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  1. Wouldn't even get into my top 50 of the century so far. But its all horses for courses in term sof subjective opinion. The issue for me, as I said, is that this isn't a list of the "Best" games. It a mix of most influential, best, most sales, listed under the banner of the being the "Best"
  2. The list appears to put a lot of store in how influential a game was versus if it was actually any good. I mean, The Sims, the 17th best game of the last 20 years? Really?
  3. I don’t agree that it’s contradictory , as I said , as a whole , it should be not become the de facto standard method of making allegations . Metoo highlighted a problem , the problem should be fixed . If people continue to feel that making allegations via social media is the only recourse they have , then nothing has been fixed . And I don’t think that’s a desireable outcome .
  4. You can’t picture , say, a scenario where someone abandoned by friends and family , loss of job , labelled in a certain way due to a public allegation would consider suicide as a way out ? Just to be clear I am taking about public allegations here , not a allegation made through a more “official” channel . And by no means am i berating those people that have used social media to make accusations . The system is clearly broken if victims feel that social media is the only way they can start to come to terms with what has happened to them and is some way to find an outlet . But the solution is to fix the system . I realise of course that it is not something you can fix overnight . It is hard to see how long term , the use of social media as a platform to make allegations can have a good outcome as a whole . Nothwithstanding the metoo , movement which of course highlighted the depth of the problem with being believed .
  5. Just to be clear , you are asserting there has never been an example of anyone suffering personally or professionally as a result of a public allegation , moreover if it results in suicide , it’s a case of no smoke without fire .? Have I got that right ?
  6. How do you quanitify the damage done to your reputation amongst friends and peers? What number do you put on that? ( assuming You can actually afford to take it to court). Surely the way to avoid all that is to fix the system at the point of accusation. I.e make reporting to HR/Police etc a system that works. Because a system, of public outing on social media is not the answer.
  7. ZTD definitely wasnt as a good as VLR or 999. I'll pick this up but not at ful price. give it a few months and it will be on sale
  8. Social Media is not the place to make serious allegations of any kind. But that's the world we live in now.
  9. I kow there a few Metronomy fans out there. Been listening to Forever this morning. Obviously needs a few listens to get a handle on it all. But initial impression are good . THere's always 2 or 3 stand out tracks on a Metronomy album - At the the moment, I have to say Sex Emoji, and Walking in the the Dark and Lately are doing it for me.
  10. I won’t be hosting tonight chaps as I’m not home at the mo . See you next week
  11. Went and saw a screening of the original show last week. 75% was basically the first series, some of it was obviously cut for the TV though; but serves to enhance just how far she has fallen into despair.
  12. I dont'think there's anything particualrly offensive about that list. It's got all the essentials in there. You can argue about the order a bit.
  13. I quite enjoyed the beta, liking the slowed down, more tactial gamplay. Weapons have real weight to them, and the customisation aspects are good. But. I did find myself thinking, right I've played this now. Outside of levelling up do I really need to buy this to do more of the same? THe answer is probably no.
  14. Homelander is the best thing in the show, But the reveal to his true nature is a slower introduction (but not that slow)
  15. FIrst attempt of many Game of the Decade D1. The Last of Us D2. Witcher 3 D3. Destiny D4. Skyrim D5. God of War D6. The Last Guardian D7. Marvels Spider-man D8. Batman :Arkham City D9. Astro Bot D10. Red Dead Redemption 2
  16. It's a bell curve. It ramps up quite quickly to good, but then tails off very quickly too.
  17. THats not true at all. I would count Edith FInch, Firewatch and Everybodys gone to the rapture as experiences that could only exist as interactive fiction. As "games". And there is zero challenge to them
  18. The number of hours is irrelevant. Either you have time to do a thing or you don't. That threshold might be 10 hours it might be 100. But accusing the creators of the content of "not respecting your time" is bollocks. Should a 800 page book always offer an abridged version? A easy mode walkthough is absolutley fine, no problem with that whatsoever. But the fault with that lies with you and your schedule, not with the provider for not respecting your time.
  19. It's not a "don't like it don't play it" response. It's a" if you dont have time thats your problem" , response. I have no issue at all with an easy walkthrough mode included in games, I think that people that demand there shouldn't be one are fucking idiots. I just think that "not respecting player time" is a bullshit term, it doesn't need to respect your time. I mean, do you want a 1 hour 30 version of "Once upon a time in Hollywood" to suit your schedule?
  20. Honestly "respecting the players time" is one of the most ridiculous concepts out there. If you dont have the time then don't play the game. Why should it cater to your particular coircumstances?
  21. I could be on tonight from around 9pm
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