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  1. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    Is this another example of a video game company on top making shitty decisions before a fall?
  2. Agree that the Brutes and Prometheans aren't good news would be my default, but I've played a lot of Halo Wars 2 recently and the Brutes have a bit more character in my mind now. I pretty much think that the environment is going to be the most interesting part of Infinite. Will it be open world? How will that work? How free will you be? That's a much bigger concern /point of interest than who's shooting back, IMO. Despite this, it's probably too late for a hashtag but #NoPrometheansForInfinite would work for me.
  3. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    I don't think it's a thing on xbox. Re the other stuff, I take the position that if I really want something, I'll buy it and stuff on gamepass isn't really mine. For the price I pay, there's no chance I'm not getting my money's worth. They could do things to make it even better but it's already the best deal in gaming so I don't worry about it.
  4. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah, I think that's part of the model really, you still have chance to try and can buy at a discount if you like it and to be fair a two week warning is long enough to see the majority of most games. Taking a pragmatic approach, it really would suck a lot of the fun out of things if you had notice of games leaving the service which meant you had set up a sequence that you had to play them in, feel like the last days of a COD/Apex Legends battlepass, where you don't really want to play the thing but you need to get ten levels done by Friday or you haven't got your money's worth.
  5. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    You'd be even less interested if you had chance to play it.
  6. Please everyone, just stop replying
  7. Backwards compatibility is endless...
  8. It's pretty good how concerned everyone is about something that they will definitely understand immediately but think that 99% of the world will be baffled by. "I got a new Xbox and some games!" Father shouts up the stairs. The tears roll as he opens up a box containing another Apple Airport Extreme (6th Gen) and a copy of Myst (Windows 3.1).
  9. Sorry, I thought you were saying that there was confusion around Lockhart and I was interested to know what the messaging was. I know they've been talking about Series X.
  10. Have Microsoft released a press release about Lockhart? The fact that we're still referring to it's codename suggests that they haven't said much if they have.
  11. Have they made it confusing? Is it confusing because everyone is guessing? Microsoft haven't announced the system, how it might be used, etc. Will the xbox one still be on sale alongside two new consoles? Will both new consoles be on sale in every country? Will they differentiate the consoles? All these questions and more to be answered after the console is actually announced.
  12. It seems like there's less reason to be worried about it than it initially seemed but that was my first thought too.
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