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  1. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    I guess in the context of it being an away game, Watford’s new manager bounce, and A FUCKING CLEAN SHEET FOR A CHANGE, a point’s not a bad result.
  2. Certainly agree with that - I thought the best chemistry in the whole trilogy was in the scenes Harrison Ford had with Daisy Ridley in TFA.
  3. One thing I forgot to mention earlier in the thread, and I don’t think anyone else did either - I did appreciate the nod to Shearsmith and Pemberton in ep2, with the mystery passenger being in room number 9.
  4. Jammy


    I saw that one too, and I remember thinking it wasn’t shit. I’m easily pleased though, to be fair. But this one holds zero interest for me, the trailer put me right off.
  5. I guess he was set for life money-wise after Potter, so he’s having fun doing stuff that interests him. Good for him
  6. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    About the game on Saturday; I just wished we’d got at them in the first half rather than with half an hour to go. The second half showed that we can still compete with these teams, and they showed a resolve that I haven’t seen for a few weeks. Lo Celso has to start ahead of Eriksen now (although he may be gone anyway).
  7. I remember there was an interval in Jaws just after Brody, Hooper and Quint head out to sea to catch the shark - lights went up, my dad went to get snacks. I got a tap on the shoulder, turned round, and my regular babysitter was sitting behind us with her mates.
  8. Jammy

    Neil Peart has died.

    RIP The Professor
  9. They also used to have those weird arty short films before the main one too. You often read about them considering intermissions in certain films because of their length. I seem to remember Bladerunner 2049, and possibly The Hateful Eight, were two. It depends what drink I take in. A large coke and I’ll be heading to the toilets for sure. I stick with the iceblasts which don’t have the same effect on my bladder.
  10. I know what you mean - to me, they’d done enough in the first two episodes to diverge from the original story without resorting to the timeshift and secret organisation in the last one. The differences in Episode 1 were surprising, purely because I was expecting a more faithful adaptation - but they’d definitely made it interesting. But by removing imo the best dynamics of the first two episodes - the period settings, Dracula and Van Helsing’s dialogue (both apart and together), and their subsequent relationship - I thought the last episode was diminished. The modern characters were largely forgettable by comparison to Van Helsing and the crew and passengers on the Demeter, and I would have been much happier for them to have continued in the original timeline and kept loose ties with Stoker’s framework for the final episode. Maybe they thought they’d get criticised for not making it different enough.
  11. If this is to be believed, it looks like they’re going ahead with the timeline that Beniof/Weiss were going to explore, albeit without them attached. https://makingstarwars.net/2020/01/the-next-star-wars-film-saga-to-be-set-during-the-high-republic-era/
  12. Blades Of Glory is ridiculous and funny and has a great cast, and I won’t apologise for liking it. Going back a bit further, There’s Something About Mary was also pretty funny, albeit in a Farrelly Brothers way.
  13. This was great - although possibly the easiest gig Pedro Pascal will ever have. Very much looking forward to S2 - hope that now they’ve tested the water they’ll do either longer episodes or a longer series.
  14. Agree with most others here - really enjoyed parts 1 & 2 and part 3 was trying a bit too hard to be clever. Would have much preferred them to follow the traditional story in the style of the first two, rather than rehashing ‘The Initiative’ out of Buffy S4.
  15. Fox’s original contract with George meant that they retained distribution rights to A New Hope, so that was one stumbling block. Of course, Disney have now bought Fox, so if the films still exist in their original form - and if they’re allowed to according to their agreement with George - they could now release all three. I’d heard the same as @Darrenthough - they don’t own the rights to the original versions, whether they exist or not.
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