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  1. Cyhwuhx

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Some of the >100% stuff is kind of hidden away in already worked through areas. That said..
  2. No release date yet other than "2019". So throw it in with the Nintendo lot.
  3. I'm really hoping you can send photo/screenshot postcards from Koholint to other players in your friend list. But that would probably require a smartphone app.
  4. Just search the forum for that particularly broken record of mine.
  5. I for one am ecstatic that they FINALLY return to the grid based design. The loose 3D environments never did the series any good and removed a lot of the game design density from the game. It's why OOT always felt like a dull, empty world to me. Every rock/bush/wall can hide a secret again. Sooooo much better.
  6. *sigh* Link's Awakening Switch is a 3D polygon remake of Link's Awakening DX. Carry on.
  7. Of course they did. They have an official library for stuff like that. You make it sound like Nintendo did what you wanted and you’re bitter that they didn’t consult you. They’ve remade DX in 3D. Go play Sonic.
  8. You were the one that mentioned a literal copy/paste.
  9. Why? You only need 160x144 pixels.
  10. Cyhwuhx

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    A bit of both.
  11. Heh, was referring to the hardware but yeah, 2 bit greyscale indeed.

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