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  1. The part I'm struggling with on the depiction of violence is how NG could have done it differently without losing something in the process? The graphical nature of it is essential not only to establish how far this world and by extension humanity has fallen as a result of the infection, but to also show us (the player) what it takes to survive in a world like this. There is no doubt its also about NG showing just how talented they are at creating visuals that blur the lines between 'gameplay' and the players expectation of that action in reality, but in a game where your primary objective is to kill or be killed I'm struggling to understand how they could have done it any other way. Arguably, the most potentially violent scenes are cut aways or we dont get to see it, eg. Joel getting tortured, Joel's final head shot, Ellie smashing Nora (we see it from Nora's perspective), so the moments where NG could have potentially taken it too far are where I feel they show restraint and in doing so stop themselves from moving into gratuitous / glorifying territory. I can't think of a single thing in the game that exaggerates what I would expect to happen if I was to really do the things Ellie and Abby do. If I was to hit someone with a manually crafted explosive arrow from 10 yards away I would expect them to disappear in a cloud of red smoke and left over flesh. So criticising NG for their ability to make violent actions feel real and as a result quite disturbing doesn't seem fair. Maybe criticism isn't what is being leveled at them here, but the most important question for people who are not happy with the level of violence... is that specific to this game or a general feeling toward how violent actions and outcomes are depicted in games?
  2. It also mirrors perfectly with the flashes Ellie sees of Joel. Right up until that final moment with her hands around Abby's neck her only image flashing of Joel is what she seen right before he was killed. Then... just as she is about to take Abby's life, Joel sitting on the porch the night before he died, where she opened herself up to forgiving him is what flashes in her mind and ultimately saves both her and Abby
  3. Great breakdown @pinholestar and wholeheartedly agree with it all , especially around the initial feelings on the switch to Abby. As I said before the real gut punch for me on that 'return to the Aquarium' with Abby was seeing Alice. When dogs were first mentioned as a feature I was very sceptical as to the justification for having you butcher them. Even moreso when it was confirmed that doing so would be accompanied by a human crying out as they see what has happened that just felt like a step too far in terms of gameplay 'mechanics'... but as I returned to the Aquarium and found Alice it hit me like a fucking sledgehammer... it was never about the gameplay. Yes, the implementation of the dogs as an enemy is a clever addition and brings a wonderful new angle to the combat but that perspective on these beautiful animals, from Alice saving Abby's life on several occasions to you as the player then helping Yara get close to Alice playing with her toy, its subtle but its absolute genius when measured against the disregard and brutality Ellie has toward Alice.... "stupid dog" That moment where I realised that the 'stupid dog' that I had so quickly killed hours before as Ellie was the same beautiful dog that I had grown really attached through Abby's story was just fucking And the porch scene you talked about the writing, the facial animation, the performances of the actors themselves, well this scene for me is the culmination of everything Naughty Dog have worked so hard on since the first game. That the relationship between two characters in a game can be so complex but at the same time so simple that it leaves (invested) players haunted and emotionally rattled through a single conversation is nothing short of witchcraft. Joel tells Ellie "If somehow the Lord gave me a second chance at that moment, I would do it all over again" and like Joel Naughty Dog should have absolutely no regrets about anything they have done here.
  4. See that... there just isn’t enough of that these days. A completely understandable and well broken down justification for what most feel is a game of the generation just not hitting the mark for you As as I said earlier, I have no interest in disputing your view or score and the BB comparison is very important context. I agree whatever they go onto do with MP, especially a horde variant will elevate it further so hopefully we see that sooner rather than later. Where every piece of interactive story telling had me completely hooked that kind of stuff seems to have detracted from your experience and given your BB love that makes perfect sense. A few hours into my NG+ this is comfortably the game of the generation for me and I know it’s going to feel even better replaying certain sections. I look forward to giving you a shout when MP lands
  5. @Uncle Nasty I’ve been thinking about all the things you have said about the game and your overall score and while I would never question that as your opinion I am curious as to what game, if any would merit something like a 8/10 or higher if LoU2 is a strong 6 For me, it’s a 10 for so many more reasons than just its gaming values, but I am really interested to know for people that it doesn’t hit the mark for... what games HAVE really impressed you? Appreciate this might be slightly off topic and the powers that can be please can this if required, but it’s a really intriguing point for me. If this game simply isn’t even close to top tier, GOTY standards for some people then what is?
  6. Thanks man, but anything more than 'This is how you can easily save your game darling' is more than I can be arsed to do, plus the wee man seems to take great delight in looking at her face when she finds all his work
  7. @Tetchy I think its still a spoiler mate even after the edit
  8. Before I start, I have to warn you that I do not play Animal Crossing but will be using multiple references and phrases that suggest I do My wife is losing her mind at the moment because on a daily basis our son opens up her Island and "fucks up my shit", which is starting to put a serious strain on their relationship. He is 3 years old and is not allowed to play it but has on occasion watched my wife play and loves it. Recently he has evolved into a clothes selling, tree chopping, hole digging, butterfly catching, garden ruining cunt. I have decided to step in. Is there any way for my wife to save her game so she can close the Switch down and not have to worry about the carnage that she is going to uncover when she fires it back up? I figured there must some kind of simple status save you could do so if it does happen (and the boy is a clever little prick so it clearly will happen) again that he can mess about and that 'activity' is simply lost when it gets turned off or the save loaded back up?
  9. I completely agree, having Abby or even Ellie capable of doing more stuff would be great.. provided it was balanced to the overall theme of the gameplay, which is survival. A lot of what you describe for Abby would risk losing the tension and the feeling of fighting to survive and instead make it a full on action game with Special Forces Abby cutting through any cunt she meets without ever really being worried about what would happen if you step out to early or miss a single shot from your crossbow. So I take the point around depth and volume of animations, particularly in relation to context sensitivity (the ledge throwing for example) but what they have achieved is no doubt the limit of what they could do while maintaining that very cinematic feel that is absolutely vital to the entire experience. And @Stanley I was the same with the silenced SMG. I would have liked for it to fire single shots a bit easier as no matter how gentle I was on the trigger it seemed to spit out at least 2 rounds every time a fantastic weapon. I am looking forward to using it on NG+ but concerned there isn't going to actually be any ammunition for it until Santabarbara?
  10. @Uncle Nasty did you play about much with Abby's momentum skill? That provides a completely different dynamic to the combat that you do not have with Ellie and expands on the CQC point you touch on. Also, Abby being able to improve her abilities to grab and move with hostages is another aspect you don't have with Ellie. I approached all situations very differently as Abby due to both of those things.
  11. You're probably now really getting to what the game is really getting at and while everything you said does ring true there is a different angle to it all at the core. I don't want to say anymore until you get through everything but be good to chat once you're done and reflect on your perspective now and at the very end.
  12. So much want to say where exactly are you in terms of the Day 3 context above?
  13. Never has a game made me feel so warm and safe by letting me load more bullets into a gun. Knowing that having that extra round in the chamber could be the difference between the last enemies head exploding and you having to take it to the street is one the games most basic and most satisfying features.
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