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  1. Review videos look fun, I also got ExciteTruck feelings from it and really want a decent new arcade racer, but having just bought (the amazing) WarioWare I think I’ll hold out a couple of months before another full price short title. Hopefully it’ll be 20, maybe 25 by then
  2. Lots of great stuff in that interview, I’m starting to can see the hype taxi, and it’s more than just another Sylvia Ks.
  3. Corranga

    NFL 2021!

    Well the Seahawks looked just like the Seahawks should in our opening game, and we just watched the Saints completely destroy the Pack in Jacksonville due to the storms in NO so the wife is happy to. Rogers was absolutely no where, mind you his receivers weren’t helping. But most important of all, football’s back
  4. Super GT’s video, where he basically repeats stuff that other folk have already said has an interesting couple of shots from the trailer on Tokyo inner loop compared to GT Sport and the buildings in the background look much, much better than in Sport. He also thinks the physics look the same as Sport (which I love the concept of, I wish I could judge a physics model visually!) He also mentions the HUD so far is identical to Sport. I hope we’ve just seen early builds and that some of this stuff changes, otherwise I might as well have stuck with my PS4 and old plasma with GT Sport HUD burnt into it! Anyway, Good to at least hear rumours of new tracks, and get a bit of comparison on track improvements, otherwise, with Sport criticised of not much content vs 7 with only 2 confirmed officially new tracks and a bunch of cars… As for under steer, I can look at the front tyres and a red line appears on the tyre wear gauge.
  5. You mean, 4 LESS From the PlayStation store/app. Spec 2 is basically GT Sport with some credits, not available for purchase to those of us who bought the non spec 2 version. Interestingly, the non spec 2 page says 20, and this is why I don’t trust Sony and their inconsistency lies
  6. They need a survey to get the answers to those questions!
  7. As a massively biased 12 year old Ferrari, and Schmacher fan (see previous post ) at the time it really annoyed me that everyone concentrated on Schumacher pushing Montoya wide on the corner, but ignored Montoya doing exactly the same to Ralf I think it is, immediately after: Montoya's interview clip was and still is amazing though, shame that actually his way of racing nowadays seems to be exactly what he does no, whether it be real cars or esports for that matter
  8. Neither was Senna or Prost or Mansell. The domination came from the skill he developed. I remember that weekend in 91 in the Jordan, and the following year, his first win in the wet. I remember him winning stuck in gear, or in an otherwise damaged car, and showing incredible ability in the wet time and time again. His confidence, and indeed arrogance was often too much, but then it was also mostly backed up by the ability. I was a fan of his right from the (F1) start . I watched on as he rose from a beginner in the sport to the top in such a short period. I watched in awe as he seemed to either take podiums or retire for a season, the continued to destroyed his team mates in the championship. I proudly wore my Dekra hat as a kid / teen and of course reveled in the glory days at Ferrari. He pushed the boundaries, and no matter what we think about the ways he did it (as we know, it was mainly unfair / stupid / selfish / cheating etc.) it was always fun and interesting to watch. F1 is always about pushing boundaries, from Piquet Jr's crash gate to stolen Ferrari documents, double diffusers, hidden fuel tanks, oil burning etc. Schumacher wasn't the first, nor last to not just have controversial ideas, but to put them into practice. Anyway, I found plenty to like with him, and as other pretenders came and went, no one seemed to have the same character, and skill, as he did.
  9. For me, the problem with the current sprint qualifying race is that it undermines qualifying itself, and then it theoretically (though not in practice yet) simply replicates what you'd see in the race in a more processional manner given the lack of any real reward. Monza for example, we probably should have seen Merc take pole and second, and then pull away at the front on Saturday, and then repeat on Sunday. I don't see a world where it doesn't increase the gap between the team top of the championship and everyone else, certainly when 1 team have a clear advantage. They've gone in with a problem, which I think was "get more fans to watch more F1" Found a solution "let's use Friday" Then tried to extend Sunday's GP back, and all for pittance. In a series where, on most weekends, only 2 teams have a real chance of winning, introducing a race that only awards points for the podium is stupid. I know why they don't want to introduce reverse grid races, but I think they are still a sensible choice. F2 works well, BTCC too, it creates racing and that's what fans want. In a way, I think it's also less artificial than DRS.
  10. Remember it's a ps4 game, so you need space to download it and then for the game to do the silly copy / decompress / install thing that al ps4 games need. Even better when you get an update to "remove in game logos" that takes 25 minutes to install down to this too...
  11. Why do you insist on quoting half of what people say and reacting to it?! I was clearly talking about the FIA decision which is lead by Max being too far back coming into turn 1. Max also clearly made turn 1, as I said, if he didn’t, he’d have been over the escape road or kerbs and not in a position to have contact with Lewis in the first place. Playing devils advocate with the potential death of a driver is all very dramatic, but the halo does exist and’s we’re all thankful for it as it’s just saved someone’s life. The outcome however is irrelevant to the incident, Max didn’t know his car would be touching Hamilton’s helmet just as Hamilton didn’t know Max would hit at whatever crazy g number it was at Silverstone. They both came out ok (well hopefully we get word that Lewis’s neck is fine soon enough) and we’ll see them at it again next time, when I hope we don’t have to have these debates, because I hope they actually manage to keep it on the track and avoid contact.
  12. Ok the whole FIA text is here. https://www.fia.com/sites/default/files/decision-document/2021 Italian Grand Prix - Offence - Car 33 - Causing a collision.pdf So it all hinges on Max not having enough of his car ahead into 1 then. Interesting take considering that Hamilton would have been on colder tyres with less grip and therefore likely more cautious into 1 while Max at racing speed still slowed enough for the corner. Same penalty outcome as Silverstone, but, for me anyway, much less clear cut.
  13. Would love to see the whole reasoning behind the penalty for Max. I’m sure the stewards have access to more data than we do, and of course the whole rule book, neither of which they ever seem too keen to share with fans..
  14. Is Herbert just going to continue to argue with everyone
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