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  1. To be fair it’s not very difficult to get Gamepass for free using Microsoft reward points. You can’t do that with Netflix Aside from the £1 conversion to Ultimate I have paid a penny for my sub and currently I’m good until January 22 (and as of writing have another 50k of points I could convert)
  2. Sphinx was actually a great little Zelda like back in the day but I suspect it now looks it’s age
  3. You only have EA play basic on console. The pro version is PC only (and this announcement is Xbox). Dunno how they are going to fold in Origin basic/pro, I suspect it will just the EA games get added to the Gamepass app, so the extra games remain in Origin so it mirrors the provision on console
  4. Marshall is really cute though, despite the permanent scowl. He’s also the worlds sweetest emo squirrel. He never leaves my island
  5. Holiday has the pre Forsaken campaigns, if you played the base content you don’t need to repeat the Red War questline but you will also have the Osiris and Warmind mini campaigns available. They aren’t very good mind so probably best to skip to the Forsaken stuff which is excellent (but isn’t being vaulted I think).
  6. The mould is bloody hard, I did manage it before the end but would undoubtedly be a little easier if you do it post game and maybe post The Foundation DLC as you get quite a few extra upgrade points in that campaign (much less so in the AWE expansion). One thing I loved about this game is if you do manage a Pyrrhic victory where you expire milliseconds after the boss, it stays dead and the quest complete... that got me through the mould and the mirror bosses
  7. Not managed to get the cart back from my youngest yet who has been wetting himself with excitement for this since it was announced. He’s started with Galaxy and seems to be loving it so far.... Anyway bed time now so I’ll finally get a go. Think I’m going to start with Sunshine as it must be 15 years since I last played it
  8. Spider-Man is coming to PS4 so there’s even less reason for new console purchase. I suspect I may upgrade the kids creaking original Xbox One to a Series S given the price point as they only use it as a Gamepass machine and its on its way out anyway which gives me a foothold in the next gen camp, but as Horizon and Spidey are cross gen I’ll be keeping my PS4 for now. I game mainly on the PC currently and hopefully my 1060 can keep up at lower settings for another year or two...
  9. Really fancy playing this again, definitely my favourite game of the PS4 era. Fingers crossed that this is on the PC port list for Sony...
  10. I have spares if you need one, I’ve made the Virgo harp thing and don’t think they do anything else?
  11. Forgotten Sands is probably the second best game in the series and really feels like the SoT sequel we didn’t really get (it even inserts itself in the plot line pre Warrior Within post SoT). It is basically more Sands is time with some bells and whistles but it’s a very good game if you like a good platformer. The completely different Wii version is also worth playing. I have a real soft spot for the 2008 reboot, which to my mind was very underrated but even the two mainline sequels had their moments. Was really excited by the prospect of a remake but never i
  12. Hype factor engaged. I’ve been waiting a decade for a new PoP
  13. Celeste give you a recipe every time she visits although you can get them from other islands if you find her there. You can buy wrapping paper at nook’s cranny.
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