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  1. I don’t really regret selling anything because of its value. I’ve sold some rare stuff, but I don’t miss any of it. I wish I had kept the boxed and complete copy of Zelda 1 for the NES I had in my youth, but only for sentimental reasons. I’m not going to buy myself a replacement.
  2. If I get chance to I will, but like you I have limited free time and a family to consider these days. My vinyl collection gets the least play time, but also the most attention, as it is upstairs in the bedroom with no other distractions. I do sometimes come home from work to an empty house and just sit and listen with a cup of tea, which is nice. But yeah, mostly I listen whilst working, driving, walking, shopping, reading etc. One thing that I used to do a lot as a kid, but never do any more, is listen to music whilst playing videogames on mute.
  3. I much prefer 2D unrealistic pinball titles, rather than the 3D simulations of a real pinball table. Some of my favourites: 1. Kirby's Pinball Land on the Game Boy 2. Jaki Crush on the Super Famicom 3. Necronomicon on the Sega Saturn 4. Devil's Crush on the PCE/MD 5. Sonic Pinball Party on the GBA - the NiGHTS into Dreams table in particular Others I've played: Revenge of the Gator, GB Dragon's Fury, MD Pinball of the Dead, GBA Last Gladiators, Saturn Alien Crush, PCE Akira Psycho Ball, PS2 Battle Pinball, SFC Flipnic, PS2 Metroid Prime Pinball, DS Pokemon Pinball, GBC Super Mario Ball, GBA Neo Golden Logres, Dreamcast I also own Odama, but have never got around to playing it!
  4. Thanks man. there are a couple more there I could have guessed at had points been at stake. XTC, Queen and Zutons purely by the letter of the alphabet!
  5. I played through the demo this week and thought it was really good. I thought the graphics were nice and I enjoyed the simplicity of it all - always having a destination on the map and a note on where you’re heading (can’t recall if that was always displayed under the map or just at certain points). No way I’ll buy it for £50 but if it drops to half or less I might bite. How long is one play through of the story roughly?
  6. Nice work! Here are my answers for the first edition. Barely recognised any of the second edition! Would you mind sharing the answers?
  7. acidbearboy


    I wanted to share the news that GUNSHIP have released instrumental versions of both their albums, but we don't appear to have a dedicated thread! Well, now we do. Links to all the streaming services here: https://gunship.ffm.to/instrumentals Buy some of their music from Bandcamp: https://gunshipmusic.bandcamp.com/
  8. Had a couple of good albums on this evening. Area 3 by Khotin is all warm washes of beatless synths. I think it was tracks 4/5 that I liked best. https://heart.bandcamp.com/album/area-3 The Goddess Is Dancing by DK is a little more rhythmic and has a trancey/hypnotic vibe. https://d-k-music.bandcamp.com/album/the-goddess-is-dancing
  9. I was able to stand still and shoot them as they came toward me on the early levels.
  10. acidbearboy

    Yacht Rock

    Been listening to this quite a lot recently. I'd say it was more Yacht than Disco, so it goes in here. Gil Silverbird - Fools Paradise (1986) Purchase for $0.99
  11. I generally take stuff to the charity shop if it's worth less than a pound (profit) or if the condition is a bit worse for wear. Next up in my list is About Love by Gladys Knight and The Pips, from 1980. This one was written and produced by Ashford & Simpson and they did some great work. Landlord is a good mid-tempo disco/soul number to start things off. Taste of Bitter Love is the killer track from the LP, but I also have it on 12" (b/w Add It Up). Still Such A Thing is a traditional soul track and pretty average. Get The Love is more uptempo, but again, nothing special. Side 2 starts in much the same fashion as side 1; Add It Up is another good mid-tempo soul track, followed by disco classic Bourgie', Bourgie'. I have the single edit on a CD compilation, a tidy alternative vocal version by John Davis and the Monster Orchestra, as well as the classic original instrumental by Ashford & Simpson themselves. Friendly Persuasion is next (which Breakbot sampled on Easy Fraction from their debut LP) and it's a decent soul number. We Need Hearts closes the album but I lose interest before the track itself has ended. So that's 3 sub-par tracks, 3 good tracks and 2 great tracks which I have elsewhere. I think I might let this one go too and buy the couple of album tracks I do like digitally.
  12. Discogs will give you an estimate once you enter the grading, though I'm not sure what information they use to arrive at that figure. I tend to look at other sellers' prices and adjust accordingly, trying to undercut them if possible, whilst also taking into account the item condition and how many other copies are for sale - paying particular attention to what's currently available in the UK, as international shipping for vinyl is never cheap. Let's take that Walter Murphy LP as an example. There are 18 copies for sale (plus many other variants I'm sure) but only one of those is in the UK. Asking price is £5 +£3 shipping, with a make offer option. Assuming my copy is also VG+/VG+ or better, I would list it for £2 (my shipping cost is £4). https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/5625932?ev=rb
  13. Always Discogs! I assume you have forum sigs hidden? Mine is this: https://www.discogs.com/seller/acidbearboy/profile
  14. Exactly. Hoping to trim down the collection a little further. I've already sold loads of vinyl over the last 10-15 years, but mostly singles. What I am left with now is a lot of albums that I bought for one particular track, or just on a whim. If I have the good tracks elsewhere, either 12", CD or digital, I'll probably get rid. I like to keep albums that play well from start to finish, or at least one side. I have the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack LP anyway, and I'm almost certain I'll have A Fifth of Beethoven on a disco compilation anyway, and there's the A+ track from the 90s which sampled it.
  15. I don’t know how often I will get chance to do this, or how long it will last, but tonight I listed my Discogs vinyl collection alphabetically (by title) until I got to a release I wasn’t 100% familiar with - then dug it out and stuck it on. First up was A Fifth of Beethoven by the Walter Murphy Band, from 1976. Here’s my review: The whitest kind of Disco. Tracks A1-A3 are all pretty cheesy and bad. The title track is good, but I can’t see myself playing it often. Closing track on side A is a nice smooth jazz-funk groove which ends rather abruptly. B1 has a section that’s slightly reminiscent of Love Hangover and that’s the most positive thing I can say about it. B2 and B3 are both smooth jazzy disco numbers, which are not bad. B4 has a funky beat and is just ok. Dull ballad to finish. Gonna list it for sale.
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