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  1. As if a roast leg of Wooloo with mint doesn't sound tempting??
  2. All I got was a bunch of common upgrades to stuff I allready own
  3. I might be daft here but how will Toad help? I’ve got Toad but he’s in the bottom tier for all the cup races for me....
  4. I’ve managed to get 5663 with nothing but middle tier kart, driver and chute. The only middle tier driver available to me is Diddy Kong and the reason I got over 5600 was due to his special banana cannon where loads of the others drove into the bananas. Can’t see I could’ve done it without him
  5. I’m never anywhere near getting 50 coins in one race, I think my record is 34. Is there any easy way to get this challenge done? Edit: Finally did it. That was actually the most challenging thing I’ve done so far, even more annoying thant the 10 ultra turbos.
  6. Could a couple of friendly souls add me for the friends challenge plz? My friend code is 5559 2873 4773 Thanks in advance
  7. The best one was the PS9 The Next Place.
  8. I have a Pro. Wait, what is even the meaning of this thread, what are we discussing here?
  9. Persona 5 I've always been a huge fan of JRPGs and was an early adopter as I got to play the first western release of Dragon Quest on the NES in the mid-80s. Since then I was a fan but interest started to dwindle about 10 years later as it was hard to come by proper JRPGs for the SNES here in europe. FF VII on the Playstation got me back into gaming and was the sole reason for getting the PS and luckily the PS was host to a lot of great JRPGs. When PS2 came out, I was in a part of my life where gaming was a luxury I couldn't afford (at first) so the Persona series really went by unnoticed by me. By the time Persona 4 Gold was out on the Vita I started to get very interested in the series but it wasn't until 5 was released for PS4 that I got aquainted with the series. Initially I liked it, but it dragged on and on and I simply couldn't get past the visual novel feel to the game. Everything that happens between the dungeons was the most interesting parts to me, but they felt like narrow corridors with next to nothing to do. I've tried to tell myself that I got to play it with the wrong mindset so I've decided to give it another go whenever I hit the next draught of new games to play so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll like it then.
  10. When's the review embargo lifted?
  11. Rayn

    Nintendo Switch

    As someone already mentioned, The Binding of Isaac comes highly recommended if you like games like Enter the Gungeon. Personally I think it's the best rogue like ever made and I only got into it earlier this year after years of not understanding all the hype for it. Once it clicked it quickly became one of my most played Switch games ever and not a week goes by without me having a few sessions still. The only 'problem' with the Switch version is that it's the complete version with all DLC which makes the learning curve a lot steeper than for those who started playing the vanilla version. Stick with it, though, and it's a game that'll keep on giving even after the 200h mark.
  12. What's the actual gameplay like? Trailers and promos makes this look like a visual novel, but some of the discussion on here makes it sound like it has more meat on the bones.
  13. Wow, this thread It's quite an achievement that a game that targets kids as the main fanbase has grown men throwing tantrums and school yard fights. I think it's great when a game makes me feel like a kid again, but this one has actually transformed a few posters to children
  14. Rayn

    Google Stadia

    Possibly just some plain BS then.
  15. Rayn

    Google Stadia

    Possibly some fiscal year BS.
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