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  1. Less ‘inspired’ more blatantly remaking a classic. Seriously it’s note for note. Surely Square Enix still have it under copyright? Although I guess Bloodstained is the same kind of thing and they seem to have gotten away with it. Its relying entirely on you knowing what game it’s inspired by. If you do and you were a fan then it just jumped straight to the top of your wanted list
  2. It is largely Pokemon Go with Wizards but I’m still quite enjoying it as there is certainly a bit more to do. Friend Code 6395 2803 1215
  3. To be fair most of the main cast are massively underused. With the exception of Buzz it’s very much a story about Woody, Bo and the new characters they meet. And whilst that’s a shame, it ultimately matters little because it’s so damned good. That bitter sweet ending though...Pixar really know how to nail making a grown man blub...well making me blub anyway So yeah it’s really good and breaks the recent run of okay but disappointing Pixar sequels, it earns its place in the series every bit as much as the flawless trilogy that preceded it.
  4. If your patient enough it will almost certainly come to Game Pass in the near future I reckon. Although it’s well worth $20 and from what I’ve seen the DLC is eminently missable so I’d say dive in...
  5. Seems an odd conversion rate as 17k points for 3 months game pass would get you 2 months Ultimate which would make 1 months Ultimate 8.5k
  6. Are there really many essential features though? I mean I like the fact that Steam lets me play old PC games with controller support but other than that is there anything else that would bother me? I didn't even know that there was a game save sync but then again I only have one PC that is gaming capable so why would I? I can live without trading cards and achievements. And lets face it the Steam client itself looks dated and well nothing impressive. Epic certainly endeared themselves to me by giving me free games every week but really I care little who sells me the game or whether I need to have another launcher installed. User experience is largely identical whether the game is on Steam, Epic store, Origin, Uplay, Bethesda or GOG. I just click in a different place. For most Steam gives nothing particularly essential so I give precisely no fcuks which app its on. And I'm inclined to prefer a better revenue split for developers if this is the choice |I'm presented with...
  7. I did love this game. It is completely and utterly nuts. Never did play the DLC so maybe I should give it another run through - if it gets added to Gamepass or Games with Gold I won't be able to resist.
  8. Particularly as the new version of the GOG app promises to display all your games in one place anyway. I dunno I'm new to PC gaming, but I really don't get the multi launcher hate. Its an extra click or two - who the fcuk cares?
  9. That’s odd. Everything I’ve read says it converts to 20 days from a month subscription...which is 60 days. Might show right in the actual dates I suppose
  10. See above - if you add it to your account you'll still get 4 extra months of Ultimate Not as good an offer as before but still pretty good
  11. Ah yes that makes sense. Apparently 1 month Live and Gamepass codes now convert to 20 days of Ultimate so can still use MS points to redeem on those if they don’t add a separate Ultimate voucher.
  12. Now live for everyone. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/cfq7ttc0khs0?irgwc=1&OCID=AID681541_aff_7794_1246483&tduid=(ir__pdw0ljwmv0kfrldukk0sohz30m2xj0c1btjm9hq600)(7794)(1246483)((3eca29c82dafe8e492feaf13fd8f9d28)(266696)(2142931)(0c009gaqvufs)())(3eca29c82dafe8e492feaf13fd8f9d28)&irclickid=_pdw0ljwmv0kfrldukk0sohz30m2xj0c1btjm9hq600&activetab=pivot%3aoverviewtab Not really sure exactly how the conversion works but I had Gamepass until October and Live until Jan 20 and I now have Ultimate until 18/06/20. Just need them to add Ultimate to the Microsoft points scheme now...
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