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  1. Elder scrolls 6 Morrowind style quests and working stuff out, no quest markers unless on easy mode. Morrowind style Armo(u)r, i.e. being able to mix and match individual pieces Skyrim weaponry and bows Obvilion favourites wheel Mix of mostly weird and a few normal landscapes Levitation magic No bugs (I can dream) Goldeneye or Halo VR, mixed with superhot VR (gunplay and movement not time slowing) use of analog sticks to move and can punch enemies if close enough and grab weapons.
  2. Ok so here's a video capture, messing around in multiplayer and then switching to single player. Menu noises are present as well as main menu music, just no game music or sound effects. Edit only happens on Halo 1.
  3. Of course! In fact it started in the new graphics and the first thing I went to do was change the graphics, and then spent 10 minutes figuring out how to get the controller back to normal (which is a rant for another day, why is there no option to map every button?) I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. I've not done a hard reboot through the power button, but it's usually powered off at the mains whenever it's not in use and definitely every night, which I think has the same effect
  5. Is this still buggy? I decided to play Halo CE a few days ago, after accidentally skipping the opening cinematic, i had no sound in single player, only menu sounds. Halo 3 was fine. Restarted and quit several times to no avail. Spent all of yesterday uninstalling it and downloading it again. Started 30 minutes ago and after pausing during a death, lost all sound (except menu noises) in Halo CE again. Playing on an OG Xbox one.
  6. Tiredness is my enemy in general, and I become really grumpy and just don't enjoy games when tired. When the Switch launched, mine arrived at 10pm after a DPD tracking nightmare, I set up the console, put Zelda in and went to bed knowing I'd enjoy it more when fresh the next day. I've never been a big drinker so can't comment on that aspect.
  7. Panasonic 50" LCD, I've been looking at getting an LG OLED soon if there are any deals around black Friday. Don't think burn in is an issue especially models from the past 18 months, HDTV test, RTings and others on YouTube have done tests on with static content, rolling news and games etc.
  8. I'd add that sometimes you need to shield surf to the yellow dots. If you're stuck where to go you can also look at the map and try exploring any empty areas with no shrines or getting to the towers to unlock map areas.
  9. Series X because of gamepass, Cyberpunk and I didn't get either of the mid gen console upgrades. Also I always preferred the Xbox Controller.
  10. Seems solid to me, probably 3 or 4 games I would buy (if I didn't have gamepass) and a few more I'll be trying.
  11. And without the bugs!
  12. Ign stream on Youtube
  13. So just like footy?
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