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  1. That's the problem though isn't it. The ownership of the account actually isn't relevant from a GDPR perspective, it's the ownership of the data - or more accurately, the privacy of the data subject. The 3rd party (or indeed the hacker) have input their details to Sony's system. Sony's system shouldn't disclose that data to anyone but the person to whom it belongs. Their controls to limit that access are the log in credentials, except they circumvented these controls by allowing someone else to access the account. Twice. Once with the initial hack, and once with the return to gooner.
  2. Just read through this, and changed 2FA from SMS to authenticator app half way through (though not actually sure it's that much of an issue as sim cloning stuff for a PSN account seems unlikely and obviously wasn't the cause here). Proper sobering stuff. I'm not convinced the hacker would have known a chat bot would do what it is alleged to have done, sounds very much like something a human in a call centre may well do though... As for the GDPR thing, I'd say the owner of the account is the person who can log in etc. In this case, Sony were very much aware that someone else was
  3. Did you buy them from Zaavi? I bought Pandemic from Zaavi back in December, it was about 20 quid delivered. Yesterday they emailed me to say they will be refunding my game in full, and have applied £20 of credit to my account as they have found out that some of the copies of Pandemic they sent out didn't meet their quality standards. A little bit of research later, it turns out they somehow sold a bunch of fake copies of Pandemic. All of the parts of the game are there and it plays fine, the quality is reasonable (to be honest, I noticed the pieces were a bit
  4. @Varnsen did even better than we all think, turns out that's not even a Z8 I spent a little too much time playing Race C last night. I've completely ruined my SR due to the narrow margins at Dragon Trail (from an S down to a B) after only a couple of races with 4 second "collision with another car" penalties. 2 of them were someone dive bombing, me seeing it and taking the corner wide, followed by them basically jumping back on the power and spinning out immediately in front of me On the plus side, I finally got into the 1.27s, though can't quite catch @m
  5. Ah yes the Eifel GP at the ring F1.
  6. Also forgot to say, this is the real loss for 2021. Turkey is a wonderful track.
  7. At least they are planning. Great to see Portugal back, and Imola as well i think. Sure it wasn't great, but I'd rather Imola than 2x Silverstone, or most of the current tracks... Is "R3 TBC" a placeholder for Germany, which is conspicuous by its absence, or did I miss Germany expiring and not being renewed? I'd like another Mugello too, but without the idiots at the back driving into a slow group of cars this time, I guess that might be the fall back for R3 too given it's proximity to Imola. Also a shame we won't return to the Bahrain outer loop, F1 wasn
  8. The modifier has a silly name though I think, like hardcore or bullseye or something, I can't remember. @MardiganX float over each of the modifiers and read the descriptions, one says something about more accurate aiming. As others have said, it sucks the fun out of the game as you'll probably realise you're crap at it
  9. It’s really good, until you get to a level in 2089 where you have no ammo. It’s during that level when you piston whip your less than a month old 65 inch TV that it starts to make you feel a new kind of sick! For full disclosure, my ps eye camera thing on top of the TV took the brunt of the hit and the TV is Ok! For others reference, learn from my mistakes, controls don’t seem to be tracked for the guardian by default!
  10. Wait what? Since when did we compare video gaming costs based on what was in them? Physical games come with a whole disc, a box, and a piece of glossy paper with a shiny coloured print on them, and they usually cost £10+ less than digital ones, plus you can sell them on, and yet you're moaning about batteries. Alternatively, I can pay £70 and get a PAIR of joycons, that's 2 controllers. Sony want £10 less for only 1. Alternatively, where is this leaked price fixing document that shows the console manufacturers have agreed to make their pads the same price equivalent bas
  11. I wonder how they decide which way the track goes. Knockhill is 225 degrees rotated to me...
  12. Freeman

    NFL 2020!

    Surely... 3. A couple of days delay likely won't help much, the Playoffs is already a tightly run schedule and there is absolutely no way they are even remotely considering pushing back the Super Bowl.
  13. I used surviving Mars last time, you can also install on PC and do similar, my laptop is 8 years old and still managed it too, good for another 1000
  14. I love that cut of the race. I go from starting in 9th, to 12th by the first corner exit (I’m already too cautious at turn 1) and by the end of the video I’m 5th! Pretty sure I feel off and finished much lower, but still The Mx-ma5 look great though!
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