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  1. When you get in a rhythm during a battle it’s so much fun. Just constant movement, weapon switching, timed reloads, landing a jump on a flashing ‘ready to be executed’ enemy and of course CHAINSAW!!!!!!
  2. I took a long time to pick up Doom (PS4) but from the first few manic, head spinning hours I was hooked. By about half way through I was pretty much on auto pilot whenever the action cranked up and it was an absolute joy to play such a meaty, fun, absolutely off it’s nut shooter when almost every other shooter is about head shots and grinding fucking loot. I admire the thought behind the ‘Invade your game’ mechanic but that can get right to fuck! I want nothing but the lights off, the door locked and my head wired up to this when it comes out. Just more of the same with crazier weapons, some fresh takes on the momentum gameplay and as many screen filling demon bastards to shoot as possible please!
  3. Saw this last night and really enjoyed it. There are a few parts where it sags as there are just a few minutes more exposition or human interaction than is necessary but as a spectacle and bringing these incredible creatures to life I really cant fault it. It looked and sounded absolutely incredible!
  4. Out of my seat, hands in the air, “Fucking.... YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!” moment that!
  5. For a primarily La Liga team it has to be that 92 Modric. Plus there is no way I will get more than 6 even on my best days, haha.
  6. From what I can gather the main complaints seem to be around loosely developed humans that are essentially just there to move the plot forward... is that not EXACTLY what they should be doing in a Godzilla movie? Anyway, no doubt it wont be perfect but still be there next week with a huge grin all the way through no doubt.
  7. For me Godzilla was very much about teasing the spectacle rather than just splattering it across the screen and in some areas that worked, but what it created overall was quite a slow, meandering movie. That said, what that also created was an incredible pay off during the end battle, especially when Godzilla’s tail lights up. THAT moment and how perfectly it is executed almost in itself makes up for the movies overall failings. Planning to rewatch Godzilla over the weekend in preparation for KotM next week and can’t wait for it!
  8. I imagine MattHDgamer can afford to be happy with a Doherty given the other players he no doubt has.
  9. I got Doherty So that’s 7, no attackers and arguably the only player worse than Maddison as part of it.
  10. Just back from seeing this. Fuck me! What an absolutely beautiful film! How good the entire film looks is easily lost in amongst all the incredible action but so many stunning individual shots and of course the set pieces. If 4 is simply 90 minutes of Keanu Reeves emptying and reloading a shotgun then I will be there day one. Oh and dog combos. More dog combos!
  11. Had come in here to make sure someone had mentioned this and if not to do it myself. It wasn’t just the final episodes but the finale of every individual season was perfect and exactly what was needed each time. The final few episodes though are some of the greatest TV I have and will probably ever see. Incredible that it makes what in history was essentially a monumental triumph for the villains feel like a truly glorious and uplifting moment. Rewatch required again soon!!
  12. Willow sits alongside The Goonies for me as one of those films that even now at the age of 37 I could watch on a loop and never get bored. Val Kilmers Madmartigan was and still is an absolute legendary character. As a child I thought his name was Mardigan and everyone just thought he was off his nut so called him Mad aswell. Hence my first and only gamertag all those years ago was created, as I had just finished watching Willow (again) and it jumped right out at at me. His full name was too long but the mistaken name I gave him as a kid, yeah that was perfect So the film can do no wrong in my eyes but a TV show based no doubt loosely on that legendary world and characters, I have no idea how that would work. ”Mumbo, Jumbo, I am hungry... go get me some eggs or something!” ”We are NOT afraid of you!” ”NOW!!” ”AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!”
  13. If Tony’s injuries could have been reversed and separated from the snap then that would mean Thanos would have no need to bring back Vision when he reversed the mind stone exploding. Why would he bring him back if he didn’t have to? Wanda doesn’t move back in time because Thanos reverses what happened within a very specific location (let’s think of it as a small bubble) that surrounds the mind stone and Vision, which Wanda is not within as she got blown back from the mind stone explosion. The apple being restored doesn’t prove that the events within the target location can be separated so not sure why that is referenced. It seems pretty clear to me that in the scenario of reversing a specific event in a specific location / area that everything that happens within that location / area is basically rewound, not just certain aspects of what has just happened being undone. Its easy to over complicate these things if you really want to and you also choose to ignore what the movie seems to set out quite clearly. There is no good snap without Tony dying. Outside of the gauntlet that Thanos has on his right hand the only person that could have wielded all of the stones together is Tony using his suit. They weren’t getting the new gauntlet back off Thanos for someone else to wear at that point so the only option, which Strange had foreseen, was Tony doing what he did. So it could only be Tony that could have done that final snap and in doing so sacrifice himself. It’s beautiful, powerful and a perfect ending to what has been an epic story not just for him but the entire MCU up to this point.
  14. Yeah, but it’s ALL the results, etc within a specific event or location isn’t it? In IW Thanos reverses the mind stone being destroyed and as a result it restores vision. To save Tony the time stone would have to reverse the event that caused his injuries and in doing that the good snap would also be reversed. I think
  15. Vision was brought back by Thanos because he rewound him exploding. Saving Tony would have meant rewinding his snap so his sacrifice was essential for the 1 win scenario to work. There is no way to separate Tony’s snap and what it does to him so the time stone couldn’t have saved him.
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