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  1. There was also all of the blister pack console with 6 games, all cart only, but the point still stands. These are video games, the main aspect is playing them, yet you could buy 90 percent of the released UK NGPC cart only for the price of a boxed pocket reversi. If you bought US /Jap games, you could have all the games available in the UK and more.
  2. Pokemon Go

    I have 45, so 155 to go :S Might make the effort for this one actually, Dratini -> Dragonite is one of my favourite 'mons, though I already have a pair of decent Dragonite at 96 and 98 IV. It is the last 'type' badge I need mind..
  3. Pokemon Go

    This Sat - 24th from 10am until 1pm Increase Dratini spawns. Special move if you manage to evolve a Dragonite during the event (unclear if that's one caught during the event, or actual evolve during the event I think) 3 hour lures 3x stardust Assumed new shiny Dratini since there was a Pikachu one at the last event.
  4. You should look at UK NGPC stuff in sold items... UK Pocket Reversi in clam with manuals - 25 bids - £536.70 Cart only - £10.99 buy it now Puzzle Link in clam with manuals - £119.99 Puzzle Link 1 AND 2 cart only - £14.99 Faselei - in clam with manuals - £119.99 - 200 Cart - 45
  5. Analogue Super Nt

    I get that, but I don't care about having it in 48 hours. I'm patient, and have a massive pile of shame already. I'd much rather pay less, and wait a bit longer. It's a little frustrating that they have gone thought the hard bit, to trip up (imo) at the final hurdle. Obviously the hardware design is great, then they have designed a console with a pleasing appearance, similar to, but distinctive enough from the original SNES. Ok, the firmware GUI looks like it leaves a little to be desired, but it's functional from what I can see. The output quality is obviously exceptional, and they appreciate than 8bitdo also do some fantastic work, and teamed up with them on the pad appearance, and obviously push their pads officially (via Amazon US) Then there is the Factor 5 stuff, especially the touch of including the box, and indeed the actual Analogue box itself looks very good. Then over 25% on top of the cost of the console on postage The mark down is good though, I'd be REALLY put off (possibly to the point of not bothering) otherwise.. I also like the idea of supporting a small company who do nice things like this. I sold my Ambassador's Edition 3DS to fund this, and I hate selling anything, most of all Nintendo stuff, so I'm fairly committed - just need them to announce a new batch as I don't want black - though your photos have made me appreciate it more.
  6. Pokemon Go

    No sympathy. Level 37, 16,878 Pokemon caught, only 1 shiny, and it's a Magicrap (IV 30 something, CP 60 something) One of my local players is level 40, over 36k 'mon, never had a shiny at all. We were talking about it at a raid, and one of the other raiders was winding her up with his 6 or whatever. I gave her a lift home, just as we reached the car, the guy winding her up posted a screenshot of the new Magicarp shiny he'd just caught to the local raid group chat! Swablu wise, I'm up to 290-odd candy, and have a 89% IV which is probably good enough (not a shiny one..) 89 seems to be my number, it's the highest I have for Ttar (twice),various legendary and my Mewtwo. Still need to find me an Absol raid :S
  7. Analogue Super Nt

    I think the previous NES FPGA console they did, the Nt Mini was restricted to 2 batches, but then that could be down to popularity, and cost as it was over double the price of the Super Nt. At the moment, I think they are doing small batches, and waiting until the batch has sold out (or more likely shipped to prevent people cancelling and switching to a different colour maybe?) before listing other ones. I believe that the Nt Mini hasn't come back into stock after those initial 2 batches sold out, but perhaps with the popularity, and reviews of the Super Nt, we'll see more of those too. Logically, given the effort that has gone into the design, they will likely keep making them whilst demand is high, but I guess you never know. Of coruse, they won't officially announce a new batch until whatever strategy they have is complete (which seems to be selling out, or shipping the previous batch). Currently slightly put off by the shipping costs (which seems stupid, but hey, it always puts me off) and looking at various different styles of 8bitdo pad on AliExpress too, and hoping a new batch is available soon
  8. Analogue Super Nt

