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  1. Graphically I’ve found this pretty decent in VR and performance has been mostly good apart from the game hanging in the Nexus. I’m on an Oculus Rift CV1, Ryzen 7 2700, Vega 56 and 16gb RAM.
  2. Got it to run no problem by not playing in VR. Finally got to see the Nexus and other people running about. Three ships got into the Nexus and got stuck in limbo between flying and landing. They could rotate but that was about it. I could use the jetpack to climb up onto them and watch them suffer from close up. This game will be pretty spectacular if they can get it all sorted out. VR's killer app? Might be.
  3. Updated the PC version. I left myself in the Nexus last night as it just hung after an undetermined amount of time there. Now it just crashes instantly as soon as I load in. I give up.
  4. Spoke too soon. Game works fine on planets and in space. Once I land in the Anomaly (multiplayer area) it eventually hangs. Cool to see other people running around though.
  5. This runs really well for me on Oculus Rift. No issues at all apart from I can’t find a full control list in any menu. I do like the way you grab the multitool from behind your back. First time I climbed into a cockpit was certainly one of those ‘holy shit’ VR moments. They’ve put a lot of thought into this and how it works in VR. It’s mostly all very intuitive. Graphically it seems absolutely fine to me. Nothing overly murky or low res.
  6. I don’t mind Cormier at all. I’ve never bought in to the bad publicity. Nonetheless I’d like to see Stipe win at the weekend just to totally muddy the UFC waters. They would have no idea what to do beyond put him in again with Ngannou. Pettis winning as well would be awesome as I don’t think Nate Diaz has ever been anything more than a competent fighter with excellent cardio.
  7. You are forgetting the clowns that run off miles away in a different direction with no intention of collecting your death box. All too often I just can’t be bothered waiting to see if they do decide to try and get back before the timer runs out. They never do going by previous experience and just appear to be pretty much playing on their own as soon as they land. Playing ranked negates a lot of these type of players though to be fair. The new update has been getting some terrible publicity at Reddit, ResetEra etc. Not good, hopefully it’s not the same killer blow that finished off Blackout.
  8. I’m going to see out this season although if it doesn’t show signs of accelerating the pace I’m out.
  9. I’ve no idea why I’m still watching this. Throughout most of each season it meanders and goes nowhere. They’ve got an amazing world and some top talent but it’s just so boring all too often. The rebellion should have moved up a gear long before now.
  10. Would they get away with someone else playing Steve Rogers so soon? Presumably Chris Evans has moved on from the role.
  11. Robo Recall is very playable and a solid advertisement for VR. It’s not likely to blow your mind but it’s fairly well designed.
  12. I’m a Liverpool fan but the most interesting stuff I’ve read on there so far has been about other teams or something that is not actually about a specific team. It’s quite liberating reading material that is not clickbait bullshit and has a bit of substance.
  13. I’ve signed up anyway and although the opening offer is for August I’d be billed £29.99 for the year after my month trial is over. There’s very little quality football writing out there. Football365 is a complete joke now, The Guardian posts meandering articles from Ronay & Wilson that go nowhere and for me personally, the Liverpool Echo turned into a clickbait pile of unreadable nonsense.
  14. They’ve acquired some very good football journalists but ‘In the UK, subscribers will pay £59.99 for a year’s access (£4.99 a month) or £9.99 for one month’s access’ will kill this venture stone dead. The opening discounted price is much more realistic in the current economic climate.
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