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  1. Excellent electronic mood pieces with a mixture of styles but a consistent quality.
  2. Big tune from an excellent EP of Jungle/Hardcore. I would love to know if the main melody starting at 0:48 is a sample or an original composition. I'm getting strong wizard-y VGM vibes, or perhaps it's from some vintage synth concept album? Tim Reaper - Teletext
  3. Have I posted this before? It's been in my collection for a while, but I've really been enjoying it recently. Just looked her up on Discogs and she was a member of High Fashion, who had a mention in here not too long ago. Really strong voice, anyway. Meli'sa Morgan - Fool's Paradise
  4. I also keep coming back to Feelings by Brijean, which is a summery dance-pop album with some nice Brazilian influences.
  5. I have been enjoying Yasuke by Flying Lotus
  6. acidbearboy

    The Jazz Thread

    One of my favourite summer jams. Webster Lewis with some Brazilian vibes. I have it on this compilation, which is decent. https://www.discogs.com/Various-In-The-Pocket-70s-Jazz-Funk/release/4537382
  7. A cheeky cover of Maurice's 1988 acid classic "This is Acid", with a few lyrical changes.
  8. Timeless classic! Amazing song, vocal and production. Plus there’s a brilliant remix from Steve Silk Hurley on the flip: Ten City - That's The Way Love Is (Acieed/Extended Version).
  9. Kings of Convenience are back with two news tracks from their forthcoming album.
  10. DJ Die and Dismantle have done a great little rework of Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman. Name your price on Bandcamp for the digital release. https://gutterfunkuk.bandcamp.com/album/crystal-waters-gypsy-woman-diemantle-raveyard-mix
  11. Yeah you posted the love serenade remix a while back which is why I bought that comp. Beautiful stuff
  12. I found a compilation CD recently with a lovely Frankie Knuckles remix of Luther Vandross. Power of Love is a great pop song, but there's also a lovely piano driven instrumental on the 12" promo. It's on youtube, but it's a bad vinyl rip and played too fast, so here's the radio mix. Also from the same CD was another catchy pop/house thing; a Todd Terry remix of 3T, who I believe were Jackson family relatives? Certainly sounds a bit MJ in places.
  13. I've been enjoying this Ten City album recently, which I picked up after buying a Spiritual Life compilation with a Joe Claussell remix of Nothing's Changed. It's good, but for this particular track I prefer the original vocal and instrumental.
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