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  1. Other things show up in dark grey (I think) when I don’t have the materials & in light grey when I do (with prompt to craft). These aren’t showing up at all.. are you saying it will show when I have the correct materials?
  2. Has anyone had any trouble crafting? I've bought (and read) all the recipe pamphlets from the fence but crafting options like improved arrows don't show up when I sit down to craft. Thinking it could be a bug unless I'm missing something? (I also had the camp bug by the way)
  3. You heard wrong. It wasn't the discs, just all of the maps.
  4. Baz

    Not sure if this is a joke...

    I'm not sure that's a great example - the only thing irritating is the inclusion of galangal which is a pain to source. Seems a good recipe. Am I missing something?
  5. Baz

    Winter Olympics 2018

    She's not even the Colin Jackson of short track.
  6. Just not on the SNES though ay Scott?!
  7. Baz

    Ed Sheeran had 9/10 of the top ten

    So indicative of these times, it's all Rolf Harris, Brexit and an Ed Sheeran 9/10 slam dunk. I suppose it's best we just accept it.
  8. Baz

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Ha, yeah - it's such a nightmare juxtaposition of interesting street scenes and hostile locals. I ended up shooting from the hip in manual and hoping for the best. Some recent night shots from Seville:
  9. Baz

    Football Thread 2016/17

    Mourinho berating Conte for geeing the fans up at 4-0 & humiliating him. No class and no right to tell other managers how to behave. Thanks for the lols!
  10. Baz

    Pokemon Go

  11. Baz

    Pokemon Go

    Just wandered 10 minutes up the road to claim 2 gyms which were protected by some weak ass Pokemon. Grown man, silently mashing his iPhone screen on two benches either end of the local green. Easy. Got back home & saw that both had already been retaken by 2 red team. What kind of sickos are up at this hour anyway?
  12. Baz

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Is Agger entering the last year of his contract? 12 million seems like peanuts given the current state of the market. I still think he's your most talented defender.

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