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  1. Rum

    Dark Matter tastes like Christmas.
  2. Maniacs of PSN/XBoxLive

    I did check out his stats afterwards on Destiny Tracker: http://destinytracker.com/destiny/games/ps/minecraftianoSP He puts in a few more hours than I do.
  3. Maniacs of PSN/XBoxLive

    After taking a break from Destiny for a month I fancied some Iron Banner last week. My second game back I was dumped onto the losing side half way through the game, and received this motivational message from someone on my team after we lost.
  4. Destiny: FIN

    I received that email. I thought I was special.
  5. Pokemon Go

    Yeah, one at a time unless you buy another incubator.
  6. Pokemon Go

    Might buy a 3DS just for that.
  7. Pokemon Go

  8. Pokemon Go

    Thought I'd give this another go on my walk to the shop. Even considered popping into a Pokepub and dropping a lure. Spent 10 minutes outside and failed to connect until I got back to my front door. Even then the GPS failed and I just loaded into an empty map. I'd like to play it, but I'm not sure I have the patience for this nonsense. Think I might be holding off until they stabilise things.
  9. Pokemon Go

    @MrPogo That happens to me a lot. It's crashed. I just put down an incense 5 minutes ago, caught a pidgey, game hung on the pokeball. I had to restart and haven't been able to get back in. I imagine things will get smoother as time goes on, but today all I've experienced is disappointment.
  10. Pokemon Go

    Planned a couple five minute Pokestop laps, grabbed my battery pack and set off. Got to the third stop, had connection issues. Couldn't reconnect, so went to the next spot. Reconnected long enough to get an egg from the Pokestop, throw a ball at an eevee, and disconnect again. Now I'm home again, with wifi, and still can't connect to see if I caught that eevee. Gg. EDIT: 15 minutes later, I'm in. Caught an eevee. I will continue to play this game.
  11. Destiny: FIN

    Tuonela SR4. You can order one from the Gunsmith this week.
  12. Pokemon Go

    Because Game Freak and Creatures own the rest.
  13. Destiny: FIN

    Grab the New Monarchy one - Righteous VII.
  14. Pokemon Go

    Grab the APK if you've got an Android phone. Wait patiently if you're on iOS

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