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  1. I really liked old school trailer man voice at the end there.
  2. Favreau obviously has bad knees due to years of obesity because every clip I've seen the camera is about 5'10" off the ground despite the animals being 3' tall.
  3. As musical choreography goes, it's pretty much the worst I've ever seen.
  4. Then probably Manhunt. That hand made you want a shower Then Outrun
  5. Battlefield 1 for me all day. So much love and attention poured into creating a muddy, brutal nightmare. A masterpiece of design
  6. Finally finished this. Loved the final episode. Cheesy as hell for sure, but in the world of black mirror and actual dystopia in the west, it was nice to have this great big epic message of hope and unity, all wrapped around a family soap opera. Rory Kinnear and Jessica Hynes were great. I wasn't mad keen on grandmas speech though. On the nose much.
  7. That's not how this forum works anymore. It's no longer a place for debate.
  8. Starchaser totally holds up as a great temple of Doom style hero story. It's really good (watched it about a year ago) I wonder how last dragon would play now. About as well as Bloodsport I imagine. Car wash was one that hasn't aged great for me. Porky's sucks. Better off dead and the wanderers have only improved as my love for them has grown. Quadrophenia is also essentially a masterpiece. I didn't really differentiate between bill & ted, stand by me or American werewolf as a kid. I watched em all repeatedly
  9. I'd never listened to Neil Young until recently. I saw him at Reading festival years ago but was such a headbanger then that I didn't take it in. Needle and the damage done and Cortez the Killer appeared on a playlist and since then I can't stop listening. It's so haunting.
  10. To be fair I think I was 10 when I saw it
  11. The Princess Bride is still almost perfect but the music is total cringe Weird science is even better now than it was then.
  12. Not sure if this was the why, but this film was not made in a traditional way. Favreau entered the scenes in a VR headset and acted as the camera. Editing on the fly. Then rendering. It's an interesting experiment but I don't think it's been particularly successful
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