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  1. The missus and I binged all three episodes last night. I’m really glad we went in blind and luckily we didn’t know of the case at all. We didn’t exchange a single word between us during the three episodes, we were on the edge of our seats all the way to the end. Even though we finished as late as 1:30am I needed to watch something else before going to sleep to easy my state of mind, good grief that was three intense hours. my favourite true crime since MaM and The Jinx.
  2. So I decided to give this a go after discovering this thread. Fucking maintenance for 5 hours....
  3. Yeah, Gamepass may actually be the killer service for me going into the next gen. Unless Playstation Now is heavily updated, Sony will not be able to compete on this specific offering.
  4. I pretty sure that it being cheaper, plus having a better selection of games from the off had a lot more to do with its success than its power. There are people that buy their entertainment system because of its power, but shouldn't entertainment be more about fun?
  5. These so called gamers you speak of that choose their platforms based on power are usually the same fuckers who brags about their big TVs they play their games on. I swear, this minority is so dense they speak of how much more powerful their system is compared to the other systems on the market, yet they choose to play it on a 75" telly that cost less than a grand, making it look shit anyway. I personally don't know a single person who chose a console based on what's under the hood, what's the fucking point in that? By that logic, should I also get the most powerful car?
  6. You’ve never worked in retail, have you?
  7. Goosebumps! I really like the look and atmosphere in the trailer. Can’t wait!
  8. Nothing but common crap in todays shop. I’m done too.
  9. How’s the Switch version of Dragons Dogma?
  10. What I like the least about the game is actually the fact that you stop getting EXP and Coins after a few races. That there's a daily cap is just dumb. What happened to put in some effort and work to achieve greater things? The only way you can achieve greater things in this game is by paying real money, and when a single month of mario kart tour cost as much as 6 months of Nintento Online for Switch, I think I'm done with my time with this game. It was frustrating yet fun while it lasted
  11. I just got the mail too, and I freaked out, logging on to an ancient Origin account I hadn't used since 2013/14. While getting stuff for free is all fine and dandy, this is not a good way of doing it. Even if I cared about Origin, why the fuck did they activate it on my unused account that doesn't have a single purchase and not my active account where I've at least bought a handful of games over the years. This is actually worse than that Apple-U2 thing.
  12. How on earth did you manage to do that?
  13. It seems to me that the points you accumulate during a single race are a bit random. They probably are not, but when I get the feeling they are it's hard to get a proper feeling of achievement whenever I get a good score. Since yesterday I've tried to get a better score on DK Pass in this weeks cup. I've used the same driver, kart and glider every single time and usually I've finished with 9000-10500 points, regardless of getting one or more frenzies. Last night I managed to get a 50+ combo two times and a total of two frenzies but still not more than just over 10k points. This morning I had one frenzy and never got over a 40 combo chain, yet I accumulated 12500+ points. It's stuff like this that makes it hard for me to appreciate the scoring system because I never know if I have a good run before I cross the finish line.
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