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  1. Always carry spares for your spares
  2. Which as it’s a Microsoft published game it will be day one. Gamepass - removing the need to buy games
  3. Yay. The collection on steam has the DLC so was somewhat disappointed when it appeared to be missing on the epic store version
  4. Yes unfortunately it is. My kids now both have their own switches but can only play games I’ve bought on my account on their profile on my switch. They have to use my profile on their Switch to play anything bought by me from the eshop Which means they can’t have their own save. Hence I’m still staying largely physical where possible as the carts work on all three and they can use their own profiles
  5. The screen is noticeably smaller when compared side by side but having played a little Yoshi on it tonight (shhhh don't tell the boy daddy played on his Switch lite before he did) you don't really notice once you start playing. Screen is very sharp. Its slightly more comfortable than the original but still going to give hand cramps after a while - I'd need a grip for longer sessions I think. Screen is maybe a little warmer but nothing really significant - it looks lovely in motion. Battery life seems similar -- an hour of Yoshi used maybe 25%? The youngest chose Turquoise and I approve of this. Its very very cute looking
  6. I've got two kids and damned if they are getting their grubby hands on mine (finally a genuine reason to breed - accumulate numerous switch's)
  7. lol - the youngest's birthday present (turquoise one) arrived and it is very cute indeed. Words almost fail to express how excited he is to get his hands on it in the morning... I however have an excuse for having 3 Switches in the house now - what's yours?
  8. Quite a few of the earlier Zeldas have 2D bits - 4 swords quest on the WiiU had lots and I think Minish Cap did too
  9. Meh - the prepublicity suggested it would be any game.
  10. Toad every time. Although I’m pretty sure the only difference between Toad and Koopa is the sprite
  11. Rumour mill is suggesting the Arkham trilogy collection and the Lego Batman trilogy as the teaser pic has images from all six games. Fingers crossed
  12. This link seems to be handing out free codes without a pre order https://profile.callofduty.com/promotions/getPsnCode
  13. And I called it. Dropped onto EA Access and Origin Basic today. I would be jumping in - except for the fact I have free Division 2 to play from Uplay+ trial this month and then need to play new Gears before Shadowkeep. But I will give it a go before the end of the year...
  14. I have this one that also works brilliantly with my air pods and is somewhat less expensive GULIkit Adapter Bluetooth for Nintendo Switch, Route+ Pro Support in-Game Voice Chat aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Wireless Audio USB C Transmitter Compatible for Switch PC, Gaming Headphone Box https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07J18FSBP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ZrQDDbJN7WEY0
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