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  1. Good crisp bad crisp

    The Garlic Chilli ones were amazing. There were also Hooters Hotwings, and an incredibly strong salt & vinegar one that could strip the enamel off your teeth. Apparently there was a salsa flavour and a meatball one too, but don’t remember those.
  2. If they’re going back to the beginning they should dig Steve Guttenberg and Michael Winslow up and retcon McClane into their Police Academy class.
  3. Football Thread 2017/18

    Don’t forget, Tottenham’s plan, had their bid won, was to demolish that stadium and build a new one on the site. They realised it wasn’t an ideal stadium for football. We would likely have ended up with what we’re getting next season, just in a different area. Having said that, I’m delighted they stayed in Tottenham more on less on the same site.
  4. Jaws 2 - 40th Anniversary

    He actually does a fair bit of grunting in the original - watch it again and listen when he kills Annie and Lynda. Not quite the same kind of noises - effort rather than anger - but noises nonetheless.
  5. Jaws 2 - 40th Anniversary

    Nick Castle is also reprising his role from the first Halloween (although they have a stunt man doing the action). Plot rumour hidden below
  6. Football Thread 2017/18

    23 shots, and the majority of possession again. Spurs given the same lesson in not being clinical enough as so many English sides have in the CL over the years.
  7. Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix

    Ha ! Excellent
  8. Marvel's Luke Cage - Netflix

    I’d rather they got on with Jessica Jones S2.
  9. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    E4 are half a season behind I think. They always wait til after the winter mid-season break so they can show the full season without the interruption.
  10. Jaws 2 - 40th Anniversary

    After my dad (ill-advisedly) took me to see Jaws at the cinema when I was four, I persuaded him to take me to see this as well. There are definitely some great scenes in there. The opening sequence with the discovery of the Orca wreck, the scene in the harbour with the sail-hopping and near miss, the water-skiing sequence, the whole Brody paranoia arc. I really like the opening music too. It’ll always suffer by comparison because the original had three genuinely great performances to hang the film off, and a couple of the teens in this are genuinely appalling. But it does contain one of the most marvellous beards in cinematic history. Edit - Murray Hamilton was also excellent in both films.
  11. Top Gear - Series 24

    Caught it tonight on iplayer. Very solid start.
  12. Kevin Smith 'Too fat for 40'

    He lost something like 80lbs a couple of years ago. But, my grandad was really fit and still had arteries clogged with cholesterol. Maybe he has similar issues.
  13. The second half of S1 had some good ones. I really enjoyed the two-part Namibia trip in the beach buggies. Way better than this terrible S2 road-trip.
  14. Top Gear - Series 24

    I didn’t realise it started today until about 20:50, so will have to keep watch on iplayer.

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