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  1. Wordle 219 6/6 That was a bit too close for comfort.
  2. Had a session with a couple of mates last night, we all agreed we didn’t find much joy in it at all. After about 3-4 hours I ended up uninstalling it. Uninspired drivel.
  3. Wordle 212 6/6 Got a bit unlucky with my guesses there. Close one.
  4. Wordle 211 4/6 Actually my favourite round I’ve played so far, due to the first two yellow letters I was stuck with. They made for some tremendous detective work.
  5. Wordle 210 3/6 Quite easy one today. 18/18 won, so far, with only one guessed on the last try.
  6. Not at all, I’ve been at them from the very beginning. Gothic 2 improved upon Gothic in every department, including polish. While all their games have been bug ridden at release, and the same was true for Elex, they always put in some effort to fix as much as possible. I’m still a little salty about Gothic 3 as it was never mended properly.
  7. I'm really looking forward to this release. I'm crossing my fingers it'll be just a tad more polished and balanced than the original was.
  8. Wordle 207 6/6 Very close today, my first 6/6 and too close for comfort.
  9. Does Sony allow for any cross platform gaming at all, except for F2P titles like Fortnite, Apex and Warzone?
  10. I’m guessing they’ll introduce small planes.
  11. I found this one the most confusing so far. Was stuck for ages after the second guess as I’d used all of the most common letters and was left with weird ones. Wordle 201 5/6
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