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  1. Motion control fine tuning, so in an FPS you use two sticks as normal to aim, but if your reticle is slightly off where you want it to be you can tilt the controller to add just a little more mcment in that direction.
  2. A-Team Knight Rider Airwolf Mcguyver Miami Vice
  3. I'm a bit behind on Gamepass, but started Cities Skylines and it's the first game in years I've been up playing until 1:30 in the morning! It took a few restarts to get the hang of it though.
  4. Also the thing on the front next to the USB port (IR receiver?) looks a bit wonky.
  5. One or both of the new consoles launch on 20th November so they can do the 11/20/2020 or 20/11/20 date thing. GTA 6 announced as either Vice City 'Re-imagining' or set in the 80s. New Zelda delayed until April 2021.
  6. A lot of seasonal crisps seem rubbish, like pigs in blankets are just bacon. If you blind taste test them without getting influenced by the packaging and knowing what they should taste like they seem either bland or the same as an existing flavour.
  7. So this has finished shooting now (also confirmed by Eddie Murphy in a SNL monologue) and is out next December. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coming_2_America
  8. Following on from Fable, I played Fable 2 and it was great except the game had problems booting (digital via gamepass) and corrupted my first save after 4 hours, so after re-installing, and restarting the game it worked, but usually took two attempts before it would load/run each time I played.. The game itself was great. Fable 3 was a bit slow to start but had no technical problems whatsoever and was also enjoyable. My only gripe with both of these is the menus/controls need some work to access weapons and spells.
  9. With the vent being on the top of this, is there any chance of it collecting dust, getting blocked and overheating? I'm going horizontal anyway, just wondering as pretty much every other consone is side vented or rear vented.
  10. Yes, this, the one from the Living Daylights is also supposed to be back
  11. I think he's supposed to be in an electric car in this film, so I'm guessing it's their new electric supercar? (Not watched it yet though, will watch the trailer at home later)
  12. I've been playing Fable (HD edition) the past week and while I enjoy the setting, I can't believe I liked it back in the day. It is a real pain to play the frame rate is terrible (playing on an OG Xbox One though, maybe it's better on an S or X?)in the towns. It feels really dated as everywhere seems like just long corridors to get anywhere which then have to be loaded. I also kept accidentally locking onto and killing the wrong people, especially with magic, the controls are a pain, the last few hours I just charged through the game to get to the ending. I've just started Fable 2 and it's already much better in terms of looks and smoothness and you can pause cut scenes.
  13. Never played a flight sim, but I really want to use it to find my house and fly over Area 51 and North Korea.
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