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  1. Microsoft deserves an enormous amount of credit for the steps taken with backwards compatibility. I start playing Red Dead Redemption and not only does it look incredible on the One X, but the DLC (including Undead Nightmare) purchased the best part of a decade ago is, without the slightest hassle, available to download. It would take minimal effort on Sony’s part to give access to digitally purchased PS3 games that happen to be available on PS Now, but no.
  2. Xbox One X

    In the absence of a 4K TV, and bearing in mind that I’ve been completely Xbox-less this generation would I be better off going for an S and saving £200, or is the X still worth the additional outlay? Supersampling isn’t a massive draw when deployed on an aging 32” 1080p TV. Is the performance boost on 360 games between the two consoles significant, or is that generally similar beyond the 4K res bump on select games?
  3. Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, but at least I’ll actually be able to play what there is, and benefit from backwards compatibility otherwise. Nintendo will have had my Switch or crucial accessories for about 12 weeks since launch by the time I get the Joycon back, during which time they’ve also managed to erase over 100 hours of saves.
  4. Nintendo Switch

    I’m once again at the point of telling them to get stuffed. I think I’ll list the Switch for sale and get an Xbox One in its place. Great as it can be, I’ve never had as many issues with a console, Xbox 360 included.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    So my Joy-Con repair is being delayed by a further 2-3 weeks because Nintendo UK are doing a stock take.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    Switch Football Manager confirmed - Miles Jacobson on Twitter
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Football Manager Touch 2018 has been rated for Switch in Korea. For anyone who isn’t familiar with it, that’s not the mobile phone version, but the streamlined (mostly in terms of media & player interactions) version of the full game, also available on PC & Tablets.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Some good news about my Joycon - I phoned Nintendo UK after work yesterday and have been informed today that the repair team erred and that it is covered under the warranty after all.
  9. Nintendo Switch

    Just got an email from Nintendo UK telling me that the Joycon right click ceasing to register as a button press isn’t covered under warranty and that they want £29 for the repair. This is after not even trying to transfer my save data - including 90+ hours of Zelda - last year. I think it is at this point that they can go and fuck themselves. I’ll sell the piece of shit, regardless of how much I love Nintendo’s games.
  10. Nintendo Switch

    So the right-stick click has decided to stop working on my right Joycon. God, the build quality of this console is utter shit. I’m just thankful I won’t have to send back the entire system for Nintendo's risible “repair” service to gleefully not bother to transfer my saves again. Bet it still takes them a month to dispatch the replacement though.
  11. Twin Peaks

    It has a breakaway cover & is sold-out whereas the one that is available now simply says “Slipcase Edition”. I’m not 100% but I think Mr. C is a flap on the standard packaging, with Dougie-Cooper still present underneath. I don’t know if there are any other differences in the way it opens out etc because pictures of it are thin on the ground, but it definitely has all of the same extras and so forth; there’s no difference in content. Only the DVD is lacking there.
  12. Twin Peaks

    Anyone else buy the Blu-Ray? A really nice set; I rarely buy physical media outside of video games but this was a must, and it’s a great upgrade over the Now TV & Showtime streaming quality. Great packaging too (nice to see 'Limited Edition' actually mean what it says) and the behind the scenes stuff is fantastic.
  13. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I was concerned that was the case, but it isn’t - if you quit completely to the main menu and go to load, you’ll find that you can choose previous characters and their saves from there. It makes sense to ringfence them like that given the volume of saves, but it’s not especially obvious that you haven’t just lost an entire world of play.
  14. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    I had this issue. It resolved itself randomly the next time I played the game. Not sure if my technique had subtly changed or if the Joy-Cons were just being odd in that particular play-session.
  15. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Oddly, I’ve just booted it up again and it’s working every time, just as demonstrated. Either I’ve unknowingly changed my technique or the Joy-Cons were having a moment but either way, it’s working more or less flawlessly now.

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