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  1. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Alien isolation garnered a rave review from Nintendolife, probably my next non-eshop purchase. Unless I see a decent deal on Luigi's mansion 3 or Links Awakening before then.
  2. Not that immersed with this sale....most of the good stuff I had already....thinking I might try out overcooked.
  3. Presumably available to both digital and cartridge owners of the original, or is it not free DLC?
  4. I was glad that Civ didn't quite click for me as I wasted way too much time paying the original civilisation. I found the multiple different ways to win a bit to innovative for my liking and also the graphics seemed a bit too mobile gamesque to me.
  5. It's hard but I found not in an offputting way as diving straight back in is very quick.
  6. If you're looking at 32bit to 16bit conversions here's how it should be done.
  7. Am really enjoying rogue legacy which is surprising as I don't usually like rogue type games.
  8. Looks a little like Jotun from the trailer which should be a good thing...but having bought that twice and still not finished I am reticent to get something that will be very similar.
  9. Guess I view it through the prism of me and my mates who were in our late teens and earning from weekend jobs by then as opposed to little Johnny who had little choice beyond the default family computer. Though I doubt little Johnny is the demographic described in dumpsters post that was pouring money into their Amiga in an effort to keep it 'competitive' when next to no software was going to support those upgrades.
  10. This was way more prevalent amongst Amiga owners than other formats. I kept my ST and had many great gaming sessions on it for years after it had peaked but I had the sense to recognise it had been eclipsed and console gaming was the way to go to enjoy gaming at its best. The Amiga community having already paid a premium for the 'premiere' 16 bit computer I guess found it harder to move on.
  11. Console gamers swapped a lot of games. As for those defending the Amiga against other formats by virtue of it being out earlier and a much cheaper gaming option....been there done that with the Atari ST before jumping on the console bandwagon....the Amiga owners clung on to the hype of what a great games machine it was for far too long as is evident even from the title of this thread.
  12. I seem to recall load times of a few seconds when I first got my ST.....then in the twilight years of the 16 bits there were Amiga games that were approaching a minute to load or so it seemed. I recall a hardware guide from the time (future publishing I think) that implied the Amigas floppy drive was slower as it said whilst you could get away with a two floppy based ST for productivity oriented computing a hard drive was really needed if you planned to do the same with an Amiga and a two floppy system was not a viable option.
  13. I had one and all the gamess you've listed.....but I freely admit it was shit....bemused that you could somehow think the telephone of a controller it came with was better than the ergonomically perfect N64 one. I could go on listing it's failings but would just be cruel to point out how pointless this was....suppose if they'd made it backwards compatible to work with all those old ET carts it could have been worse. Frankly the thing was pointless it should have been released as the Panther 2 years earlier to give us an affordable western neo geo instead of overcooking it to launch with little to no games that showed off its superb handling of 2d to the fullest when everyone was jumping ship to 3d. People that pay the silly asking price today to maintain a toe in the jaguar gaming pool need friends prepared to make an intervention.
  14. I have all the disks but somewhere along the line lost my ste, which was complete with 4 MB of ram and an internal 235MB hard drive...can't recall selling it but must have in a moment of insanity.
  15. The Amigas floppy disk seemed only marginally faster than the old tape drives.
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