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  1. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    The bullet symbol in the top right of the gun. Three facing vertically is auto. Single bullet is bolt action and two going diagonally is semi (one shot but don't have to reload manually).
  2. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    I've found most of the skills pretty lacklustre in this. The turrets are good - when they work. Half the time you throw them out and they explode for no reason and you have a 15 second cooldown to use them again; same for the drone. Not tried the Firefly but the description doesn't make it sound enticing. The Hive is great but the cooldown is huge. Chem Launcher is very good and very generous with cooldown time. Need to experiment with the Seeker Mines and Shield a bit more. Not tried the Pulse at all. Really, really enjoying the game though.
  3. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    Me, @Strategos, @spork and @Takizawa wrecked two Dark Zones last. Taki single handedly reduced the eagle population to extinct, spork ignited everything and everyone by shooting every flammable container he could, just as you walk past and strat hacked a node and made us rogue within 5 mins of us being there and we then butchered a lone guy. Twice Great fun and good loot. I still prefer NY in winter as a location but the missions in two are so superior it's silly. Such a variety in locations.
  4. Scruff

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Insemniod. An Alien rip off that had the blurb 'wait till you see the alien f**k with its transparent p***k!' on the box. A young teenage me couldn't pay for it quick enough from my local Blockbuster. The scene in question was part of a woman's leg (her bent knee with a bit of calf' and a clear plastic tube that someone was pouring some green jelly down off screen). Give me a facehugger any day.
  5. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    Much obliged Hitcher
  6. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    Am I right in thinking this goes live at 12:01 tomorrow morning? I know there is a graphic on the Ubi site showing worldwide release dates but I can't find it
  7. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    Don't blame me!
  8. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    Don't double dip then; just get the PC version. I mean, you wouldn't use a ratty old Land Rover Defender over a really-a-Ferrari-in-drag Alpha would you? What sort of person does that?
  9. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    But, but, @Len said he absotively, posilutely wasn't going to double dip this time..
  10. Scruff

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    What is the PC population going to be for this? @spork is trying to gaslight me into getting this telling me there will be loads of people to do the end game with; I think he's telling fibs. What say you, good PC players of RLLMUK?
  11. Scruff

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Whom ever ends up lifting the trophy, we have all won because it won't be Real or PSG. I think I'd like to see Ajax do it.
  12. Scruff

    What is your comfort game?

    It was Civ 5. It's now Civ 6. The disgusting amount of hours I've rocked up between them utterly shame me as a human being
  13. Scruff

    How long have you spent gaming this week?

    Nothing, as I've been ill. Otherwise it would have been an obscene amount of hours on Civ 6
  14. Scruff

    Anthem - Sekiro's out on Friday

    US SNES.

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