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  1. Rain Birds

    Nintendo Switch

    So the Joy-Con that took Nintendo six weeks to ‘repair’ earlier in the year has now developed another fault. Won’t be seeing that until February. Bet they try to erroneously charge me again, too.
  2. Rain Birds

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Which other reporters? I’m not sure it was people spreading rumours in bad faith, more just the question being asked given that he’d returned from Leicester matches with Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in the past. Same with Claude Puel. It almost goes without saying that it is a dreadful tragedy regardless of the identity of the victims.
  3. Rain Birds

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The Twitter rumour mill has brought up the name of Gareth Southgate, because he was at the game & has previously travelled back to London in the owner’s helicopter. There’s nothing at all on any news sites or whatever, but the only thing close to confirmation that he is okay is courtesy of a reporter from the West Midlands Express & Star, who claims to have been told by the FA that he wasn’t on board.
  4. Rain Birds

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Oh, no cars. That would be a huge misstep. If you want to get around quicker, use the subway. Otherwise though, a little bit of icing wouldn’t hurt at adding a bit more colour to the world.
  5. Rain Birds

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    I’m enjoying it so far. The portrayal of Manhattan is visually great and although far from 1:1, the best videogame approximation I’ve experienced to date. With that said, it would be improved greatly by having more substantial side-content ‘on the ground’. Being able to roam as Peter Parker and having accessible businesses would add a lot.
  6. Rain Birds

    Shenmue 1&2

    It was only £22.49 to pre-order on there.
  7. Rain Birds

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Yet another stonewall card not given for Ramos. Says it all about the vested interest UEFA have in Real Madrid that he’s still on.
  8. Rain Birds

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Ramos should have been sent off for the dive there. Second bookable at least.
  9. Rain Birds

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    All over now. Ramos is the dirtiest player in world football - he knew what he was doing.
  10. Rain Birds

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Madrid are going to win this easily. It would be nice to be proven wrong, but just about everything is in their favour. Stronger team, much stronger squad, much more experience at this level. Managing to avoid complete capitulation and using the experience as a launchpad for future success is the best case scenario I can see from tonight’s game.
  11. Rain Birds

    Xbox One backwards compatibility - Server Runtime Error

    Microsoft deserves an enormous amount of credit for the steps taken with backwards compatibility. I start playing Red Dead Redemption and not only does it look incredible on the One X, but the DLC (including Undead Nightmare) purchased the best part of a decade ago is, without the slightest hassle, available to download. It would take minimal effort on Sony’s part to give access to digitally purchased PS3 games that happen to be available on PS Now, but no.
  12. Rain Birds

    Xbox One X

    In the absence of a 4K TV, and bearing in mind that I’ve been completely Xbox-less this generation would I be better off going for an S and saving £200, or is the X still worth the additional outlay? Supersampling isn’t a massive draw when deployed on an aging 32” 1080p TV. Is the performance boost on 360 games between the two consoles significant, or is that generally similar beyond the 4K res bump on select games?
  13. Rain Birds

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, but at least I’ll actually be able to play what there is, and benefit from backwards compatibility otherwise. Nintendo will have had my Switch or crucial accessories for about 12 weeks since launch by the time I get the Joycon back, during which time they’ve also managed to erase over 100 hours of saves.
  14. Rain Birds

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m once again at the point of telling them to get stuffed. I think I’ll list the Switch for sale and get an Xbox One in its place. Great as it can be, I’ve never had as many issues with a console, Xbox 360 included.
  15. Rain Birds

    Nintendo Switch

    So my Joy-Con repair is being delayed by a further 2-3 weeks because Nintendo UK are doing a stock take.

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