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  1. Chawkso

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Didn't go but sounded like we put in a similarly sh*te performance as against Fleetwood. Sound like pretty much every attack (and resulting goals) were coming down our left which doesn't surprise me that's where the Garbutt/Mackie dynamic duo are stationed. More worryingly we don't have another left back (Ruffels can play there but he's not a proper LB). I hope KR realises sooner rather than later that he might not have the players he needs to play the system he wants to.
  2. Chawkso

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    In fairness it sounded like the team we put out played better than our "first" choice team did on Saturday against Fleetwood!
  3. Chawkso

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    He was playing on the left wing, not sure if that's his natural position or not? He worked hard but didn't look match fit. Didn't have much support with Garbutt behind him either in fairness. Not worried yet, if we still look like that after 10 games though I might change my mind!
  4. Chawkso

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Well that, was awful. I'm not sure where to start really, Fleetwood were up to their usual sh*thousing antics, kicking the ball away, wasting time, niggly fouls, constantly in the ref's face - but that's nothing new. They came with a game plan and executed it and we didn't have anyone to co-ordinate a response. The ref was overly lenient in my view, obviously not wanting to card anyone, but by the end of the game he was forced to card 3 of their players for blatantly taking the piss. Should have been 6-7. Keeper broke his finger in the warm up, bad luck we can't do much about that one. Already talking about a loan to bring someone in to cover, but we've already got a reserve keeper on the books (who was a bit of liability yesterday admittedly). If he's not good enough to stand in then why do we have him?! Fullbacks were both downgrades from last season based on that performance, Garbutt who is 25 looked like he'd just started playing pro games - slow, positionally awful, offered nothing going forward. McMahon not much better, tried hard but good lord he's slow, he was getting skinned everytime which meant the centerbacks were getting exposed as they could basically get crosses in at will. Midfield looked lightweight and was overrun frequently, we need someone with some steel who can dominate the space, we've signed from Derby is hopefully that sort of player based on what their fans have said but had a minor injury so couldn't make this game. Hall and Mackie looked shot, not sure if they're just not match fit or if something else is going on but Hall looked like he couldn't be bothered, everytime he had the ball he turned backwards. Mackie tried hard, but I don't think he's right physically at the moment - missed an absolute sitter. Lone striker Smith did pretty well with the scraps he was given, but needs better service. That and Ricky Holmes were the only two bright points of a crap afternoon really - we had maybe 3 or 4 neat passages of play but they came to nothing. I don't like loosing, but I hate it when the opposition are a bunch of cheating, anti-football, bastards. More frustratingly their first goal shouldn't have stood as our fullback was fouled in the buildup. On that note, their travelling support was worse than it was last season .. (it was half time so a few had a disappeared for a pie but there really weren't many more than that!). Rant over, I think it might be a long old season ahead...
  5. Chawkso

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Could have gone better...
  6. Chawkso

