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  1. It’s a toss up between rainbow islands and mega man x for me such great games
  2. How about rainbow islands? its got a lot of great ports on many systems, from speccy to ps1
  3. Rocket Knight adventures Quackshot Castle of Illusion Ghouls n ghosts Aladdin do you have a Neo geo core?
  4. I absolutely hate the juggle bell mechanic now. There seem to be much better shooters on the snes
  5. there are some good prices, are they all fake retro games here?
  6. The whole collecting thing is mainly "how much spare cash do you have". I've lied to myself saying its the thrill of the chase, but where is the chase these days?
  7. I looked at that auction too this morning, a cool €200,000 They don't have a copy of final fight 3 or a boxed copy of Super Metroid neither
  8. ulala

    PC Engine Mini

    its supposed to be released in 10 days, were they seriously waiting this late to actually produce the thing before shipping? it doesnt smell right
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