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  1. Just stumbled on to this. Blimey, it's good!
  2. I feel like the level design and enemy placement probably reward repeated play. I imagine if you only had Sonic 1 to play on your Mega Drive as a kid, you knew the best routes through the levels and when to jump over obstacles in advance of them appearing on screen.
  3. Having now listened to Marta Acuna - Dance Dance Dance, I know it and have heard it before (hadn't heard Thyme though, so thanks for the heads-up on that one). But when I saw it posted the other week, it was this that popped in my head. Alexis Laik - Danse Danse Danse
  4. I never had a Mega Drive as a kid, but I do remember playing the first couple of stages of Sonic 1 on the demo pods in Debenhams and Curry's. I've had the SEGA AGES version on the Switch for a while and after hitting a brick wall on Sonic Mania, I thought I would give Sonic 1 a try instead. Green Hill Zone is brilliant - I love the graphics and the music, plus you can get some good speed up without any real danger lurking off-screen. It's fast, it's fun. It's what I wanted the rest of the levels to be like if I'm honest. But things take a turn for the worse immediately in the Marble Zone, wher
  5. What are you planning to do with them? Sell a few of the common ones if you really need to, but it’s easier to cook meat dishes to sell if you need quick cash.
  6. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Sega Ages) Switch Hot on the heels of the original, which I finished for the first time last week. I have also now finished Sonic 2 (using ring keep mode and save states). The graphics were excellent, although the stages weren't as memorable as the original selection. Some of the music was also good, but there wasn't anything quite as catchy as the Green Hill Zone or Starlight themes (which I have been listening to outside of the game). The first half of the game was a lot of fun, but I did find it frustrating towards the end. As with the original, I doubt I will rep
  7. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    Been enjoying this 2020 release from Norway’s Jaga Jazzist. File under Jazz-Fusion/Beardy Prog Disco.
  8. Mr Scruff also mentioned this in his crate digging interview, which Norman Cook sampled on It's Just A Groove by The Mighty Dub Katz in the 90s.
  9. This came recommended from Mr Scruff. Classic soul sounds with the self titled LP from Alice Clark.
  10. Try your GC cable first. I seem to recall using the same RGB scart cable on both my NTSC SNES and PAL GC. Don’t think it worked on my PAL N64 though.
  11. Best two songs I heard today. Boney M - My Cherie Amour Tatsuro Yamashita- Silent Screamer
  12. Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Ages) Switch. First time finishing this. Never had a Mega Drive as a kid so only really remember Green Hill Zone (brilliant) and Marble Zone (meh) which I would have played on demo pods or at a friends house. I didn’t really enjoy the later levels and found the gameplay to generally be more frustrating than fun. I got one Chaos Emerald and made liberal use of save states. I was also playing in ring keep mode. On the plus side, the sound and graphics are excellent but I doubt I’ll come back to this beyond a quick blast of Green Hill Zone. I’ve since started Son
  13. One of the most interesting threads I’ve read recently (which I’m aware isn’t actually new) is the abandoned games thread. People generally write a short analysis as to why they’ve given up and that’s that. It inspired me to sack a few things off and not be ashamed of deleting something I don’t like.
  14. I’m happy to read negative comments about games. What I don’t like is people with either negative or positive views telling other people that their opinions are wrong. Say why you don’t like something or that you can’t understand why somebody else can enjoy it. But anything more is just rude.
  15. I didn’t vote this year as none of the 2020 albums I listened to really grabbed me. I will pick my way through some of the above though. Thanks as ever for doing it.
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