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  1. No, buy the play and charge kit for that. Or get a battery charger and mess around with swapping batteries in and out. You'll save about a tenner. If the console lasts five years, you'll save £2 a year. Or 4p a week.
  2. I'm assuming that I'm reading it wrong and that other people would interpret it this way too - that you'd need a 60 inches of space next to the tv. Was trying to be funny. Long week for me, perhaps.
  3. Here's a video from Dead Cells. about 18 seconds in is where it all kicks off. https://xboxclips.co/wahwah/8f0efc2c-6a97-493d-b2e7-0e2748a4849c?t=19
  4. It looks quite big when he puts it on the desk, but when he puts the memory in it looks quite small. Can it bend light when you get close to it or something? Not that it's at all relevant to me, since the idea of having one of those cards, let alone 2 sounds insane but I wonder if you'll be able to hotswap those memory cards. He seems to be pitching it as a convenience, being able to carry it around with you easily (as opposed to those 100kg, 10 foot long, USB drives).
  5. "Here's the scoreboard from my latest win!!!" (I have a pubg end screen pinned to my profile - )
  6. https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-series-x-vs-ps4-pro-vs-xbox-one-x-size-comparison This is the source of those pics, you can pan around them on the website. Which is nice.
  7. Yeah, it's difficult to get perspective without other objects around them. They ought to render them alongside a can of coke or some things people are very familiar with.
  8. I just saw a pic on twitter of the lineup of consoles, comparing their sizes. I know some youtubers have been sent "blank" consoles (the shells without working internal parts) and that at least one channel has shown they have an actual functioning Series X, but it's still difficult for me to get my head around it (I'm not going to print my own mockup). The series X looks huge in this lineup, less so in the aforementioned Youtube clips. (these are all renders, nobody's got a PS5, mockup or otherwise, apparently).
  9. If you're worried about aesthetics, cancel the PS5.
  10. Might as well go for the X and do it properly then.
  11. If the launch period suits you so well, do you need to buy two consoles in 2020?
  12. This comes up very often, uk prices include tax, while usa prices do not. £220 - 20%vat =£176 176gbp in usd = $224 This is $4 more than the usa price, so it is slightly more, but it's not £50 more. One thing is for sure - it's not cheap anywhere.
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