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  1. Is it a charge, or one of those checking for funds type things?
  2. How is this going to handle pal 50 games, will it privide an option of running as an ntsc 60 game? How does the SNES version cope?
  3. Thanks that site does everything but allow me to order
  4. ulala

    Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    In what alternate universe have I somehow arrived in... DKC looks terrible? it is a simply stunning game, the graphical techniques ( not just the pre-rendered sprites) are still incredible.
  5. ulala

    Arcade club - Bury

    It seems great! If if anyone wants to copy it further south, I'm prepared to finance it
  6. why don't manufactures do some simple homework on a company to see if they will pay?
  7. ulala

    Analogue Super Nt

    Are they still available to buy, or did I miss the boat?
  8. ulala

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    I just lost to a person who was completely and utterly invisible for the whole game on PS4, just s floating gun on his screen during the replay. Its broken. what fun do these people get from ruining others games like this?
  9. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    Its also not too far from an AES, pad and samurai showdown 2 !
  10. ulala

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Correct, the n64 hasn't dated badly like the ps1... the n64 was awful when it came out ! : )
  11. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    The video quality over hdmi is a problem, but those cd style analog pads, that try and copy the best micriswitched d pad ever, are a deal breaker! When you cannot just register a left or right movement, it fails as a pad.
  12. Try adding the emulator for snes again, some are not installed by default.
  13. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    If it was an AES mini, with microswitched joystick or pad this would be essential. but the screen and analog sticks, and the price have put me off
  14. ulala

    Neo Geo Mini

    Yes, x is just a better version of 2. 2 has slowdown, just like the arcade

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