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  1. sharak

    Playstation Vita

    Already done, but thanks
  2. sharak

    Playstation Vita

  3. sharak

    Playstation Vita

    On to 3.65 with Adrenaline now. Playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles. All is right with the world.
  4. sharak

    Playstation Vita

    I actually have a hacked PSP still lying around. I love it. i haven’t actually used the Vita for ages. And I mostly play MGS and Wipeout in it. I’ve downloaded a lot of content from PS+... my vita is on 3.63. It a Japanese launch machine with SIM card slot. Is it worth hacking? Best way? Replacing the PSP might be an idea. The PSP is also a U.K. launch device
  5. sharak

    Playstation Vita

    I have a hacked PSP; my VITA isn't hacked. Is it "worth it". I guess I can get Picodrive and all that malarky? That's pretty much all I use on the PSP. I guess I can download Vita games too? Hmm. TBH I forgot I had one until I cleared out my desk recently
  6. sharak

    WSBK 2019

    I do watch, thanks for the notification Bit busy at the mo with the job move, but will keep track of things.
  7. sharak

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    Yeah, he kind of looks like Pob.
  8. sharak

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    Indeed. Knobs. Yes he is funny looking but who cares? He was brilliant. Absolutely superb. Really sad to hear he's even had to leave Twitter, but it's a piece of shit wasteland anyway.
  9. sharak


    Is this the thread to ask for coffee recommendations? I want to make decent espresso at home. I am thinking of getting a grinder as I hear this makes the biggest impact. I am currently using ground coffee from LaVazza, and a DeLonghi Dedica, but soon I won't have access to the Dedica so I want to buy my own machine. Spending 1.5k on a Rocket machine seems a bit overkill, and if I can get better coffee from the Dedica than I am at the moment, then great! Apparently you can get single-walled pressurized heads for the portafilter. Anyway, any advice on good machines, or do I get the rocket?
  10. sharak

    Games you loved that are rubbish in hindsight.

    Sega Touring Car Championship. Echo II on MD.
  11. sharak

    Sonic The Hedgehog: 25th Anniversary

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles was pretty much the pinnacle of gaming, in my universe at least. I loved Adventure 1 & 2 simply because I felt I had to. I think I really enjoyed them, and raising a Chao on the VMU, but I just get heartache when I think of the nostalgia and how badly the Dreamcast ended. I haven't played anything since Adv 2. I liked Rush quite a lot, and had the GBA games but ended up bored. The NGPC was good. "Sonic" as a character was "fast" but really, as said above, it was more about platforming. Now SEGA simply go with those awful tunnelrunner type games monstrosities.
  12. sharak


    Which formats is Darius coming to? Sorry if I missed it.
  13. sharak


    Well, my brother, myself, and Scott had some good games last night. I will share some of the footage up here at some point. I enjoyed playing NHL10/11 with a lot of you guys, but then I moved to Japan and didn't play until this last year when I returned to the UK.
  14. sharak


    Ah the old gang! Yeah, I lived in Japan for 4 years and though I do have a 360, most friends have a PS4 now. I will get a One at some point, so perhaps then? But for the foreseeable, it's PS4... I'll say hi to Scott. Would be good to have both of you in the team; would make it a 5-some as it stands. Expanding a bit further, we'd have 8 or 9 to rotate.
  15. sharak


    Does anyone have NHL16 on PS4, and fancy joining a club? My brother, Sjvinnie, and myself often play NHL16 in an online club and we're after some new members. Rookie to Pro, anyone welcome. Just give me a shout if you are interested Gameplay NHL 16 contains several game modes, including Be a GM, a mode where you control the general manager of a team of your choice, Be a Pro, a mode where you control your own custom player and progress his career, Hockey Ultimate Team, a mode where you collect cards of real-life players, build a team, and then take on either players online or A.I. teams, and EA Sports Hockey League, abbreviated as EASHL, a multiplayer-only mode where you can use your own custom player to join other teams, also with custom players controlled by other people, and take on other teams.[1][2] The EASHL mode will return after being dropped from the PlayStation 4and Xbox One versions of NHL 15. It will feature some changes in its progression system to address balance issues, including a switch to a class-based progression model similar to Be a Pro mode, and the removal of attributes and boosts.[3] A beta for the EASHL mode was available for NHL 15 owners from July 30 to August 10.[3] Cover NHL 16 did not have a cover vote in contrast to the previous year's iteration. At the 2015 NHL Awards, it was revealed that Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks, who had won the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals, were selected to be on the cover of the game. It is Toews' second appearance on the cover of an NHL game, following NHL 11.[4] It was supposed to be Kane's second appearance as well, following NHL 10,[4]however, on August 12, EA Sports announced that Kane would no longer be appearing on the cover of the game in light of the fact he was the subject of a police investigation over a sexual assault allegation.[5][6]

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