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  1. Robopocalypse is possibly the worst science fiction book I have ever read. It tries, and fails, to be World War Z with machines. It is like that episode of Family Guy where Peter writes erotic fiction, but with killer robots instead of sex. Everyone should enjoy it if they get the chance. The Aquariums of Pyongyang is very good, although if you are looking for books on North Korea then The Girl with Seven Names also worth a read and is free to Prime users, and the excellent Nothing to Envy is regularly on sale. Flowers for Algernon is also in this sale, and is highly recommended.
  2. The thing that shocks me most is that I would expect her bookshelf to have her own works displayed like a Waterstones window.
  3. Naughty Dog could not have asked for a better launch window than at the end of the months of lockdown with an audience who are suddenly armchair experts on global pandemics. Plus, the game is spectacular (so far) and deserves every one of its sales.
  4. I imagine that Mel Gibson's appeal as a lead for a family film has diminished somewhat since 2000.
  5. Its the swagger, lifeless stare and slow, enunciated "until it goes 'click'" that make it the believable words of a psychopath and not just an alpha-male threat.
  6. I'm guessing that, somewhere along the design process, a decimal place got misplaced or there was some confusion between metric and imperial measurements, leading to a meeting where the execs said "Well that looks great, but can you mock up a full sized one for us to sign off?" as a lorry full of these was being unloaded into the warehouse. Or in a single word, 'Stonehenge'.
  7. I would watch the shit out of
  8. That last episode was not the best episode ever, but it has the best scene of any R&M episode.
  9. Frank Costana RIP. Serenity now. Strangely, despite being a Seinfeld fan I never knew that the actor who played Frank was Ben Stiller's father.
  10. On the Beach by Nevil Shute is on offer at 99p. A classic end-of-the-world novel from the 1950s when the threat of nuclear war was new, terrifying, and seemed likely. Very well written, if you can handle the dark subject matter and misogyny of that would suit the Connery-era James Bond. Certainly a very different take to the wastelands and roving marauders from other works of fiction and worth a read if this genre floats your boat. Blurb from the back cover:
  11. Alice Fraser's stand up show, Savage, is worth watching. Funny, yes, but also rather powerful and intimate.
  12. I saw it several years ago and remember it being fascinating, but can remember nothing else about it. Probably worth a rewatch.
  13. Argos seem to be getting regular stock. I ordered one earlier this week for collection tomorrow.
  14. All the are solid games. It depends which of the following best draughts you, IMO: If you want TLoU with more action, then GoW will fill that need. If you like comics then Spiderman is the best comic book game ever. The DLC is worthy, but not as amazing as the main game. H:ZD is like a post-apocalyptic Mass Effect, with worse characters but better combat. Enjoy Spiderman, but definitely try GoW as well. I assume you have played the Yakuza games? Yakuza 0 is a masterclass in combining a tight open world game with a strong narrative.
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