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  1. And done . That was actually a really good game in the end . I think like as @Moz said there are plenty of opportunities to make it much better but I think it has suffered by the incredibly high bar set by horizon, gow and Spider-Man . If it weren’t for those games it would have been received much better .
  2. TLoU - It doesn't start out "absymally" but it is a bit " ok not seeing what the fuss is about here". And then you get to Bill, and everything just clicks, and it turns into the greatest video game of all time
  3. Really? Blimey. To be fair I am playing for like 2-3 hours at a time, so I guess when a game is this long it takes a while, it just feels like I haven't played anything else for weeks! Still given the current drought it might not be a bad thing.
  4. Ah ok. I did wondered if I had missed something. Christ this game just keeps going and going. I remember thinking when I got the point of no return that it must be towards the end missions where I resolve issues with a certain person in whatever way and everything is wrapped up. Little did I know it was basically the halfway point. I've just done the
  5. RE: The sawmill. Horde was there, sneaked up. Disabled the nearby Nero alarms. Wondered where two dogs had got to. Used my sense thing. Saw him crouching. Pulled out silenced sniper. Shot him in the head, collected his knife or whatever it was. Rode back. No horde interaction whatsoever. Of course since then I have taken down a number of hordes but that particular encounter does not necessarily end having to deal with them
  6. Ah thats a shame, Bluepoint are The absolute kings of the remaster.
  7. Yes the botched launch and the power difference was the initial cause. But then that was compounded by the games siuation. If Xbox had an irresistable exclusive line up, then the power difference and botched launch wouldnt matter a year down the line. As it was, Sony had the early advantage of goodwill due to their launch focus and the power difference, and then they smashed it out the park since 2015 with their games line up, with barely a whimper from MS (Usual titles aside; Forza et al). For the first time, I have't bought all the consoles in a gen, and that's because there is no reason for me to (this is compounded by the fact I know Xbox 2 will alow me to play what must have titles there are for Xbox One) I suspect we will see a somewhat different picture for next gen. Power will be pretty much even, and MS will definitely step up on the games front. I think we will have a far more competitve scene.
  8. I've got it, but I;m finding it hard to get into . It's not really grabbing me. I need to make a concerted effort.
  9. I am of the opinion that the two consoles are going to be so similar in terms of power, that it's not going to make much difference. Both have decided that diminishing returns have almost rendered the graphics era over. I think this will be the first gen where graphics are not front and centre. And we are already seeing evidence of that with MS and Sony both making a big thing about SSD's and load times. And we had Sony making various staments about audio performance. As ever, its going to come down to the quality of the games.
  10. It's not as good as Spiderman or God of War. Not sure about those being overrated, personally I think they are two of my favourite games this gen, but that's by the by. I dunno maybe a 8/10 metascore would have been more accurate, but I guess that's splitting hairs. I just feel it got a bit of a harsh ride.
  11. Definitely a case of reveiwers playing it for 4 or 5 hours and then writing a review.
  12. This definitely get much much better when you have powered up. Hordes become a surmountable challenge as opposed to an impossible mountain . You become increasingly more badass and the threat of “the shit” becomes far more manageable . The only thing I would like is the ability for carry a sniper and an mg so that you have all the bases covered for human and infected .
  13. Don't worry about it. Or do, it's up to you I genuinely don't give a fuck what CDPR have or havent said in the past. I'm just interested in their game , based purely on the merits of the game. In the same way I might appreciate Wagner despite him being a massive Nazi, or say Roald Dahl despite him being an antisemetic, misogynistic cunt; I don't care about their politics. But if others want to make a choice on that basis, that's absolutely fine , it is entirely down to the individual
  14. Ah right, yeah that makes sense, it read like he was talking about the whole game for a second.
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