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  1. This is completely hilarious
  2. Yeah it’s a shame this had to be the pathetically racist, misogynistic dated lowest common denominator shit that it is, because the performances are great and I really enjoyed it. It would be entirely possible to make a film like this that succeeded in all the ways this does, without the casual racism, and more than 2 female characters that are wafer thin gangsters moll and heroin chic tropes. Basically we should have more films that just have fun with really charismatic actors. But without the out of date toxic bullshit worldview.
  3. Albon 1.2s behind Max. And behind Gasly.
  4. “People won’t mind if you get it wrong but the animal kingdom will be FURIOUS”
  5. Uh oh... just catching up with the Paris coverage now, Imlach talking through the GC table: “Richie Porte, the patron saint of cycling misfortune” I like Richie Porte, but I imagine if he went to casino he would probably lose all his money and somehow contrive to lose a limb too...
  6. That’s a great read. I’ve got a real soft spot for David Millar. I don’t enjoy watching cycling as much if he’s not commenting. Similarly I think Gary Imlach is an absolutely brilliant anchor, he’s genuinely funny and dry with it. I’m going to really miss watching the ITV highlights every night.
  7. All the lighting looks broken, but I can’t quite work out why Edit: aha! No shadows!
  8. Me at the beginning of the session: “Hamilton’s getting old now, I wonder if he’s actually still got it?” Me at the end:
  9. Maybe even quicker. Think mine was cool enough to pickup after maybe 20-30 mins. The stone was still warm (radiator hot, maybe 50c) but all the metal bits were cool.
  10. Used the Koda for the first time tonight. So easy, twist button, wait 15 minutes, put in pizza wait 20s, turn, 20s, turn, 20s done. No pics as we’d scoffed the lot before I thought about it. Properly totally restaurant grade pizza (and I mean Rudy’s, not dominos!). Dead portable too so can lend to mates/neighbours etc.
  11. Apologies the weather at the moment is most likely my fault. This turned up today.
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