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  1. I saw this video and this game has really piqued my interest. Seems like something actually different. On gamepass from the 28th too. Edit: another video here: https://youtu.be/iD-eMNAAt1U
  2. The guy who does music for Remedy is amazing, definitely one of the best bits of AW and remarkably unsung. I met him at a composer's conference a few years ago and had lunch with him. I couldn't quite believe it.
  3. I'm thinking about buying some batteries. Any tips? I got some from Amazon and they seem pretty good, but I'm not sure if there are better ones or not out there.
  4. Just get the 1tb card bought next time it's available at a discount. I definitely would not suggest buying slower storage since you'll only end up buying the official card later on anyway and then you'll be left with a hard drive you don't really want or end up leaving connected so you can have even more games on hand to not play. If Microsoft are putting out a smaller card so they can sell at a lower price, that tells you the cost of storage is not changing very quickly.
  5. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but this really feels like bad form from Remedy. This really does look like the kind of upgrade that has been given away for free by other companies. Actually, it looks less comprehensive than the upgrades that have been given away by other companies. I've bought this game a couple of times already, including the dlc and spinoff game but I don't think I want to suppprt this. It's one of my favourite games. I reckon they could have given this remaster to existing owners for free, got some goodwill and charged new players to recoup the costs involved and it would have kept everyone happy. Alternatively, they could have done a proper job of bringing AW up to date which I'd have been happy to buy. AW has some really passionate fans and Remedy themselves speak of their love for the character and game (s), but this remaster doesn't really marry up with that. As is, it'll come as no surprise that this is a no from me.
  6. Quickly, someone start complaining about DRM and then someone else tell them about the home console setting. Then someone ask about cheap gamepass.
  7. It's been like that forever, even on Xbox One for me, I've never noticed it being closely linked to a particular event like your achievements, but that is interesting. I wonder if I'll notice something now. If it is related to things running in the background, I wonder if it's linked to those progress meters in games updating? I wonder if games where you have unlocked all the achievements are breakup free.
  8. Reward Points' conversion rate (£=5850 points) is very disappointing, I just did the calculation, it looks like I've got £110, but I've only got £90. I'm holding on for a new Elite Controller and hoping they release a V3 when I've got the right number of points. I'd totally cash in what I've got and grab a Halo version of the V2 if they had any stock... but they don't. So weird how poor they are at stocking things I want to buy, but excellent at offering stuff I don't want.
  9. I think that is a crucial difference, I've got used to games getting resolution and framerate boosts for free and I have the game installed on the console connected to my TV already. Through that lens, it feels a bit underwhelming, but for those who haven't played this before or can't currently and would like to, it's great news. Also, Alan Wake is one of my favourite games ever, so it's great to see that Remedy are clearly signalling that AW2 is on the agenda.
  10. These aren't gameplay, the promo shots for the original game didn't look much different, imo. I know that's from the spinoff game, but that way, it's definitely not from this remaster. I'm quite convinced now that this is a £25 fee to increase the resolution.
  11. There are some other A/B shots on Twitter, if you're interested, but this does seem initially like not a lot has been done to it. The trailer looks pretty much how I remember the game, though I'm sure if I went back, I'd find it not looking as good as I remember. My first thought was the Rock Concert scene, that was the bit that I always thought needed more power to realise the scene properly, if they've put effort into making the most of key moments like that, then I think this will be a real treat and I'll definitely go through the game again. ...But, given what they've shown and the proximity to release, I assume this isn't the remaster the game deserves.
  12. It'll be the publisher's fault, they insisted on listing the Series and One versions as separate titles and would not allow an upgrade for those who had bought the game and season pass previously. Even Activision will let you pay a small fee to upgrade call of duty. I assume they refused / wanted too much money for the upgraded version to appear on Gamepass.
  13. There's 250 points for getting an achievement in Madden, which EA access gives a ten minute demo of. And Ea access is included in Gamepass. You ought to be able to get an achievement by clicking continue on a screen that comes up after a game has been played - I've seen a couple of guides say this. By downloading, playing a game (and it looks amazing, btw, and that first game was pretty good), not getting the option, and then doing it again (decided I wasn't going to become interested in sports games at this point, but played on), not getting the screen AND THEN looking on YouTube, AND THEN posting about it here, I question if 20p is worth it.
  14. Men in Black International. After really enjoying MIB3 I was disappointed by the dire reviews this got, and had given it a wide berth. I thought I'd give it a go when it popped up on Netflix, and because my expectation was so low, perhaps, thought it was alright. I certainly preferred it to the last couple of Marvel films I've seen and it's that same sort of thing. Looks really good, imo, reasonable story, couple of jokes, outstays it's welcome a little / pacing is a bit off in places, but generally speaking it was OK as far as this sort of thing goes. Not a ringing endorsement, 3/5. Edit: lol, the highest score and most positive review the film got in the thread.
  15. I realise this is a thread to jeer and so on rather than discuss, but RE: Campaign footage, I actually think it'd be kinda cool if they didn't show it until the game released. I'm not sure it'd hurt their sales or player count at all either.
  16. Lol, the Series X is already Limited edition enough.
  17. Pretty exciting that there's going to be a controller coming out soon.
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