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  1. Thanks for that, I let my daughter visit to sell her turnips. Despite my warning she clipped some of your flowers running to the airport, very sorry! She dropped a tip in front of the shop.
  2. Thanks guys, gate is now closed!
  3. https://turnip.exchange/island/f7712138 OK I've opened up again, I'll be afk
  4. As the queue has emptied I am going to close the gates, I will re-open again this evening if there is any demand. Thanks to those that left tips, I will pass on the bells!
  5. Thanks, I will pass that on. She downloaded some but a lot of them are her own
  6. Just whack it in front of the shop I'm checking every so often to hoover up any tips thx!
  7. She is a fan of cute/pink stuff. No tip required but I'll pass it on if anything is left
  8. Two trips is fine, queue isn't that busy. I'm afk at the moment, supposedly working from home. I'll keep an eye on things make sure the island stays up.
  9. 589 on my daughters island unicorn. I setup a private queue, nooks is just off to the left https://turnip.exchange/island/7a1a21e3
  10. Just sent a request, hope you don't mind. Selling nips for my daughter
  11. Pm'd @Larsen B for entry to the turnip exchange
  12. You need to get the timing right. If you are holding early the beam will hit your shield and bounce off/destroy your shield. Too late and you get hit. Just right and the beam gets reflected straight back at the guardian. Wait for the 'blue eye' as mentioned above. It's easier if you are at the maximum distance away that the guardian stops walking towards you.
  13. Jovian concord went live on PC last week. Really like the new disruption game mode, 4 coloured points that require matching keys to activate. The keys drop from the stronger enemies. Once you activate a point you have to defend it while a bonus (such as increased fire rate) or a negative effective (such as nullifying fields) is applied. A demolyst will be sent out and if this reaches the point will detonate and fail the point. The demolyst tanks a fair bit of damage. You can activate multiple points at a time to speed things up a bit. The new boss fight the 'Ropalolyst' is quite good too.
  14. I was surprised to figure out that you obtain the wolf creds from moving up the tiers. I don't need any alertium/nitain at the moment but I could see it being frustrating when you need it for a build and you can't just wait for the alert to come around. Rewarding creds for completing the tasks/taking down the wolf/capturing the fugitives would be much better. I'm pretty sure DE will change things up shortly.
  15. You can also install the nutrio incubator segment to reduce the stabiliser cost from 75k to 5k (also reduces the degradation rate). But you need the blueprint from a clan dojo and mastery rank 5. Worth checking the warframe wiki to give you some pointers on where to look for resources, if you ask in chat you might get a friendly nekros or hydroid to come along to help you farm. (they can both use an ability to increase drops). Once you have done all the nodes on a planet you can also deploy extractors to gather resources specific to that planet. BP's for these are availab
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