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  1. Just this moment got the timing right. And there I thought I was being so smart with my high road short cut... Awesome work! One of my favourites so far.
  2. Have now spent the last 50 minutes smashing my face against the high jump on the third section, so that’s promising! Love this kind of course, though — another one to add to my maker to-do list.
  3. And the fact it was possible with the first jump only put me more off course! Very good course though. Went through a whole load from here tonight and a lot of great ones!
  4. So... I may have not realised you can do that in the boot, so was attempting a complex chain reaction of leaping off mid-air goombas...
  5. Liked this one a lot! So nice that it doesn’t just completely screw you over if you don’t keep a power up.
  6. Finished my definitely-not-named-after-any-copyrighted-material National Treasure course! Bit on the easy side (it's for my kids) but lots of fun experimenting with my first vertical one. Course code: 6CF-3JB-5BG. Next up: time to get up-to-date with all the courses people have been posting here since launch day!
  7. If anyone spots any decent track levels or ones using the big grinder chainsaw things, let me know! Could use some inspiration...
  8. What’s the shortcut for ‘move Mario back to the start’ when you’re making? Played various levels off here this afternoon. Good times!
  9. Couldn't find anything on a search -- any recommended capacitive stylus? Not sure if they're all basically the same or what...
  10. StephenM

    Nintendo Switch

    100% missed that, thanks for pointing it out!
  11. StephenM

    Nintendo Switch

    I thought all digital pre-orders of Mario Maker 2 got you a code to redeem the stylus? https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch/Super-Mario-Maker-2-1514009.html#preorder-bonus
  12. I went there around my last birthday when my friends had strict instructions to ‘find a real arcade somewhere’. Lots of great stuff, a surprisingly affordable afternoon out, and the always-endearing spectacle of incredibly fit, often incredible sweaty people doing miraculous things on a dance machine. Highly recommended.
  13. Next up on HR: Vaal whatever his name is in the manky monster graveyard. I did Google his weaknesses / resistances which feels a bit cheaty. Debating whether to spend some time gearing up or just jump in — once I’ve replenished my dwindling great potion supply!
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