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  1. The revelation outside the hospital was a great scene . And perfectly in line with the tension built up behind Ellie suspecting and wanting to discover the truth because she knew she wasn’t going to get it from Joel . Now , can we move on ffs?
  2. Jesus that guy is terrible at playing the game .
  3. You might extend the life of the battery by about 30 seconds By not having the LED. It’s power consumption will be minuscule . The main draw will be the vibration ( you are effectively driving a motor that spins a weighted shaft ) and the communications to the console .
  4. Well, Other than the PS4 controller having added functionality vs the ps3 one . WiiU pro pad has all the functionality of the switch pro pad . The fact you can’t use it and have to fork out £60 if you want one is infuriating .
  5. It wouldn’t make any difference. The LED is drawing next to bugger all power .
  6. It’s pretty standard not to have cross hen support for controllers . The worst example of this is the Wii u pro controller not being compatible with the switch . It is basically Identical . hoping against hope that headsets and steering wheels will work but not banking on it .
  7. I bought ghostbusters on c64 with a £10 note I found in the street .
  8. Wow Mercedes got away with that . Why on Earth didn’t they pit Hamilton ?
  9. Hamilton . Wow . Bottas must have thought he had him this weekend .
  10. Cutting Bamboo has a very specific use
  11. The difference is you can see where SP had to compromise , waterfalls in particular look a bit ropey , in fact water in general has that treacle quality . i think TLOU2 is the best realised world ever made in a video game. This is wonderful obviously and is up there with horizon and Spider-Man and fantastic open world environments . But tlou2 man , that’s another level .
  12. I use them all the time . The stone stance thrust is a beauty , as is the water shield bash followed by 4 slashes . The only one I don’t bother with is the kick with the water stance .
  13. Yeah I think they’re fine they have a few deals on . Xbox stuff too . https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-07-29-last-of-us-part-2-final-fantasy-7-remake-deal
  14. well if you mean one retailer on eBay and applying a promo code. , then yeah . But It’s not like it’s on general discount . This won’t be discounted properly for a while yet . But if you can get it for that price then happy days .
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