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  1. My point exactly when you have an open platform like the microcomputers where absolutely anyone can make a game and self-publish a tape - of course the quality will be less. There is no gatekeeper of standards. Nintendo had a huge advantage, in theory, of producing the carts themselves and of course taking a cut for the production. Far fewer games, with an element of "seal of quality". In reality, i think they just checked if the carts worked or had any game-breaking bugs/ crashes. It certainly didn't stop some absolute stinkers being released. The NES had 700 releases, the Famicom had about 1000. There was a lot of crossover. Compared to the micros, its far fewer. The ZX Spectrum had 12,000 games released.
  2. Isn't it just ripped off from start wars/ defender?
  3. Anything that's permanently locked behind a grind tier, or stupid difficulty is annoying. There are games i've paid for with cars i cannot drive, and levels that i cannot see. every game should come with a way of bypassing such things
  4. I agree it was mostly awful, but thats because it was easy and cheap for people to make games for them. You could literally code a game in your bedroom and become rich and famous almost overnight (or rather famous in the schoolyard). How many spectrum games are there? Tens of thousands. From basic type-ins to classics. Of course there was bound to be a lot of dross. Is it fair to compare these games, that a large proportion copied for free, to a closed system like the NES where Nintendo had an iron grip on what got published, and a big cut of the profits too? The NES wasn't popular in the UK because of... It's release day - it was far too late Nobody could have afforded the price of the games No piracy By the time it was released, we were very happy with the Amiga, and console players with their master systems - and looking forward to the 89 release of the Megadrive which really did for the UK microcomputer industry. And despite the "nintendo" seal of quality, lets face it, most of the NES games are difficult, derivative and poor too
  5. this applies to just about every single game ever made
  6. I love teletext if I had known about this I’d have been in on day 1 I have always wanted to maintain and create my own pages
  7. grinding to unlock newer faster cars is very very boring
  8. It depends on the system and the game. When pal retro games were optimized (or designed) to run on pal 50 (and not just the music) then there will be minimal difference. See DKC on the PAL snes as a game thats very much optimized for PAL,. there will be no difference to that and its NTSC counterpart. But look at Fzero pal SNES, blimey, its running in treacle compared to the NTSC version. Same with Sonic 1.
  9. It appears the worst time to be buying this console. Wait until more details about the series x, including the price, are released and then either 1) Buy a 2nd user XBX for a steal 2) Put the money towards a series X
  10. The second run will start soon, it’s just supply and demand
  11. can i buy it off you when the shine of a new toy wears off, your losses would then be limited
  12. the gamecube/ wavebird a weird controller? Now that's a controversial opinion!
  13. the cube was way more powerful than its ps2 rival
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