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  1. I got sick of this track when it was originally released, as it seemed to be on every Ibiza/Chillout CD going! Now the dust has settled though, I can appreciate it again as a classic lazy groove.
  2. Thanks for posting this, by the way. I'd not heard Sinatra & Jobim before. And from the related youtube suggestions, I listened to Getz/Gilberto (also featuring Jobim) and Getz/Byrd - Jazz Samba, both of which I have listened to a few times before, but today both were purchased for a mere £1.99 each (digital)!
  3. Robert Owens is another legendary voice of House music.
  4. I mostly listen to dance music, so most of my favourite voices are powerful disco and house diva's! Jocelyn Brown was the first name that popped in my head. Amazing and powerful voice!
  5. Sounds like you're a veteran DJ, you just gotta adapt to modern life! Organising your files is just like organising your records - there's no right or wrong way to do it - it's just whatever works best for you!
  6. I'd suggest editing tags in bulk to save time/effort. Create some playlists for different genres and add tracks to them as you listen to them, then later on you can select all the tracks in a particular playlist and edit the genre tags in bulk to match the playlist title.
  7. acidbearboy


    Finally by CeCe Penstion popped up on Kisstory the other day in the car. Classic track with a monster bassline, which I would love to hear on a big club system. I read a comment on Discogs or Youtube from somebody saying the song was just a rip off of CeCe Rogers - Someday. I think that's being a little unfair having listened to them both side by side, but I was surprised to not have noticed the similarities before. Not a big fan of the CeCe Rogers track personally, I can appreciate the sentiment, and Liquid's Sweet Harmony is hugely indebted to it, but I find the production to be rather flat and the adlibs on keys/vocals in the second half drag on a bit. Hate that solo in the fourth minute! Spoils an otherwise great mix!
  8. Mp3tag works on a file explorer level - you select the folder containing files you wish to edit. It can do one album/folder at a time or you can edit multiple tracks from different folders within a root folder. Discogs genre categories are really broad. I'd recommend making your tagging system personal to you. I've been tweaking what information I include and how best to sort/view my tracks for a few years now - it's on ongoing process. Maybe you don't need the genre tags at all? How many tracks are you handling? Do you feel like you know them well? Do you have playlists already or would the tags help you create them (smart playlists are very handy)? Are you playing out? If so, you ought to make sure you don't have low bitrate mp3's which will sound crappy. It's a big job, even on a small collection. Like I say, though, I enjoy the process and I like browsing Discogs at the same time to join the dots between different musicians, producers etc. My problem is that I have an mp3 of pretty much every CD I've ever owned, plus loads of other stuff including digital purchases, vinyl rips and dodgy uploads from the web. If I was actually planning to DJ - I would start a new library and slowly import tracks one by one - making sure they were properly tagged (with artwork as a helpful identifier) and only the best stuff. But I mostly just listen to music at work, so I have a few playlists that sync with my phone - one for newly added music, another for old favourites & recent rediscoveries and then a smart playlist of 200 random tracks from my library that are unrated. Making a conscious effort to delete files from my library this year too!
  9. Personally, I think just enjoy organising stuff. I feel like I have so much digital music than I can’t possibly remember every great track and what style/mood it is, so the tags help me filter. I don’t DJ anymore but I think it’s just a hang up from that. It also helps you find that song you can’t remember the name of if you know it was from the 80s, has a female vocal and you ripped it from a compilation cd (assuming you’ve tagged accordingly). I use a free program called mp3tag to tag stuff in the first instance. iTunes is pretty flexible for editing tags. I’ve ceased caring for a tidy organised file structure - all my music is now in the root folder. You can just right click > show in Windows explorer for any track anyway. I use the grouping field for my personal tags, starting with the release year, so I can organise tracks in chronological order even if they are from a compilation or resissue. I also include the country, source (cdrip, vinylrip, digital, web), format (LP, EP, comp) and then tags relating to the music itself.
  10. I’d never have got that! I tend to use R&B as the genre tag for all black music and then add soul or funk tags in a different field. There’s always that crossover with Disco/Boogie though. Defining characteristics: Soul: smooth, lyrical, melodic. Funk: on the one! Disco: straight 4/4 beat Boogie: syncopated 4/4 beat - stuff you could roller skate too!
  11. I have that album somewhere, but I’ve not listened to it much. You’ll have to tell me the sample as I don’t recognise it! Another good tune though. What genre tag do you guys like to use for this early 80s stuff?
  12. All 4 BB&Q albums for £11 on 7digital, again with remixes and single edits. https://uk.7digital.com/artist/the-b-b-and-q-band/release/all-night-long-six-million-times-8215428 https://uk.7digital.com/artist/the-b-b-and-q-band/release/the-b-b-and-q-band-genie-8215429
  13. Liking that High Fashion track. Both albums and remixes/singles for £4.99 at Amazon (digital). I'll give it a try as the CD is more expensive/harder to come by. Could do with some digital BB&Q tracks too as all I have is vinyl rips. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Feelin-Lucky-Make-Special-Expanded/dp/B00AFNJX1E
  14. Thanks for bringing these articles to my attention. I look forward to reading them all.
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