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  1. dan_tm

    FIFA 19

    Ah balls, I just tried using my dev kit at the office to see if I'd be able to join you in BAP from there but it doesn't want to play retail disks. Boooo Sony
  2. dan_tm

    FIFA 19

    BAP would be my preference over 1v1.
  3. dan_tm

    FIFA 19

    I'd join back up but it might have to wait until December to find out where I'm going to be moving. I live too far from work at the moment and with the timezone difference 10pm isn't really doable for me. Would love to get back in on the BAP league though. Mitchell's "9pm practice" comment did give me a chuckle.
  4. dan_tm

    Trials Rising

    I have no invite, this is an outrage.
  5. dan_tm

    Sony Blocking Accounts Between Devices

    Unless I'm misinterpreting some of the earlier posts, this issue is being heavily watered down by the fact people keep bringing up cross-play. Cross-play is something you can understand Sony not liking or allowing from a business perspective, but the much more serious issue here (which surely no one can agree with?) is that if you merely have the audacity to log into your Epic account on a PS4 you are then no longer able to access your account on other consoles. Meaning even if you've never even played Fortnite on a PS4, your purchases and progression from playing on an Xbox can't follow you to the Switch - because of Sony. That's just odd more than anything.
  6. I got a sneak peak at Starlink’s E3 demo last week, it’s looking much more interesting than I was expecting. Especially enjoyed the audio design.
  7. dan_tm

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

  8. dan_tm

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    I must be one of a very small number of people around these parts to have never been bothered about Tetris, but I'm not exaggerating that this is potentially a system & VR seller for me. Rez and CoE were just wonderful experiences and I remember enjoying Lumines on the PSP much more than I expected to.
  9. I'll probably get '19 this year so BAP/Clubs would certainly be on my agenda, time zones permitting. You're all on the PS4 right? I haven't played since the 360 days...
  10. dan_tm

    Far Cry 5

    There's an official Ubisoft livestream of the first part of the game on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/242001912 Spoiler warning, of course.
  11. dan_tm


    Just for my own personal sanity, how did you manage to lose work from your source control app? Aside from the workflow benefits of using Git the main reason I bother is to guarantee that no matter how careless I am I'll never be able to lose anything... Or so I thought.
  12. dan_tm

    BAP Season 24 Sign up - PS4

    Sadly out. I haven't been around the forum for a while so hadn't heard about the switch to PS4. I'm surprised we're doing this so soon to be honest, even if I do get the console in the next month or two I wasn't planning on giving any more money to EA for another copy of this year's FIFA...
  13. dan_tm

    RPL City - Season 23

    It's our last game of the season at 6-a-side tonight, but I should be able to get home in time to be online before 10.

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