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  1. I admire the display of self-control here. You managed to type all of that and not be on your Switch?
  2. Real-time update: I've bought No More Heroes 1 and 2 twice each. Real-time update 2: +1 Hollow Knight in a week.
  3. I've lost track of the amount of Super Metroids. I also own Axiom Verge, Hollow Knight, and Dead Cells on at least three platforms each.
  4. PS5 behind TV, replacing the PS4. Forever out of view. Because it looks like that.
  5. I've got a C9 and it's definitely good for Switch. I'm still utterly amazed at how crisp 1080p Animal Crossing looks on it.
  6. I thought that was the name for a collection of games they had during the PS3 CC screw-up and now PS5 launch. Sony channels seem to call the monthly titles simply "free games". If the monthly games are called IGC, then blimey, they've been hiding that term a bit...
  7. IGC? I think this is just a "normal" PS+ addition. The only thing I don't really get from this, is if it's two months of access (akin to Games Pass) or two months availability (akin to That's You!) to claim it.
  8. Yakuza Kiwami. More out of a sense of obligation than anything else. Started off slow, has a nice middle section, then becomes boring and Majima, Majima, Majima near the end. I kind of liked the Majima-gimmick when it got introduced tbh, but bloody hell. Enough is enough. It also doesn't help that its final boss is Johnny Nobody flying in on Deus Ex Machina airlines, while the "real" final fight that everyone is waiting for is nothing but an encore. Still, the Kabukichou atmosphere of the game and its environments are excellent and that's what kept me playing.
  9. It's quite insane that Safari on iOS is 'unsupported' entirely at the moment.
  10. Something in Dutch along the lines of 'you agree that you can't cancel the purchase upon access', but to buy you need to click that you want access. So ehr... yeah. [edit] Some friends apparently do have screenshots. But everything's still gone for me. Checking in Firefox just produces the old store. Seems everything is unstable at the very least.
  11. I do hope so. But everything else seems to work 'just fine'. Turning off blockers didn't do anything as well. Some interesting new language when buying a game and when you lose the right to cancel a purchase, though.
  12. So the new PS Store web interface is live in NL and... All filters, screenshots, and videos are gone.
  13. Seems PS5 got a proper racer at launch by accident.
  14. Current trends would more likely turn it into an Uncharted-clone. Less Indy, more Bond in this case. Not that I'd agree. I mean, I'm not particularly fond of Perfect Dark, but MS has a habit of twisting Rare IP into stuff people don't actually associate with it. I think KI was the only good revival?
  15. Legends mode is great fun. It’s clearly “recycled stuff” but man, the balance is tight so far. Some really tense battles in 4p Survival. Wouldn’t mind it at all if they spun this out Warframe style.
  16. That's really just wishful thinking at the moment. This kind of stuff takes time to develop/test/etc. The backbone network upgrade required for PS5 was done midway the PS4 cycle just to give you an idea of the timescale at play here. The HTML PS Store was introduced during the PS3 era and "served" us way too long. Even if they go ahead and 'patch it in' you're looking at a 2 years wait I reckon. Sometimes, a console simply doesn't have a feature that its competitor does have. All these mental gymnastics to somehow claim parity are quite insane.
  17. That's what I got from the video. Considering I tend to switch between 3 parties that never really change their player make-up, this is excellent.
  18. Party chat is now effectively PS4 Parties and PS4 Communities merged together. Which is perfect IMO. Might be a bit problematic for all those humongous share-item-communities though. Also not a fan of Activities. Trophies/Achievements were already annoying, but turning every game into a full blown todo-list with subtasks? No thanks. Really hope you can turn it off.
  19. Ultimately my disappointment with this game stems from two issues: It's a nice game in itself, but it's hampered by the fact that it's nigh impossible to play just by itself. Without the IP and story attached to it, this could've been the basis for a solid mainline-FF entry instead.
  20. Ugh, I mean, I'm getting used to the PS5 shape but... UGH.
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