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  1. That’s a shame. Chivalry 2 is a clip goldmine. You just press the share button once, then the icon on the left, then choose the length of clip.
  2. Worrying number of bots in games on PS5 even with cross play turned on. Hope the game isn’t dying already.
  3. Yeah I was disappointed to read that as I just don’t like playing in 3rd person.
  4. Some advanced tips https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/chivalry-2-tips-beginners-guide-how-to-win-any-fight-1v1-1vx-outnumbered
  5. A Footman with a long stabby weapon can be a good option for racking up kills without dying too much.
  6. I know it’s meant to be silly, but it can feel like a real, horrifying medieval war and I love it. Each spawn I play like I’m on a real battlefield and my actual life is on the line. It’s the best multiplayer I’ve played in ages and I can play it for hours.
  7. They show horses briefly in that video. They are coming…
  8. I will never, never commend an archer.
  9. Saw my friend taking on a whole room with a candelabrum during the death cam. What an inspiration.
  10. A few reviews appearing now. https://opencritic.com/game/11293/chivalry-2
  11. Good tips. It’s quite strategic. Like gory chess.
  12. Amazing kill here
  13. It’s great being an archer and trying to hold your nerve and hit your target as someone with a giant war hammer charges at you.
  14. Took a huge swing with my Halberd, the enemy ducked and I chopped my teammates head clean off. Some very funny/ seemingly unlikely moments happen in every match.
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