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  1. Yeah, me too. I loved everything about it. The side quests were always grounded in the world itself, making me want to hunt them down, and the skill quests were genuinely good.
  2. Cue everyone on here exchanging PSN handles.
  3. I now generally do avoid those that do damage on an action (to maintain Adrenaline), but apart from that give me more. The more I get used to the damn things the better.
  4. Whenever I buy an astronaut I tend to forget about it. Then something obliterates me, I get deflated, and suddenly the screen comes back up and it's utter chaos trying to salvage whatever is left.
  5. And that was B3 and B4 in one go. I now finally have access to the electro pylons and dear lord. That is an insane weapon to unlock early on. Boss 3 was a lot more fun with a weapon that actually dealt damage and had shades of about it. Hell, there are quite a few designs used in the game that would make more sense in a Nintendo environment. Boss 4 was quite simplistic. Not sure what to think of it. Biome 5. Wow. OK, we’re doing that. Sure. And then it killed me.
  6. Guessing this is just a minimal update. They won’t rebuild the entire game for PS5/XSX. Especially when it’s an older title. Happy enough with 60fps btw. Framerate is essential, resolution is the bonus.
  7. What else? It's more that they need time to show they have a good proposition and earn trust. They weren't exactly successful in those respects despite having the tech, whereas Sony and Microsoft did manage to do that when they launched their propositions back then. See also Apple, who arguably already have a gaming platform, but are having difficulty upselling that into their Arcade service.
  8. Yes, but they were not exactly gaming companies. Sony probably had more fingers in the pie at the time then I realised as a kid, but Microsoft's shitty OS was basically my work (ISP helpdesk) back then. They felt more like a liability than the next paragon of gaming. Both have earned trust by now, but if I was already sceptical with those two, Google would have an even worse time.
  9. This is the exact same reason why I am rather positive about VR but will never, ever buy an Oculus. To me, Facebook effectively killed Oculus when they bought it. Google's involvement with Stadia, really made me adopt a wait and see approach. Not going to be a guinea pig for corporations where gaming is going to be an afterthought. (Note: Microsoft started off like this for me as well when they introduced the Xbox, it took a while to fully trust them. Sony ditto.)
  10. Getting a PS5/XSX 4K30 and 1080p60 update on Ascension Day: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-05-09-remnant-from-the-ashes-gets-a-free-next-gen-upgrade-later-this-week
  11. Dammit, reached the third boss, but my weapon was pitiful in damage output here. Danced around with it for fifteen minutes and only got one bar off. God, it’s good though.
  12. Soundtrack has been released! https://music.apple.com/nl/album/returnal-original-soundtrack/1565460719
  13. I'm expecting more non-political political statements about the non-lethal military-industrial complex. As a service.
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