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  1. is that a euphenism for taking a shit?
  2. Television doesn't count by the way... For a scene to be really badass , for me, anyway, there has to be some element of realism. Take @Uncle Mike's example of Millers crossing, or @scruffycat's example of Dead Man's Shoes. They both have a element of realism in there, and the background against those moments add to the scene. Its all well and good having a fantastical CGI moment, but we know it's fantasy. For something to be truly badass it has to be something you can relate to; something you can actually imagine someone doing and them being crazy/skilled/desperate enough to do it. I like @Plums suggestion of Dennis Hopper too, but that's not so much badass , as accepting fate with style. Badasses don't accept their fate; they fight against it, that's what makes it badass.
  3. Do the circuit experience challenges and get all golds. If you do that, you'll be well on the way to being competitve, because you will in essence be driving the right lines on that circuit, its just a case then of finding where you can do it better.
  4. Been thinking about this all morning and it’s already a better film that my I initial reaction last night. I knew it would be a Grower the more you considered it . Also ranking Tarantino films is like ranking flavours of cheesecake . There’s times you want baked vanilla , and there’s times you want salted caramel , but really , all that matters is that it’s cheesecake . .
  5. Absolutely . Without prior knowledge the last hour building up to the climax would have far less impact . The more I think about the more it is a genius move and probably the only way it could possibly have been handled given the inevitable graphic nature it would take . Again , absolutely this .
  6. Just back From seeing it . Needs a second viewing , but after a break . Much like hateful eight , which I came out of mildly disappointed, I suspect it will improve with another watch . Hateful eight is now one of my favourite Tarantino films .
  7. .... Im struggling to think of many instances that this happens.
  8. @Beezer@marsh@GwiDan@Batmobile@mexos@scoobysi@parrapatheslapper@wev@PDogg@max renn@MattKB@T4RG4@fretnoise@beenabadbunny@grindmouse@Varnsen@Marvin Morris@Dudley@Darwock @Junker Plus anyone else I have missed out... Room will be open at 8:30pm MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ME ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST - PeeBee71 Then you know the drill, open the lobbies and show only rooms with friends and join Probably start out with some N200's (we havent done the RX-8s for a while...) or some more MX-5 action Then GR4,3 and maybe 2, or SuperForumla or C's. Anyway, always open to suggestions.
  9. Paddy Considine is amazing in dead mans shoes
  10. Just watching first blood and it strikes me that the forest scene where Rambo takes out the local police with non-lethal force is about the most bad ass scene in cinema. It just sets up the whole film without a single kill as him being a one man army in a completely believable fashion. What beats it?
  11. This will be the sixth time we have redefined the Sci-fi shooter . And we have become exceedingly efficient at at.
  12. How many times has the sci-fi shooter been redefined now?
  13. PeteBrant

    Saint's Row V

    I thought the series peaked (piqued) at 3.
  14. I;m not sure how my comment that we needed to pick somewhere with long sweeping corners for those cars got translated into choosing the track with twistiest tightest corners.
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