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  1. Death's Head

    People Just Do Nothing - BBC3 mockumentary

    Beautiful series. Got proper emosh at the end. Grindah's little squeaky "it's Beats!" when he's in the car at the end
  2. Death's Head

    Bottom : An Appreciation

    He's in the Dennis the Menace fan club as well!
  3. Death's Head

    Doctor Who

    If the missing workers were actually being blown up as test runs for the janitor's bubble wrap scheme, what was all that business with the liquidised goo? As we saw when Kira was stuffed in the fridge by the allegedly-benevolent System there wasn't much left to to actually liquidise! Was the episode hastily rewritten, because I was rather enjoying it up until the politics went to utter shit at the end; an ending which really didn't line up with how awful the company was presented to work for at the beginning.
  4. Death's Head

    Movie viewings that broke the fourth wall

    It was the theatre rather than the cinema, but during the interval of Pinter's No Man's Land last year a homeless man came and spoke to me and my dad and I swear he could easily have been written by Pinter. Great dialogue.
  5. Death's Head

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    I only got into Tetrisphere via emulation a few years ago and it's brilliant. So moreish, and like you say, great tunes. Kirby 64 is another one I didn't come to until emulating it, and I couldn't put it down.
  6. Death's Head

    Almost forgotton superheroes of the 70's and 80's

    Wha..? You learn something new every day...
  7. I can't fault any of the actors in this, least of all Gilgun; he's phenomenal in the part.
  8. It's all down to Pip Torrens' marvellous performance. I'm constantly waiting to see what he'll do next. What a marvellous actor.
  9. Death's Head

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    Which is insane if you think about it - take out the Son'a (all, what? Six of them?) and you've basically won the war!
  10. That last episode was some frigging Preacher alright. Glad that they seem to have realised that Pip Torrens needs to be on screen as much as possible. Everything he comes out with is gold. "There goes my morning erection." Pretty sure I saw him in Poldark on Sunday...
  11. Death's Head

    Doctor Who

    Both my favourite Murray Gold pieces are half-inched from elsewhere - the Eleventh Doctor's theme (cribbed from the Long Good Friday) and the song "Love Don't Roam" featuring Neil Hannon, which is basically Al Wilson's 'The Snake'. Song for Ten is pretty nice, though. As for the new chap - I'm probably expecting too much to hope for a 70s-style discordant synth score on primetime BBC1
  12. Death's Head

    Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix

    As a Londoner I'm so used to hearing West Indian slang and patois, it's actually quite wonderfully surreal to hear it coming from Americans. And of course it just makes the soundtrack all the better.
  13. Death's Head

    Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix

    I did have to chuckle at "I am the Bushmaster".
  14. Death's Head

    Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

    Frigging episode 11 though.

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