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  1. I fucking love how ballsy it is to rip off going places. The film with the most fuck you trailer of all time
  2. he's the absolute best. Watch him in platoon and to Live and Die in LA to see the early signs of one of the most interesting character actors of our times. "You aint a firing squad you piece of SHIT!"
  3. I often say that I am the most hard working, multi skilled person in the UK working minimum wage. Its a gag. But its not. Turns out, after extensive research, its a fact I am currently transitioning into VR because film in the UK is a very cruel mistress indeed. Please have a read https://deadline.com/2020/02/film4-bbc-bfi-pact-uk-producers-survey-challenges-indie-biz-1202852039/?fbclid=IwAR2u8c_YyYIhEWS3hqDYHxTIZaAjKRzQuTjh0Yaq4w2Q18cJmhJSxBrPz5M
  4. I did a best movies of 2019 podcast, which takes in trivia, the oscars, female directors and cinema in general. Please listen https://open.spotify.com/show/5wfPeczmichxc1kFVrssh7
  5. And that terrifying girl with the clown and the chalk. Fuck her man.
  6. I love that the Safdies are being discovered in this way. it means they'll be given freedom to get their next few films made without too much fuss. It's so awesome when genuine new talent enters the scene like this. America hasn't done that for a while. Its all been Korea, South America and Northern Europe for a while now.
  7. Paths of Glory and Ace in the Hole are two movies that hold up today better than most films half their age. Kirk Douglas is the quintessential film star. Legend
  8. IF I manage to finally direct my first feature this year (currently financing) I'm stealing the shooting style of this wholesale. That constantly roving camera, the speaking over each other, the sheer intensity of motion. The camera drifts past the action as much as it sits on it. Its so fucking intense.
  9. Just watched this for the 4th time. I can't choose between this and Good Time anymore. Its fucking masterful.
  10. So much this. Bravo sir. This started to creep in in the mid 80's, where the third act twist would be that it became 'personal'. Lethal Weapon when Mr Joshua kidnaps Murtaughs daughter. It's so played out now.
  11. Marriage Story is great. 2019 was bloody brilliant.
  12. Oh shit how could I forget...
  13. No thats perfect. Just, on a small scale. They're not trying to save the city from a nuclear bomb.
  14. Both count. Both great. There's a years worth of cracking films in this thread. I forgot just how great a film State of Grace was.
  15. How could I forget this absolute BANGER
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