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  1. I was surprised to figure out that you obtain the wolf creds from moving up the tiers. I don't need any alertium/nitain at the moment but I could see it being frustrating when you need it for a build and you can't just wait for the alert to come around. Rewarding creds for completing the tasks/taking down the wolf/capturing the fugitives would be much better. I'm pretty sure DE will change things up shortly.
  2. You can also install the nutrio incubator segment to reduce the stabiliser cost from 75k to 5k (also reduces the degradation rate). But you need the blueprint from a clan dojo and mastery rank 5. Worth checking the warframe wiki to give you some pointers on where to look for resources, if you ask in chat you might get a friendly nekros or hydroid to come along to help you farm. (they can both use an ability to increase drops). Once you have done all the nodes on a planet you can also deploy extractors to gather resources specific to that planet. BP's for these are available from the market place.
  3. Fieldini

    The Division 2

    I'll try update nvidia drivers. No nothing like that. I got into the game first time around, think there was something about an update and then it restarted and then every time I tried it after that it would start black screen and then back to desktop. I'll try again tonight.
  4. Fieldini

    The Division 2

    Tried out the PC version last night, every time I started it got booted back to desktop!
  5. Fieldini

    The Division 2

    I have 2 pc invites available, fieldini is the username.
  6. Brought the switch into work so that will work nicely with my lunch hour!
  7. Fieldini

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Just started on the 3rd book which was just released 'The Hod King' I really enjoyed the previous two and this seems no exception. I think I might have grabbed it after seeing a recommendation in the fantasy thread.
  8. Yeah Gara would work, no requirement for solo. Actually have all the BP's for gara on switch but never got around to building her. On the PC I'm still working my way through the quests so haven't even got a riven yet!
  9. That's a fairly easy one; you can do it on the first little lake with the spout to the left of the cetus exit. There are rocks that can be mined, fish in the lake and enemy nearby. I had one on switch that was complete a defense mission with rank 30+ enemy, while equipped with a hobbled dragon key without the defense target taking any damage at all. Never got around to it.
  10. I got into playing warframe again on Switch after a long break from the PC version. I put a lot of time into it over Christmas bringing my imported PC account from MR7 to near MR10 (it was great playing it at the inlaws while they watched crap christmas TV). After that I started to get a bit frustrated trying to find players for higher level missions, there was hardly any trading going on, no one was active in the clan so researching was just too expensive, the content was behind the PC version with no indication of when it would be updated, the load times were crap, especially going into Cetus and frame rate slow down could get pretty bad. I had absolutely no issue with the controls though, I wish I could get the switch pro controller working properly with the PC. Really miss the gyroscopic aiming. Back on the PC ranking up from MR7 and re-doing all the quests that I completed on switch!
  11. Ah could have done that last night, went in anyway and funded / started some research projects.
  12. Funded the serro and torid research in the switch clan. Would have kicked some more off but I'm not allowed .
  13. Managed to join a squad with a level 12 and 17. Completed it ok, think I got about 13% of the damage! Nyx prime and constantly casting chaos helped a lot!
  14. Installed the latest switch patch this evening, game crashed out 3 times. Crashed out near the end of the defense alert for orokin catalyst blueprint too
  15. fieldini for the rllmuk switch clan. I've transferred my PC account so I've got a few resources to donate.

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