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  1. I wouldn’t get your hopes up as the previous season hasn’t hit the UK yet either
  2. It's something you have to sort in post. Even lab scans will do that - try to lift exposure and/or shadows to try to resolve detail that isn't there. Normally I'll just crank the blacks down until they're clipping
  3. I’m sure they’re trying their best to channel the African Queen in that trailer also
  4. @Fargo Buy it second hand. CEX in particular seem to be awash with A6000 at the moment and offer a two year guarantee with them. You can get one with the 16-50 for £290. Alternatively the A6300 with 16-50 is £530 second hand
  5. @Loik V credern You ok hun?
  6. Ste_S

    The Jazz Thread

    There appears to be a fair few Blue Note vinyl re-releases recently and picked this up today. Partly for the amazing cover, but mostly because I didn't really know Herbie outside of Headhunters and Rockit. Needless to say this is great
  7. Scud Race Sega Rally 1&2 Daytona 1&2 Ridge Racer series Outrun C2C Metropolis Street Racer/Project Gotham Racing
  8. Disagree, I think it's fine. It sounds like a 90's af film camera when it focuses, but apart from that I have no issues with it.
  9. Pfft Atari 400/800 please. The C64 version was a port. Loved Dropzone.
  10. I like those. Funnily enough was just browsing David Burnett's Holga photos which i've not seen before. https://www.davidburnett.com/gallery.html?gallery=Holga+Eye&folio=Galleries&vimeoUserID=&vimeoAlbumID=#/0
  11. Or alternatively they've run out of money and the keyboard is just a smoke screen for the delay whilst they try to get additional funding to enable them to release it.
  12. Not knowing much about it . Regardless, looks amazing.
  13. @Scratchy Bollock It depends I guess ? I've never really progressed beyond phone apps when needing to meter for long(er) exposures, and that was long before I learnt about reciprocity failure charts. This was phone metered
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