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  1. Yes, it seems like I wasn't getting many QR starts but now, it seems to happen most of the time, even with the same games. Gears 5 does it excellently, in that it does all it's multiplayer connections once you start matchmaking. Apex Legends resumes to a lobby then kicks me out 10 seconds later, so it can connect again. I assume that this is something that will be adopted for all MS published games, and hopefully some 3rd parties too.
  2. I sit pretty close to the TV when I play, so I probably get more mileage out of resolution increases but when I played Doom Eternal recently, I assumed it had got a next gen update, but it was just the dynamic resolution being... less dynamic. No idea how low the resolution was dropping before though.
  3. Yes, someone said to me recently that the "1440p is enough" line that is quite frequently heard might be a result of the price in monitors jumping significantly beyond that price, so 1440p is a sort of sweet spot.
  4. I'm disappointed that Ray Tracing seems to be a price worth paying for some, unfortunately. It makes gifs, screenshots and YouTube videos look amazing and higher framerates do not. Expect raytracing and 30fps to be a fixture this gen would be my guess.
  5. ? Turning off comments on YouTube and having a work/personal division when it comes to social media is pretty sensible if people are using that media to abuse them and it's harming their mental health but they wish to continue producing content which (wrongly) provokes a reaction. They'd still get the ad revenue.
  6. Appreciate you taking the hit, I bought an Xbox code months ago, so have been expecting a slideshow.
  7. 9 of their top ten most viewed videos are PlayStation vs Xbox. It's impossible for us to know if they're all looking for a buyer's guide, but now their videos are comparing 3% framerate differences at 120hz and zooming in 200% to look at the difference in a texture, then the argument for how important it is gets ever thinner. Obviously, everyone's free to be interested in whatever they choose, but my initial point was that digital foundry are likely very happy to have things to make videos about, not that their audience are terrible people or that they deserve to be harassed for
  8. I wouldn't even sell something worth that much on ebay via PayPal. I am fairly certain that you could buy something from a private seller, contact eBay and say "he sent me a brick in a box" and they'd give you your money back.
  9. I actually watched one of their videos last night. I've seen loads of their vjdeos over the years but I don't sub to their channel. I think Richard Ledbetter seems like a nice enough guy. Most of the videos I see are shared on forums. They are almost always shared by people who wish to trumpet the results. I stand by what I said earlier. Even if they are driven purely by a wish to analyse and document the differences between Watchdogs on Xbox and PlayStation, they know by now who their videos are viewed by and how they are used and what reactions they will get. If the
  10. No, that's not what I said. I mean they've positioned themselves as people who don't do "valhalla fail!" They do "interesting findings in valhalla" or similar, but the audience is the same, and the content isn't really much different either.
  11. Well that's the whole point, to make videos and earn money. Like I said, I imagine they're very happy to keep making videos and keep earning money.
  12. I don't begrudge them spotting the gap in the market and they've got their branding sorted out - they present as interested geeks, but really their channel is mainly watched by people desperate to see their console choice be crowned champion. That is their market, and unfortunately thae audience is not a rational one. If they wanted to, they could step outside the fanboy wars by choosing to profile just one console release of a title, but they wouldn't get the clicks. So they won't, they'll keep putting videos out and making money until either the abuse blows over or they quit. I d
  13. There's a scene in the clip where you watch a The animation is pretty great, if the crowds had to all shuffle into walls or clip through objects or each other, it'd really undermining so I can see why they'd be reluctant to not do it unless they can do it right.
  14. I've been avoiding videos of this but just saw a little bit of the ps4pro footage that was put out a couple of days ago and all I can see that's wrong with it is the eerily empty streets. Hopefully next gen patches will equal density of crowds.
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