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  1. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    What do you get on the Japan apps that you don't with the UK one?
  2. Duos is pretty good, I agree. It's even more important to stick together when playing which can be irritating when you are under equipped and are struggling to find equipment but your teammate wants to go engage another pair. Meanwhile you're dual wielding a pair of Mozambiques. Actually, if you could dual wield them, they'd end up being pretty useful!
  3. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    It has been posted on HotUKDeals, after all. If there's any profiteering to be done, people there often cheerfully post that that is what they're doing.
  4. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    I also went to Tesco today to pick up some games. I was going to get Link's Awakening and Luigi's Mansion, as there was someone working on the department nearby I asked if they had stock and she looked it up for me, zero stock. She said that they had ONE COPY of Luigi's Mansion yesterday. Perhaps the whole plan is to get nerds in doing their weekly shop hoping to get some cheap games but they only stock one of each and don't list them online. If so... Well played Tesco, well played!
  5. Fuck brexit, etc.
  6. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    A poor man's Log.
  7. Wahwah*


    Maps littered with icons and a screen full of objectives are generally not much fun to play in my opinion. Most open world games aren't much good, imo. Someone called them "shopping list games" when I spoke about it a while back and I think that's about right. It's a chore to navigate to spot A, perform task 5 then go to spot B and do another of task 3 and on and on. It's why most open world games aren't much fun for me. Travelling somewhere for 5 minutes to do a 2 minute objective that relies on AI reacting to your arrival often feels like a shallow experience. ...The actual bit you play when you arrive isn't very exciting. If we had more focus on fun and less on ticking things off, games would have to be designed differently, I assume. If an entire game was a series of ubisofts assaults on strongholds (or whatever they call arriving at a wasteland and killing patroling guards who will call in reinforcements half way through) they'd have to be better. Put those into an open world game and they might be one of the best bits. ...if that's the case, surely the game can't be all that good? That's hidden by loot, ranking up and daily challenges. As noted above, a second job doesn't sound like much fun.
  8. I presume that though the larger chains could get a better cost price, people coming out at midnight would be the ones who'd be easiest to whip into a frenzy of consumerism and would be extra susceptible at that time. I assume the paracords, badges, t-shirts and wherever else sold disproportionately at those events? When I picked up my Xbox, I was so delirious I paid for disc insurance (!)
  9. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone have Bad North on Switch? I played it on Xbox yesterday and thought I might get it to play on the train. Does it work ok on a small screen?
  10. I just started this on Xbox and I'm not getting the character voice audio, just subtitles. I assume this isn't how it's supposed to be?
  11. You probably are if you grade how in or out of touch you are by a list of albums from the Guardian. (7 here, not sure if I've heard all of one of the 7 though).
  12. Wahwah*


    I saw them at Brixton, Hammersmith and then Wembley. As always, the smaller the show the better. I wish I'd gone with friends to see them touring Aenima, where they played at the Astoria, I think. At that point Maynard wasn't stood at the back of the stage in silhouette, combined with them touring the best album, that would have been the perfect one to have caught.
  13. I haven't bought a Slipknot album in years, but after the disappointment of Fear Inoculum I just grabbed the latest one. It'll hopefully be a bit of a palette cleanser and I've loved the two singles they've had out recently, they seem to be walking the perfect line (for me) of heavy enough but chorus-y enough.
  14. Those Gears complaints sound like pre day one patch problems. I say that expecting that every big game this Gen arrives with last minute fixes. Is this an original hardware problem, or a game-not-finished problem... Or both?
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