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  1. Poor pen. Lucky it shouldn't matter!
  2. Yeah, it's decent fun to watch!
  3. This could be 10 if England keep going. I wonder if they'll ease off to avoid embarrassing Kosovo too much.
  4. Indeed, it's up to the ref to blow the whistle and there was no need to stop.
  5. Samsung 9+ Android. Didn't realised there was a 3! I'll try that.
  6. Can anyone recommend any good top down racers? Super Sprint kinda thing? Looked at Reckless Raving 2 but it says not compatible.
  7. I decided against in the end. Was listening to the Official FPL podcast and they were talking about using your wildcard if you wanted to change more than 2 of your team. I think I'm largely happy with mine, although I'm tempted to switch Sterling for DB to free up some funds.
  8. Another win for Exeter and we stay top of the league. Will enjoy it while it lasts. Right, will just check to see how Argyle got on...
  9. Has anyone tried and succeeded in making money during the international break by wildcarding early and picking players whose price may rise?
  10. I think Brucey denied quite a few people a nice Kane bonus today!
  11. Just caught up on the highlights. Wow. What a knock that was.
  12. Decent start for Exeter, but I'm not expecting us to keep it up.
  13. Decisions. Decisions. Sigurdsson or Milivojovic!?!
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