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  1. Streets of Rage Remake is amazing

    Yes, the Metroid 2 remake is great as well. I must get back to it actually. Back to SoR Remake, I'd forgotten you get to ride bikes at one point. Then there's the nods to the game gear games, two different versions of Shiva to play as, not to mention playing as Mr X...
  2. Britannia - Romani Ite Domum

    Also, Zoe Wannamaker shouting "I shit on the souls of your dead". Wonderful.
  3. Britannia - Romani Ite Domum

    Yeah, I'm 3 episodes in and enjoying it. I've always preferred my British history to be a bit more on the Maid Marian side of things and this is delivering for me. I loved Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem and this hasn't let me down yet.
  4. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    I like to imagine the title of the next episode ("Will You Take My Hand") is an oblique Toast reference and we get a Matt Berry cameo to complement Clem.
  5. Cool film concepts that got ditched

    There's a cyborg Arnie in the Capcom Aliens Vs Predator side-scroller - is that where the idea came from?
  6. Streets of Rage Remake is amazing

    It's become the definitive version for me. The sheer range of options - SoR1, 2 or 3 versions of all the main characters, Adam, the blimmin' light sabers that cut people in half - just push it over the originals if I fancy a quick bash of beating some people up. The attention detail is great as well - Sonic Mania level.
  7. The Avengers - Shane Black reboot

    This makes me happy.
  8. Inside No.9

    Fantastic. In pentameter, and with couplets. Perfect.
  9. Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek

    If Stewart's in then yes, I want Brooks in there too. And fucking Garak.
  10. Red Dwarf

    I'm with you on that, Chosty - the opening for series 1-2 is so evocative, with that lovely score and great model work. That's the Red Dwarf I have in my head - lonely and absurd.
  11. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    Nah, that's bollocks. It's Buffy all the way.
  12. Star Trek Discovery - new TV show materialising 24 Sep 2017

    Noticed one of the bridge crew describe the beaming aboard of the space whale as "5 by 5" - someone on the staff is a Buffy fan! Time loops and space whales - that's some Star Trek right there.
  13. Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin

    Remember a few years back there was a tumblr blog that appended Malcolm Tucker quotes to screencaps from Capaldi's Doctor Who? Somone needs to do the same with Jason Isaac's lines from this superimposed over Star Trek screencaps.
  14. Armando Iannucci's The Death of Stalin

    Excellent. Simon Russell-Beale and Jason Isaacs stood out in what was a frankly phenomenal cast. Lovely to see Paul Whitehouse there on the big screen as well - one of our most underrated actors.

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