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  1. Wrath of Man Pretty straight forward crime/thriller with some nifty (and gory) action scenes. It felt like it was made by someone who loves GTA V who was trying to make a Guy Ritchie inspired film and not an actual Guy Ritchie film but I liked it for what it was. It's a really 90's like action flick, it's rather predictable once it gets going and character development is non existent as every character are more or less like GTA NPCs. It's Guy Ritchie + Jason Statham. While not as clever as Lock, Stock or Snatch (or even Gentlemen) it's a solid popcorn flick which pretty much
  2. This is certainly the best thing I’ve played this year!
  3. How solo friendly is Sea of Thieves in general? None of my mates are willing to play this in coop so I'm left to play alone. I don't want to invest any time in this if it's not intended for solo play at all.
  4. Rayn

    Xbox Game Pass

    This is a good example of why Gamepass is such a good service. There are literally loads of hidden gems on there for most of us to discover, a lot of them would never be discovered if we didn't get to try them for free. I've actually bought quite a few former gamepass entries just because I discovered them on there and didn't want to be without them in my collection when it was announced they'd be removed from the service. It's an extra bonus we get the chance to buy them at a discount too.
  5. Just got a mail from Nintendo that they'd processed my pre-order. Only a week until release
  6. They mentioned a religious cult in the teaser. Faffing around with the titles as an anagram, this is surely some sick sex sim, here's some anagrams to prove it! Dana boned! Bead Donna! Ana bonded! A bed, Donna! Boned nada (I suspect this will trigger the Game Over screen).
  7. The description from those internal documents reminded me of Smuggler's Run on PS2 and was also a DLC for GTA V Online.
  8. If I served my wife such a conspiracy theory she'd probably ask me to not leave the house....
  9. Don't get the franchises mixed up now.....
  10. But, but, there seems to be a couple of blue boxes in the storage room next to the pizza/ice cream joint in the 2nd picture above.....
  11. From Google Maps Streetview Other side of the street:
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