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  1. I think if you'd watched the game as a neutral not knowing the form the two teams were in it would be have been tricky to guess who was who (well, apart from our woeful finishing). Just felt for the players, the amount of stick they're getting from some of our "fans" recently is totally unwarranted and they put in a really good performance at the weekend and ended up with nothing. That said, given your form and our form I think a narrow loss was still pretty respectable from them and hopefully gives them some confidence going into the next game. Although that is against Northampton - and we never win there.
  2. Can't believe we didn't get something out of the game today, we were camped outside of the Plymouth box for most of the second half but couldn't find a goal. So frustrating. On a positive note if we play like that for the rest of the games we have left I wouldn't have any worries about getting into a relegation scrap, massive improvement over the Bristol performance. Real shame Rothwell went off injured again in the first half, he looked liked our most dangerous player. Hopefully he'll be back again soon.
  3. Well we still can't defend based on what I saw yesterday, so enjoy your 3 points next week.
  4. We had a mixed window, I was more worried about who we'd lose than who we were bringing in but thankfully it seems PNE gave up chasing Lesson so he'll be here till the summer at least. Barnsley were sniffing around our keeper too. It looks like we've reverted back to our old policy is bringing in young, hungry players who maybe haven't made it at their existing clubs for whatever reason. It served us well the past few seasons, but we deviated from it in the summer and brought in a lot of older players which has been a bit of a disaster tbh. Pleased we brought in Brannagan from Liverpool as I'm pretty sure we've been chasing him for a while. Young centre back from Reading could also be a promising prospect for next season. Other than that we brought in a left back, right back (as cover I assume as we're pretty bare ones due to injury) and a winger on loan till the end of the seasons - all young players from Premier League clubs who hopefully have something to prove. More worrying is the managerial situation, it seems madness to get rid of your manager without a replacement lined up, in the middle of a transfer window. Probably makes it harder to bring people in too if they don't know who's running the show. Some of the names of replacements the bookies were predicting were pretty depressing too..
  5. Sadly I'm not sure we're going to see any solution to that any time soon. Our lease is up in 7 odd years I think? It's not enough time to build a new stadium, which has it's own hurdles regardless in raising funding and getting planning permission for a suitable site (something the local authority has basically said isn't going to happen). I can't see a ground share working with anyone in the vicinity, so our only real option at this point in time is try to negotiate more favourable terms when the lease renews. I don't like Kassam charging us 500K a year to play in that poorly maintained, soulless, breeze block. But I can understand his stance from the perspective of being a businessman and not owing the club or local authority any favours. But what really f*cks me off, is when he tries to suggest his stance is for the benefit of the club and calls himself our "custodian". You're our landlord, and a sh*te one at that. Nick Merry's agreement to split the club from the stadium will go down in our club's history as one of the most idiotic decisions ever made, and is still a noose around our necks over a decade on.
  6. I think it's harsh and was surprised, I thought at the least we'd let him see out the season as a rebuilding exercise then have a full preseason, and judge him on the next season's results. Our chairman gave the previous manager time to find his feet. The atmosphere last weekend was pretty toxic to be honest, maybe there's been a breakdown in relationships behind the scenes we're not aware of. I think a lot of our fans have short memories, or have only followed us since we got back into the football league. I can remember watching some absolute garbage in the non-league days not so long ago and for us League 1 was always the promised land! So I'm quite happy to stay at this level (which I think is our natural level really) playing attractive football until we can sustain something more, and the chairman has publicly said he doesn't have the resources to fund us in the Championship anyway without outside investment. So whilst it would be a novelty for a season, I'd fully expect us to get tonked most weeks and come straight back down.
  7. Well we sacked our manager this morning, which I wasn't expecting. I think it's maybe a bit harsh as we've been very unlucky with injuries this season and he came in at late notice. I guess given our last couple of seasons that expectations are high. When Appleton took over we had a similar period of inconsistency but stuck with him and had a couple of great seasons. I guess the main concern was that didn't seem to be learning from our mistakes and our performances recently have been very poor. Loosing to Bury was probably the last straw.
  8. I've got no problem with criticism if it's warranted (although I'd prefer they did it in their own time rather than bellowing it into the back of my head) we all get frustrated when things aren't going well, but when they start getting on the player's backs within the first 5 minutes of a game for any tiny mistake and shouting abuse at the manager who does that help? @neoELITE I've got the "three amigos" behind me but it sounds like they use the same book of catchphrases
  9. Caveat to the above, I haven't actually seen the incident in question - but agree with you that the standard of officiating in League 1 this year seems to be pretty poor. Some absolutely bizarre decisions in our game yesterday and the ref basically lost control of the game (well the second ref, the first had to be subbed after twanging something). Not going to blame it for the result because that lies solely on our complete inability to defend high balls into the box. Defensively we're a real mess at the moment. We also seem to have a greater concentration of idiot fans than others clubs who think the best course of action every time one of our players receives the ball is to hoof it forward then inevitably get annoyed when we lose possession. I'm sure some of the "fans" just turn up so they have a good old moan at pretty much anything, we could win the Champions League and they would still find something to complain about. It's got to the stage where I'm going to have to change my season ticket next year to get away from the two clowns behind me.
  10. I think the rules have changed and it's only a straight red if the ref thinks the player deliberately made no attempt to play the ball.
  11. Yeah we've struggled badly defensively since Nelson got injured and our right back retired due to injury (only 28!). One of our wingers, the only one with pace, has been injured too. Plus two forwards, although they were more peripheral figures than key team members, I think it limited us tactically as we didn't have anyone on the bench who could change the system. Meant we've been quite plodding and predictable tactically recently. Some rumours doing the rounds that you're interested in one of our strikers, Thomas. I hope not as he's scored 9 for us so far this season!
  12. Some points of note from our record equalling defeat today: - Our defense was completely shambolic, effectively setting up 4 or 5 of their goals. We really miss Nelson. - Wigan are a very good team, better than Sheffield or Bolton when we played them last year. - Grigg was excellent and the sort of player we're lacking. - Zero shots on target, zero! Pretty basic requirement to score goals. - Unbelievably, it isn't the worst I've seen us play this season, but the quality of the opposition meant we were punished for our mistakes whereas Walsall couldn't manage that. Plus points.. err.. it wasn't too cold I suppose given the time of year. I'm off for a stiff drink. Hope everyone else had better results today.
  13. Oof! Ruffels saved us last night with a long range goal in the 96th minute - forgetting the win for a second, it was almost worth it just to see Ferguson loosing his sh*t. Ironically it was their time wasting in extra time that meant the game went that long.
  14. They must be fuming then as they had a goal disallowed against us in the tinpot that was clearly over the line too!
  15. Quite possibly, they took quite a lot more there than we did from memory. They were also having a crap season which ended with relegation so maybe just wanted a nice day out!

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