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  1. PeteJ

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    My new camera turned up yesterday - canon 5d mark 4. Only incremental improvements over the mark 3 I had previously but first impressions are positive. Need to get out on a proper shoot though rather than annoying the cats. Things that have stuck out so far: - touchscreen is surprisingly well implemented - WiFi and NFC to app have great potential, almost makes up for immovable screen - improved burst rate - camera feels pretty much exactly the same (can still operate in total darkness) - haven't been able to notice the apparent improvement in autofocus (I'm more used to manual) despite trying - silent mode not much difference to normal - haven't tested added detail from resolution increase or improvements to dynamic range I'm not sure if the mark 4 will be with me as long as the 3 was before, depends on how good the rumoured new high end EOS R is. Also remains to be seen if it was worth the £1000 I paid for the upgrade, but 'more of the same but better' is just right for me.
  2. I enjoyed the Half Dead2 QL, worth a watch.
  3. If this is to succeed then surely it needs to support controllers you already own...I expect it will. Maybe. I've been using ShadowPC quite a bit recently and streaming games works surprisingly well. It's not perfect by any means but it's pretty damn good, I look forward to seeing how the Google service pans out as Shadow is quite expensive.
  4. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Cool, didn't know that, not sure if I'd ever find a use for it mind. Yes agree with polariser!
  5. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    If you are shooting handheld then I don't recommend filters as they'll just get in the way. A lot of pros are moving away from grad filters as they can just bracket and sort in post, though personally I prefer to use the filters still as I prefer to know I've done it 'right'. You'll still need to use a full ND filter to slow the exposure time though. If you do buy filters the cheaper ones will put a nasty colour cast on your image, which aren't always easy to recover from in post.
  6. PeteJ

    Crackdown 3

    The drip feed of weapons and gadgets is perfectly judged against the gradual improvement of the agent and rise in difficulty of the challenges. It really feels like my power and options are increasing and yet the game never seems to become easy. It's just more chaos. Amazed the performance remains topnotch despite the crazy stuff that occurs on screen, can't believe people day this looks like a 360 game! I'm playing on hard (second from top). Feels spot on. I don't think my thoughts have been so different from the review scores before!
  7. PeteJ

    Crackdown 3

    Did you think about having the bosses available immediately in the city, rather than being triggered? Would have been neat to try and break the game in the early stages! Also...are you doing a Keys to the City DLC like in the original?
  8. PeteJ

    Crackdown 3

    Amazing how few games capture this. Loved going into an area with 7% survival rate and giving it a go. I failed but it was fun trying!
  9. The Crackdown 3 quicklook is the worst I've seen in a while, though probably because they don't like the game and I do: -Plays on new game plus (or a fully upgraded agent in a new game world) - playing on what looks like normal or even easy difficulty - takes out a boss in literally a second and makes the game look dull as fuck It's such a fun game but they do everything to make it look below average.
  10. PeteJ

    Crackdown 3

    I think I'm having as much fun with this as I did the original...which I loved. Definitely better than number 2. I'm quite early on (90 minutes or so) and I'd say my only fault is the orb placement doesn't seem to flow as well as it did in the original. It might be because I'm finding it harder to see them due to the increase in detail of the city of course, I just find it difficult to see a path of orbs. Loved the late title card by the way. Thumbs up for that I'm playing via gamepass, on a gaming rig I rent from the internet (Shadow PC), running on a non-gaming laptop but at 1080p full detail and barely a hitch...even over wifi. I know I could do this with any PC game, but it feels appropriate to mention it here following Crackdown 3's development It works surprisingly well! I wouldn't want to play any serious online game via this method but it's great for a single player game.
  11. I normally don't mind Brad but he wasn't great for the whole goty podcasts. The format was fine but I felt that he was the problem, especially as the host. Dan and Vinny were the best, Jan was good for the few times he spoke too and I hope they give him more to in front of camera/ mic. Brad spoke well about RDR2 at times but his attitude sucked whenever anybody criticised it. Also the best style category was hugely irritating to listen too, they clearly didn't all understand what the category meant.
  12. PeteJ

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    First of 2019 - hoping for a more productive year with photography!
  13. The NoClip documentary shows someone finishing the game within a few hours of launch, though I think they found a bug. It was quite cool watching the developers watch someone complete the game over a twitch stream
  14. Yeah I've tried them I just had better luck with the starting weapon. My run against Meg was purely the build I had lucked out on during the run. Every time I did the AOE attack with the sword it did 200% damage, plus extended reach and a over time damage boost. Almost all enemies it wrecked in one hit so for the boss I just ran around spamming the button.

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