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  1. https://www.axiomverge.com/blog/announcing-axiom-verges-first-ever-free-content-update-in-open-beta-now Jolly good, but... I want 2.
  2. Note that you can rebuy items you've crafted at the shop, rather than recraft them again for various crafting branches. I'd also recommend boosting your Luck stat above all else.
  3. Yeah, they probably just want to capture mindshare and provide games that fit specific demographics. A hardcore CRPG made for XSX/PC would make sense. Then Star Wars UbiGame™ for multiplatform, Darth Vader VR for PC/PS and probably some kind of updated port of that Star Wars (Baby) Yoda Stories for Switch. Or something.
  4. Unlikely? They bought Bethesda and indicated they have money to spare. How on earth is this supposed to be unlikely?
  5. Those platforming sections give me an Ori-vibe: as in, more Meat Boy than Metroid. The stylings are a bit on the nose. Kind of fearful this may be another Foregone. We'll see.
  6. Nintendo is exhausting. They do great stuff, but they stumble through everything, often forgetting IP and tech the rest of the world adopts, and then rekindling passion in the weirdest of ways, while wondering why nobody likes game X. Every so often they knock it out of the park. I tend to forget about Nintendo, then have a few months of zealous Nintendo-sessions, and fade out again. I both love and hate them, making me want to chuck the Switch and enshrine it at the same time. Whereas Sony is more of background hum: only annoying when you pay attention to it.
  7. Available on all good streaming services.
  8. TBH I've noticed for myself that the new PS5 price tag is keeping me from buying PS5 stuff in general. Doesn't "help" that most PS4 games now all run like a dream and are often below 20 euros. For Demon's Souls it felt more like part of the initial PS5 cost, but I've pretty much resigned to not buying stuff at launch this gen and just waiting for the price to drop. It's just a big price hike all things considered. Now for this game 59,99 euros would still be OK in my book, knowing Housemarque. But after years of conditioning that 79,99 is the "Limited Edition" price mark, that pric
  9. Currently going through La-Mulana after picking up both 1+2 on the PS Store sale. I did play it on the Vita a bit, but that was when the Vita was slowly dying and I got sidetracked by the Switch et al. Delightful to be playing it on the big screen now. Determined to not be using any guides. Should be fun!
  10. And here I was thinking the state of the world had anything to do with it.
  11. That's not a test. That's torture.
  12. I'll love it (as it's Housemarque), but I do hope for their sakes it'll raise the bar a bit further than "here's Stardust but in a different suit yet again". I mean, it's what Housemarque does and it already looks very Stardust-ish in the clips, but I fear it might disconnect with a tacked on target audience now that Sony is earmarking this as one of their next big PS5 titles. They simply don't deserve that.
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