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  1. That comparison doesn’t really work when Switch is a console with hundreds of games available, and Nintendo-published software tends to be far less front-loaded than almost anything that isn’t GTAV and Minecraft. I could also point out that Splatoon, on a moribund console with a considerably greater selection of games yet a smaller install base than PS5, sold almost twice as many copies on release. Given how well the PS5 is selling, its second major exclusive should, if anything, be doing particularly well.
  2. £70 as standard just…isn't doable for me now. I mean, there might be the occasional special edition that has something unmissable with it (I paid £70 odd for the recent Dawn of the Dead 4K box-set) but I’d have to be very, very convinced I knew what I was paying for. Returnal, for example, is the sort of game that I’m fairly sure I would play for a couple of hours before dropping it in frustration and selling after it’s gathered dust for a few months. It’s also the sort of game that, at one time, I’d have thought looked compelling enough to end up buying at launch for £40. £70 thou
  3. Who would have thought, a couple of years ago, that Xbox would soon be undisputedly the best console platform for the Yakuza series?! I hope Kiwami 2 gets boosted next time around, since it’s the only one left at 30fps.
  4. Xbox is also getting the paid upgrade in addition to the frame rate unlock patch, but if they’re advertising Wreckfest as a PS5 game through PS Plus then it must be inclusive of the update, because it’s currently PS4 only and plays via backwards compatibility.
  5. I don’t necessarily see a mid-gen refresh because, as you say, they’re substantially more capable than their predecessors were at launch. I wouldn’t rule it out entirely, but I definitely don’t see it as being imminent; a seven year generation followed an eight year one, so I don’t think COVID pushing this one up to a decade is out of the question or even particularly unlikely.
  6. I wouldn’t say I have regrets, because I knew what I was getting myself into. I will say that I would reluctantly let the PS5 go without too much agonising if an unexpected bill came along. All in all, Xbox has been excellent, and just seems better thought out; there’s not a poorly designed new OS just for the sake of it, it seems to be easier for developers to release native Series S/X versions of existing games rather than patches to unlock frame rates and, as well as the various upgrade programs, there’s been an effort to ensure even unoptimised last-gen software offers a better ex
  7. Just a word of advice, Quick Resume doesn’t appear to work at all on the Xbox version at this point. Odd, since Like a Dragon is now one of the better examples of the feature working when a game hasn’t been launched in some time, but hopefully it will be addressed soon.
  8. That’s good news. Now, surprise everyone with software backwards compatibility for PS3 on PS5, please.
  9. Well, there’s a middle ground between full-on marketing and dropping the price by 50% within a month of release, which happens all too often.
  10. If the PS5 demo with RT and “45fps” is anything to go by, it’ll spend the vast majority of the time running at 60fps.
  11. Looks like the Ray Tracing mode is sticking close to 60fps most of the time per the comparison video. If it’s 55-60 and the occasional drop lower then I'll definitely be inclined to stick with that mode - it might not be as dramatic as in Control or even Spider-Man, but there is still a clear improvement to lighting and shadows, which wouldn’t go amiss in Resident Evi.
  12. Naughty Dog will be making Spider-Man 2’s multiplayer mode at this rate.
  13. No doubt to some extent, but I think sales through 2020 showed that demand for home entertainment is strong when an awful lot of people are stuck at home. It’s clear by now that both PS5 and Series X are selling out very quickly indeed when stock arrives, and that the Series S is no slouch either. Even the Switch has a tough time keeping up with demand, and that’s four years old. It’s going to be interesting to see what demand looks 2 - 3 years from now. It’s very easy to be wise after the event (particularly given decisions will have been made in a pre-COVID world) but there’s such a
  14. I don’t think either the HBO or Disney analogies hold up. At all. Despite trying to start them multiple times, I was bored to tears by God of War and Horizon yet enjoyed Spider-Man (and Miles Morales) and The Last of Us 2 a great deal. Astrobot, slight as it is, is lovely too. Since finishing Control though, my PS5 has been turned on only for Blu-Rays (despite the machine being louder overall, it’s a quieter player than the Series X) and when I’m aimlessly looking for a reason to use it, invariably before turning it off 10 minutes later. A frame rate patch for another in the inexplica
  15. I’m not sure it’s as homogeneous as some suggest, but there has definitely been a narrowing of Sony’s focus, and that’s disappointing when Xbox’s range is broadening. I also think it’s a bit of a gamble; I can’t see there being a dramatic, immediate shift but if Game Pass continues to offer high profile third party stuff on or soon after release and Microsoft eventually gets 10 games per year out of what is now a pretty enviable list of Xbox studios (in addition to funding third party stuff), Sony might come to regret not giving people as many reasons to stick with PlayStation as they
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