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  1. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Hmm, not entirely sure that's accurate though. I mean there seemed to be at least in part an element of McLaren thinking they had a really good chassis, and all of the performance deficit being due to the crap Honda. Ok, so it might have been the team jumping on the Alonso-driver bandwagon of Honda being crap, but it seems pretty clear that in actual fact, the McLaren chassis was mediocre at best. Glad to see Toro Rosso doing something with their B-Team chassis and the GP2 engine this year... I'm sure I'll be corrected soon enough, but I don't see McLaren putting resource into running an Indycar team. Perhaps it would make sense, with America being such a great market for them, but in the short term, it'd be a LARGE investment, and would inevitably take focus and cash from the dismal F1 team. I think they'd much rather concentrate on making F1 better than start something fresh and further gimp their F1 campaign. A half-way house option, like they did for the 500 might make some sense, with another team, such as Andretti, running another car with Alonso in it and a different colour scheme, obviously with McLaren bank-rolling some of it. It'd probably have to be run as an Andretti-McLaren or something though, don't see them running a car that could possibly beat their own team with a different name on it..
  2. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Yep, just carry on
  3. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    All go for 7.15 at my end, got a few local players hitting ultra today too. It's when you see the friendship level increase screen. In reality, that means first interaction of the day. Gift opening. Trading. Doing a raid together. Gift giving doesn't trigger it, so like me with @Billy Brown I've had a gift for a day or 2 that would trigger it but haven't opened it or given him a gift (sorry!) wanted to get the weekend out of the way, and get some other stuff for mass evolving. Its been fun seeing some of the stops from all over, I've tried to give more interesting locations to Rllmukrs, but the usual post office or park information sign will feature too
  4. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Will make sure the wife is OK for kiddos bed time and lucky egg at 7, open gift around 15 past. @Onze I'll gift you at about 7, if you can / don't mind,open it before half past please
  5. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    With a PTC account, when it hangs on the screen with the 'Log Out' button, just click log out. Now close the app down via the Android task screen. (and turn your phone volume down as it's now lost your settings which likely have music turned off!) Open it again and log in again and it'll load fine. Happens every couple of days for me. No need to reinstall or sign in with a google account (this might be what Stu was saying above, but the google account bit confused it) Eevee wise, played Saturday but was busy Sunday. Caught 6 shiny, none above 75% IV. Traded some higher CP (not shiny!) for an IV re-roll and ended up with 3x Lucky Eevees with Last Resort, all 82% IV. Don't have enough Lucky Pokemon that they don't matter yet, so despite 82%, evolved all 3 and got Jolt, Vap, Flar with Last Resort. Evolved a 10km walked for Umbreon, didn't walk enough for 2 though. Not sure what to do with the shiny ones, what;'s thoughts on there ever being an evolution stone or whatever allowing selecting of Eevee evolutions..? Oh, and Excellent curve ball... The research rewards are decent since you get a Legendary and they are hard to catch, and have a big circle - so you can chuck a few practice regular Pokeballs at them and not catch it. Personally, I just ignored the task and got it by default - I curve ball everything usually aiming for Great, which meant by not even bothering, I'd land it eventually. I tried a few and was just throwing balls away. Took me a day, and I had it before the 50 with berries as I kept forgetting and just berrying as normal - which for me is golden for legendary and pinap for things I feel like pinaping!
  6. Freeman

    Nintendo Switch

    Article starts by making a joke about Nintendo not doing it and then goes on to point out exactly why they didn't do it. Next comes the long list of what this Hori one lacks... Even if you are willing to forego the ability to detach and multiplayer with your joycons, lacking vibration and the gyro means that games, including Zelda, just won't play properly, making this a pretty pointless product imo.
  7. Me on reading this thread today... *oh, that thread has new content, I wonder if those idiots have actually decided to release the drum for the Drum 'N' Fun game *click* *scrolls to unread posts* Hey, that's pretty cool, I might actually pick this up after all, maybe not the ideal way to play, but I did like those bongos. *Ctrl+T* *Amazon.co.uk -> taiko switch* Ok, not up for preorder yet then
  8. I did this too, in fact I *never* played it on Switch, and, erm, yeah, let's say it was to support Psyonix rather than just me having a seeing shiny things and buying them and having a pile of shame
  9. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Just don't forget this bit! Most of my small raid group have either given up, are out of the country on holiday, or aren't raiding when I'm around (or there are no raids when I'm around I guess) Got another Ex Pass but I did the raid alone and suspect it might be hard to get a group as the local big discord group will likely take over... Thinking of giving up on my 2nd account as it's feeling like hassle now and I'm not enjoying it as much as I have been. The problem is (first world problems etc) I feel invested in it, it's my (other) account and I've treated it like a main account, playing to make the account better, and basically, to allow me to raid alone since I'm socially incompetent!
  10. Freeman

    Nintendo eShop

    Not if you've had a look at the DS section of any Cash Converters in the last 10 years you wouldn't!
  11. Freeman

    Forza Horizon 2

    Picked up Storm Island for £4. The complete DLC car packs etc is about £14 I think, but car packs don't really interest me, so I'm not bothering. Have they fixed online yet..? I'm wondering if I should do the same. I'm late to the Bone party, and generally buy everything as a physical release, and don't really want to get into the habit of buying expensive new release titles for it, so have only bought... well, Forzas basically... There isn't all that much that interests me on the Bone. GP seems to be rather good value for someone like me who can then dip in and out of a few decent older items, and who will almost certainly end up with FH4 and Crackdown 2.
  12. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Bold move indeed. Ricciardo's problem is of course that Max is favoured in Red Bull circles, and, perhaps Max is better too.. Red Bull's engine future is a bit uncertain and DR is only getting older. Is it a good move? Who knows, plenty laughed at Hamilton when he went to Mercedes. As for Alonso, Red Bull wouldn't pay for him. They like to create their own drivers through their young driver programme, not hire someone else at the top of the game demanding big numbers. Gasly will get the drive because that's what Red Bull do and Hartley isn't ready yet. Filling the 2nd seat at Toro Rosso is the bigger question mark as I don't believe there are any F2 drivers in the Red Bull programme at the moment. With Hulkenberg and Ricciardo, you could argue that in 2019 Renault will have the strongest pairing of drivers (by which I'm saying that both are better than Bottas and Raikonnen), now all they need is the car!
  13. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    ....and I'm back on to F2 again as I've now caught up / watched the last 2 races. If you have a Sky F1 sub, and don't watch any F2, do yourself a favour and record a race. Hungary was the perfect example. Boring F1 and a pair of fantastic F2 races - ok you could argue the first one was down to the weather, but either way, it's fast enough, they can follow, they can and do overtake, and try to overtake pretty much anywhere a car would fit.
  14. Freeman

    Formula E

    Look at the size of that diffuser! Still, refreshing to see a different shape of car, and one that isn't designed with 50 winglets coming off of every possible angle! Nice clean, flowing design. If they can make F1 with the driving and action quality of F2, it'll become a hit. Get cars that can follow, and close racing, that's what people want. Now, I just have to remember to erm, find out when it's on and how to watch it!
  15. Freeman

    F1 2018

    Ah crap, I thought i'd selected something for the options, I'll go and search next time I play. Annoyingly, I'm Chris, and one of the Ferrari team guys (maybe the engineering guy?) is also Chris, so the game knows how to say my name

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