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  1. Freeman

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    The Rams look like they stayed in the locker room at half time..
  2. Freeman

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Looks like both defences have turned up, unlike the last time they played!
  3. Freeman

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Yep. Not the best first drive, with the wasted time out too, though things just changed for the better
  4. Freeman

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Anyone watching? Who was the guy that sung the national anthem badly, then chucked the mic away... Other than that.. Go Saints!
  5. Freeman

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    Do Toad houses allow saving too? I seem to remember that from WiiU. I finished without using any of them, the quick save is fine. Anyway, really enjoyed playing through this again, finished pass 1 last night, more of a challenge than I remember. Now going back for star coins, which is also harder than last time as I used 2 player boost mode on WiiU.
  6. Freeman

    Vostok Inc.

    Just saw on HUKD that this is half price on Switch eshop at the moment (£6.49) Nice blend of twin stick shooter and addiction based clicker. Worth a bump for this thread imo.
  7. Freeman

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I think there is an age thing going on here, with a lot of us being at an age where we had few games to play and played things over and over... Super Mario Kart. I reached the point where I was trying to manipulate the result with weapons for the lead to give me a bigger points gap at the top. Used to play time trial against my dad, started off on the Mario Circuits, but moved in through the game. Tetris and Dr Mario (SNES) Again, recording high scores against my dad. F-Zero F-Zero X Waverace Goldeneye, all cheats, didn't do sliders all the way up mind. More recently, PGR3, platinumed, was in the top 50 in some time trials. More recently than that.. I barely finish a game nowadays, never mind master it :S
  8. Freeman

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    There's no shame in this. Everyone grieves in different ways, you do what you have to to get through it. Can't think of any that I have done off the top of my head, but one thing comes to mind... I was an N64 owner , and had a few other friends from school were too. We'd play 3 or 4 player most nights, but as time moved on, were all starting to move away from playing it, and my friend wanted a Dreamcast, so decided to trade in his N64. I offered to buying some of his games, but he felt I was trying to rip him off and refused. A week passed until I saw him next, he was sitting with his shiny new Dreamcast looking smug. We got onto how he got it. Turned out he traded the N64 stuff into Game including getting a fair bit less for the games I wanted than I had offered him. He looked sheepish, and I was pissed. I still bring it up anytime he mentions wanting to sell something...
  9. Freeman

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Dark Souls, having recently played for the first time on Switch, it's just too hard, which leads to repeating things over and over, and, whilst I didn't find it frustrating, and really enjoyed the atmosphere created in the game, I craved a different / new experience and gave up, which is probably all down to not having so much time to game nowadays, and the availability of so many games I want to experience. Probably Enter the Gungeon too. I loved Binding of Isaac and thought something similar was a good plan. I didn't settle with it, and it felt too hard from the start. Actually Rogue Aces on Switch too. It's not that it's so much too hard, more, too hard for what I wanted it to be. I want to feel progression in a game and progression was too limited by the difficulty. 15 year old me would have adored it, and played it until I was perfect at it. Modern me will just put it down and move onto the next thing.
  10. Freeman

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    Ordered this on Thursday having decided to pass on it as I wrinsed it on WiiU (all but 1 of the post game levels from what I recall). Played it all in boost mode with my brother in law, doing 1 life each. Anyway, don't recall it being this hard.. Really enjoying it though. I'm hoping to put more time into Luigi this time around, I remember it feeling just a little too rushed somehow first time around..
  11. Freeman

    Do you cheat on games?

    Nowadays especially, id rather consult a guide, walk through, ask on here than get frustrated and give up on the game, especially with the more limited time I have and the larger amount of stuff I'd like to play, but I don't like things that remove all challenge from the game. I enjoy discovering strategies to make games easier, such as which Pokemon to catch in Let's Go to level up my squad, but won't use things like P item in Mario 3 or the silly suit. I always get, but don't use the 3 warp whistles etc.. The best game for cheats, imo, was Goldeneye. Basically a challenge mode which unlocks something daft, loved it, even if we rarely used any of the cheat options. I guess games getting easier, or the lack of game over / no more lives or continues has, to an extent, killed off a lot of cheats though. *opens a can, potentially of worms* I won't cheat by buying paid content to enhance or speed up progression of my charter either.
  12. Freeman

    What is Metroidvania?

    In side on 2D, otherwise you've just described everything from Zelda to Resident Evil. I always thought this... ...though the Wikipedia page linked somewhere about basically describes Metroid, and states that the vania bit comes from a game that was released 3 generations after Metroid and adds nothing to their definition... Certainly the things these terms seem to have in common is them not being used as originally intended. I think the reason for this is the reason we tend not to stick games into specific genre now. Games have evolved and plenty try to do something new. I tend to read them like this nowaday... Metroidvania: collect new abilities items to open new areas. Souls-like: hard and death /retrying is expected and normal. Rogue-like: procedurally generated rooms.
  13. Freeman

    Nintendo Switch

    I agree with you, almost. Nintendoland multilayer with 2 screen was amazing. Sneaking around as the ghost in the Luigi Mansion mini game avoiding the torches or running away as Mario are both amazing.
  14. Freeman

    Things that all games should have

    I think this applies to a lot of the suggestions in this thread. The Switch parental controls does play time well, if you turn it on for example. Pausing at any time would be nice, but better is the Switch sleep mode at any time, ironically, except in the pause any time game, Dark Souls, which kicks you out if you use it since it disconnects for the net. I'd like the ability to fast forward, skip, or disable any intro screens, making every game like SNES F-Zero. I don't need to be told what uses Havoc, who developed it, what compression the audio used, who published it each and every time I play it.
  15. Yes. Catch lots of stuff, that's how to grind levels in this...

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