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  1. You cant faff around burning a cd, and then recommend a game for the Sega Saturn Thats a platform that i really have problems emulating.
  2. I echo the abobe, it mirrors my experience with Tobal. I was aware of the game when it first came out, it received a lot of good press, but like most PS1 owners I already had Tekken which satuiated my need for another 3d fighting game on the system. I didn't have a copy in my game library, so i had to use emulation to play Tobal - for me on the Playatation Classic. The game ran fine and looked ok via hdmi, but like DeDeDe said, there was no music. I just couldnt get it to work. (not a fault of the game but a regular problem emulating disc based games). To get the most out of this game, not only do you have to learn the basic controls, but also the extensive set of special moves. They are not like street fighter II, where players all have the same moves plus 2 or 3 character specific specials, but they are all unique button presses. I found myself playing Tobal with a moves list next to me on my ipad. Its just not fun for a quick blast doing this, you have to put time in. Like lots of 3d fighters that take place in a ring, i found Tobal often descended in a fight for the central spot just to avoid a ring out. Characters almost dancing to try an manoeuvre their opponent next to the edge for a quick win. It's not a bad game, but without the retro nostalgia for it (I couldn't warm to any of the characters which were all new to me) it didnt make me want to play more in 2019.
  3. It was a damp squib, 32 bit 3d fighting games are tricky to emulate and quite niche. Anything 8 and 16 bit is soo much easier to play. Im up for nominating a genre
  4. the snes classis is now my go-to machine for snes, no need for anything else - especially as it has that nintendo charm
  5. It’s easier than hakchi as you only need to set a memory stick up, no need to connect or flash the console just drag and drop files if you use the full autobleem, covers are automatic and all in the file you download
  6. if its just ripping the iso from the cd, whats the point of the cd drive at all?
  7. Not for me, it was the reveal debacle at E3 that put me off Xbox One and go for PS4 this generation.
  8. The PS1 classic, when hacked, plays them really well. And they are available for peanuts and a proper SONY product. The retron 5 never interested me, and neither does this, and the price is laughable.
  9. Im still in two minds about this. Emulation of megadrive with Mega SG £200 Emulation of Sega CD with this Mega SD £200 Playing downloaded roms Thats a lot of money to play mega CD rom images, something i can already do on a low powered computer (99% as good)
  10. I’m not sure what to make of it. could they have combined this with an fpga megadrive and built a machine?
  11. If the machine can process basic fast enough, is there any reason why it cannot be as fast as machine coded games from back in the day?
  12. Is it easy to get to, from stations in Manchester?
  13. Bury and Leeds is just too far for me to travel, so the mumber of times ive been to arcade barn = 0 How about oxford, reading, southampton? Somewhere with easy transportation
  14. they really need one in the south or if anyone wants to make one, id be happy to invest!
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