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  1. How does your phone let you down/why is it crap ? Having insight into that will help to decide what kind of camera you need, or if you actually need one at all
  2. I've loved quite a few of them, but Type 4 holds a special place in my heart.
  3. Autofocus doesn't have to add size and weight. Something like the F80 is smaller and lighter than the F3 whilst packing in af, motordrive, matrix metering and a pop-up flash over the F3 for example. Granted you're not going to be knocking in tent pegs with the F80, but then it only costs around £40 for a body. I shoot with my F80 90% of the time now whilst my FE and F4 (and Mamiya 645 and C330) get left on the shelf. Anyhoo, if you just need aperture priority on your Nikon then there's a lot of cameras out there. If manual focus then also consider FE/FE2/FA in addition to the F3. I'd probably recommend the FA out of that lot as Nikon's matrix metering is so good you don't really need to think about exposure. If auto focus then F80 or F100. Both from the last days of film before the transition to digital and are the most advanced film cameras Nikon made alongside the F6. F80 is cheap, F100 a bit more expensive. If wanting to use both manual and auto-focus glass, then F4. There really isn't another camera like it in the Nikon line up.
  4. Is anyone else watching Man Like Mobeen ? Comedy series about a British Muslim in Birmingham trying to bring up his sister along with his two friends. Deals with amongst other things - Drug Dealing/ Gangs, arranged marriage, fascists, racism, knife crime, NHS, gammons and social media. Sometime serious, sometimes comedic and sometimes surreal. It's a bit rough around the edges at times, but it's full of heart and the characters are great with Uncle Shady being a particular favourite. Also has a great 90's hip-hop soundtrack. Best comedy series I've seen in a while. Available on iplayer and netflix.
  5. Watched the first episode and can't help but feel it's aimed at teenage boys in a Starz kinda way. Is it first episode of a new series syndrome, or is the first episode representative of the series ? Also, the extent to which Bruce Lee's mannerisms are copied is a bit silly. I can understand the lead character doing it, but when the guy he's fighting is also copying Bruce it just ends up looking silly. Like a Bruce Lee cover's band.
  6. I guess it depends on what you’re after in a camera ? Features ? Collectability?
  7. As @FishyFish says id factor in a price of +20% to deal with any customs charges. Unless you can’t wait I’d keep an eye on the usual sites like Ffordes and WYCameras, you shouldn’t have to pay over the odds for a F3. Quite surprised how much F3’s are going for now to be honest though, there’s other cameras I’d rather have for that price
  8. Wasn't the show supposed to be about the after effects of the destruction of Romulus and their effect on Picard ? Daughter of Tom Hardy Picard ?
  9. Quite looking forward to this, I haven't had a console under the telly for an age. Shame no Galaga '88 though
  10. Ask Colatron on Instagram ? Looks amazing on his post.
  11. Season 14 still not aired in the UK or available to buy. I haven't had to go to the high seas for anything for an age now...
  12. I don't go out with a particular mindset. When I'm out in Birmingham with my camera I'll do street, portraits, landscapes, abstracts etc - whatever is interesting.
  13. Doesn't sound as though you have anything to worry about then !
  14. The talk of Eisenhorn made me think of this again. Looks as though Rebellion have built their own studio for this and the Rogue Trooper film. First out the gate is 'School's Out Forever', an adaption of the Afterblight Chronicles. Which I know nothing about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abaddon_Books#The_Afterblight_Chronicles Still nothing on the Dredd TV series itself, the official twitter account has just been re-tweeting 2000AD stuff for the past year. I guess they still haven't got a network to buy into it ?
  15. You're going to want full frame then and also look into lighting solutions. Second hand Canon 5dmk2+ 50mm f1.8 is just about on your budget and will get you going for portraits in natural light. On the mirrorless side a Sony A7mk1+ 50mm is also just about in your budget.
  16. What do you want to with the camera? Where do you feel the M3 is letting you down? Digital stills tech in DSLRs is pretty mature and there hasn't really been any advancements in a while now. If you're going APS-C then any of the 24MP bodies are good enough. I use a six year old Nikon 24MP APS-C body for example and wouldn't get any better image quality by upgrading to something more recent. The advancements are happening in video, and if you want that you're probably better off sticking with mirrorless than a DSLR.
  17. Wait until you get to season 2 which improves on season 1 in every way. Some of the best TV sci-fi in a long while
  18. Have you contacted the lab you've used to mention the problem ? My first suspicion however would be a failure at the Cinestill end where their remjet removal process hasn't quite worked
  19. Wow, never had that. I'd like to think I'd just ignore them, but easy to say having never been in that situation. I always just get nice people who want to talk about cameras or photography in general.
  20. The falling out of Danny Boyle with the Bond producers seems strange in hindsight when it turns out Boyle is happy to direct awful Richard Curtis stuff, in the style of Richard Curtis no less.
  21. The other thing worth noting is your depth of field is going to be narrower going from crop to full frame. Focus will be critical for sharp images on tele lenses. Also your lenses for equivalent focal length are going to be larger/heavier.
  22. Ste_S

    Glastonbury 2019

    A shame that she/her career have gone this way. Miseducation is such a great a great album
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