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  1. “It’s not me , it’s everyone else that’s wrong”
  2. Because we weren’t asking for it when we didn’t know it was an option .
  3. I’m kind of pleased , because it means release will tie in with a bank holiday weekend with fuck all to do .
  4. As if that matters . Quite excited to see what they’ve done . Looking forward to playing it .
  5. Tragic news . But not altogether unexpected.
  6. You were already given it in the Cerny presentation , along with various hypothetical examples here. What is it you want? To be shown an actual game?
  7. THis has the potential to effectively transform how game worlds are designed. That sounds pretty revolutionary. But we need to see some games that use it.
  8. Levels are contrsucted in certain ways so that they can load seamlessly. SO the paths in God of War for example are designed specifically to allow data to load. If you dont have this restriction you can fundamentally change how any open world , or game that has to stream data continuously can be designed. TO make crude analogy. WHat we have now is like giving someone a paint by numbers picture and saying "colour that in"... And next gen is then giving someone else a blank sheet of paper and saying "colour that in"
  9. Watch the video from yesterday Cerny explains it in painfully explicit detail.
  10. I quite enjoyed LA Noire. THe driving was a bit shit. But golly-gee the game did a swell job of capturing 1950's America
  11. THats gonna come though isn't. I mean all this boring chat will be completely forgotten when they pull out H:ZD2 or Demon Souls Remastered out .
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