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  1. I had Lala’s 81 IF when it first came out and he was excellent and I am using Meunier now who is great so I would imagine his IF is where you need to go Al. My next upgrade for RB will most likely be Lala’s 84 IF purely because I will need the Chem for the French players around him but if I had to choose it would definitely be Meunier IF.
  2. And there was me thinking it was just for me because I had spent a little under 700k in the space of 3 minutes to put this together and EA were checking it was all legit...
  3. Forget the packs, the overall cost of getting one of those primes is significantly less than the cost of doing it for either of the previous ones. That on its own is buuuuullshit!! The chances of making the difference up from the better pack rewards must be around 1% so it’s still a much easier SBC to do. Perhaps to increase baby icon prices (which they have overnight) as folk see it’s cheaper to get one of those primes and the main cost is whatever price the lowest baby icon is. Jusr another Saturday in FUT though innit.
  4. I saw this in a dream Steely. You deleted your FUT, we all kicked off, then you set up a FTL. Amazing!!
  5. But it’s still a prime icon for a LOT less than the other Icon SBCs. Surely they should be the same? I get that the only reason they exist is to drive up the prices of every single baby icon but if I am going to get fucked over I would appreciate it being done with a little consistency!
  6. In other news the Prime Icon SBC 3 is back but doesn’t seem to have been made much more difficult. Looks like just an 82 rated squad added to what it had earlier in the week and FUTBIN says still almost 500k cheaper to do than SBC 2. Obviously Larsson is in SBC 2. Fucking wankers!!
  7. Feel like Ben Affleck at the end of Good Will Hunting. You know what the best part of my day is Steely...
  8. Prime Icon 2 still has the same requirements it has always had, which include 84, 85 and 86 rated squads. Prime Icon 3 didn’t have these requirements. Prime Icon 2 has 7 sets of requirements. Prime Icon 3 only had 4 sets.
  9. That can’t have been an accident. It’s a monumental error in a system that they manage with scientific calculations. Clever people, how do EA benefit from this? More interest in the next SBCs? Folk throwing cards at the ‘incorrect’ SBC where the wouldn’t normally?
  10. If Prime Larsson can be picked up for just over 1.1m coins and it costs roughly the same to do the SBC that contains him why would anyone do the SBC?! Surely the packs too get aren’t enough to justify losing 1m coins? What am I missing?
  11. Hold on a fucking minute... FUT BIN says the Prime Icon SBC with Larsson costs about 1.1m but the new one is only 740k. That’s absolute nonsense!
  12. So, to summarise my rambling pish...how much do I need to do the prime SBC? I swore I wouldn’t do it but fuck it. If all you cunts are getting a prime then I want Henrik!
  13. Much did it skin you to do it @Steely? I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything you were saying about getting rid of coins through a prime. I have around 560k coins but am spending far too much time deciding what to do with it. Larsson has always been the only icon I have ever really wanted to get a hold of but him being untradeable in the SBC has discouraged me from doing it as it’s just playing right into EAs hands spunking all those hard earned coins. My initial goal was to pick up any Larsson but the journey to reach him has me considering the likes of Pogba, Griezman and Mbappe mainly because the icon SBCs ruined my plan to pick up his 86 or 87 card for around the 450k he sat at last year. I am still so close and I know the best thing for me to do is just accept losing all the coins and keep grinding toward the prime version, even though it makes me a little sick to think of all that wealth disappearing forever. I know I will use Larsson for the remainder of this FIFA if I get him but still... lining EAs pockets with all those coins. Meh!!
  14. SWEET!! I will give you 250k coins, a standard Ousmane Dembele and as many gold contract cards as you can handle for him!
  15. I’m at least waiting until tomorrows Rivals rewards. Still no fucking clue who I would buy but it’s all very exciting

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