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  1. Beast Wars is the finest animated series Transformers has to offer (including Animated, which was very, very good) so I eagerly anticipate the imminent disappointment! I mean come on, there's no way they'll have a Megatron as camp and cool as this:
  2. The TVA seem to have changed their policy on employing robots, I see.
  3. Ella Lopez saying "winner,winner chicken dinner" is my new jam. Lucifer's face
  4. Ha, ha, and Detective Douche gets his very own Zeppo. Excellent!
  5. The musical episode was fantastic. So great to have these guys back.
  6. Alan's face when Simon got his round of applause was perfect.
  7. I saw it on Facebook but I don't think we can link to Facebook videos here? https://www.facebook.com/kuruptfm/videos/292076559187304/ Try that.
  8. Their Brit awards performance is great (and you can find it online without having to actually watch the brit awards!).
  9. I take it that this isn't the Blake's Seven tribute some were hoping for?
  10. Death's Head


    He's easily cued himself up (ha ha) for punditry. He speaks very well, as your mother might say. That said, for pure hilarity you can't match John Parrot and Jack Lisowski in the practice room yesterday. It was pure Partridge and Sidekick Simon as Jack set up his favourite shots and then utterly failed to pot them.
  11. Death's Head


    I'd love to see a decider here. I do feel a bit for Selby, he's pretty much only got his wife on his side.
  12. Death's Head


    Sweet wrappers and all.
  13. Death's Head


    Quite surprising from Murphy given his dismantling of Kyren in the semi but as people have said Selby's more than happy to take his time over shots and draw him into a safety game. I was kind of backing him after he took down my boy Yan Bingtao earlier in the tournament but I'm not sure he can get into Selby's head enough. Got the crowd on his side though!
  14. The 90s film, on the other hand, I rather enjoy. Strong anti-capitalist, pro-worker themes and when Halle Berry draped herself over Fred's desk I mean, Christ, what that did to my then-teenage mind.
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