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  1. THIS!!!!! It does look like the Castle is taking off though. Maybe a nod to the Hyrule of Skyward Sword? Either way it better have proper old school Ocarina style dungeons!
  2. Sony! Microsoft spectacularly somehow managed to kill any hope of me ever returning to Xbox again. They primarily showed a selection of 3rd party games that are out on PS4 anyway (most of which looked dull as dishwater and I have no interest in playing). Their First Party games looked great......for about 10 yrs ago and their next gen announcement was as exciting as watching paint dry. Not sure how but, they even managed to make a current gen Microsoft Flight Sim look waaaaaay more graphically impressive than a brand new Halo (yawn) running on their supposedly cutting edge next gen hardware!?!? Lol. Used to love my 360 and original Xbox......but man, Microsoft haven’t got a clue these days. More Gears, more Halo, more Forza. Dull as all fuck! Psychonauts 2 EXCLUSIVE!!! LOL!!! Nintendo’s show was ok I suppose. And by that I mean they showed a clip of BOTW2 which may be out sometime in the next 1-3yrs. Great! Not even finished the first BOTW yet! Also.....where’s Pikmin 4, Bayo 3, new Wave Race, new F-Zero, Metroid Prime 4, brand new first party IP? Same every E3! So yeah, the games I already own and have yet to play/complete on PS4 and Switch are more appealing to me than most of the stuff revealed at this years E3. Nintendo have carved out a good section of the market for themselves with the Switch, which is a quality console. However, Sony are clearly now light years ahead of Microsoft (who seem increasingly desperate - Gamepass for £1?!?!?) in terms of both the wealth and breadth of quality games they offer, many of which are console exclusive and many of which are first party to boot. Factor in PSVR and the PS5 being rumoured to be more powerful than Project Scarlett and Sony pretty much have next gen locked down and in the bag at this point. No wonder they didn’t need to turn up!
  3. Miyamoto was claiming Pikmin 4 (not the 3ds game) was “nearing completion” something daft like 3yrs ago!!! Yep, obviously Bayo is made by Platinum but Nintendo have been treating it as a 1st party title and it was their choice to announce it and include pretty much nothing but a logo in one of their Directs. It’s vanished off the map ever since. And......no, they’ve not announced a new Wave Race or F-Zero.....which is my point!
  4. They mentioned a new Pikmin is supposedly being developed aaaaaages ago.........which seems to have vanished into thin air. They also pretty much just showed a logo for Bayo 3, which seems an age ago now too and that also seems to have gone up in smoke. :/ Don’t even get me started on Wave Race, F-Zero etc!
  5. So doing it without the PS4 at all..... It’s seems you have to power up the PSVR breakout box with the headset connected to it properly in order for the PSVR headset to power up. Once it’s powered up you can then unplug the PSVR headset’s HDMI lead from the FRONT of the Breakout box and plug it into the Switch dock. The PSVR headset will turn off. Plug the Breakout box into the TV using the Breakout Box’s FRONT HDMI connector and then power the headset on again. Job done! However it seems that after a certain amount of time, if the PSVR headset goes off it won’t turn on again without following the above steps from the beginning. Weird!
  6. Just tried hooking it up without the PS4 at all and you’re right! Its worked! As long as the HDMI lead connector on the FRONT of the breakout box is hooked up to the TV then it’s fine and the PSVR headset powers up. Edit - Now tried it again just to be sure and it hasn’t worked. WTF!?!?!? Not sure what’s going on here!
  7. Really?!?!? How? You have to have the PSVR attached to the Breakout box and the PS4 itself or the headset doesn’t even turn on! You also have to have certain leads plugged in otherwise you just get warnings that HDMI leads are not connected when viewing through the headset. Once it’s set up as normal though you just Switch the 2 leads over and it works. Then when it’s already working you can unplug leads from the PSVR breakout box and it will continue to work......but there’s not really any reason to do that!
  8. That Vid totally over complicates things! All you need to do is swap 2 leads that are already plugged in over! Also, as I was saying, if there’s no HDMI lead plugged into the “HDMI PS4” connector when setting up then you’ll just get a screen warning of no HDMI connected on the PSVR headset.
  9. I have a V2 headset. Just to clarify as Partious’ instructions are a bit misleading...... Before you begin you need to have the PSVR and PS4 set up and powered on and connected to the TV as normal. If you don’t have a lead plugged into the “HDMI PS4” connection on the back of the PSVR breakout box then you will just get a screen warning that there is no HDMI lead plugged in, when viewing through the PSVR headset. Set up as described in my previous post. You don’t need an extra HDMI lead or anything as Partious implies (at least not on V2). Just unplug the Headset HDMI lead on the FRONT of the breakout box and plug it into the HDMI connector on the Switch dock. Unplug the lead from the “HDMI TV” connector on the BACK of the PSVR breakout box and plug into the HDMI connector on the FRONT of the PSVR breakout box. Re-power on the headset. Job done! Hope that helps!
  10. Ok got this up and running. Here’s how...... 1. Put your Switch in its dock. Ideally you want to have it already running Zelda in VR mode when doing so. (Pause the game itself - options - toy con VR - on. 2. Set up your PS4 and PSVR as normal and turn them on. 3. Unplug the HDMI lead that goes from the PSVR HEADSET to the FRONT of the PSVR breakout box, leaving the other cable running from the headset to the front of the breakout box plugged in. Take the lead you’ve unplugged and plug it into the HDMI connection on the Switch dock. 4. Unplug the HDMI cable, on the back of the PSVR breakout box that goes FROM the breakout box to the TV. Now plug this lead into the HDMI output on the FRONT of the PSVR breakout box, with the other end still connected to the TV itself. 5. Sit back and enjoy playing Zelda BOTW in 3D on PSVR. Nice!
  11. Tried the above.......you can play the Switch, just as you can play any other stuff on PSVR when it’s hooked up that way. No idea how you would play Switch VR stuff properly on PSVR though or if that’s even possible?
  12. I’m guessing it’s just a case of running the HDMI Out of the Switch dock into the HDMI In of the PSVR breakout box. Obviously still have to have the PS4 powered on and connected to the PSVR headset as normal. Then just Turn VR on via the in game options menu on Zelda itself and.......job done! I’ll give it a go in a minute and report back.
  13. I hope so! It’s weird, i now should be 2nd or 3rd on the leaderboards for the first track. I’m not even listed on the “near me” or “top” leaderboards though. Yet on the “friends” leaderboard my fastest lap time has updated each time I play (currently 1:20.16), however my total time hasn’t and is showing 3:02.87, which just seems to be a random time picked out of thin air! I’m not showing up on quite a few of the other boards too even though I set times over 10hrs ago.
  14. @CrashedAlex Any idea what’s going on with the Scoreboards? Got a few decent times now only for them to not register on the leaderboards or stranger still, I seem to have been given a random time! For example on the first Pursuit I took the car down with 48secs on the clock but the game then gave me the time of 53secs!?!?!? Then on the scoreboard screen itself it registered my time as 1:05, 1 second faster than the previous time i’d set. On some of the leaderboards I don’t show up at all. :/
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