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  1. It keeps piling on. This is slowly becoming anime Dark. With mecha.
  2. Can imagine. Dead Cells is very speedrunny. Visiting lore rooms even pauses the in-game timer. As long as the lore doesn't get in the way of playing the game it should be fine. *imagines the horror that is Dead Cells with Okami conversations*
  3. Not necessarily. If they can get enough subscribers this might actually earn them more money in the long run. There are more than 100 million PS4's sold while TLOU2 (arguably Sony's biggest hit this year) sold 5 million. Even with a 30% GP subscriber base on those console numbers that could net Microsoft far more on a yearly basis. PCs count as well. Hell, they already have 15 million subscribers. (Of course, the question is how many used the cheapo-GP route, but in the long run it's a healthy number and growing.) They might still do a two-tier system and squeeze more m
  4. The lore takes a bit of a backseat in Dead Cells tbh. You can even turn those rooms off completely in the settings.
  5. Thanks! Will probably give this a try on Switch then after finishing up Spiritfarer.
  6. So is this basically top-down Dead Cells, or am I reading too much into it then?
  7. Played this for a couple of hours and I now get why everybody has such a hard time trying to describe this game. I think the best attempt I can give is: A visual-novel with action-TRPG battles. It’s like 428 Shibuya Scramble only in gorgeous Vanillaware graphics and sometimes you jump into a mecha to play stylized high-speed simplified Final Fantasy Tactics. Also, shattered doesn’t even begin to describe the story. It’s madly all over the place until it’s plainly not. If you’re an anime/Trigger fan, this has a similar setting vibe to S.S.S.S. Gridman and even in
  8. To be fair, they seemingly copied Fallout 4 (TOW), Elder Scrolls (Awaken) and Fallout 76 (Grounded). So it doesn't sound like they'd mind it that much.
  9. Another recap: If a common person buys a console game it's usually 1 to 2 titles a year (you're pretty much a core gamer if you buy more than that). A typical hit game hits 3-5 million sales or about 10% of total available market with a single transaction. This can potentially be boosted with special editions, DLC, MTX, the works. If you can get that percentage of people to pay for a monthly sub instead of buying one game a year, there's a more steady amount of money rolling in without much need for marketing or big content risks. On top of that you can have out-cycle sales for stu
  10. Short term: Sony wins. Long term: Microsoft wins. (All.)
  11. 15 million Game Pass subscribers atm. Potentially recurring fees. TLOU2 sold >4 million out of the entire sea of PS4 owners. One time fee. You bet your ass GP is a game changer. Sure, a lot of people are doing the cheap cheap dance for GP at the moment, but if GP keeps adding content, there's no way they will cancel their subs in the end.
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