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  1. He’s clearly too tall. Apart from that, yeah... I was thinking how amazing it is that Tom still looks so young lol
  2. Darwock


    When is the release date for SOTT? Is there going to be an HD Audio download version as there was for 1999? @Fierce Poodle I found it on Tower records Japan’s website for 10,000 yen - prices on Amazon were 15,000 and rising.
  3. The list is long and it’s only going to get longer as time goes on. I’ve had to willfully overlook some Led Zep lyrics for most of my adult life, having loved the music since I was a teenager. I recently listened to the Police after countless years, Every Breath You Take - not creepy at all mate... Don’t Stand so Close to Me, teacher shagging his student... hmmm.
  4. I’m remembering the tales of James Hunt commentating on a race from his prime viewing position, lying on the floor of the commentary booth
  5. I think I may be in that range on PS4. The only games I bought at launch/retail price were: Gran Turismo Sport The Last Guardian Ace Combat 7 Tetris Effect Astro Bot No Man’s Sky Wipeout Omega ...and I think I would be considered a gamer by most people. With the other games I bought on sale or as cheap digital releases (Polybius, HZD) it would still leave the total at less than 10 in the PS4’s lifespan so far. edit - OK I forgot Rez Infinite and Lumines Remastered.
  6. I always figured they were puzzle games just because of jigsaw puzzles. Putting pieces together.
  7. No Supergrass sessions
  8. Is it only UV light that poses a risk?
  9. I got burned back on the PS3 using a USB adapter for a Guitar Freaks controller, it introduced lag/latency to the inputs which made the games totally unplayable. So I’m wary of using any kind of adapter to allow controllers to connect to a games console. Is a USB-A to C adapter going to be completely invisible to the machine?
  10. Next on my list of things to unlock are some of the multiplayer nicknames. A lot of these are quite grindy (just got to fly in a bunch of unpopular planes a bunch of times) but there is one that is quite problematic: Alan Smithee. You only get this performance evaluation when you get no other performance evaluations, and you have to get it three times to get the nickname. I got it twice previously through blind luck, so I only had to earn it once more. Everyone will tell you there’s nothing you can do to affect the odds of getting this one, but I’d argue that’s not true. You can boost your chances significantly and then the random factors will be significantly less. I was able to earn it on the second evening of attempts. I really enjoyed the scientific approach it required. Here’s the template I followed; Fly in unlimited MRP sessions in Roca Roja, preferably Battle Royal. Roca Roja has fewest clouds which will ease your chances of avoiding the most or least time spent in clouds, the evade missiles in clouds, and destroy enemies hiding in clouds evaluations. Unlimited MRP allows you to select a mid range plane and have a good chance that everyone else will take something faster (which avoids the fastest speed and distance travelled evaluations). You still need quite a good plane though as you don’t want to be slowest either, plus you’ll want to be able to score some hits to avoid getting the lowest accuracy evaluation. I found the Mirage to be perfect, making sure I spent a little extra time burning in a straight line just to avoid being slowest. During the round, don’t do any of the following - use guns in combat, use flares or switch targets. Using guns opens you up to earning trigger happy and gun master evaluations. You do need to fire off a few rounds into thin air just to be certain of not earning the highest accuracy or least ammo used evaluations though. If you use flares you are potentially going to get the bullfighter eval for shaking off missiles. Likewise switching targets frequently has an eval attached, so don’t do it. Don’t take any aggressive action until someone has already killed an opponent (as there is an eval for first kill) and don’t shoot anyone down in the last minute to avoid the last kill also. Score missile hits but try not to kill more than two or three enemies, depending on your current rank. You want to finish in position 3/4/5 to avoid getting the most kills with missiles or lowest/highest average score per enemies destroyed evaluations. If you think you’ve been flying too long without firing shoot off some missiles into thin air to avoid the evaluation for conserving ammo or being too accurate. Let yourself get shot down somewhere around the middle of the mission (twice is safer) to avoid getting the most time spent flying without getting shot evaluation. If you are critically damaged, suicide to avoid the most time spent flying in a critical condition evaluation. The remaining things really do depend on the actions of everyone else, but the highest/lowest average altitude can be quite easily avoided by watching where others are flying. The tricky one for me was stall time - you have no way of knowing if others are stalling during high-g turns or not. The few times that I came away with one single evaluation it was usually either ‘stalled for the longest time’ or ‘stalled for the shortest time’. If you try to second guess this one you will generally get the opposite of what you want. Just fly naturally and wait for the luck. That was basically it - I knew I was on the right lines when I eliminated nearly all of the combat based evals (except one time I got nothing except the one for being shot down the most, and I was only downed twice). I could consistently get two or three evals only, mostly cloud flight time and stall time or distance. So I knew it was just those factors requiring luck, and yeah - nailed it in two sessions. I stuck the nickname on and I’ve never been so proud to advertise how average I am lol.
