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  1. Tweets don’t embed now? It’s a sailor moon switch. https://mobile.twitter.com/sanwlo/status/1143446327453540352
  2. Is there a good list anywhere of everything he had a hand in?
  3. Read a long article yesterday via Twitter without realising he was dead. Interview from Dec 2018. http://speakhertz.com/9295/interview-philippe-zdar
  4. acidbearboy

    Wii Jazz

    I just wanted to create topic to share these jazz arrangements of the Wii system music. The Mii Channel track has a lovely Brazilian flavour to it. The Wii Shop Theme is played more straight, but it builds well and has a good acoustic guitar solo. If you've ever owned a Wii, these should be very familiar and catchy tunes! Bonus minor key version of the Wii Shop Theme in honour of it's closure.
  5. I’m exploring Death mountain for the first time. Just passed through Goron City and bought the fireproof armour. Already found 2/3 shines to do.
  6. acidbearboy

    Yacht Rock

    First episode was alright. Went back to the start of the thread and listened back to some old classics afterwards. Also watched a couple of episodes of the Yacht Rock parody. Still funny!
  7. Some funky and soulful late 90s vocal classics. Long-ass intro on that Morales/Aretha track. Possibly makes the drop sweeter, but pretty pointless for home listening. Kim English is also dead now, going by the comments
  8. My favourite pleasure track has always been Joyous. I love the way it kicks off with a boisterous sax solo, then drops into a funky little break before the trademark horns come in, followed by those smooth vocal harmonies. The first half of the track is a real nice little song. Then we hit the break again before the second half of the track starts - the business end. The guitar solo starts out innocently enough but quickly gathers steam and builds into an absolute monster. The disco-esque strings to end the track are the icing on the cake. It fades out so quick you just gotta play it again.
  9. Jesus. Long time no see, Art. Where have you been? Digging for lost treasure by the sounds of it. That synth solo in minute three of that Nana Tuffour jam almost excuses your long absence. Welcome back, man. I hope you've got more good stuff to share!
  10. I bought it for cheap on switch this week. Been meaning to get it for ages when it was £2 on steam but never did. I like rhythm action games, even if I haven’t really played any new ones. Found it really hard and frustrating. Couldn’t even finish Zone 1. Started watching a tutorial on YouTube but it was a bit long winded and boring. Any tips for a noob?
  11. Do you happen to have a Wii-U Pro Controller? Or a Xbox or PS3 controller? I have a Mayflash USB adapter that was under £20 and works perfectly with my Wii-U pro controller. Have not tried it with any other pads.
  12. Did a play through of Kenseiden the other night (emulated, save states, cheats) after it popped up in my 'Games set in Ancient Japan' thread in Discussion. Had never heard of it before (hardly played anything on the SMS to be fair) but I thought the graphics looked nice for an 8-bit title and the intro music was cool. It was a decent game, but one that definitely would have been more rewarding to play repeatedly as a youngster to really appreciate mastering the difficulty. I watched a longplay on Youtube after I completed it and I missed a few levels with upgrades that would have made the later levels and bosses much more manageable.
  13. Here's the article. https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/474-anaconda-pacific-state-sueno-latino-and-the-story-of-a-sample-that-keeps-coming-back/ Pretty interesting read - though I do remember watching a video on youtube of somebody going through the EMU-II ambient samples EDIT- this is the one (Loon Garden section)
  14. Was listening to this LTJ Bukem classic and saw a link in the comments to a Pitchfork article on the loon sample featured. That article name-dropped a track called Dream On Tangerine from 1992 that I didn't know - it's pretty decent.
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