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  1. It also auto saves when you rest ( hold square)
  2. Breath of the wild . In fact all 3D Zelda games . Yet I keep buying them .
  3. Yes hold options button I think . Same with ropes
  4. Has anyone looked in the mirror in your private room and had
  5. The transtion for Zelda from a 2d top down view to what we have today is a graphical progression, but the core elements are still there. WHat are the core elements of Pokemon? -Strategic Turn Based battles -Elemental weaknesses and strengths. -Taking on X (8) amount of trainers -Exploration of a world map that unlock as you go -Catching Pokemon -Evolving Pokemon And graphcially things have moved from here: To here That looks like exactly the sort of progression we have seen with Zelda et all to me.
  6. ?? As far as I know Pokemon Sun/Moon ultra aren't 20 years old You seem to think that the definite way forward for Pokemon is to turn it in to "breath of the 'mon". But thats never been Pokemon. WHat you are asking for isn't what people would consider as a mainline Pokemon game. What you are after appears to be something completely new. Unless it is purely graphical effects you are talking about.. Which would be odd because pokemon has never been a graphical powerhouse.
  7. Pokemon has never been a big budget triple A title. Why should it start now?
  8. Yeah no issues here and on virgin.. Theres the odd "no way, I fired first" moment. And thats definitely lag
  9. Yup no interest at all in playing with PC players either with M&K or pad. I just keep cross play off. Its no great loss.
  10. It will be after it's aired on Channel 4 apparently
  11. Apparently not. But can't confirm as I do have it. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/09/death_stranding_wont_require_ps_plus_to_access_multiplayer_features_on_ps4
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