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  1. X_2_0

    Battlefield V

    Just got a rage message telling me not to camp and to get some skill, after killing a guy who ran through a door I was covering 3 times in row. So I must be doing something right! Enjoying this a lot now. Turning down the sensitivity when zoomed has been a real game changer! Now I can shoot people, well mostly.
  2. X_2_0

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Well a fair while after the game launched Anakin is finally available as a hero! Dice have been pandering to the Clone Wars fan base that dominate the Battlefront community and he is ridiculously overpowered. They have also reworked all the Clone armour so there are hundreds of variations that you can select now. they have also tweeted the lighting effects so everything looks a bit odd and glowy. The big new game mode got delayed for at least another month though so that's still to come.
  3. X_2_0

    Battlefield V

    Ha, that is so typical of Dice, try and fix something and make it worse! They seem to to have ignored everything they should have learned from their Battlefront mistakes and are determined to repeat them.
  4. This sounds like it will be as good as Robocop 3!
  5. X_2_0

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Oh no, what have I done.
  6. X_2_0

    Battlefield V

    I've found the visibility a big improvement, before I was having a job Keeping track of tanks even. Not really had any bad lag issues. I find the forced weapon choices for classes frustrating though, not being able to have a smoke grenade when you are playing assault for example. The Panzer Storm play list is a lot of fun though, as the game seemed been a bit stingy of vehicles up till now.
  7. X_2_0

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    I'm interested to know if this trilogy will be running at the same time as the Game of Thrones guys trilogy? Or will they only start one after the other has finished? Having two separate trilogies running at the same time might confuse some.
  8. X_2_0

    "Restoring" a cocktail table

    Would be interested in seeing some pics! Oh I forgot to mention this site is also good for parts https://www.arcadeworlduk.com particularly if you need something specific. ive also been thinking of using a site like Fiver.com to see if I can get the control overlays reproduced to a printable standard
  9. X_2_0

    "Restoring" a cocktail table

    I've been working on the cocktail I picked up 6 month or so ago, and it's going quite well. My plan is to restore the externals to its original Space Panic appearance, and install a multi game board. I've rewired it to jamma, changed the buttons from square to traditional ones, put in an extra fire button on each side , tidied up the remaining art work, put lights back in the player select buttons and adapted the 2nd coin return push to an extra credit select. The replacement buttons I got off eBay, where you can get pretty much everything you need. The main problem I now have is that's the red has gone from the CRT and fixing it probably is going to be too tricky. I still need control overlay and instruction artwork, then eventually I may replace the glass and rechrome then feet. No idea how much that would cost!
  10. X_2_0

    Pandora Box

    I'm running a Pandora 3 on my cocktail cab (courtesy of @Superquincy) currently plugged into a monitor though as I can't find a way to flip the screen. According to some sellers screen flipping is possible on the Pandora 3, but I'm not so sure.
  11. X_2_0

    Battlefield V

    Thanks, I focus on the semi automatics for a while! I don't think I had even noticed being awarded coins at the end of a game. Good point, I haven't even looked at those yet.
  12. X_2_0

    Battlefield V

    I'm really struggling with this at the moment. I'm level 18 so have played a bit but I just can't seem to get settled with any class type or weapon. Nothing seems to work particularly well for me. Are there any particular guns I should be looking to unlock for each class? Also I barely seem to have any money to spend on weapon upgrades, is levelling up the quickest way to earn cash? I loved BF1 so am hoping this will click for me soon but right now BFV feels like it's about half the game BF1 was at launch
  13. There's ten games worth trying out in that lot, so easily worth a tenner I reckon!
  14. You are crazy, Zoids was a great game and ahead of its time. My tips for it got printed in Crash too, maybe you need to read them and git gud! Fat Worm Blows a Sparky on the other hand, what was that all about? Dull weird and slow, I still don't know why I bought it. Anyway I'm off to buy Motorstorm because that video for it looks amazing!
  15. I went to the cinema with@dirkcrisis to see this. Worst Valentines date ever!

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