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  1. I hate that I even know this, but First Order TIEs do have shields.
  2. Jammy

    The Spurs Thread

    Not ideal for our first game in the new stadium, but we have to beat these sides to continue upwards, so bring ‘em on.
  3. Jammy

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Agree with that @Eighthours. They were very cynical, but the referee needed to be stronger. How many times did they just stand right infront of the ball at free-kicks so Trippier or Young couldn’t take them quickly. The ref was incredibly poor I thought. England looked fantastic for half an hour, and should have been at least 3-0 up before the penalty. We need to be much more clinical with our chances because we won’t get anywhere near as many against better teams. We got away with it last night because Tunisia had no intention of trying to win the game, but for example in our opener against Italy at the last World Cup, where we were playing well and should have been 2-0 up before Italy scored their first, we were punished for our profligacy, and it set the tone for the panic-ball we played for the rest of that tournament.
  4. Jammy

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    @Darren, ‘fluffer’ seems more apt
  5. Jammy

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    That was actually Emelia Clarke.
  6. Jammy

    Amazon Prime Video

    Also got the LG app - I get offered The Grand Tour S2 in UHD, but not S1.
  7. The ‘TV’ version of Halloween does have the sister stuff in it (the scene is on youtube). Just trawled online though, and as I suspected the additional scenes were filmed during production of Halloween 2, so they just followed the newly established plotline. I never got any sort of tragedy from H1 or H2 though. In H1 he was intended to be a motiveless killer, and even though the sister storyline was established in H2 it seemed it was just to give him a focus. The only real bond he showed was with Loomis. The familial bond for me was only really introduced in the Rob Zombie remake, with him trying to communicate to Laurie that he was her brother near the end, which is one of the reasons I like his first one. The second one is total bobbins though.
  8. Jammy


    I’ve been buying rib roast joints recently. I can get three really decent thick steaks out of a £19/£20 joint versus three rather sorry rib-eyes that are too thin and cost £25.
  9. I like it too. I’m treating this like the old Marvel “What If...” comics they used to do. Carpenter apparently wanted Halloween to be standalone, but his agent suggested that he could make a big pile of cash from a sequel because of the original’s popularity. He said that every night before starting work on the script he would down a six-pack to get in the mood to do it, but then couldn’t resist adding a few scenes during filming (and directing them himself) because he thought Rick Rosenthal’s film was a bit too tame.
  10. Nooooo, I’ve just happened across Wrath Of Khan on one of the Sky movie channels and I’m straight in at the engine-room scene near the end
  11. Jammy

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    You’ve watched their defensive displays this year, right ?
  12. Jammy

    The Boxing Thread

    Farce - as close to a fix as you could get in terms of their relative size, and throwing in the towel after one decent punch makes it look like an actual fix.
  13. The problem is that the genre has moved on for the current generation, and adjustments have to be made to suit. In the way that amazing SFX are just taken for granted now in sci-fi films versus a 1970s audience seeing Star Wars for the first time, I think most teenagers would probably be mildly bored by the original Halloween because they’ve been desensitised by loads of more gory stalk and slash films. The original certainly doesn’t feel like an 18 these days. Have they set a classification for this one yet ? I liked that trailer, and I’m quietly encouraged. I like the idea of the beginning at the mental hospital - hope there’s a bit of meat to that.
  14. Only a Sith deals in absolutes @Spainkiller, you monster !
  15. Jammy

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I certainly wouldn’t put myself in the camp of not giving a monkeys about SW - I’m a hugh SW nerd, and everyone I know who’s seen Solo (all are big SW fans, and a couple are even nerdier than I am) also really liked it. For me it was a great antidote to the more serious tone of the new main trilogy.

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