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  1. No minimap, you need to check the main map to see what zones are under deletion which will break the flow of gameplay having to stop to a halt to check the map. It is possible to see cosmetic changes if the zone you're in is starting to delete itself as polygons are gradually coloured black.
  2. So I gave this a go and it’s fine. It does feel a bit soulless and, I dunno, cold? Most of the weapons feels like peashooters, not helped by the bullet spongey nature of the health system. My first kill was with a fully fused minigun and still it took ages to take down the enemy. I do like the district deletion mechanic, though, it feels fresh compared to the classic shrinking ring in all other BR games but overall I doubt I’ll be spending a lot of time on this unless the game sees some slight changes.
  3. Anyone tried this? It’s out on most platforms. My kids seems to enjoy it, they play on PC and PS4 respectively, but servers are currently down for maintenance ( on release day for consoles of all things) . I think I’ll give it a test drive tonight to check if it can get close to the same levels of enjoyment I get out of Apex Legends.
  4. Rayn

    NieR: Automata

    It’s been a couple of years since I last played it, but you should be very near the end now. As far as I remember only a small handful hours left.
  5. It has aged a bit, especially the lack of now standard 3rd person controls feels a bit iffy. Also, the game doesn’t support inverted Y axis so if you’re used to that the game might be a bit of a struggle. With that said, though, it’s still a good game worthy of a playthrough.
  6. About the ending of this game, do you get the trophy for finishing the game as soon as the end scene(s) starts playing or do you have to watch it all?
  7. So my very mature attempt at making a custom firework design didn’t yield amazing result, but should be possible to make out if you squint...
  8. Thanks for the «lovely» poster @StumpyJohn, I’ve put it in my study.
  9. Rayn

    Far Cry 5

    I just downloaded this again as I gave up after taking down the first family member a couple of years ago, due to a very annoying mission I just couldn’t successfully clear. I’m one of the «Ubi games have been shit for years» guys but I must admit that I do like the opening of this game. It’s very atmospheric and I feel it’s actually more believable now, after nearly four years of Trump as president, than it was at release. I do expect to get bored within a couple of days, though.
  10. This has already reached its goal with a good margin and I couldn’t be happier! This could very well end up as another JRPG classic, it certainly looks like the great team has a fantastic vision and plan for this project!
  11. Yeah, you can party the shit out of it and it’s better for it!
  12. I got a key for Fallguys on saturday and even though I was pissed when I got to play it the game was chaotic fun. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up the next Rocket League in terms of popularity!
  13. This went straight to the top of my most wanted list and even if it’s just half as good as Suikoden 2 it’ll be much better than the majority of the JRPGs being released lately.
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