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  1. kerraig UK

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Boy that one hurt. And Hold the Dark
  2. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Yeah I feel you shorty. I enjoyed it for what it was. The disappointment comes from the wider context. Second album syndrome It's a good piece of entertainment. It doesn't achieve any levels of greatness. If you switch the order of Get Out and Us around though, we'd all be thinking we'd found a new Messiah
  3. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    The script even got that wrong. It should have been "Ophelia, phone the police" I was particularly surprised that Jordan fluffed such an obvious gag
  4. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    I don't think that kind of producer operates in Hollywood. They're lawyers and accountants
  5. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    It's a shame isn't it. Total sophomore syndrome. Same again but different enough but not really and ah fuck we forgot to just do something else. It can't get out of Get Out's shadow.
  6. kerraig UK

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    Its the song that inspired this playlist
  7. kerraig UK

    A movie watchers blog

    This is the reason I'm still on Rllmuk. I love reading posts like this. Lars is a film to exist outside of industry and commerce. It is a poem or a song. It is a pure thing. It was made by the right people in the right way for the right reasons. Forums allow us to, both find our own Rosebud and to be an audience as others have their moment. I got a massive dopamine hit from reading that post Linkster. And it reminded me why I love movies. And why I love Rllmuk. If you haven't yet, watch Half Nelson, then lets go get Ryan Gosling tattoos together.
  8. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    In case you hadn't noticed, I'm trying to breathe life into this fucking amazing game.
  9. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    And just watch this for perfect team based emergent gameplay. 1 min of communication and teamwork to hold off a push.
  10. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    Check out this hilariously shit fight I had with a guy with a tree in the way. 30 secs in. A rocket, a nade, couldn't flush the fucker I LOVE THIS GAME
  11. Please lets at least try to shake hands today. 07915 999 743


    1. lankysanchez


      Let me know where you might be, meeting anywhere before it starts? 07834 316391 Rich. 

  12. kerraig UK

    Battlefield V

    The game is exceptional. It even has me taking videos of bits where I don't even fire a shot. No other games do you get these super realistic emergent lifelike cover fire and move shoot outs. Even Counter Strike doesn't do it. Look at this shit. Just me running but it's still so cool the way everyone pushes together. Took us 10 minutes to cross this bridge...
  13. kerraig UK

    Comedy timing

    No, no, The other side.
  14. kerraig UK

    Gremlins 2 Appreciation Station

    I remember something to do with Gremlins 2 and ratings but I can't quite place it. I'm thinking something like, the theatrical and home release had different ratings
  15. kerraig UK

    A movie watchers blog

    Great review. I enjoyed it as a throwback to 90's cinema where a crime story could just be a crime story. But it felt like a covers album

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