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  1. Ad Astra Save for a couple of decent action moments, this was utter shite. I love a bit of sci-fi usually but this was a serious miss. 1/5
  2. Whilst I agree with a lot of this, just thought it was worth mentioning that one of the community managers has confirmed that armour will drop some weeks at 3, 5, or 7 wins - it’s on rotation so not limited to flawless runs.
  3. I had a go on the Spa daily, my first time on this track in GT Sport actually. Always love a bit of Spa and the GR4 seemed quite good around here. I did take a look at the Top 10 stars actually - two of the three top times were done by completely missing the bus stop chicane at the end of the lap and going right around the corner itself. Bit shit to see that sort of cheating. Why does the car feel so different in the race? Tyre wear isnt on so is it just meant to be cold tyres? Fine if so, but would be nice if they could show me when my tyres are up to temp.
  4. I've been off this for bloody ages. How long do the daily race events last now? More than a day I'm guessing?!
  5. Marmite

    The Division 2

    I’m at WT5 and still totally confused by all the stuff on the map and in my inventory to be honest. The game does nothing to guide you through the process of beginning to tailor specific builds (aside from a brief pop up menu talking about builds, but never actually explaining what the fuck you should actually be doing to achieve these). I often log in to the game and sit for a few minutes trying to figure out what exactly I should be doing next. It’s great that there is seemingly so much here but I wonder now how much of it is actually worth spending time on (especially considering the posts above) or how deep it really goes. Sad to see the raid delay as well, that felt like something to work towards but now it doesn’t even have a specific date.
  6. Marmite

    The Division 2

    Yeah I’m up for it! Havent been on for a few few days because of other commitments but will be looking to finish Tidal Basin tonight so I can unlock WT5 and start getting raid ready (whatever that means in this game!).
  7. Marmite

    The Division 2

    No worries. I had never done that mission before and had just scrapped my favoured LMG by accident so definitely not much help!
  8. Not sure I will be on much aside from the odd blast from time to time but I have added you marsh. Hot lap challenges are probably best for me these days given my limited gaming time. I'll keep an eye on the thread for any others that look appealing
  9. Good to see this game still being well supported (and the thread pretty active). I fired it up for the first time in ages earlier to try the new super formula cars. Couldnt resist a quick pop at that Suzuka qualifying session. Car felt pretty good!
  10. Marmite

    The Division 2

    I applied too so if you could accept that would be lovely!
  11. Marmite

    The Division 2

    If you haven’t already, spend some skill points on the Hive reviver. As long as it’s not on cooldown it will automatically revive you when you get downed (no need to activate beforehand). It’s saved my arse on multiple occasions already.
  12. Marmite

    The Division 2

    Ok, will try again tonight then in the hope that the lag is gone. Another question. What in-game settings are people using for HDR? There doesn’t seem to be a proper calibration screen for this so thought I would ask. I’m using a Samsung TV and PS4 Pro
  13. Marmite

    The Division 2

    Started this last night but had really bad issues with what felt like lag. Could barely play through the first proper mission (PS4 Pro). Is this a seever thing or something I need to look in to on my console? Not seeing anyone else in here mention it so wondering if it might be my side now. Hope it’s nothing major.
  14. I only kept one and its still got a shit roll.
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