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  1. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Squeezed in a couple of hours last night and was feeling the triple A class almost immediately. It's one of those games where I feel compelled to find every item, explore every area and seek out every secret route that I've spotted from afar. These days I'm often put off by those things but when done well it makes for some of the best kind of adventuring. The combat feels decent to me and the smooth transitions from cutscene to game are brilliant. Its extremely cinematic and I'm already thoroughly invested in story and key characters. More tonight!
  2. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    I won’t be on tonight either. I’m actually giving F1 2017 a go having downloaded it in the sale yesterday so planning on completing my first career race on that.
  3. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    I'm getting this, early vibes seem to be very good from those who have played it. What is the forum-favourite online shop these days? I know it used to be Shopto but their powers seem to have faded in recent years. Would quite like it a day early if possible!
  4. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Sorry, completely forgot about this. I was going to say Brands Hatch actually! Have people been practicing? I know I haven't!
  5. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Patch/update drops today right? Might be up for a few races over the weekend if anyone else is, see how it all feels (and if they've secretly tweaked the handling model again!).
  6. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    To be fair I was mainly suggesting the ‘classic’ real life tracks because I’ve barely raced the others you’ve mentioned (Alsace, Kyoto, Miyabi). Happy to go with one of those if there is lots of love for them though.
  7. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Suzuka would work for me! It was going to be my next suggestion (followed by Brand Hatch GP circuit, then Interlagos).
  8. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Sounds like people fancy the GR1 cars, so assuming everybody can get one I'd go with Pete's recommendation of "WEC cars, ie, the Audi, the Toyota, the Porsche or the Peugeot rather than one of the "vision" cars". We'd need a fast and flowing track to make those cars shine. I think Monza would work but I know some people hated it the other night!
  9. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    I'd be up for that. I'd also be up for agreeing one track up front that we know we will definitely run during the course of the evening. Give everyone a chance to familiarise themselves with it and use the car there before featuring it on Tuesday. Maybe run a proper qualifying session for a change?
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I'm not loving the DLC either. I thought it would be great jumping back into Horizon after a long hiatus but I'm not finding the new stuff particularly compelling. I'd almost forgotten how much I hate the lengthy conversations with various tribes/random NPC's. I hope thats something they work on for the inevitable sequel, tightening up the dialogue and making the side missions more compelling. I'll work through it but at the moment it just feels like slightly more difficult machines and a lot of random chat that im skipping through as quickly as I can.
  11. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    I'll be sure to learn the track before next week then
  12. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    If the baby goes to sleep I’ll be on!
  13. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Was good to get on for a few races last night, it's been a while. Handling definitely felt different to me - looser than before, with less feedback through the wheel and a much slippier road surface (or tire feel). Super softs on the GR3 at the end helped a bit, but the F1 car felt very different and overall I much preferred the feel pre-patch. I'll try and get on again next week, although an 8pm start is really early (9pm is a bit more realistic). Be great if we could get a few more involved as well to pack out the grid a bit.
  14. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    What time are you guys on until? I might be on a bit later as well.
  15. Gran Turismo Sport -Tuesday nights forum races

    Had my first go on this since I joined some of you for racing a few tuesdays back (we just had a little boy so the PS4 has been off for a while!). 20 mins testing out the new single seaters which seem like a good addition - it’s nice to see them adding stuff like this. The game is so nice to play with a wheel, I’ll definitely try and join some more Tuesday evenings once things settle down here.

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