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  1. The teams these people have are hilarious!
  2. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    It's the look on the other guys face, like 'how the fuck is he doing this!' It's the beard mate. Definitely the beard! I can't remember there ever being a movie event like this. Sure, we have had the culmination of incredible trilogies and sagas like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. in recent years but this. This feels like something monumental. Midnight showing wearing my Cap t-shirt for sure!
  3. Quality. Sell my entire team and I will still be about 50k short
  4. You guys ever see that old statistic that showed the daily Electricity consumptions spike that got attributed to people boiling there kettles to make a brew during the adverts of Coronation Street or half time in a big football match... I'd love to see the FIFA points purchase spikes that occur when these horrible cunts warm up these SBCs and other big events. Exploiting the Panini sticker collecting generation and not a fuck is given. Where is the Star Wars Battlefront loot crate mob when you need them
  5. Aye man, trade in all your players that are worth something for untradeable shite so you are cut from being able to generate coins. I know a lot of you boys have created incredible teams through a combination of FIFA points and in most cases an almost religious devotion to the WL and SBCs but EA can go and take a big, rough, shite covered fuck to themselves with this horrific monster they have created.
  6. Will all those packs be in SBCs or available for purchase using coins?
  7. The Expanse - Syfy

    I want an Amos Burton for Christmas!
  8. The Expanse - Syfy

    Quick post because I am half way through season 1 episode 7 and feel that is deep enough for me to form a solid opinion on what has happened so far and how things feels established for things to come... This is fucking awesome! Not felt so strongly about a Sci Fi show since Battlestsr Galactica and I never thought that is something I would ever say. It’s still early days but it seems to have the same confidence in its characters that BC had. Allowing them to take centre stage so that when a set piece or dramatic moment kicks in there is a real pay off. Being adapted from books clearly helps and while I will refrain from calling it Game of Thrones in space just yet, I do feel like it has much of the same pull and potential. Starting with faction politics while a much larger threat emerges is clearly the path here and I just hope it can retain what has so far been a fantastic start.
  9. Pacific Rim: Uprising

    Why does the Director suggest it is going to be a kids film? I loved the first one but all the trailers for Uprising have suggested it is going in a much more Power Rangers like direction, which is disappointing. The Director is the one thing that has me clinging to hope given his amazing work on Spartacus (Greatest TV show of all time) and Daredevil season 2.
  10. Smells like a lot of shite. SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF Definitely shite!!
  11. Brilliant Steely Cheers. So it’s really only a separate transfer market that was missing. An exact repeat of that with online friendlies added will be lovely.
  12. I can’t actually remember how it worked last time with players being made available but I don’t think there was a transfer market for them. That was all kept separate so the normal UT continued while the WC mode had different cards for the WC squads. I think.
  13. Have they released any details of how the mode will work this time round? 4 years ago I'm pretty sure everyone got loads of World Cup packs for free but there is no way EA will do that again now that UT is a (disgusting) license to print money will they?
  14. Its annoying the app doesn't you show you the specific appearances, goals and assists for players that they have for your club. Having them all merged with previous owners is a bit stupid.
  15. People are going to see that team pop in their opponent window and think this guy must be incredible and immediately quit out. Well played Steely!

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