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  1. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Not so much Lileep for me as I've caught enough to have already evolved it, but Anorith. Caught 3 before today, and 4 today already, plus there is another in my sightings right now, though I don't have time to pop out and get it. Not sure if rock will be as fun as the fighting event for me, but fingers crossed. My buddy Bagon is going to enjoy all those discounted candy anyway!
  2. Freeman

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Apparently there is a Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Demo in the eShop now. Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to downloading it and giving it a shot?
  3. Freeman

    Nintendo Switch

    Absolutely right, I think anyone buying the cheaper no dock one with only a £34 saving is basically, crazy, or likes throwing money away. The £5 USB cable will charge it, but not as quickly as the official charger, which is £25 from Amazon - though i see you get unofficial ones for £16 now.
  4. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    So I guess it'll be Larvitar, Squirtle, Chansey then probably on to Gen 2 starters. Not all that pleased personally since they aren't that hard to get via raids, but I have a 98IV Tyranitar that deserves to be higher than level 25, and nothing else with IVs in the 90s, so fingers crossed for a decent one. Caught a Slakoth this morning, only my 3rd in the wild, so 7 more candy towards that elusive Slaking! Need to go through my 'dex and see what I need for those other elusive evolves.
  5. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Yes, but the catch rate is really high. I'm 4 for 4, and only 1 or 2 people not catching them out of often pretty huge groups. The split off Dundee group I've spoken about before apparently managed to stop a 5 year old doing a mewtwo raid today as they all joined another raid group and refused to drop out. Glad I wasn't there, aholes..
  6. Let's not do that. Sony console names are confusing enough without the next home console having the same initials as the last handheld one! I ran my original 360 over VGA with an official VGA cable bought at launch. It wasn't until I changed my TV that I then switched to component, and that was because my 2nd HDTV didn't play well with VGA, screwing up the resolution. I then picked up an Elite, and switched to HDMI. I guess, in a roundabout way, I'm saying that they use TV connections to that TVs play fair. In response to the quote in the OP, perhaps the 2021 date is in reference to the projected release date for whatever first party titles they have in their development and release cycle, meaning that from March 2021 they will focus specifically on the new console? We all know that Sony are already looking beyond ps4 and into the future. I'd assume that early dev kits (or at least approximate specs) would have to be out there for at least a year prior to a console launch, and with those tend to come leaked documents etc. IMO 2019 is possible, 2020 is likely, 2021 is handing the ball to Microsoft to rush out a new Xbox in the next 2 years and win the next gen
  7. Freeman

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Finished the house today, only the piano to go. The house is amazing. I love how something so simple as cardboard with a bit of tech added can do something so impressive. The whole house, and indeed lots of Labo basically revolves around a single IR camera placement. Mental!
  8. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    I think they will do Larvitar, and probably Blissey too, but Id rather they didn't. A ton more Blissey for gyms would be annoying, and Tyranitar has been around in raids since forever. I don't raid all that much (138 legendary and 57 regular) and have a dozen Tyranitar, my best being a 98 I caught on the 7th of this month. I'd love the extra candy to level mine up, but I think they should leave something for a challenge, and ttar is a good balance with infrequent spawns and that should I shouldn't I pinap balance when you do a raid,plus of course weather boost now too. I hope they keep going through the starters from other gens, they still feel a bit more special whilst now necessarily being that useful. Magicarp would be good, or all of the 400s in one event.
  9. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Transferred 130 char, still need to sort anything in the top 2 tiers (strong or amaze for fellow valor) Got a 98IV (not shiny), but it's a lowly level 8. Good day with amazing weather!
  10. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    The example @Azrael posted above seems kinda petty to me, but then I'm not that bothered about spoofers - play the game the way you want to play it. Don't get me wrong, I think spoofing is stupid and pointless, one of the main draws for me is the hybrid of video gaming, and being outside, and the discovery / feeling of catching something nice. Sitting in the house shifting your GPS takes away too much of that for me, BUT the game allows you to set up private raid groups which prevents those not there from joining anyway, so why not just do it that way? I've never actually asked to join the Dundee discord group, perhaps they would add me, I've never done anything to offend any of them. In fact, I've helped them to split into teams for extra balls, and in some cases, even do a raid that wouldn't have been possible without my extra account, so they were happy to benefit in the past... 2nd account is starting to feel like too much effort now, but I want to tick off a duo tyranitar ;) Stardust should work with triple stardust, the other bonus items have always worked during other multiplier events. I just need to remember to put it, and incense on this time! :S
  11. Freeman

    GameCube Appreciation Thread

    From what I recall, the memory card this is due to the Japanese character set, if you are playing on a Japanese console, or a US one with modification switched to Jap mode, it's all ok. With a freeloader is a no no. I presume if you are playing on a modified Wii it's possible to change the region and have no issues too. Also, you'll want to keep a memory card specifically for Jap game saves..
  12. Ps4 version is the remake with flourished visuals and a VR mode. I've only ever played the demo, but if I played VR (or indeed my ps4 more) I'd buy it.
  13. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Our local community is unfortunately a bit of a mess. It used to be excellent, but there are a few elitists who run things behind the scenes. We had a public facebook page and chat, but it started to go quiet, which turned out to be because an invite only discord chat was created. There was also a few horrible things said / making fun of some players in the private discord, which was publicised via screen shot to the other chat. Not Pokemon stuff, just straight up insults about weight, appearance etc. I have no interest in getting involved in any of the politics, I just want to play the game. I've already feel pretty embarrassed to be associated with some of these elite players who are basically young hormonal lads, especially when they are talking about other players I know in a young hormonal lad type fashion at raids - but hey, I'm old and boring, so who cares To top that off, the 'rules' for the discord chat include a no cheating clause, so I'm outcast as I break the terms of service by playing 2 accounts. I asked at a raid who dictates which of the terms of service are allowed to be broken, and which aren't and was told that a certain member of the group (elitist, level 40) decided. The person I asked said I could participate in their raids if I used 1 account only, which I have no issues doing, but they won't invite me to their discord chat. I pointed out that plenty of them share accounts and use IV checkers (I do this too, I'm sure most players do) , but I've never shared my account (which they all do regularly), or spoofed / falsified GPS, and never will as I feel it defeats the purpose of the game. He shrugged. Black Charizard looks awesome :O
  14. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Candy is my limiting factor...
  15. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    I'm sure everyone here already knows, but 10am to 1pm tomorrow for Char. I'm halfway between being bothered, and not being bothered. I don't really care for shiny Pokemon as discussed earlier, and Charizard isn't that useful, and I already have a few. Still, if the weather is nice, it's a good excuse to go out for a walk, so will wait and see.

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