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  1. acidbearboy

    Your favourite album covers

    No idea what the music is like, but I do like this illustrated cat.
  2. Surely one of the greatest songs of all time. How's the rest of the album compare? It's not exactly cheap on CD/LP. A classic live performance on Miami Beach, 1978. A tasty disco/boogie cover from Barbados, 1980.
  3. acidbearboy

    Old School Rave and Jungle

    https://www.discogs.com/Shy-FX-Deja-Vu/release/183154 Some classic Jungle tunage on this Shy FX mix/compilation cd. Digital DJ's be warned though - a couple of the tracks fade out early and they all overlap each other to a certain degree at the start/end. Not a big deal for home listening though. Couple of highlights: Never heard these early Jungle/Rave tracks from 1993 And a little bit of Oh Gosh! from 1995
  4. acidbearboy

    The first one is by far the worst one

    Megaman? Mortal Kombat? Everybody’s Golf? I haven’t played all of them, but certainly those I have played were an improvement on the original.
  5. acidbearboy

    What’s Your Favourite Daft Punk song?

    Strong start? The quality barely dips from start to finish! I’ve had Discovery on in the car on repeat since posting this and it’s still fantastic. Aerodynamic holds a special place in my heart for being the first record I ever played outside of my bedroom. Something About Us brings back happy memories as we used it at our wedding. High Life and Voyager are prime French House cuts. Face to Face is another classic - and features in one of my all time fave DJ mixes (Fabric31 by Cut Copy). But if I was hard pressed to pick just one Daft Punk song to keep, it would have to be One More Time. There’s something special about that track. I can’t say what, it just has that magic ingredient.
  6. acidbearboy

    What’s Your Favourite Daft Punk song?

    Tough question from my missus this week! I thought about it for a while but I don’t think there is one track that stands out amongst the best of their work. Do you have one?
  7. https://samus.link/ This sounds cool, but I'll be damned if I can get it working with any of the roms I have knocking about. The instructions are very specific, but I assume they were written before the big Nintendo incident. If anybody can help get this going, do please drop me a PM. It's apparently based on just a Zelda randomizer, which I was also unaware of. Has anybody played these things? How well do they work?
  8. I had a few Japanese posters framed by a local framers. No idea how much it cost as my Nan got them done for Christmas/Birthday (don't think it was cheap). If you find frames that are a little bigger than 72x52cm then you could always have a cardboard mount made to cover the gap. Might be cheaper than ordering frames from Germany. Your posters will definitely look nicer and last longer in frames though.
  9. acidbearboy

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Anybody have thoughts on Furi? Do I need to sink some time into it to get good or can I casually dip in and enjoy it? It’s £8 at the moment.
  10. acidbearboy

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    What time does the sale start then?
  11. acidbearboy

    Old School Rave and Jungle

    Good stuff there cubik. Found an old Quadrophonia CDS at the local tip. Their eponymous track is a classic, I rather liked the instrumental version of b-side "The Man with the Masterplan" too. However, I gave their album another spin and it's really rather poor. Everything on there sounds like these two tracks, only worse. Classic breakbeats on this one (and the same noise as Indo Tribe's Owl if I'm not mistaken) The Second Wave remix is pretty good too - notice the switch from breakbeat to techno between 1990-1992.
  12. acidbearboy

    New Prins Thomas album "Ambitions"

    Another long player from Mr.Thomas has recently been released and it's one of his best yet. It's more uplifting and more melodic than his previous solo effort "5" - there's even a track with a female vocal! It also feels more focused, particularly when compared to last years excellent collaboration with Bugge Westletoft, which was very loose. Fave tracks at the moment are the bright and breezy XSB and the moodier vibe on Fra Miami til Chicago (particularly the second half) but there's really not a bad track on there.
  13. acidbearboy

    The first one is still the best one

    F-Zero. I had a lot of fun with the N64 version but I love the aesthetics of the SNES original and go back to it regularly. GX was pretty but too hard and the portable games I haven’t spent a huge amount of time with.
  14. acidbearboy

    What is spinning on your turntable?

    Greats tracks. Never seen a copy of Al Naayfiysh in my life
  15. acidbearboy

    Great CD Revival

    The revival is failing as far as I can tell! On the plus side - I bought 9 CDs for £3 at the local recycling centre over the weekend. The downside is that a lot of independent artists/labels are only doing vinyl or digital releases these days (sometimes they even offer a cassette instead of a cd )

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