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  1. dreamylittledream

    Harry Potter is 20 years old

    His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman?
  2. dreamylittledream

    Harry Potter is 20 years old

    Goblet of Fire along with Half Blood Prince was really hacked to pieces for the film version. Order of the Phoenix on the other hand made a much better film than the over indulgent book.
  3. dreamylittledream

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    The single best song ever written about anxiety
  4. dreamylittledream

    Nintendo Switch

    Nope it completely refuses to work on Mac OS. Had to resort to using my sons Windows laptop which was fine but would not work for love or money on my MacBook
  5. Which to be fair is the same name just spelt differently
  6. dreamylittledream

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    3. Crackdown 3 (Xbox One/PC) (10/03/19) Well I had originally started playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider and whilst I was kind of enjoying it, it wasn't exactly gripping me. And then this was released which I had to try. I also got my first PC capable of playing modern games in well over a decade a week after starting it and was mightily impressed that my progress seamlessly carried over as did my Gamepass membership. And I bloody loved it. The following is shamelessly stolen from my post on the thread as I'm lazy. All the missions and side quests done and evil corporate bitch dispatched. I still have a couple of gold medals on the races to get and about 150 orbs give or take but having thoroughly rinsed this otherwise I think I'll take a break before coming back to sweep (not yet returned a month later but I might still do). Oh and I did none of the driving stuff because well, it feels a tad pointless in a game where you literally can jump large building in a single bound, and I am shit at driving in games anyway. Anyway only a Gamepass game or not, this was massively enjoyable stuff. Clever hooks, great weapons (that one from the top of the Science Tower is amazing), a clear crisp visual style and whilst no aspect is anything other that derivative of a 100 other open world games, it does them so damned well. I have massively fond memories of the Incredible Hulk and Prototype games and this is basically those (and of course Crackdown 1) done for the current gen. Oh and its bears repeating how much better this looks on a half decent PC to the standard Bone version, played half of this on the Xbox and then got my new laptop and its a striking improvement... So yeah its really good. Would recommend/10 4. F.E.A.R (PC) 13/04/19 So its been at least 10 years, actually thinking about it probably more like 15 since I had any kind of PC that was capable of playing much more than a bit of mild emulation or Minecraft at a push (dunno been Mac exclusive for the past 5 anyway so the grunt is inversely compatible with the available software anyway). But yeah anyway, I was forty this year and as my birthday treat to myself (because lets face it no one else is going to post up the silly money required) I bought myself a gaming laptop. Being so massively out of the loop on such things, god knows if what I dropped £800 notes on was any good. Its got an 8th gen I5 something processor, its got a 6gb 1060 GTX Nvida thing. Its got a HD/SSD combo thing so Windows runs more smoothly than Mac OS does on my 2014 MacBook. Having played Crackdown 3 on it vs my Mk1 Xbox One and properly gawping at the frame rate and resolution difference, its probably got some grunt. It also has some very pretty lights on the keyboard when you boot it up and a very nice click keyboard so money well spent right? But I digress. Having got a potentially beast like machine that I can play on the sofa whilst the wife watches the real housewives of god knows where on the telly box, what's the first real test I should apply. Well as I have a a Steam library of well over 100 titles, largely acquired for free thanks to the largesse of humble bundle et al, despite not really being able to play any of them due to lacking an appropriate machine for the aforementioned time, why not a game from 2005? That will validate my very expensive purchase right? A game I probably have an unplayed copy of the 360 version somewhere still? I always fancied playing F.E.A.R. I like FPS's, and I love the Max Payne bullet time thing, so its a no brainer right? But never got around to it. Until now of course. And I stayed the course and played the whole thing through. Through the wonders of being able to grab some idle time and pop in the AirPods whilst the kids are glued to you tube and Mrs Dream is idly scrolling through Facebook. Yup gaming laptop purchase confirmed as worthwhile (we'll ignore the fact that the Switch already empowered this sort of thing). And well its really good. Its a simple conceit. Its your first day as a member of some random top security assault force. You are sent in to investigate some weird shit at some secretive corporation. More weird shit ensues. Suddenly you are in a massive gun fight and discover that miraculously and completely inexplicably you can slow time and shoot the shit out of everyone and everything without them really realising what is going on. Which it turns out is just as well as in real time the bullets fly about 10 times faster than in a normal FPS and you would be turned to ribbons without this suddenly discovered super power. And so continues, through poor drawn warehouse after warehouse and later non descript early 00s silicon valley office space. With more than a few trips to the basement and the sewers of course. So yeah the environments are completely unimaginative and veer probably too close to parody of a early naughties shooter. But the shooting, well the shooting is immense. From the moment you become aquatinted with the shotgun and reel around cover to blow two assailants into slow motion death convolutions, completely obliterating the head of one of them, then you know you have a winner. Despite being some 14 years old the game still looks impressive now you can turn everything up to max without worry. Ignore the environments which haven't moved a huge amount on from Doom and focus on the particle effects, where frequently you can barely see what is going on in the bullet strewn ballet that accompanies your movements. Its simple stuff, explore a little, massive battle, explore a little more; but oh so moreish. And those explosions are magic. Its also tries a little psychological horror. This is in the main ineffective but the odd jump scare works well. So yeah I loved it. Loved enough indeed to put up with all the messing about in Big Picture Mode to get a working control scheme (because fuck mouse and keyboard, I'm on the sofa here) and putting up with the fact that the game likes to crash after about 10 minutes on every third boot. So yeah shortcomings a plenty but more than enough here to make you sad that Monolith have only been making LOTR Assassins Creed clones for the past five years - this is clearly their calling. Previously
  7. dreamylittledream

    Swamp Thing

    Constantine cross over would be good given his heavy presence in the comics
  8. dreamylittledream

    Wolfenstein Youngblood - Co-op Nazi Hunting (July 26, 2019)

    It’s always been listed for Switch
  9. dreamylittledream

    Xbox Game Pass

    I bought it last month - still in the cellophane Doh - I really need to learn with my snails pace of gaming buying anything other than major releases is lunacy given the absurd generosity of Gamepass
  10. Ah Yoda Box Sold mine (a crystal one no less) a few years back as much as I loved it I never used it. But a fabulous emulation device - sadly these days my laptop does everything it did somewhat better but still a much missed device under the telly nevertheless
  11. dreamylittledream

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    Braybrook for sure. Archer was an artist but Griblys and Paradroid showed innovation and imagination beyond anything contemporary
  12. dreamylittledream

    Xbox One Console Thread

    They download to your HD when you put the disc in - disc then acts as a key to play
  13. dreamylittledream

    Xbox one recommendations.

    Oh yes must also echo Sunset Overdrive (which is on Gamepass natch)
  14. dreamylittledream

    Xbox one recommendations.

    Yet another get Gamepass if you're getting a Xbox post - its literally the biggest bargain in gaming going currently. Crackdown 3 is my current pick
  15. Hmmmm so will MCC also be part of Gamepass on PC a la Crackdown 3 and Gears of War 4? Please, please, please...

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