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  1. El Pibe

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    @neoELITE On the plus side, our away end is covered these days!
  2. El Pibe

    Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

    Used my wildcard last week. Amongst others: Out: Pogba, Fraser, Wilson In: Ryan, Duffy, Murray Captain: Son That went well Wondering what to do with Son. Not sure how much he will play in the league games.
  3. El Pibe

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Fucking BT Sport. Wish this was on terrestrial. Crazy score.
  4. El Pibe

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Come on Ajax!
  5. El Pibe

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Exeter clinging onto the last playoff place in L2. I've been to Wembley to watch us lose 2 finals the last 2 seasons. I'm not sure I'd be too disappointed if we finish 8th.
  6. El Pibe

    Better Call Saul!

    Nooooo! Gutted to hear that.
  7. Just watched and enjoyed this. Agree that it works well as a Netflix film. I might have been a bit disappointed if I'd seen it at the cinema.
  8. El Pibe

    Sicario 2: Soldado

    Just watched this on Netflix. I thought it was surprisingly good. Some great intensity and I wasn't sure exactly where it was going to go. Yay.
  9. El Pibe

    Fleabag - BBC3 Comedy

    The playing around with the 4th wall is very interesting and it is really odd when he does it, as well. Love it.
  10. El Pibe

    The Walking Dead!

    I've enjoyed this season a fair amount. Much better than the Negan wars.
  11. Haha! My first thought was "Nice to see Nick Rhodes land a big role!"
  12. El Pibe

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Bloody hell. The Partridge look a like bit was amazing.
  13. El Pibe

    Harry's Heroes - The Full English

    Watched the first 30 mins before bed and was pleasantly surprised. It's quite fun!
  14. El Pibe

    The Walking Dead!

    The priest is banging his way through the female cast.
  15. El Pibe

    Football Thread 2018/19


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