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  1. I’m very happy with what they produced at the time, it’s still fantastic
  2. it was great value! i got the star wars game and luigis mansion i think!
  3. at least in retro gaming you can still play the game that’s too expensive using a rom on original hardware for free . The experience is identical. You don’t get that with other collectibles
  4. but you could conceivably have things going for peanuts on an auction - the sellers wouldn’t send them. I always use buy it now, I know what I want, or am willing to pay if someone thinks it too much, that’s fine
  5. It’s just that this product is one we have a vested interest in. if it happened with any other product, that’s business. Supply and demand. ive always found it odd that we, as a collective, dislike ‘scalpers’ .or eBay buyers and sellers… … and yet are happy to attend retro game fairs, buy from ‘retro hunters’ etc, but they are doing exactly the same thing. stiffing the seller ripping off the buyer Making maximum profit as the middle-man.
  6. It’s fake, why are we talking about it?
  7. stick with carts only, the sfx games are fairly cheap and the carts from Japan are usually very nice examples.
  8. they have different architecture, the MegaDrive chip is twice as fast on paper, but the SNES has dedicated chips and more colours to help address the difference. but let’s not forget that games like Mario Kart don’t run on a stock SNES.
  9. well it did come out two years later. do you mean nothing can compete in those genres, or at all?
  10. I wouldn’t do that, it’s great at dissolving ink!
  11. about that yes, a bargain! jailbreak it ASAP and if you get charged a “handling fee“, pay the vat in full and do not pay the extra fee as you never agreed to that charge, you don’t have a contract.
  12. heat is your friend, to loosen the glue. try a hairdryer, get it warm.
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