any TV series from the dead?

    I'd prefer if they just remade it from series 3 onwards but without the shit plot arc (the Avon commanded Liberator deserved better).
  11. We miss you @Wiper No offence Benny...but no one does passive aggressive loathing of critically acclaimed games quite like the original keeper of the Rllmuk games of the year... So um ignore @Darwock and do carry on
  12. Female-fronted alt/indie rock

    These threads are nice to get introduced to stuff you haven't heard before, but given this is my genre of choice I'm shocked I've never come across The Sounds before. Why did no one tell me that there was a Blondie for the millennial years?
  13. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Merida is all spiky edges and not enough charm though - she has a shit situation but she reacts purely like a wilful teenager with no attempt to comprehend why her parents are acting the way they are. Mum/Bear is the heart of the film rather than the lead which is unusual and that makes it a harder film to relate to (Arya in comparison is spiky but charming - its a thin line but there you go). Po's arc is pretty much identical to Hercules (from the Disney film) - realising your own power/potential having spent your life as seemingly accident prone and outcast is a fairly well worn theme but I wouldn't agree that you don't see this in Pixar's films and likewise I really can't agree that Pixar are recycling the same film over and over again. I find it odd you highlight Oogway's death as unexpected - sudden death of a mentor character is almost a meme in coming of age tales - hell its all just Yoda again isn't it? Even Cars did that (albeit off screen between Cars 1 and 2).
  14. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Well KFP is a really good film - I think it lacks some of the depth of Pixar's stuff but its a genuinely entertaining movie. The sequels less so but then again Pixar have stumbled pretty much every time they've tried a sequel (with the obvious exception of the Toy Story trilogy which all 3 are masterpieces). I do feel Pixar have handled the experience of growing up far better than any of those 3 films though - I'm reluctant to give HTTYD too much space here as its based on a great series of books - but say Inside Out, Toy Story 2/3 and Coco do it so much better than most of Dreamworks output. Brave is an odd film because Merida is not really a sympathetic character - yes you can empathise with her frustrations but she's selfish and self obsessed and lacks both charm and innocence. It lacks a core for the audience to buy into which I'm my opinion it will always be a footnote in Pixars output (its kind of telling that its quite hard to meet Merida at the Disney parks - she's a hard character to love).
  15. Dreamworks or Pixar?

    I don't know where you got that I was debating volume- Dreamworks have made a lot of films but most of them are passable kids trash, certainly most of them lack the multi layered depth of Pixar's output. And Toy Story et al are so beloved because they hit universal human emotions that most people relate to (like growing up and stuff) and so are more universally relatable. Ragnorak is great because it combines a great script with garish comic book action - its literally a silver age comic brought to life via the 80s - I honesty can't understand how anyone could hate it - but hey opinions etc

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