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  1. Well, this is good news for when I finish my first run. Thanks for being a guinea pig!
  2. Basically, by realizing there’s an angle of the jet to keep into account. No idea yet what changes on Hard mode. For me the jump is completely natural and easy to make. Additionally, there’s usually some space either left or right where it can’t hit you. But maybe Hard just punishes you anyway.
  3. Loading times are horrid across the board (maybe not on X1X, haven't seen it). But yeah, switch too quickly between chambers/screens and loading times might be induced. Framerates aren't great as well, but mostly servicable. It's still brilliant despite all that.
  4. You are describing the PS4 version, really.
  5. This plays delightfully “chunky”, but blimey, those loading times are worse than Bloodstained’s.
  6. Having both PS4 and Switch versions, I must say that I prefer the Switch’s understated use of shaders. Everything looks a bit cleaner. Framerate is the most obvious downgrade. Also replaying the galleon on Switch...
  7. Still waiting for the timer to unlock my digital copy...
  8. Also, has anyone sussed out if gathering shards actually has a negative effect or if it's just a story-beat? I did notice the screen-rumbling geting worse with each new shard, but apart from that nothing seems to happen?
  9. The difficulty was definitely higher pre-patch. So hard mode will be next on Switch. Poltergeist shield is still insanely overpowered and I now have an overpowered great sword made from three elemental swords to boot. It does seem to suffer from a Soulsy tendency to make human sized opponents all act the same. PS4 version really does not like waking into the game from a suspended PS4, constantly crashes on me upon starting to play. Oh, and there's O.D...
  10. I think they already tried to balance it by making you recast it with every screen flip, but even then there are enough purple flames to farm for MP replenishing making that nerf trivial. Think they will have to scale down its damage and bring it back to current levels on higher grades. At the moment it's in the running to be rebranded as Crissaegrim II.
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