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  1. I just can’t fathom the thought process that leads one to decide that the world needs a kingpin remaster .
  2. You know you can plug in a usb HDD into you you Xbox one and PS4 right ? In the case of the PS4 you can even replace the internal drive .
  3. But your hardware fees are a one off . So you pay a one off fee for £400or whatever and it’s fixed for 7-8 years . You can’t say that for PC gaming . And £5-600 initial outlay is ambitious if you want something worthwhile
  4. typically a pc will draw more , but there’s 101 things that contribute to your electricity consumption . Switching to a switch on the basis of reducing overall power consumption would be like blocking up one of the holes on a colander in order to reduce the amount water it leaks. Indicative list here https://www.daftlogic.com/information-appliance-power-consumption.htm
  5. Yes they are .If anything benefits have increased as features get added . no it isn’t . hasnt been for ages . perfectly happy to continue buying dedicated consoles.
  6. That did make me chuckle . Have a pos
  7. I think there is a danger of getting a bit carried away here. .
  8. WW1 being used as glorification of warfare is certainly a new one on me.
  9. I dont think it's anti MS. I just think people are being very selective in what they consider to be stupid or confusing product naming.
  10. Someone should look into why does this phenomenon only affects purchasers of game consoles, and why only geek forums moan about it. Do I want an iPhone X, XR or XS? Do I want an LG 65OLEDE9PLA or a LG 665OLEDW9PLA? DO those items suffer from the same confusion? I'm just not having it that people don't look in to what they are buying before they spend several hundred pounds. And in the unlikely event they buy the wrong thing they return it. I mean its not even worth worrying about.
  11. Yes I have kids, and I have probably had them a lot longer then you. In all that time, not once have i managed to buy the wrong thing, nor have their grandparents. In fact I can't remember anyone ever buying them the wrong version or wrong format . THere's probably been a few duplicates along the way. But its been quite a few years. I don't remeber them ever identifiying something they want incorrectly. And yet still the world keeps turning. People buy the correct iphone, or the correct format game. THis wont suddenly halt with Series One X vs One X. I assume, correctly, that most people know what they want and purchase accordingly.
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