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  1. Freeman

    Dark Souls Remastered - PC/PS4/Switch/X1 out now!

    That's me! Actually, less "more or less" and more "I've never played a Souls game. Actually, I've never read a review, never watched a video, in fact I'm not even sure I know what genre the game is in... I'll probably end up hating it! I'm hoping if I don't get it, I can binge watch @robdood's videos and it'll click... I preordered from Amazon on 3rd of April for about the same amount (with a voucher) and completely forgot about it until yesterday when Amazon sent me a payment failure email. I'm a little excited for a new experience, but it'll probably sit for a while as i want to finish XC2:Torna first..
  2. Freeman

    Is crunch required?

    Threads like three are why I don't regret getting a degree in Computer Game Tech, and never working in the industry. I put in my fair share of all nighters at uni, and at one point in my non-gaming career as a data engineer / apps developer was doing 12+ hour days, but not for long and only due to the boss leaving and me proving myself and aiming for more responsibility and cash! I'm now at a senior level, get an OK wage and plenty of holidays (I work for a university) and really appreciate my time. You can't buy that back.
  3. Freeman

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    They look a little odd without a name and number (or were you planning to get your own name, or a specific player on it?) I have maybe 30 or more jerseys I've collected over the years, different teams, I quite like that they have players from a certain era on them. I tend to pick them up in sales too, so the players I get are no longer with the team, I think I have Brett Favre on Packers, Jets and Vikings I try to go for the players I liked the most from a team, so Manning on Broncos, my Texans jersey is JJ Watt. I need Larry Fitzgerald to move on so I can buy a Cardinals jersey in a sale now Back in 2010, we were at Broncos @ 49ers in London. It was the first game I'd been to, and the first NFL jersey I ever owned, a gift from a friend who knew I liked NFL, was a 49ers Jeff Garcia. I wore that for the whole weekend - not knowing if I'd ever see the Seahawks, or indeed if I'd ever see another live NFL season game! Anyway, ended up in a sport shop in Carnaby Street (might have been like NEw Era, or a show shop, can't remember), we were up the back checking out our teams stuff when 2 massive bouncers appeared at the door, then 4x 49ers Cheerleaders walked in, right up the back where we were and started handing out signed posters and doing photos. So, I have a photo of me somewhere looking like the ultimate 49ers fan!
  4. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I've been watching F2 for a couple of seasons now, and when Norris is on it, he is amazing to watch, but he has that Hamilton style give up temperament it seems, when he is far back, he pushes too hard, burns out the tyres and ends up dropping back. At one point the championship was his to loose, but consistency for Russell and more maturity, sees him at the top of the table now. From what I've seen of the 2 this season, Russell has a cooler head and is currently the better driver by a long way. I'd like to see Albon make it 3 Brits (well, Thai Brit...) He has come alive towards the end of the F2 season after a mediocre start. The other standout for me is Russian Artem Markalov. Plenty of F1 stories talk about Russian pay drivers, which include him, he's been in F2 (GP2..) for 5 seasons or something, so perhaps he's had more time to get used to that level of racing, I don't know, but he has excellent racecraft, and is handy at tyre preservation, and making the alternative strategy work, in a Sauber sort of way. I can't help but think this ability to eek out tyres is key in F1, combined with his ability to pull off overtakes in unusual places would make him a decent choice, even if he doesn't have quickest outright pace. I'd imagine the cheapest way to do it overall - if you want Sky TV rather than weekend passes - which is a must for me as I more often than not watch the races prerecorded on my box so I can spend Sunday afternoon with my family! is to also accept paying them for broadband. When I last looked, the difference in TV vs. TV and Broadband (which might also mean phoneline too) was less than you can get equivalent broadband for. I guess the flip side is you may end up with shit broadband (like I have from them...) We pay somewhere around £60 a month for TV, a 13meg broadband line (non fibre) and a phoneline that never gets used, but have a legacy HD package which includes F1, but no other sports stuff so I admit I'm a little out of touch with current packages..
  5. Freeman

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    This in spades! We travelled down more or less just for the game, arriving on the train around 5 on Saturday (though it was supposed to be closer to 2, but signal works meant we went Edinburgh -> Carlisle -> Newcastle!!), and staying in an Air B+B near Wembley. We made it into the Barrow Boy and Banker on Sunday morning, and felt the 12s vibe throughout the city too. We spoke to some who had made the trip from Seattle, they were told there was an estimated 20,000 tickets sold to people in Seattle (no idea how true of course) but it had that home game feeling. Walking around London in my Seahawks top, I was stopped a couple of times by random Americans asking if we won, and had a long chat with a couple from Seattle in the train station who were over holidaying but not at the game. Obviously, as a 12, I am a little biased, but it felt the most alive of all the London games I've been to (I've been to 5 or 6), with the crowd getting involved and heckling the defence, and not just sitting in silence. It's a real shame there wasn't an NFL on Regent Street street event, the atmosphere would have been unbelievable! On a side note, those mental expensive hot dogs everyone seemed to be getting in Wembley did not smell good..
  6. Freeman

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    ...Fife, no thanks. I deleted your comment about not having the right sign font, the speed limits are wrong based on the area / road type too in a LOT of the game.
  7. Freeman

