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  1. Dq11 . It’s wonderful . I’m 80 hours in and still playing. £37 on shopto https://www.shopto.net/en/ndo10003233-dragon-quest-xi-s-echoes-of-an-elusive-age-p185766/
  2. Yup game exclusive, they have a store stock checker on their site.
  3. Not had that issue .
  4. Yeah easy enough . There’s a knack to it but once you have it down it’s on and off in seconds
  5. According to the interview on eurogamer , VR support is imminent . Although it may be paid dlc
  6. They are exactly what they say the are . Back buttons. So each paddle give a positive click with minimal pressure . Gear changes , weapon swap , jump, crouch , melee that sort of thing .
  7. Your fingers sit naturally on them . Quite how it will work in practice I don’t know . I am predicting a lot of accidental clicks .
  8. Back button in all its glory . Feels really good in the hand . Missus .
  9. This years cars are completely schizophrenic; Clean, sharp, uncluttered rear half, and then a front with more scaffolding than the average loft extension.
  10. THe move from Spectrum to C64 was always a step up. Not sure how it works the other way
  11. WHen I cme off my diet. I am going to buy a packet of these. They are wonderful
  12. Its not as good as Detroit, but it's very good. (if you like this sort of thing)
  13. Well thats a pleasant suprise - I didn't even know one was due
  14. Ah . My unofficial charge dock uses the usbs under the light bar
  15. It’s configurable . Typically for use on FPS games or driving if you don’t have a wheel . The front micro usb is uncovered . But I don’t play with the lead plugged in anyway .
  16. That back button attachment comes out Friday. Exclusive to GAME £26. Which is cheaper than I thought it was going to be, so of course have ordered one https://www.game.co.uk/en/playstation-4-dualshock-4-back-button-attachment-game-exclusive-2707716
  17. Be interesting to get @CrashedAlex's take on this.
  18. This is hard. SO far: Anima - Thom Yorke Moon Shaped Pool - RadioHead Love Letters - Metronomy Born to Die - Lana Del Rey Blackstar - David Bowie The English Riviera - Metronomy The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monae Senior - Royksopp Random Access Memories - Daft Punk
  19. Pfft I'm on 500MB I'll be playing it by 9pm
  20. What time is the update up? 6ish?
  21. I;ve lost count of the number of Gunships ive have on shipment. With Killchain once you get you first streak its almost guaranteed.
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