    Really tempted to order one of these assuming a third batch goes up. SNES was my first console and I still have all of my games, over a hundred carts, virtually all PAL, so being able to run them at 60hz appeals. Plugging an actual console in looks pretty bad on HDTV and I don't have a CRT anymore. I'm drawn to the taste bypass US classic version for some reason. Postage cost is a bit mental though.
  9. Great albums released long after an artist's heyday

    Also popped into my head. I want to say Metallica's Death Magnetic Fleetwood Mac Say You Will, and indeed Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams since I'm there.
  10. Concerts - general discussion and experiences

    2018 is the year for reliving my musical youth... I got tickets for Glasgow. Never seen them live, but got into them at the time of Adrenalize (and got Hysteria at the same time). They were probably the first band I really loved, so properly looking forward to it! 25 years and I can't wait until December! This morning, tickets bought to see Garbage in Edinburgh and then the next night in Glasgow on their Version 2.0 anniversary tour. The Garbage / 20 Years Queer gig was amazing, and I'm really looking forward to this in September.
  11. Pokemon Go

    Up until today, I never had one. I'd seen 2, both ran. On my 30 minute commute - half driving with auto catch Gotcha, half walking, I have 15 - and not a Chansey to be seen (there is 3x stardust for Chansey too in case someone missed that)
  12. Pokemon Go

    Crap, yeah, I had 4 from the raid level in my head, and typed it twice. It was Absol I was thinking about, not sure why I thought it was finished. Thanks I managed to get 2 Kyogre (I have at least 4 of the other legendary 'mons) I'd like some more, but local raid group have mostly moved on. Might try to make the effort for another tonight. I haven't got Kyogre on my 2nd account, but, having now played it up to level 31, I'm not sure I can be bothered continuing with 2 accounts. My main reasoning was to get through the stale portion when it was just legendary bird raid after bird raid with nothing else new. It was nice to start again with Gen 2 available at the time and see that old silhouette appear. It also helped me to do some of the level 2 / 3 raids on my own, or with my wife, when no one else was interested. Of course, I have shiny new gen 3 silhouettes on my main account now, so it's redundant and feels like a chore. IV wise, I haven't even gone to the level of looking at the attack stat, I just look for decent IV (80+) and go with it, unless it's a Pokemon which is useful in raids / gyms / takes 400 where I take more care. My best (and equal second best) Tyranitar for example, is 89% IV. I have a dozen of them, 11 from raids, 1 evolved. I figured that after catching 11 at raids, if the best I have is 89%, then so be it!
  13. Formula One - 2017 Season

    I'm fairly certain that the glare issue was related to the aero bubble curving in 2 dimensions, note how the side profile of the Indy car one has the front of windscreen completely flat (like a 30 degree angle upwards straight line) whilst the bubble also curved off towards the top. I could be talking BS of course. Either way, halo is going to look crap, and we all know it, but does it really matter when year after year there is something that makes the cars look crap anyway, high noses, fat noses, monkey seats, shark fins, coat hangers, mental double diffusers, skinny rears with sticking out floor pans... The main difference for this season is that this is the rules dictating a crap appearance, rather than a crap appearance coming from flaunting an ambigious rule - so basically, expect 1 other major weird moment in appearances with the upcoming launches
  14. Pokemon Go

    Did I miss a 'mon that was only available through a gen 4 raid that's finished now? :S
  15. Yep. I have similar, erm, commitment issues. I can't dedicate the amount of time to games that I used to or would like to. I struggle with an hour here or there in a long game (Switch had made this easier though) so I spent a lot of time playing racing games or games with levels rather than story heavy epics. The problem is, lots of the best games are story heavy epics So essentially, I find that currently, I play small amounts of losts of games, and I do feel I'm missing out. The Switch has changed that since I can now play whilst my wife watches tv, all the time commitment can be greater.

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