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  1. linkster

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    I think I made it about 15 minutes into Hold the Dark. More like What the Fuck? Wind River was OK though & basically same movie from what I can gather.
  2. Question for those who've seen it (I liked Bone Tomahawk and loved Cell Block 99) - the Empire preview made it sound like it baits a lot of issues, if you have a bit of a bleak sense of humour and go see this in a cinema and laugh are you likely to get weird looks?
  3. linkster

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    For me, it wasn't. And it's not really cos of hype either, you've got to judge things on merit and that alone. I think the whole Blumhouse situation is really fascinating, someone who's gone off lot to do things cheap and fast with talent that's not been through the mill yet. You get some amazing results, but even when not amazing you get good entertainment - I really loved Happy Death Day and its sequel, while I also thought The First Purge was decent enough. This, though, which looks like he's gone off on his own (Monkeypaw, not Blumhouse), I guess why not when Get Out made so much - it looked expensive, loads of extras, excellent acting talent, but not clever, or especially funny, or remotely scary. As I mentioned earlier, I think the average Inside Number 9 episode would show it up EDIT yeah I just looked them up, Monkeypaw is Peele's company
  4. linkster

    What books did you read in 2019?

    Captain Blood. Consider my buckle comprehensively swashed. ah, for the days when honour and gallantry were defined by how many french or spaniards you could massacre
  5. linkster

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    To be honest, the most fun I had in the entire experience was hearing Fuck Tha Police really, really loud
  6. linkster

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Tried giving Good Time a go. Robert Pattinson plays ultimately a hateful, narcissistic little shit. Half way through another character is introduced and for a while I thought a better movie would have been his backstory but then he turned out to be worse
  7. linkster

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Velvet Buzzsaw - somehow my brain had ejected the memory
  8. linkster

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Oh, right - younger but same universe so basically we know how it all pans out?
  9. linkster

    X-Men - Dark Phoenix

    Confused, given I’ve not seen most Xmen movies, the lead character here is ... Jean Grey? can I have a brief not too spoilery summary of how this differs from Famke Jannsen?
  10. linkster

    Arcade Club (Bury, near Manchester)

    Two new personal best scores but I cannot believe I failed to break two million on Star Wars, I heard the reactor port take a torpedo hit before I lost my last shield
  11. linkster

    Arcade Club (Bury, near Manchester)

    I love that this place has a shower
  12. linkster

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    All fair comment but equally true of Thor Ragnarok. Interesting both improve on later viewings
  13. linkster

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    I know. Style over substance or logic. But to what effect? Just made me groan.
  14. linkster

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

  15. linkster

    Jordan Peele's 'Us'

    None of that changes how I felt about the movie

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