  11. I do, but not always intentionally - often just sit on the couch, start an album playing, and find I’m not doing anything but listening. I’ve been getting into DSD and HD audio stuff recently though, and there have been a number of weekends recently where on a Friday after the kids have gone to bed I’ve poured myself a beer and just sat and listened to The Dark Side of the Moon. I actually find I have a greater attention span for music than movies these days.
  12. The problem I can see with that, is the PS5 only has one standard USB port on the front. So you could plug your headset in, but not the HOTAS (or vice versa) :/
  13. I think it’s GT7’s VR you need to cross your fingers for, GT Sport VR is never going to be updated at this stage. I’m hoping it was a test run for a proper VR mode in GT7.
  14. Update on the Guns only/No damage run; I got to mission 19 of 20, where you have to finally take out the Arsenal Bird once and for all. Using only guns means cruising at a steady rate behind the Bird to take out it’s propellers, which opens you up to attack from the dozens of UAVs that are buzzing around. When it comes time to take out the Maguffins under the Bird, you are instantly shot to pieces by the pulse lasers under the wings. So the smart thing is to take out those first, but you can’t get in range of them without them shooting back at you. I spent a total of 3 hours over two sessions doing continuous checkpoint restarts (on average I would say every 5 minutes) to try and get through this - I would always take out one pulse laser only to be shot instantly by the second, or take out both only to get jumped by a UAV out of the blue. Had to put the PS4 in rest mode after a checkpoint to come back to it - when I finally cleared it, it was as thrilling a finish as it gets - the last target under the bird appeared with 48 seconds remaining on the clock, I had never got this far, but it was still protected by the single beam laser and I couldn’t get a clear shot. When it was down to 30 seconds I jumped headfirst into a mad suicidal inverted strafing run, wasn’t even sure I could hit it from the angle I was at (or avoid the laser), but I did it!! Huge feeling of relief, only one mission left and the hardest part of that was the tunnel chase which I have done many times. Or so I thought. Turns out that taking out the prototype drones in mission 20 with guns is extremely frustrating. It can be done using an Agni/Rudra approach by softening them both up before killing one, but when it’s down to one it gets the ability to flip 180 with a laser beam out - instant damage and nothing you can do to avoid that except NOT chase them, which in turn means you can’t score hits. In three days of repeat attempts I only took out both drones three times. There is no checkpoint after you kill them. The next stage is when it jettisons the advanced prototype. Same deal, but unlike the two before this thing never stays still, so the only way to hit it is a head on jousting match. That means it strafes you at the same time. You literally cannot avoid taking damage, except by flying as if you are ignoring it with the gun trigger held down and hoping to catch it in the odd bit of stray fire. It broke me. I never give up on anything but I gave up on this. Decided to just eat the damage, throw away the work done on the 19 other missions and clear it for just one of the medals (guns only). Happily, I realized that after clearing the game, selecting continue let’s you do the last mission again. So I could do it using all my weapons and get the no damage medal as well, just not on the same run. I’m glad that the effort I spent avoiding damage on the Arsenal Bird wasn’t wasted thanks to this quirk of the game save system. I googled for moral support, there are people (maybe only one) who have beaten it that way but it’s acknowledged that it’s mostly down to getting lucky rather than anything you can do to change the outcome. I found several people who gave up just like I did.
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