    The Retro Import Enthusiasts Thread

    I guess it's about exposure. For me, the Gamecube was my import peak, and it was about cheap new games. The dollar was weak (or the pound was strong) back then and the release schedules meant I'd regularly have a game in my console 6 to 8 months before it was even released in the UK, and for £15 less! The number of import websites seemed much larger too, obviously the biggest export omission is Lik Sang, but there were a host of UK based importer websites too. Perhaps my exposure was being in a room of other import gamers at Uni though! As for now, I haven't imported much recently, with the exception of some SFC titles due to Super NT purchase like (and encouraged off forum by!) @Flockheart as he's mentioned above, though I'm in a phase of playing current gen stuff at the moment, so it's been a couple of months for me now. For me, it's also about cheap old games, but with the added bonus of amazing box art, and a host of games I previously couldn't play.
  8. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    This is exactly how I see it too. It'll accelerate the career of lower formula females, and kill off the career of those closer to the top. At first, I hadn't realised these are effectively F3 level cars either. I read it as women reach F3 and have no where to go, so assumed it was at least F2 level, but positioning it at the top level that women already reach is silly.
  9. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    It hasn't worked in, well, every other sport that has gender based segregation.
  10. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Oddly enough, before Lewis, women had more time in F1 than black guys.. This is worth a read http://www.pippamann.com/2017/06/19/the-handmaids-racing-series/
  11. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    I'd love to say the answer is yes, but sport doesn't evolve as quickly as other walks of life, be it right or wrong. In the same way that the NFL is going through issues with race (#imwithkaep), I think F1 would try to avoid trans. At the same time, the monetisation / business aspects of the sport cannot be ignored. Much as I was eluding to with women, something different can be a marketing blessing. I think this is as much about how presentable a person is as anything else - purely from a marketing perspective, not visual. We see Nike taking on Kaepernick because the controversy has given him exposure, which in turn is good for marketing (and they may also support his cause...). I don't think that, in today's world, a trans person would do that though. Then there is the global aspect. Trans is perhaps ok, I don't know, but openly gay, in some of the countries F1 ventures into, could cause cultural, political (...religious) problems. In summary, I'd love to see it happen. Providing the talent is there, i'd love to watch anyone race. In reality... we haven't really seen a women yet - and that's near 50% of the world's population available in the drivers pool. Heck, as far as diversity goes, Lewis is pretty much the first black driver after all.
  12. Freeman

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    The Browns are doing the best job of looking like they are going to win a game, and throwing it away in the end ever. Mayfield is a joy to watch though - how long will they keep him for though? Am I imagining it, or do Cleveland have a history of giving up decent players for trade / cash...? They aren't a team I'd say I like, but it's good to see them do well, and I hope it continues. This season has been great for that so far. Plenty of games that you genuinely can't tell how it'll end until it's nearly over. Loving it! Roll on this weekend where I get to see my Seahawks live for the first time!
  13. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    As an aside, I find fascinating that a woman hasn't made it into F1 as a racer, from a business perspective. A couple of years ago, Mercedes ploughed a couple of billion into making the best hybrid engines to virtually guarantee championships, or at least fighting for them, leading to massive amounts of publicity to a sector they wanted they cars to appeal to - the typical F1 fans. The exposure to investment ratio made it an obvious choice. I'd say that the publicity of a woman (properly) in F1 would be very similar. Just look at the camera time "development driver" Carmen Jordá got for Endstone Lotus, despite the chances of her ever driving the car in anger being zero, and similarly Susie Wolff - both very mediocre drivers with little experience in junior formula, selected because of what they looked like, or who they knew / were married to. Imagine the publicity for a woman that actually deserved to be there, with a good history of working up through the formula and winning. It's a publicity dream. This might be a toxic way to encourage it, but perhaps it's good enough to create change. Time will tell I guess.
  14. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    The problem is it creates a gender based inequality. It is a step towards condoning no women in F1 - by allowing bigots to say things like "but they have Series W" If woman are making it to GP3/F3 and not progressing into F2, it's about lack of talent or money. Money: The money backing seems to land with men. I think more or less everyone here would agree that F1 without Scroll, Palmer, Maldonado, and a hole pile of other pay drivers before them, would be a better place. High level motorsport needs less pay drivers, which in turn means more spaces for more talented drivers. I don't want to get into a debate about money vs. talent, Stroll, as an example, clearly has some talent, just not F1 level talent. Talent: This seems to be what Series W wants to do. Create a series where talented woman can be selected and showcase their talent, get noticed, and move on up. Ignoring the sexist nature of this plan, to me it feel like it's at the wrong end of motorsport to me. Surely, it's back in the infant formula, or even karting that this sort of thing needs to happen. We see the Max Verstappens and Lando Norris' now making it to F1 very quickly. They have have fantastic careers and risen very quickly, presumably with both finance and nurturing from teams at the top almost right from the start. Hamilton was the same.
  15. Freeman

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    That is true, who can forget the lump in Murray's throat. My (red biased) point is that we're talking about a Dutch Red Bull driver and a German Ferrari driver, no Brits involved..

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