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    The Spurs Thread

    Lo Celso just doesn’t seem the right fit for us. Either that or no-one has figured out his best position yet. He plays well enough for Argentina… Kane needs to keep out of the midfield and actually be in the box for a start.
  2. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    I was encouraged by the first half, but with Kane looking disinterested and a few players lacking quality with the final ball we failed to capitalise on taking the game to Chelsea. Then the team got caught by two gifted goals and the mental fragility returned. I hope Nuno persists with the players that started the game, because they’ll roll a lot of teams over playing that way. I’d drop Kane if we had anyone else though - he needs to remember what position he plays and actually show some desire to play.
  3. Very sad - England, Spurs and Chelsea legend. RIP Greavsie
  4. Is it really that much better ? What are the differences ?
  5. Having two kids a long way apart in age is quite interesting - the older one (nearly 18) isn’t interested in games anymore but used to regularly kick my arse at Injustice on the 360, and loves the Raiders films. We used to watch Adventure Time, Chowder, and Regular Show together too. The younger one has no interest in TV shows at all, and pretty much exclusively watches Youtube content, some of which is genuinely awful, but some of which is quite educational. He has a Switch Lite and plays a bit of Goose Game, but is more often to be found playing something on the tablet. I haven’t really introduced him to the Xbox yet though, as I think he would get frustrated with the complexity of the controllers. He does like a bit of retro gaming on the Pi though, like Golden Axe 2 and a lot of those scrolling beat’em ups because the mechanics are a lot simpler.
  6. Playing Odyssey at the moment, which I picked up in the sale. Playing as Alexios, so that’s a bummer that Kassandra is a better bet. Am mopping up the Athens missions at the moment, but quite a few hours in, so don’t really want to restart.
  7. I know someone pissed in one once, but this is taking it too far.
  8. They had a go at him when he showed up apparently, because he’d bulked up too much - he had to drop 20lb from the frame he showed up with by doing less weights and more running.
  9. Eubank is a funny one. I know at times he said he didn’t like boxing much, but he cared enough to nearly kill himself in a few of his fights, like the Benn and Watson ones. Although he was never quite the same fighter after what happened to Michael Watson though. Became more of a boxer who would rather win on points than going for knockouts.
  10. As a break from Assassins Creed : Odyssey, I’m finding this charming. First ten minutes like one of those quirky 80s teen movies starring John Cusack or someone, then it goes all Bill & Ted. Only been playing a couple of hours so far…
  11. Jammy

    Xbox Game Pass

    Thank christ - I thought I’d turned old when I couldn’t control the bloody thing. I did manage the first leg transplant but I rage quit when they wanted me to use the bonesaw.
  12. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Jesus, I knew we were a few players short, but when I saw the announcement of the side I didn’t think it looked too bad. Anyone watch it ? Did anyone actually play well ?
  13. I bought an original Xbox on launch day in anticipation of this game, and it didn’t disappoint. I think I ran through it four or five times when it finally came out, handily getting released (and delivered) the day I started three weeks recuperation from a knee op, and before we had children. Played it through again on iphone when it came out too. Will be very interested to see how they pull this off, but would love a new addition to the story more.
  14. According to canon, the Eugenics Wars which had augmented humans like Khan ruling regions of Earth occurred in the 1990s. I doubt the Picard writers even know.
  15. Was thinking maybe Southern Comfort, but that’s more swampy, although there are canoes involved…
  16. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Sounds like we’ve got half the side out for Palace. Romero, Lo Celso and Sanchez isolating, and Son. Skipp and Bergwijn potentially out with injury. This could be Ndombele’s redemption arc…
  17. Jammy


    Wonder if it’s to do with them moving like they would in their 70s boots with massive heels ? You’re right though, she’s way taller than the others !
  18. I’m the same with a few exceptions - I kept all my Tool stuff because at the time they were being difficult about going digital, and there’s a couple of bands I always buy physical media for. No idea why, as I just rip them and never play the disc again. Habit I guess.
  19. Sounds good - still remember the first time I heard this record, at ‘The Loft’, an alternative music night at Bojangles nightclub in Guildford, when it first came out. That 2019 thing must’ve been a 25th anniversary or something like that.
  20. EMP Direct were doing the physical CD with a flashy lenticular cash yesterday for £6.66, so I got that.
  21. I’m thinking more along these lines… What are we guessing for relationship ? I’m going sister.
  22. I accept there’s a possibility that this surname is a coincidence, but with the writing on Picard and ST:Burnham being as it is, I very much doubt it. They even rhymed her first name. ’Star Trek : Small New Worlds’ ?
  23. As if Picard would ever say “I’m way too old”.
  24. I’m quite liking it actually - only one song I really don’t like (The Time Machine). The classic E-D-C-G-A progressions and Celtic motifs typical of Nu Maiden, but quite a lot of departure from the standard stuff on this album, and I think they’ve finally realised Bruce has been reaching a bit for those higher registers the last three albums and let him sing a lower scale a bit more. And Adrian Smith is still the best soloist of the three amigos.
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