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    Any digital purchase downloaded to a Switch, where that Switch is set to be the Nintendo accounts main console, can be played by any other profile on that console.
  2. I bought XC2 as it was released during the Switch frenzy, it looked really cool from the videos, and, despite me being at that time. I adored every moment of it so much. It reignited that feeling I with games as a kid more than any other game has. As soon as I got home I wanted, no, needed to play it. I was emotionally engrossed with the story, the richness of the characters, and that music! I bought the 3DS remake shortly after finishing the Torna DLS for XC2, but don't do more than 1 'big' game at a time, and was playing one of the Yakuza titles, then this remake was announced, so I shelved it. It's fair to say I'm more than a little excited for this game, in fact I think I'm more excited than for any other game in the last few years, or longer even! I've seen this mentioned a couple of times, and it does worry me a little though!
  3. Hulk vs Beganovic has been fun to watch
  4. I think we know why they don’t want the real F1 drivers doing it anyway..
  5. It will be hilarious if Hulkenberg ends up on the podium... Shame Jimmy and Lando look like they are non starters. They get 1 current F1 driver..
  6. I think they are talking about The Race esports youtube from the previous page. I had the same thought about the commentators! Good to see this on the TV (Skysports) looking forward to it.
  7. I’ve played about 7 hours of this now and am enjoying it still. Not sure it’s a game I’d ever revisit, but it’s an experience I’m enjoying for now. Had 2 crashes though where I’ve have to force close the game, can’t recall the last time anything like that has happened..
  8. Racing with one leg due to injury apparently. Just watched it all, nice close racing, and the mix of names gave a race of champions sort of feel to it. The transfer of skills from real life to sim is interesting and obviously works to an extent. Nice to see Vandoorne slumming it out with a Logitech G29 too
  9. If HUKD is right, you can find out. F1 2019 is free for a month on PS4 or XBone either from today or tomorrow by downloading the demo apparently
  10. The Zelda one is nice. I’m also playing through the second 3D game on 3DS at the moment, which is very good, but not as good as 2D Picross. For my 2D fix, I’m playing Picture Puzzle on the Neo Geo Pocket Colour, and trying to ignore the insane value it seems to have for a game that sits in my bedside drawer waiting for me to go to bed early one night and do a couple of puzzles. Great music too
  11. I remember hearing Orinoco Flow in the car when we picked my mum up from work as a kid. She worked Saturdays. Looking back, it was 1988 so I was 6. I always figured it was another Everything I Do, or Love Is All Around as my memory is that it was always on, week after week after week... I just checked. 3 weeks at number 1, 13 weeks on the chart in total. It’s haunted me my whole life, in my memory. I hate it so much. My stupid brain has made an association between it and driving on a certain road in my city. I can hear it as I type this. 13 weeks on the charts, 32 fucking years in my head ! Looks a decent album other than that
  12. That sounds interesting. Dakar is an amazing event that I manage to forget about every year and miss, didn’t know he was going for that. Has the triple crown officially changed to swap Indy 500 out for the Dakar?
  13. McLaren finally beat all the other teams to it. Too soon? Bad jokes aside, typical disorganised F1 mess with the announcement, let it leak and let all the news outlets fight to get it out there first leaving fans confused with no official words for hours...
  14. As for the Lego.. not that interesting looking for me, my kid will love it though (since I’ll probably buy it anyway) I suspect I’ll prefer China’s finest knockoff mini blocks though...
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