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  1. He seems to have an odd understanding of the word unanimous. Anything can be unanimous if you exclude the people that disagree.
  2. It's great to be watching the world tour event again - feels like a genuine start to a racing season, and it's different this year as I now have some idea of who they all are. The fastest driver in all of Asia (as of the 1st exhibition season 2019) is local to my region, but is not in attendance in Paris. That's a bit of a shame, but I think the invitees are all last year's contenders.
  3. Darwock

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Yeah I relented and looked up what to do. There is one I would never have found in a million years:
  4. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    Seems to be all done server side, so updating makes no difference.
  5. When you guys start racing in the middle of the night. I did manage to join one of your sessions once, but even with getting up at 5am, by the time I got online you guys were winding down. I was all set to join over the last winter break (when I didnt have to go to work), but you had all stopped racing for the holidays
  6. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    Quite possibly, but I also discovered this 'update' when I went to watch Dredd 3D the other day. It played for 2 minutes and then stopped. Just about long enough to get past all the studio logos at the beginning. I'd say I watch a yarrred 3D movie (not sexy times) about once a month, and while it's a great experience I'm not sure it's a $30/year experience. I see that there is temporarily a one off payment option for $40, but is the PSVR going to be current for long enough to justify that? My other concern about paying up is that the 3D cinema star is on the wane - 3D TVs are no longer even made, so are 3D blu-rays also going to cease production in the end? Do most big budget cinema releases still have 3D versions?
  7. I want to get online race practice in by doing dailies, but not at the cost of destroying my SR (which always happens when I race in dailies) so I recently started racing on my UK account - keeping my main for FIA races only. I just passed the 5 race limit to get out of DR-E the other day. Tonight I started from 9th at Autopolis and grabbed my first win in... I dunno maybe a year?? Not sure how, but I was up to 5th by the first corner, ran in first for a while until pitting, botched the pit entry (its rough at Autopolis) came out in 3rd, on the next lap got a run on a squabbling 1st and 2nd out of the last corner, one of them attempted to smash me into the pit-wall which got him penalized and gave me enough of a buffer to take it home at the front. My theory is that I ranked up to DR-B in the early days when the game population and/or skill levels were vastly different, and in all the months I was taking a break from sport mode the standards got much higher - so when I returned to the game I was in the wrong group for my ability. Whatever the reason, its been great to have had a shot at the front again. I could aim for a DR reset on my main account but that feels a bit like cheating (and also gimps my FIA points potential).
  8. Darwock

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    If you think that ending worked, I suppose. It made me angry. Usual Suspects is probably top 3 in worst movies I've seen.
  9. Darwock

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Freddie got Fingered. Back in the early 2000s my drinking buddies and I loved us some daft/crap movies, Austin Powers 2 quotes were our bread and butter. One day my mates started introducing all these new references I didn't get - told me about this movie and were bigging it up massively. They brought it round to watch before we went out one time. After about 5 minutes being subjected to it I was asking myself 'who are these people I call my friends???'
  10. Darwock

    PlayStation VR

    @amc have you tried Polybius? It may induce seizures, but it's completely nausea free. And yes, I did overcome some major discomfort with Wipeout VR. Baby steps. You said you got sick after five minutes? So play for three. Next day do the same. Eventually start increasing your exposure. Use comfort settings etc.
  11. Darwock

    Devil May Cry 5

    Not intending to read any reviews myself, so did any of them mention loading screens as a negative? They brought the demo down a fair bit.
  12. My current best (set a few weeks ago) is 2.07, but in my three lap run last night I only managed 2.12 ><
  13. What's the time you set and what car? I'm not doing dailies anymore but I want to keep my hand in until the next FIA season, so will do qually runs. I can't see any Euro friend's times unfortunately
  14. The timing change is unfortunate for me, as the best time slot for me to race in Nations was 21:00. Now Nations is only at 20:00 or 22:00. So the last round of my first season has finished, and it was a cracker of a race at La Sarthe. The fast pace on the leaderboards was 3:15, and I could barely get out of the 3:30s - my optimal time was 3:26 in the R92CP but could never string it all together. The real risk of trying to hot lap is the track limit penalties are brutal round here. With tyre wear set at 13x I felt sure I would need to use the hard compound, but to get close to the faster pace without risking penalties I considered mediums. Unfortunately custom races only let you set tyre wear up to 10x so I couldn't test it offline. Lobbies don't have that restriction so I set up the same race conditions and had a go ahead of time, it was a duel with a guy that was marginally faster than me. I kept him behind me on mediums, and pitted after three laps. After that I never caught up again, so that confirmed a no stop was required. In the real race, I qualified in 4th. The tyres felt odd at the start, but I held position until Tertre Rouge, where despite my best efforts to avoid it I still picked up a 1 second penalty for shortcutting the track. That was me down to 7th. A few of the people in front were on a one stop strategy and so I got 5th back at about half distance. The closing laps were spectacular. My tyres were dying, and I was getting harassed by a Toyota TS-050 in all the corners - he would either be right alongside or marginally pull ahead, but the Nissan seems to have monster grunt and I could pull back the position every time. We continued neck and neck like that until the final lap, when his tyres gave up at Indianapolis and he spun. I just had to tiptoe round the Porsche curves to take it home in 4th. My best points score of the season, and definitely the most enjoyable race. My DR recovered by 1000 as well so hopefully I can start the next season with more scoring potential. I am really impressed with the general standard of driving in FIA races (at B/S) but incidents do happen. The better thing is that my SR has only had a slight wobble from 99 to 97 and back again in all the 8 rounds. This is so much better than dailies where one bad race would frequently see me drop 40 odd SR points. I think I'm FIA exclusive now. P.S. any reaction to the news that Super Formula cars are coming to GT Sport at the end of March?
  15. Darwock

    The Walking Dead!

    I broke the habit when this season began. Just watched other things instead. I kind of wish I'd stuck around to see Rick retired, but for me I think the show effectively ended back when Glen died. Everything after that was meehhhhh.

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