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  1. This coming out at the end of the PS4s lifecycle is a massive nail in it's coffin, surely? It will need to feel 'current' to thrive...
  2. Wasn't he in the original Playroom as well as the VR version?
  3. I don't understand why Astro Bot hasn't become the Playstation poster boy yet. Considering how they went all in on Sackboy, and how universally loved Rescue Mission is, it seems like an obvious choice for a flagship IP brand.
  4. The problem I referred to was that the Resistance was almost entirely wiped out and they had no allies.
  5. Darwock

    Titanfall 2

    I may not be an experienced FPS player, but my use of grenades is not as sloppy as that. Since a significant chunk of available gaming time is spent warming up and getting into the groove for a serious attempt I decided to warm up tonight while my kids were in the bath (knowing that I could be interrupted at any time) so that when they finally go to bed I could get straight to the task at hand. I fluked it on one of the practice runs with 33.60, yeeeHAAAAAAAA!!!! Actually I did whiff a grenade throw and had to break from the routine with an unplanned shotgun blast, so I was really not taking it as a serious run at all. Beating that time was totally unthinkable 20 days ago when I started playing - back then I made myself feel unwell just trying to get a 58 second time. Practice works!
  6. Trading Places - that was definitely the point. Dennis Hopper's speech to Christopher Walken - that was one of the worse things I was referring to, and yes it *is* a deliberate attempt by that character to provoke (not just trailer trash being dumb) - Clarence Hurley is definitely not intended to be portrayed as coming from the dregs of society. The revelation that he's a bit of an unhinged lunatic is a twist, not something you're supposed to expect...
  7. Would he though? The script is the way it is because he's a bit of an arsehole, no? If it changed it would probably be someone else forcing moderation. All that stuff about his treatment of Uma Thurman on set made me reappraise his 'qualities'.
  8. Did this service ever launch worldwide? It was Europe only right? (I wanted to say Netherlands but I think I'm confusing it with Disney+).
  9. There's loads. Probably just about everything in some way. True Romance has way more problems than the ones you mention. Toy Story 3 actually felt a bit questionable last time I saw it - some of the jokes at Ken's expense are probably homo/trans-phobic to be honest.
  10. Darwock

    Titanfall 2

    God dammit, 34.20 and it's way past my bedtime >< Have to quit for the night but usually people that get frustratingly close do beat it shortly after, right?
  11. If GC is on the table then it all starts and ends with Super Monkey Ball.
  12. I listened to that summary of the Trevorrow script. To be honest it sounds like too much to pack in to one movie, but considering what we got was equally hectic I don't see that as a valid reason to have dropped it all. It would have got them out of the hole TLJ left them in far more gracefully (they become saboteurs and inciters of a groundswell movement - plus gives Finn an actual legitimate purpose to exist in motivating all the disaffected Stormtroopers). Way better than "The Dead speak!". Lando being there to bridge to the pirates of the galaxy is far better than Lando being able to bridge to *everyone* in the galaxy. Also it kept Rose as a main character and plays off Luke's death in TLJ beautifully. What a fucked up mess they made. Even if they didn't trust him as a director why did they have to ditch the script along with him? I previously had to rediscover my love of Star Wars by banishing the prequels to the "things I have forgotten" part of my brain. It seems like I will have to do that with the sequel trilogy as well. I used to get massively irked with all the calls for a do-over on TLJ - some parts really sucked but the overall themes were worth keeping. Hypocritically I now wish we could have a do-over for the final part, as it really has tainted the whole mess. edit - it's Matrix Revolutions basically.
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