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  1. Mega Man 2. A friend and I played MM2 to death and when it got to the point where we could finish the entire game without getting hit once, we started to make up our own challenges, like doing bosses blindfolded or playing with the vanilla weapon only. My biggest achievent was probably completing the game with my back turned towards the game, watching it through a mirror.
  2. Rayn

    Nintendo Switch

    I bought that too but my purchase was based on the CVG review which, afaik, gave it a 90 something score. I hated the game personally so I went back to the store and served them a lie about getting two copies for my birthday or something. I got Dynablasters in return which still remains my favourite singleplayer Bomberman game to this day.
  3. Zippy Zap was amazing during the first half of the campaign, but got weak (and replaced) down the line. I kept Thunder and Splishy Splash to the very end, though.
  4. It’s basically a lure, but it only attracts Meltan. You’ll attract one meltan every 2-3 minutes. With the help of pineapp berries I got nearly 100 Meltan candy from my box. With this rate, I’ll have the evolved version in just about a month...
  5. So I recently took down the Elite Four and have wandered about for a bit now. Is there a efficient way to power level? I ran into a powerful pokemon which was lvl 70 and it demolished my entire team. I`d like to get to lvl 80+ but not if it takes 10s of hours of grinding.
  6. Rayn

    Nintendo Switch

    While playing last night I noticed something weird in my profile activity. First it said that I'd played Stardew Valley for the first time 1h ago. I've clocked 30+ hours into that game, but haven't played it for months. As both my kids got their own Switches for christmas, I thought nothing more of it, suspected they'd done something. A moment later, though, the same thing happened with Splatoon 2, "First time played 1h ago". I popped by my account on my computer and lo and behold, there had been a successful login to my account on an american IP using a windows computer, followed by a successful login to a new Switch five minutes later I quickly signed out the rogue systems from the account and changed the password but this really made me both angry and scared. Angry because some asshole strangers had accessed my account and playing my games and scared because it made me realise I could've lost my account. My account is also master for my kids' accounts, so it would've been a fortune down the drain if we'd lost them. As a friendly heads up, please change your password(s) if its been a while, I want you all to keep your tasty games!
  7. Rayn

    The Man Utd Thread

    Well, this was fun to watch: https://youtu.be/y3eVIJ9dAN8
  8. Rayn

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    For some reason, my go to game every Christmas Day has become Animal Crossing on the 3DS. I just love dressing up as santa and give presents to every villager in town, it`s a lot more exciting than the socks and undies I get IRL.
  9. Rayn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I started playing this morning just after 9. I’m still at it and my buttcheecks are sore adter sitting all day. Fuck the butt, I’m not taking a break just yet....
  10. Rayn

    Have videogames turned you on to other things?

    Yoshi´s Wooly World had me on the edge of picking up knitting.
  11. Rayn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I bought the digital copy this morning. How do I aquire the pirahna plant?
  12. Rayn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Just had a three hour session in the SP campaign. I wasn’t sold at first but after it clicked I’m totally hooked. Loving the spirit system and the slight puzzly elements you need to figure out to progress. This will keep me hooked for ages. I better pop out to buy some beer, this is going to be a very long night
  13. Rayn

    Nintendo Switch

    Isn't that practically the game for free?
  14. Rayn

    Find this old game for me!!

    Sounds more like edutainment than a game, maybe that can narrow down the Google results?

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