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  1. The trouble I have with that is that a live audience are such a key part of theatre. Without exception, every show I’ve ever done has lifted on the first night compared to rehearsals. It’s not just the adrenaline - whether doing comedy or drama, as a performer you take a lot from the audience reaction and modulate your performance accordingly. If you’re performing to an empty theatre and some cameras then I dunno, it becomes something else, neither theatre nor film - are you acting for camera or for a (non-existent) audience? I’m doing Macbeth over Zoom later this month and frankly I’m dreading it!
  2. BNA. A mate of mine recommended it to me this week and I really enjoyed it. It’s pretty furry, mind! Excellent end credits as well.
  3. For me it’s that bit in the Jackie Daytona episode where he’s formulating his plan for the talent contest and he says to the volleyball coach “you can do impressions” and she just pulls a face and goes “my wiiife!”. Can’t stop thinking about it.
  4. She’s done some flower show on Netflix with Vic Reeves as well, I heard.
  5. Check her out in Stath Lets Flats. Just as great, as was her one off sketch show with Ellie Price.
  6. Caught Spectre on the box on Saturday for the first time and I did enjoy M’s droll “Now we know what C stands for. “ Really didn’t need the follow up line.
  7. Bane cracks me up in this, and Commissioner Gordon. I've no particular love for Batman or any of the characters really so the sillier and less serious it gets the better for me.
  8. Limmy met Tim Heidecker yesterday!
  9. I forgot, Inside the Factory is essential telly. It's hypnotic at times, and always informative!
  10. I would love a Sweeney Blu-ray set. Loads of it's filmed where I live and it'd be great to see old bits Hammersmith and Fulham in glorious 1080.
  11. Any cookery show is my poison. And gameshows. I've ended up weirdly addicted to repeats of Ramsey's US Kitchen nightmares late at night. Oh and the king of timewasting telly, Come Dine With Me or it's B&B cousin, Four in a Bed.
  12. Probably because he remembers when they used to run around in furry gilets with whips harassing Picard.
  13. Taking care of his lower back there, I reckon. Safety first, 007!
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