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  1. Like now, there were system requirements for every DOS game printed on the box back then. Here's the requirements from the original Readme.txt that came with the shareware episode: DOOM(TM) requires an IBM compatible 386 or better with 4 megs of RAM, a VGA graphics card, and a hard disk drive. A 486 or better, a Sound Blaster Pro(TM) or 100% compatible sound card is recommended. A network that uses the IPX protocol is required for network gameplay. I'd say by original hardware, something that fits the official requirements would fit the bill nicely.
  2. TBH, Doom 1&2 on my DOS rig with the soundtrack running through my Roland MT-32 (which I couldn't afford back in the days) sounds bloody amazing.
  3. If you really want purebred Doom you should play it on the original hardware. I don't see anything wrong with getting the possibility of playing 2-3 decade old games with some flaws, at least not for the price they're asking. If they wanted to do a flawless version, they'd had to build it from scratch and that would probably ended up costing more than most would be willing to pay. I still have a 486 DX4-100Mhz I use for DOS games up to 1995, but in most cases I'd rather play it on my Switch, flawed or not. It doesn't beat the original when played on my home network though, that feeling will probably never be replicated by any new hardware.
  4. Even though I completed it a couple of times on the original hardware, I'm not watching that. I want to go in as fresh as possible. With it being 26 years since I played it there's bound to be loads of stuff I've forgotten, and that should be a good thing when it comes to games like this. It'll almost be like a brand new game!
  5. Unforgivable? I must've spent hundreds of hours on Doom 1 and 2 back in the days. I even bought a new gaming pc just to have the best available hardware for the release of Doom 2, yet the music in the Switch versions didn't bother me in the slightest. It wasn't before I stumbled upon a YT video that I knew it was a thing and when doing a direct comparison there's no doubt there's a difference but come on, the game runs and plays fine on the Switch.
  6. From my son's perspective it isn't a bad thing, he's just afraid he wouldn't fit in.
  7. Ah yes, he's very interested in giving it a go and wondered if he could join the Muk guild as well if he liked it. I told him that shouldn't be a problem but I doubt he'll enjoy Classic very much now that he's played Easy Mode for a week. Edit: He actually said something interesting the other day. He was a bit unsure about the whole joining a guild thing as he had the impression that WoW was a bit like Facebook, it's full of old people
  8. My eldest son (soon to be 15) just bought his very first gaming PC and I suspected he was going to play R6 Siege and Black Ops 4 with his friends, but he overlooked me playing WoW the other night and decided he wanted to give it a try. He downloaded the starter edition and I made a new character to play with him from the very first quest. After our very first session he said it was the most fun he'd had in ages with a game and couldn't wait to play the next day. He started to ask about my history with the game and I told him of my humble beginnings and my journey through a couple of guilds and the drama, the raids, the friendships I'd made and just about everything I could remember. I could tell that my stories fueled his interest a lot more and asked if he could sub as soon as he hit level 20, which is the level cap for the free version. I said that he could do so if he got better at doing chores around the house, that he prioritise school work and his real life friends first and foremost, then he could play the game as long as he didn't neglect those things. Now, a few days later, his room has never looked this tidy since he was a toddler, his homework has been done properly every day this week and he's helped me with various stuff around the house. I bought him a sub on thursday and he disappeared to his room. I played with him up to level 20, gave him a couple thousand gold and told him to venture on without me. As much as I want to hold his hand throughout his journey forth I reminded myself that the best memories I have from the game are from my exploration and the fact that I didn't know what lurked across the next border. I wanted him to explore and not be told what to do and I wanted him to find his own adventures, comrades and perhaps a guild. It was with mixed feelings I watched him mount his black wolf and ride off towards Azshara at the back entrance of Orgrimmar, my beautiful green Orc son, already sporting a long braided beard at the age of 15, oblivious to the dangers and friendships awaiting him out there in the glorious world of Azeroth. Go forth my child, for your axe is sharp and skulls must be cracked. /cry
  9. Looks like half of the original Xbox, now it’s a Vbox
  10. I'm up for joining a new Muk guild! Just re-subbed and warming up.
  11. Rayn

    Saint's Row V

    I never played the first one but I loved 2, 3 and 4, especially 2 and 3. I really hope the next one is good as I'm craving a good GTA game without the faux Hollywood fluff that Rockstar seems to be into.
  12. There's something wrong with the VR in this game. When the game starts and I'm flying through the star systems as the game is loading, every star is coming towards me straight, but over time it skews a little and when the game is fully loaded the game thinks the VR sensor is to the left of me so I need to rotate almost 90 degrees to the left , but then I'm not facing the TV nor the PS Camera anymore. I can't seem to find any way to re center my VR gear/controller in-game. Other VR titles works fine
  13. Yahe, this has been going on for a few weeks now. My kids and I started a new server a couple of weeks ago and we’ve been playing daily. It’s actually great to be back playing minecraft and I really would’ve loved a new Rllmuk server, maybe with a Discord to go with it.
  14. It always bothered me that I didn’t understand how they were supposed to actually make Super Duper possible on on anything but PC. I’ve played with path tracing on PC before and it decreased the fps from 500+ fps in vanilla mode to 20-40 fps with path tracing. And that was on a fresh map with no buildings and red stone mechanics going on. The consoles can barely maintain 60 fps on a severely cut version of the vanilla game so how they were planning to do it is beyond me. Streaming the game is the only way I can think of, but Minecraft doesn’t really work with the slightest of lag.
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