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  1. Well punk was basically 'three chords and the truth' and we got some great tunes out of it. I suppose I'm just very much against the whole 'real instruments = real music' thing. I'm not too bothered how the sausages are made, just how tasty they are! Well the definition of pop changes over time. In the time of the Beatles rhythm and blues was pop; rock became 'pop'. In the 90s UK garage was pop. Again, in the Manual there's a fascinating chapter that I can't recall at all now where they talk about genre songs reaching number one and then effectively 'leaving' their genre and becoming something new. I should re-read it because it was very interesting!
  2. Literally all that stuff is still out there. No one cares about the charts any more. I think that's pretty cool?
  3. Everyone here should read KLF's The Manual - it's a real eye opener into the line between commercialism and art in pop music, and how really that line doesn't matter too much if you've got people up dancing.
  4. Don't forget that even then, when they were starting out, the Beatles and the Stones (and other mod bands of the era including the Who and the Faces) were just covering the music of black American groups before they started doing their own thing. They were R & B bands before becoming 'pop bands'.
  5. See I'm not as down about music today. Leaving aside the fact that, at 36, my opinions on pop shouldn't matter in the slightest and kids should be telling me to eff-off, grandad, it strikes me that nowadays you can be into absolutely anything, and there'll be a night or an album or a scene for you. It's like all times are happening at once. There's garage nights, drum and bass nights are still going strong, I went to a great 2-tone gig last year, places like Star Shaped are running Britpop nights and my sister goes to all sorts of metal gigs. You go out now and all sub-cultures are here, getting their representation and sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud mean there's a wealth of weirder stuff and it's much easier for you to get your stuff out there. Then there's all the new genres that have come along in the last decade like vaporwave and hauntology. I don't think the demise of the traditional 'band' is much to worry about as long as people are making music. You don't always need guitars and drums to do that.
  6. Where the fuck are the Klingons anyhow? Surely with the Beta Quadrant in disarray they ought to be making some sort of power move? And what's Garak up to? Why isn't this just a series about Garak? Garak and Morn.
  7. The only story to really do justice to the original vision of the Cybermen was the Tenth Planet - after that they just became generic robot baddies. I thought World Enough and Time did some nice things with the body-horror aspect, as did the bits with Danny Pink in Dark Water. Rise of the Cybermen had many faults but the bits with people waking up in the factories as they had their brains cut out was rather effective, as was Rose meeting the Cyber-Jackie. The whole concept of destroying the emotional inhibiter so they realise what they've become began as a rather horrific and tragic way of killing Cybermen but pretty soon the Doctor was cheerfully causing former-humans to have what was basically a nervous breakdown so bad their heads explode. The trouble is the Cybermen are always a bit dull - at least the Daleks are enthusiastic. The original point of them - that they see what they have become as better - has largely been forgotten as they've basically become the Borg. I want to see cyber-evangelists preaching the cyber-gospel to a desperate humanity. At least that lad last night had a bit of fire to him! Surprised they didn't squeeze in an 'excellent' somewhere though.
  8. As people kept saying to me on here until I finally succumbed, you want the Orville.
  9. Get rid of an entire genre that dates back to the 60s!?
  10. Well, there goes my Saturday! My controversial opinion is that I've always rated Mario Kart 64 over the SNES original. I enjoyed the SNES one in its day but thought the N64 one improved on it in almost every way save the battle mode (and even then, we made the best of it).
  11. Bet Picard wishes he'd just called up Riker and co. Would have saved him a lot of bother!
  12. I know, but it's that whole 'sense of an ending' thing. Plus I've caned all my sidequests bar the flippin' Weapon Connoisseur and a couple of shrine quests (Eventide, that one where you have to be naked during a Blood Moon) so it'll be pootling about looking for hidden shrines I may have missed, at least until I can afford the DLC. What a game, though. What a magnificent flippin' game.
  13. Gerudo desert is such a big mood. 190 odd hours in and I suppose I'd better go and fight Ganon...
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