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  1. That looks brilliant. Echoes of Dancer in the Dark, but hopefully much less harrowing.
  2. Finally got my cheap Gamepass access sorted, no thanks to CDkeys. Two of the three 12m XBL codes I ordered on Tuesday had not appeared by this morning so I asked for the missing ones to be cancelled. Lots of other people in social media having the same problems, and whilst CDkeys have not said anything publicly their email support says that people have been having issues accessing codes they have bought. AO were much more efficient. They have become my retailer of choice for fridges and videogame download codes. Gamertag is BossSaru, if anyone wants to add me. See you o
  3. It seems that lots of people are complaining that pre-order codes and closes from other sales are getting messed up (not getting codes, or receiving used codes), so probably not running out of codes so much as a database or other system error.
  4. I would stay away from cdkeys right now. I bought a 12m XBL Gold code that arrived instantly. Added it to my account and got the 'upgrade for £1, up to 36 months' offer on my dashboard. So ordered two more years from cdkeys. Codes showing as 'available shortly', as they have been since Tuesday evening when I ordered them. Looking at their social media feeds, lots of other people in the same boat. Have been told by cdkeys via email that they are 'experiencing some technical difficulties with some people accessing their codes' and that it should be fixed in a few hours. They said thi
  5. I'm waiting for the eBay sales of 'Xbox Series X box' items for £400.
  6. Gonna be a lot of upset parents on Twitter come Christmas Day this year, I think, after their kids' excitement rapidly turns to disappointment on unwrapping an XBOne S. I'm baffled why the new gen is not called the XB2 - unless MS reckon that people will assume that, in Spinal Tap style, an XB2 is less than half as powerful as a PS5.
  7. I think that, based on what we have seen so far, Sony have not done anything wrong so much as MS have stolen the limelight with a £250 entry-point and buying some of the biggest western developers to be included in their Gamepass offering. Sony will do fine. MS have always struggled with the Japanese market, which is pretty massive, and as such need to be more dominant in western markets to compensate. Sony will produce some of the best games of the next-gen, and the PS5 will (for me) be a much more attractive proposition when the console is available cheaper as a 'slim' model with
  8. How can we make ourselves more relevant as software sales move to online purchases and online retailers increase their market share. I know! Lets increase our delivery charges and make people pay for the privilege of coming into the store, queuing, and carrying their purchase home!
  9. The kind of people who pre-order consoles as early as possible are also likely to be the type of people who are aware of the costs of the hobby and will be seeing it as an investment, as they spend a lot of time gaming. The Series S is not really designed for Rllmuk posters. It is designed for families who want to give their children a new console on Christmas day at a much reduced cost compared with the full fat model. I expect that its popularity will rise in the run up to Christmas.
  10. Has anyone done this from the perspective of a lapsed XBL Gold account? I had an XBL Gold subscription until the current gen - is it worth just creating a new account or can I continue with my current one without paying full whack?
  11. Xbox Series S. I have a 4k TV, but I am never that wowed by UHD content over 1080p so I will try out the basic model and see how I get on. If I feel the desire to upgrade I doubt that the S will lose much value in the first year. Plus, I really like the tidy style of the Series S. Much nicer than the bizarre-looking PS5 and the server-like Series X. Having never owned an XB1 I expect that I will have enough to keep me occupied on Game Pass over the first 12m until the big hitters arrive. I will inevitably get a PS5 at some point, and will love it, but until
  12. Got my Series S order in with Microsoft. Now to finish a load of PS4 games before I get Gamepass and catch up on the generation of XB1 games I missed out on.
  13. It has to be Fortnite. Not only for becoming a huge phenomenon out of nowhere, and defining a genre that did not (to my knowledge) exist before this gen. But also for doing so as a free-to-play game with cross-platform gaming. Sure, other games did these things before. But as a package Fortnite is the slickest I have seen. For the record, I played a few games and it is not really my thing, but I can see the appeal. From a single player perspective, I would say The Witcher 3. It has become the benchmark against which all RPGs and adventure games seem to have
  14. Never say never, but I do not recall hardware prices having increased post-launch in the past. Sure, the pound is likely to have a volatile few years, which may increase costs of more flexibly proceed products. That said, I expect that Microsoft and Sony have factored this in and world rather take the hit of needed than incur the bad publicity of price hikes during the generation, when it is generally expected for prices to fall.
  15. If you are in the UK you can watch it on iPlayer.
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