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  1. You're going to want full frame then and also look into lighting solutions. Second hand Canon 5dmk2+ 50mm f1.8 is just about on your budget and will get you going for portraits in natural light. On the mirrorless side a Sony A7mk1+ 50mm is also just about in your budget.
  2. What do you want to with the camera? Where do you feel the M3 is letting you down? Digital stills tech in DSLRs is pretty mature and there hasn't really been any advancements in a while now. If you're going APS-C then any of the 24MP bodies are good enough. I use a six year old Nikon 24MP APS-C body for example and wouldn't get any better image quality by upgrading to something more recent. The advancements are happening in video, and if you want that you're probably better off sticking with mirrorless than a DSLR.
  3. Wait until you get to season 2 which improves on season 1 in every way. Some of the best TV sci-fi in a long while
  4. Have you contacted the lab you've used to mention the problem ? My first suspicion however would be a failure at the Cinestill end where their remjet removal process hasn't quite worked
  5. Wow, never had that. I'd like to think I'd just ignore them, but easy to say having never been in that situation. I always just get nice people who want to talk about cameras or photography in general.
  6. The falling out of Danny Boyle with the Bond producers seems strange in hindsight when it turns out Boyle is happy to direct awful Richard Curtis stuff, in the style of Richard Curtis no less.
  7. The other thing worth noting is your depth of field is going to be narrower going from crop to full frame. Focus will be critical for sharp images on tele lenses. Also your lenses for equivalent focal length are going to be larger/heavier.
  8. Ste_S

    Glastonbury 2019

    A shame that she/her career have gone this way. Miseducation is such a great a great album
  9. Ste_S

    Glastonbury 2019

    Indeed, Lizzo is far more interesting then a bunch of pensioner goths playing some songs from 30 years ago.
  10. I've shot 400ISO B&W pushed to 1600 and had no problems with airport x-ray machines
  11. @FishyFish Been to Barcelona then ? Such a photogenic city
  12. Thought that sounded like a Record intro, and then there it was when I flicked through 41
  13. Froome out of the TdeF after crashing on a recon of today's Dauphine TT stage
  14. What I got from it was that it was a film about selfishness and self destruction, Neil was practically self harming at points in the film. Where I thought the film was lacking was it never really conveyed why his wife stayed with him (during this period), despite Claire Foy's excellent performance. I don't think Gosling's robot act helped with that.
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