    League 1, 2, Non League Football 2018-19 Season

    Been following Oxford United pretty much since I was old enough to be taken up to the Manor Ground by my dad (also a lifelong supporter). I was just too young to miss out on our best period in the mid 80s when we were in the First Division and won the League Cup. I was however old enough to go through the painful move from the Manor to our new home on the outskirts of the city, the sale of the club to someone who had no interest in it beyond extracting what he could for himself, our gradual decline through the divisions, and our lowest point being relegated from the football league. After watching us in the wilderness for years, being back in League One seems like the promised land and the last few seasons (except perhaps the last one which I'll get to) have probably been the best I can remember. Onto last season and what started with optimism almost ended in disaster with us dangerously close to relegation. Injuries to key players, poor summer recruitment, a manager who was tactically stubborn, and an owner who was looking to jump ship all contributed to a free fall in the second half of the season. We have a new owner from Thailand, and despite initial reservations he seems to have made some decent progress so far - time will tell about what his longer term aims are. Appointed Karl Robinson (who I appreciate is not the most exciting appointment but he knows the division), communication with the fans is greatly improved, he's secured a good sponsorship deal with Singha beer, been involved with our new training facilities that are being built, and has recruited people to key posts that went unfilled before. We've lost a couple of key players over the summer who have moved onto to bigger things, Ryan Ledson to PNE, and Joe Rothwell to Blackburn - good luck to them both, they've given everything for the club. We've also had a major clearout of some of the less successful recruits from the last couple of seasons. In their place we've had a pretty decent window, bringing in a mix of youth and experience, some permanent some loans. Always in two minds about loans, but it gives us access to players we wouldn't be able to afford to sign permanently, and our operating model for the past few years has been to buy young players alongside that and develop them - accepting that we'll have to sell someone each season to keep going. We managed to hold onto our keeper Eastwood who has been immense and saved us God knows how many points over the past few seasons. Signed a new contract keeping him with us, but Rob Hall, and Curtis Nelson who are two other important players to us have yet to sign and only have a year left on theirs. Got a few youth players coming through too who like decent prospects. Renewed my season ticket and I'm cautiously optimistic again, but I'd settle for a mid table finish without too much drama and a decent cup run this year! Good luck everyone.
  7. It's been a weird season and not one I want to repeat next year from our perspective! We secured safety beating Rochdale at the weekend, which has put them right in it and depending on what Oldham do they might need to beat Charlton to survive. Beating Donny, Southend, and Rochdale in fairly short order made it look pretty comfortable in the end but it was too close for comfort for me and a couple of goals going in the opposite direction could have put us in real trouble. Robinson has already let a lot of players go that were signed by the previous manager (which seems a little odd as we still have a game left against Blackburn) and noises from the new chairman regarding the type of player we're looking to recruit sound positive. We've got the nucleus of a decent team to build on, so I'm hoping for a better summer recruitment this time and feel quietly optimistic we'll have a better stab at it next year. Unlucky to just miss out on the playoffs @neoELITE (well unless something mental happens on the last day), given where you were earlier in the season it's quite the turnaround though. I guess it goes to show that a few injuries at the wrong time can really throw you off course, no coincidence that our downturn started when Nelson got injured. See you all again next season.
  8. I've been quiet recently as we haven't had a huge amount to cheer about and it's been pretty depressing being dragged into a relegation scrap. Oldham - a game neither team wanted to lose really. Cagey, short on finishing quality from both sides. A pretty boring nil nil but with some decent spells of play. Fleetwood - how we didn't get something out of this I have no idea. Dominated the entire game only to be sucker punched in stoppage time by a worldie from a player (McAleny) who played for us last season. It would have to be him wouldn't it. Massive disappointment for the players more than anything as they had fought for everything all game. Southend - we never do well against Southend but probably had one of our best first halves this season and managed to go in 2-0 up at the break. If either side could finish properly it should have been about 4-4 by then but there you go. I think we deserved to win this on balance, and it took some of the pressure off but we were still in a slightly precarious situation. Wigan - my only real hope before this was that we didn't lose too badly given our 0-7 record defeat earlier in the season. We almost managed to nick a point and whilst many of the Wigan fans complained we were setup defensively, we're obviously not going to try and play you at your own game! Didn't see them trying to play a passing possession based game against Man City. We rested some key players to try and get something out of the Doncaster game. Doncaster - scraped a win slightly against the run of play, a massive win for us and whilst we're not mathematically safe it's made it pretty unlikely we'll hit the drop. Worrying our established strikers have only scored 1 goal in 16 matches which is abysmal. I think it's unfair to blame them solely though as they're not getting great service. One thing is clear, we have a rebuild job on our hands before next season. Rochdale up next for our last home game of the season, instead of a 6 pointer it's become a "don't lose". I'm hoping that after the game I'll finally be able to relax and enjoy a pint. As much as the Charlton fans have been moaning about Karl Robinson, he's made a lot of difference to the performances since he's been here. Whilst looking at results only you could be forgiven for thinking not much has changed, we are more organised and difficult to break down now. Each player seems more motivated and we're scrapping and grafting for everything rather than heads going down. He recognises the deficiencies in the squad and is trying to do the best to sort out the mess left behind by some terrible recruitment last summer. If we manage to stay up (you could do us a favour here and beat Rochdale tonight Neoelite) then I'm quietly optimistic about KR can do with a squad of his own and a full season.
  9. Yeah I don't think 3-0 really reflected the game, but fair play you put your chances away when they came. The pen was definitely the turning point, no excuse for Mowatt's behaviour which was daft, but Thompson wasn't exactly an innocent party. I don't think he needs anyone to tell him that though, I'm sure he'll think about that in his own time. I think we've got enough quality in the squad to keep us up though, despite our recent results! Good luck for your playoff push
  10. Oh don't get me wrong, I don't think he's the messiah - but given some of the other names that were mooted he's probably the least worst choice. We're keeping our two assistants on it seems so hopefully they can temper some of his excesses/bad habits and keep our ethos alive. Time will tell I guess, I'm just hoping we stay up and anything that helps with that is a plus right now.
  11. Robinson it is, pretty happy with that tbh. If they'd announced him when Pep left I think most fans would have been pretty pleased. The amount of time this has dragged on and talk of "wow" appointments obviously changed some expectations, but I'd prefer someone with managerial experience who knows the league.
  12. Well it's getting a bit squeaky as some of the teams below us are hitting a bit of form - I'm certainly not going to feel comfortable until we're over the 50 point mark. Looking at the bookies list of potential candidates it's pretty depressing reading really. KR wouldn't be a terrible appointment, but I don't think it shows a huge amount of ambition either. Graham Potter would be a good appointment but as he's just signed a contract extension at Ostersunds I can't see it happening (not sure what's prompted the bookies to shorten his odds). Worryingly Jaap Stam has been sacked by Reading today and he worked with our new owner at Reading (in fact he might have hired him!).
  13. Yeah I think we dodged a bullet with Evans, although we may still be hit!
  14. I guess you've got a manager at least - we're into week 8 now without an appointment. The new chairman keeps talking about a "wow" appointment which has me a bit worried..
  15. You could see flashes of nice stuff, I assume that was players deviating from the script though as Evans seemed to be going apesh*t at them at various points throughout the game.

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